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The next stories are two smaller ones so I've combined them into one, being listed as Parts A and B under the general heading of Chapter Six.

In this first section Katrina travels from small town Southern India to an island on Australia's Great Barrier Reef. An amazing journey for someone who has never left her own state before and never flown in a plane before.

In the second part, she gets to witness a rather sexy event when Amita meets two European men and gets cheeky with one of them. What happens next, shocks Katrina but she also discovers, excites her too. - Susan

* * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * *

Part A - My Journey to Australia.

* * * * * * * * *

Hi again from Katrina.

Here it is, the next part of my story. In the earlier parts, I was telling how the events in India were before I was leaving with my trip and in this part, now I am telling and you are learning, how my trip to Australia and New Zealand was started.

Here we are beginning.

* * * * * * * * *

Then the day came when we were leaving on our trip. I was so excited, I could hardly sleep and when they called me at 5:30, I was already up and dressed. A few last minute things and my bag packing was finished.

After a quick breakfast, I went up to finish packing Steven's things. By eight o'clock, we were getting into the van that was taking us to the airport. Most of the staffs were outside to wave to us and see us off. I had been among groups like that before and it felt funny this time to be among those who were leaving. Some of them came up and wished me a happy trip.

We stopped in the town to pick up the other couples travelling with us and then we were on our way. One of our drivers drove the van and I sat up in front with him. Another van followed behind us with all the bags. We had the child seat between us and little Steven was happily giggling and watching everything going by outside. I think he knew something different was happening and he was happy too.

The atmosphere in the van was happy and the conversation lively with everyone being excited that our trip was underway. I didn't take part much as I was being in front but I was just listening as Sarvesh was informing us of proceedures to get us all safely through the airports. I wasn't the only one new to this travelling so Sarvesh wanted to prepare us for what to expect and provide a strategy.

We took until 2pm to reach the airport and that left us with enough time to get checked in at the counter. I am unsure about all this business because I was looking after Steven and three other smaller children traveling with us. I was too occupied with the children to take notice of our travelling details. Sarvesh had asked for my passport and took care of everything for me.

* * * * * * * * *

Soon we were ready to go to our gate, ready for boarding my first aircraft. I had never flown into an airplane before and this was all so new and exciting to me. We had a smaller flight of just over an hour to the main airport at Hyderabad, and then on to an international flight to take us all the way to Singapore.

"This is your practice, Katrina," Sarvesh told me. "Get you ready for the big flights to follow."

For the first flight Sarvesh made sure I was sitting beside a window so I could look out and see the sceneries below us. It was interesting but also a bit scary for the first time, especially the taking off and the landing parts.

Then we came to a rush and bustle to get all of us through the larger airport and on to the international flight. Again, I didn't have to worry about anything but just make sure I helped Hansini with the children.

On the second plane, it was a lot bigger and since it was an evening flight Sarvesh didn't bother with window seats. He made sure Amita and I were sitting together in the front row where they had more room for the babies and small children. Mandara's baby Riya, was upset and cried until she took her and held her but little Steven was no trouble at all, he just went off to sleep. Since he was so good, I was able to help holding Mandara's baby for a while too. Hansini seemed to have her child and Mandara's other child under control for most of the flight. Amita seemed to be a bit tired. I think the stress of preparing for this trip. I allowed her to move away from the babies and get some sleep.

* * * * * * * * *

We arrived in Singapore late at night. There was the usual check points to get through and then customs before we could leave the airport. After traveling through what looked like a very busy city we finally arrived at our hotel. I was sharing a room with Sarvesh and Amita. They had a double bed and I had a single. We of course had Steven with us too.

I noticed they both seemed very relaxed with their nudity within the room and it was obvious they were intending sleeping like that and so as I left the shower room I elected to be the same. We shared the nudity on our special weekends and so I could see no reason why we shouldn't here too.

For the next few days, we had a lot of fun seeing the sights of the Singapore. I enjoyed this wonderful city, so many interesting things to see and do, so I had a good time. I could not believe that this entire country was just one city on an island. Not even as big as many cities we have in India. It was so busy all the time, non stop, day and night.

Our hotel came with a beautiful swimming pool and everyone was happy to enjoy the cool water after the day out exploring in the hot city. I was unsure how to wear until I found Amita was wearing her bikini. I was shy because this was the first time my bikini had been seen in a public place. But I wore this and was happy when I did.

I did notice some of the men viewing me with so much of my body exposed by only my bikini. Some of us were walking around the pool so there was nothing I could do for covering. I looked at Mega and Hansini and saw them both with their bikinis, Hansini had even confessed to me that this would be the first time she had worn a bikini in public. Mega said the same too. I looked to see them smiling and seemingly enjoying so I decided I must do the same too. So let those men look, let them see my body shape within my bikini. I knew I had a body to be proud of so I became happy to be displaying it.

As we passed some men, I whispered to Hansini, "They were looking at us."

"Yes," she laughed. "And probably still are."

"You mean, looking at our backs?"

"Looking are your sexy bum, Katrina," Mega added.

"Oh! I did not think that," I replied a bit embarrassed.

The two women laughed. I think they were enjoying the attention they were getting from the men by the pool. I decided to be brave and try to enjoy too. But I must also admit to finding it partly sexy too.

* * * * * * * * *

On the evening of the third day, we left Singapore to fly to Australia. This was an overnight flight with us arriving in Brisbane the following morning. Once again, there was the bustle of getting us all through this airport and on to a smaller plane to fly to the smaller city called Cairns. From there we took an even smaller plane to fly out over the most beautiful ocean I had even seen to our island resort.

Sarvesh had put me beside the window again and I could look out over the deep blue colour in the ocean. Near islands it was green and we could see there were many tiny little islands as well.

Apparently it seems, those coming from New Zealand had arrived earlier in the day because they were all being there to meet us. I felt a bit strange when they were hugging each other but then Brian and Mega were standing back with me, a bit feeling the same way too. For some reason Hansini was quickly in the thick of it, hugging everyone, even those she she had never met before. I noticed those white men were not shy in hugging her too.

Then Amita pulled me over to meet everyone. I knew all their names and had seen many photos of them but it was still a bit strange to suddenly meet them all. Everyone seemed friendly and very welcoming to me. It was a bit different with their close hugs but I suppose they were just being friendly to me.

Then to my surprise, Mike turned around and saw me. "Katrina," he cried. "It's so good to see you."

He came over and gave me a great hug, lifting me completely off my feet as he did.

I gasped with surprise because I could not be expecting this. He felt so strong with his arms wrapped tightly around me, my body pressed firmly against his. I also felt my breasts pressing to him as well. I am sure he would be feeling them as well.

I looked over his shoulder and saw Amita smiling. She gave me a wink.

When Mike finally put me down, holding me by each shoulder, looking directly at me with a big smile on his face. Then he said, "I was so pleased when Sarvesh said you were coming. I am looking forward to getting to know you a lot better."

Little did he know how much better I had in mind.

"I am happy to meet you too, Mike." And then as I grinned, I said to him quietly. "I won't be running away this time."

He smiled at my joke and replied, "I hope not."

Well finally, with all our welcomes and greetings completed, we got into two small vans to take us to our resort.

* * * * * * * * *

My room was overlooking the ocean. Below on the beach I could see people on the beach enjoying the water. I had my own room while Amita and Sarvesh were just next-door. My room had the double bed that was so soft I could just sink into it. After the long flight I felt like doing that, pressing my body into the softness. It was so nice and I was having the sleep. I was awoken by Amita who came in to announce they were going for dinner. Suddenly I realised how hungry I was so I went too.

That evening we had a nice meal at a larger restaurant. The food was a laid out so you could take whatever you wanted. It was mostly European food but with lots of nice seafood as well. I was happy with this. It had been a long day and any food would be good.

It would not be until we reached New Zealand that I would again experience good Indian food but I was expecting this since Amita had warned us this would be the case. So I made my mind to experience and try any food which everyone else had. I am happy to say that while being different, I did enjoy many of the foods.

* * * * * * * * *

* * * * * * * * *

Part B - Amita Gets Naughty.

After the dinner, we returned to our rooms. I changed into my bikini and just left my matching skirt and without my cover-up, only my bikini too. I don't know why I did that. I think I wanted to appear a bit more sexy. At the time, I didn't think it was for the men there but thinking back now, I know that was why I did it. There was one particular man I wanted to notice me.

We all met in the big sitting room of the flat where the New Zealanders were staying. We had to bring some chairs from other rooms since so many of us were there. I wasn't the only one dressed sexy either. Amita wore a very short skirt and her bikini top. Some of the other girls wore similar too.

I was able to meet better many of them. For a while, I talked to Mike and Shanti. I like them, because they are a nice couple. She was very friendly and gentle to me and I got to know of them a lot better. Mike was wearing a very tight T-shirt which clinging to his body showing the close shape of his chest. I couldn't help looking and he caught me as he was talking. He just smiled as he continued but I was feeling a bit shy at getting caught like that.

But I also caught him taking looks down towards my chest too. While I wore a bikini top who covered my breasts, much more flesh was revealed than I normally would be showing. And he was looking too. I was happy he was. That must be a promising sign, I thought.

* * * * * * * * *

Later I was sitting beside Jenny and Sharon the two European women. Shanti had introduced me. They were very nice too, asking about my life in India. I did have trouble understanding them because they talked very fast and used words I was unknowing of but they realised this and made their talking easier.

Amita and Hansini were sitting each side of the man called Steve. They were joking and laughing with him, obviously having a lot of fun. She looked up and saw me watching them so she called me over to meet him. I took my chair, going to sit close by them.

They were taking about how Steve was doing the working within a gym. I had noticed he had larger shoulders and arms. Now I knew why. Him working-out at the gym too.

"Do you want to see his muscles?" Amita asked Hansini.

"Sure," Hansini replied.

So Amita turned to Steve, "Come on Steve. Get your shirt off. Show us what you've got."

I was surprised she said that to this man. He didn't seem to mind. He just smiled then reaching for his T-shirt, pulled it over his head.

He was doing something so his man-breasts appeared to jump, doing it one at a time or even both together. It looked a bit sexy to see and made both Amita and Hansini giggle with delight.

Now we could see what big arms he really had. Sitting there topless, I was interested to see him. He held his arms so the muscles were straining and bulging. I could see both girls were impressed too. I was too!

"Wow!" said Hansini as she reached out and touched his arm. "They are big!"

Meanwhile Amita was now holding and rubbing her fingers over his other arm. I could not believe this. Here were these two women doing this to a man while their husbands were there in the room too.

I looked over at Sarvesh concerned he might not like it but then I saw why he wasn't worried. He had his full attention on Sharon, particularly on that tiny bikini top she was wearing with her large breasts almost bursting out of it.

My attention was pulled back to Amita when she said to Hansini. "Steve likes girls doing this. Makes him horny." Then with a laugh she added, "Doesn't it Steve?"

This made Hansini giggle to but I just smiled.

Steve's reply was not much more than noise but it didn't matter as Amita continued.

"I bet he is horny now."

"Are you horny, Steve?" Hansini asked.

Steve didn't reply, just had this funny grin. Suddenly Amita's hand was on his shorts.

"Oh, he sure is," she laughed. "Here Hansini feel this."

They were both feeling what appeared to be an erection through the fabric of his shorts. Steve just sat back in his seat, his hands behind his head, allowing them to do it. He was smiling so I know enjoying it.

"Do you want to see it?" Amita asked.

Hansini nodded in agreement, with a big grin.

They soon had his shorts down with his erection fully exposed. Now they were both having a good feel. Both women were actually touching the cock of this man like that. They were being so bold to him. Suddenly Amita turned around to me.

"Feel how hard he is, Katrina."

She reached for my hand but I pulled away.

"Come on," she said, grabbing my hand again.

Before I could stop her, she had my hand on his penis. I was shocked. Were there people looking? I pulled my hand out of her grasp. I was so embarrassed she had done that! Made me touch him there!

* * * * * * * * *

This attracted the attention of others in the room including Steve's wife.

"Steve, put that dirty thing away. Now is not the time for that."

As he did, Sharon added, "And you two, stop encouraging him. He is bad enough already without you two helping."

"Yes," said another European man near me. "Naughty girls. You can't keep your hands off the boys, can you Amita?"

"Watch out Peter," Amita said. "We'll have our hands all over you next."

"Anytime, honey," he said with a laugh.

Then Amita did something I would have never expected. She made a jump at Peter. He jumped to avoid her. A few chairs were knocked over and I jumped out of the way. Peter ducked aside as she reached him. She grabbed him but by now, Steve was behind her. Soon she found herself with a man tightly holding an arm each. She struggled but they would not let her go.

"Amita, think you are clever feeling the boys. Now the boys get to feel Amita," Peter said with a laugh.

"No!" cried Amita as she struggled even harder. "Don't you dare!"

It was no good. They held her tightly. Soon both their free hands were feeling her breasts. First, they were rubbing her through her bikini top. Then, her bikini top was pulled aside and her breasts exposed. Their hands were touching her bare breasts and touching her nipples. Her struggling stopped and her eyes were closed. I realised she was actually enjoying this.

"What about some pussy too?" Steve asked his friend.

"Yes, Amita has a hot little pussy," Peter replied to him.

"What? No, not here!" she said as her eyes snapped open.

They went for her skirt. Their hands went up under her skirt as she began to struggle again. Soon two hands were pulling at her bikini bottom. She tried to clamp her legs together as she couldn't use her hands to stop them.

"No! No!" she protested again. "Don't do that!"

But it was no good. Soon her bikini was down to her knees, with her skirt pulled down around her ankles. We all had a view of her pussy as their hands were feeling her. I noticed Peter's fingers even entered inside of her. Then she quietened down.

Now it had really turned sexual. They were rubbing her pussy and she had her eyes closed now. Her legs had drifted open as I heard a moan escape her lips and I knew she was enjoying this too. While Steve was sucking on a nipple, Peter was thrusting his fingers into her pussy in a very rough manner. Then I saw her pelvis humping against his hand. I realised she was heading towards an orgasm! I looked around the room and now everyone had stopped talking and was watching this surprise showing she was making.

She let out a moan followed by a cry and I knew it had happened. She had made an orgasm.

The two men were laughing but still holding her up because she looked so weak. When they felt she could stand, they let her go and they stepped away from her. She stepped out of her skirt before pulling up and replacing her bikini parts.

"Good show!" I heard Sharon say as she began clapping. Soon everyone had joined in with clapping too.

She turned to the room and gave a little bow. "Thank you," she said with a smile. "And thank, you guys too," she said to the two men.

That sort of finished the evening. It was certainly not, what I expected. When Shanti announced that she and Mike were going to bed there were a few smart remarks about, "have some hot sex, Mike," or "Be good you two," as they left. Everyone seemed so relaxed with each other, like in our nude weekends but only with more people. So soon everyone else was following.

* * * * * * * * *

Amita had left to go to her room and Sarvesh came over to me. "Come on, Katrina," he said.

I walked with him to the door of my room and we stopped. "Are you OK?" he asked me as he put his arm around my shoulder and held me against him.

"Yes," I replied. "Just not what I expected Amita might do."

"Oh, I better warn you. My wife has come here to party. Don't be surprised at anything she does. She can get pretty wild with those guys."

With that, he left me as I turned to enter my room. For a moment I thought, that was different. Amita had hugged me often over the time I had been closer to her but while Sarvesh was always friendly, he had never hugged me. I wondered about that now.

* * * * * * * * *

Later, back in my bed alone, I was thinking about what happened. My thoughts went to when I touched Steve. He was so hard and the shaft felt warm too. I wished I'd taken longer and felt more but at that time I had been so embarrassed.

I wondered what Mike would look like hard. Steve had looked very different to the Indian men I had seen. I don't know why but it was different. I thought Mike must be the same as this. Maybe all white men looked that way too. & viewuserID=2579


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