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Mallory can't believe her eyes. There he is! Sitting right across from her in the beach cabana. Paul: her favorite musician in her favorite band.

Paul: just the one name. Like Sting, and Prince, and Meatloaf.

Paul: bassist for The Bed Bugs, the best rock band in this part of the country. She has seen them so many times, most of them right up against the stage. She is so tuned into his bass playing, it's like her body is the instrument and he is playing her. Boy, does he get her hot.

What is he doing here, on the Jersey shore, in this cabana, now?

Who cares? The real question is: how can she satisfy the crush that has already started to get her very excited?

As if he has heard her thoughts, he looks in her direction. Catches her eye and smiles. And very deliberately picks up his drink, puts the straw to his lips, and sucks long and hard.

Then still looking at her, he rises from his seat, leaves some bills on the table, and walks out of the cabana.

With Mallory following.

A short walk leads them to his bungalow. He opens the door, lets her in, and shuts it. Laughter, small talk, drinks, and then a pause.

"So," he asks, an expectant smile on his face. "How are we going to do this?"

So she tells him.

She tells him to stand in front of her and disrobe, slowly. Once naked, she instructs him to assume her favorite provocative poses. She especially likes the profile 🙂 To enhance his excitement, she puts on a show for him. Look and lust, but don't touch - yet. She then commands him to stand in front of her, hands clasped behind his back, and not move...

... at which point she goes down on him, formally accepting the invitation he had made in the cabana 🙂 It excites her to no end that he must stand there, immobile, and simply let her drive him crazy. After she brings him to the point of no return, she lets him go down on her. She realizes quickly that he is determined to pay her back for the frenzy she put him into, and her desire burns out of control...

... at which point he mounts her and rides her like there is no tomorrow - all the while humming Bed Bugs tunes :) Having brought her to ecstasy and back, he then lays on his back and she rides him feverishly - while he keeps humming Bed Bugs tunes.

Her crush satisfied, she bids him farewell, with her favorite tunes still playing in her mind. Hopefully, she'll get another invitation to spend time with him, her favorite heartthrob.

So when he gives her a pass for his concert the next night, she gets wet already.

It was for a front-row seat. Actually, it wasn't much of a seat - standing room only for those fans who just had to be upfront and personal with the band. Especially the women with crushes on the band members. And that was Mallory big-time.

Mallory was drawn to Paul like a fish to water. He had a hold on her that she just couldn't shake - nor did she want to. She was hooked, and he reeled her in at his leisure.

His base playing is what did it. Every note vibrated within her. Tonight he was playing with an intensity that had already sent tiny waves of pleasure percolating from her center. He knew he had her and directed every move he made in her direction. Every chord, every stroke was a stimulant to her wet tissue. Every riff brought a wave of pleasure that overtook her. He was penetrating her with that instrument.

The set ended and she stumbled to the rest room. She was breathing heavily and flush with excitement. Her body was shaking with arousal. She had to get over the edge.

Just as she moved her hand into her panties. the door opened. She saw him in the mirror.

He bent over over the sink, pulled up her skirt, spread her legs.

Eventually, her body stopped vibrating. Her breathing became normal. Her ecstatic cries stopped echoing in the tiled room. She adjusted herself as best she could, and walked out the door. Ready for the next set.

Of course she went back for the next night's show. But first she had to visit his dressing room, and get him warmed up.

Mallory rose from her knees with a cat-like a grin on her face.

Paul let his breathing return to normal, and tidied himself up. He grabbed his bass, and walked out of the dressing room to the stage for the band's first set.

Afterwards the music tabloids raved about the almost-sexual quality of his playing.

"His guitar licks were sensually playful!"

'His fingering of the frets was almost arousing!"

"Taking the deep notes made his whole instrument vibrate!"

"What gets this guy so hot to play that base?!"

One woman in the audience knew the answer to that one. & u=74658


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