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Jason called Marie to get some details on the latest booking.

"Hey Jason!" Marie answered.

"Hey Marie!" Jason replied. "So we got another party booked?"

"We do!" Marie exclaimed. "I think it could be fun. It will be a smaller crowd. Just the birthday girl and one or maybe two friends."

"Oh ok, cool." Jason responded - he wondered if fewer women may mean a smaller tip. "Should be good. Do you need anything this week, or should I just come by Thursday afternoon."

Marie thought for a second. She considered invited her young friend over for dinner and sex before the party on Thursday, but she tried to stay professional. "Oh no dear, I'll see you Thursday."


The following afternoon in Jason's political science class, the professor assigned group projects. Students were paired up randomly. Unexpectedly, Jason was paired with Marie's daughter, Ashley! Of course Ashley was unaware that Jason knew her mother very well. Still Jason was a bit nervous about being paired with the pretty freshman. Ashley was quite a go-getter! She scheduled a study session for later in the afternoon with Jason in her dorm floor's study room. Upperclassman Jason wasn't keen on returning to the freshman dorms to study, but he thought it was safer than inviting Ashley to his place.

Jason walked across campus to Ashley's dorm after his afternoon math class. He hoped the project wouldn't take long and that he could wrap up the assignment quickly and quietly. He found his way to the study room Ashley booked. Ashley was already inside. He noticed she changed out of the baggy sweatshirt and mom jeans she wore to class ands now wearing a tight fitting t-shirt and sleek black leggings. Jason couldn't help but notice her plump young ass.

"Hey man, that's Marie's daughter. I can't hit that!" He thought to himself as they began working on a project comparing the French government to that of Italy and Spain. After about 45 minutes they had a nice outline and decided to take a break. Ashley invited Jason back to her room to get some snacks. He gladly followed her back down the hallway with his eyes glued to her tight booty. When they got to her room, Ashley offered Jason an ice cold Coke and some Cheez-its. He enjoyed the snacks and then bid Ashley farewell.

He went home and prepared for his big show the following day.


Jason arrived at the gallery early on Thursday afternoon. He found Marie wearing an oversized sweatshirt and yoga pants as she organized the gallery.

"Oh Jason, I'm glad you're here!" Marie exclaimed. "I'm a little nervous about tonight. It is a much smaller party, but these women are loaded, so we need to make thebest impression."

"I'm sure it will be fine!" Jason tried to reassure his mature friend. "Everything you do is so professional."

"Well that's the trouble tonight." Marie cautioned. "Our guest of honor is celebrating her 50th birthday, but she's also prowling like a horny teenage boy."

"What?!" Jason laughed.

"She said some things - well how did you put it 'professional' - yeah the opposite of that when we talked on the phone." Marie replied. "I think you should probably expect to be treated like a piece of meat."

"More than I usually am?" Jason laughed.

"True that is your general purpose at these parties, but this woman seems over the top." Marie said.

"If we can handle your friend Lisa, I'm sure we can handle anyone." Jason replied.

Marie and Jason continued arranging gallery. The set up three chairs with easels and paint supplies in front of the little stage where Jason is to stand. When they finished, Marie went into her office to change. Jason was impressed when she reemerged in a classic little black dress the highlighted her shape. She wore black tights under the dress with leather riding boots that topped out just below her knee. She was one of the most elegant women Jason had ever met.

Before they knew it, their guest arrived. Marie rushed to greet them at the door. Mary, the birthday girl, wore a long white satin gown. It was low cut, and displayed ample cleavage. Draped from one shoulder was a sash that read "Happy 50th Birthday." She also wore a gold tiara in her dark brown, shoulder length hair. This woman did look like a rich bitch Jason thought to himself.

Mary was accompanied by her sister Denise. Denise appeared to be a slightly younger carbon copy of her older sister. Jason thought she looked delightfully curvy in her tight black dress. She wore immaculate black pumps that Jason guessed cost more than his entire wardrobe. Her jewelry sparkled for miles.

Mary and Denise's friend Rhonda rounded out the group. She was taller and thinner than her friends, and had a more natural look that appealed to Jason. Her long graying hair was elegant atop her short black dress. She wore tall black suede boots that rose above her knees. Jason thought she seemed nicer than her companions given their outward appearances.

"Well where's the wine!" Mary cackled at Marie when the introductions had concluded. Marie rushed to pour a glass for each of the guests. Then she escorted them around the gallery pointing out her display of works from local artists. Rhonda was taken by a painting that Jason also liked. She promised to bring her husband back to see the painting. If he liked it, Marie would make a big sale. After the quick gallery tour it was time to get down to business.

"So are we going to see some cock now?" Mary giggled at her host.

Marie was a bit taken aback, but nodded at Jason. He went into Marie's office, removed his clothes and put on his white robe. When he returned to the gallery, the women were seated and each had a fresh glass of wine.

"What are you waiting for sweetheart?" Denise called to Jason.

He stepped onto the stage and tossed his robe aside. The three guests all gasped at the sight of Jason's large penis. Jason looked down at Mary. She had a devilish grin on her face. Jason didn't mind the nice view he had down her dress. She has the nicest tits money can buy he laughed to himself.

"Lisa said he's hung like a horse, but I didn't anticipate what it would actually look like." Rhonda giggled.

"You mean Bob isn't hung like that?" Mary cackled to her friend.

"I know John isn't Mary!" Denise replied. "Don't worry though Mary, I won't tell him about tonight!"

Marie asked the women if they were ready for some tips on painting Jason's figure. They settled down a bit and began to paint. Jason posed quite nicely atop of the little platform. After about fifteen minutes the women could no longer contain themselves.

"Marie I have a question?" Mary giggled.

"Yes?" Marie responded.

"Can I ask Mr. Jason a question?" Mary smiled.

"Sure." Marie replied.

"Does that cock get even bigger when you're hard, Son?" Mary giggled.

Jason blushed. He was shocked at the guest's language, but he nodded in approval.

"Shit, he's quite a bit bigger then Robert's erection while he's soft." Denise laughed.

"How big do you get Honey?" Mary followed up. "And don't give me any shit, I know all you boys measure."

"Um, it is about eight and a half inches long." Jason stammered.

"Holy shit!" Rhonda laughed.

"Impressive Jason!" Mary replied. "Marie, can he show us?"

Marie's eyes widened with the question. She wasn't sure how to respond. Jason knew how important these guests were to Marie's business - or rather how important their money was to Marie's business, so he took matters into his own hand. He stroked himself looking down Mary's dress. "I'll show this rich bitch what her husband can't" he thought to himself as his cock grew in his hand.

"Oh my God! I don't believe this!" Rhonda exclaimed. Jason smiled in her direction and she looked away - clearly the least slutty of this group Jason laughed to himself as he reach full erection. He took his hand off his cock and stood up tall to give the women a better look. His penis pointed to the ceiling and his balls hung low below it.

"Now we're fucking talking!" Denise laughed as she elbowed her sister in a playful way.

"Damn Marie," Mary giggled. "You have amazing tastes as a gallery owner."

Marie smiled but remained quiet. She was a bit embarrassed that she had put her friend and lover Jason on display in order to secure financial gain.

"Jason Dear, would you mind if I had a closer look?" Mary asked the young man.

Jason just nodded and hopped off the stage. He approached Mary as she smiled wide. Jason wasn't sure what would happen next, but he was determined to show this bitch a birthday she'd never forget.

"So that's what an 8 inch dick looks like?" Denise laughed.

"You think that's all he's got?" Mary giggled. She leaned forward and took Jason in her hand. "Damn he's got a thick one too!"

"You two are crazy!" Rhonda said looking on in surprise. Denise and Mary continued to discuss Jason's size - Marie had an idea. She grabbed a flexible tape measure from her art kit and tossed it to Mary.

"Find out how big it is for yourself!" Marie encouraged her guest. Jason was a bit surprised by his friend's suggestion, but he liked the challenge! Mary stretched the tape measure along the top of Jason's erection. He eyes got bigger as she read the numbers.

"Holy shit!" Mary laughed. "He's eight and five eighths inches long."

Next Mary wrapped the tape measure around Jason's girthy member.

"Oh fuck!" Mary cried. "Its almost seven inches around."

"Oh holy shit!" Rhonda giggled. "That's as thick as Bob is long."

"Yes Bob is a bit of a pencil dick isn't he?" Denise laughed.

"Well he's bigger than your man." Rhonda replied.

While Denise and Rhonda bickered, Mary looked into Jason's eyes and began stroking his massive cock. Jason smiled back at her lovely chubby face. He focused his eyes a bit lower into her large cleavage. In a twist of irony, while the women were there to paint Jason, he was now wanting to paint Mary's breast with his cum. He felt it building as she pumped her hands back and forth on his thick shaft.

"Oh what the fuck?!" Mary exclaimed. "You only live once!" She leaned forward and took Jason in her mouth. Jason was surprised but enjoyed the warm wet feeling around his head. Mary's hands continued to work his cock as she swirled her tongue around his head.

"Mary, Mary, Mary!" Denise called out. "Don't get him off until the rest of us have had a turn."

Mary awoke from the trance she was in. She let go of Jason's member and leaned back.

"You're right Denise!" Mary smiled. "You two should take a turn."

Denise stepped out of her chair and stood next to Jason. He high heels made it easy to kiss his lips as she took his cock in her left hand. Jason looked down and saw perhaps the biggest diamond he'd ever seen on Denise's wedding ring as she stroked his cock. He leaned in and kissed her again. Somehow he ended up in Denise's chair and she was in his lap straddling him between her legs.

"Fuck its big between my legs!" Denise giggled.

"You're turn Rhonda!" Mary shouted.

"Oh no!" Rhonda exclaimed. "You two have your fun."

"When are you ever going to get to play like this girl?" Denise scolded her friend. Marie looked on unsure of what to do. Mary left her seat and approached Marie. She asked for a refill on the wine, which Marie quickly poured.

Rhonda finally gave in to Denise's peer pressure and took Jason in her hand. She began with a few half-hearted strokes but soon the excitement came over her too. Playing with Rhonda was much more appealing to Jason than the other two women who seemed out of Jason's social class. He really enjoyed being in Rhonda's soft hands.

"If you want to, you can suck it," Jason whispered to his much older admirer. Rhonda smiled.

"Would you like that?" Rhonda whispered back.

"Yes!" Jason nodded. "And I bet your friends would like to see too!"

Rhonda winked at Jason and slyly took him into her mouth. Denise and Mary cheered her on!

"Hell yes girl!" Denise encouraged.

"Just remember he's my present!" Mary selfishly proclaimed. With that, Rhonda turned her prize back over to Mary. Mary told Jason she wanted to ride him like Denise did. Jason compiled and Mary began grinding on Jason's hard cock through her satin gown.

Denise approached Marie with a whisper. "I understand you and Jason will be discreet about all of this?" she questioned.

"Yes of course." Marie assured her.

"Well do you have some place a bit more private?" Denise asked. "I think my sister needs a good fuck tonight."

Marie was shocked by the question. She recoiled.

"Don't worry Dear," Denise smiled. "You and your young hung friend will get nicely rewarded for it."

"Um, well, I mean, I guess if he is willing." Marie stammered.

"Oh he looks willing!" Denise giggled as she motioned toward Jason and Mary who were kissing passionately.

"Well, I have a nice large couch in my office," Marie said, "so that's an option."

"Perfect!" Denise said as she sauntered away from Marie and toward Mary and Jason. She leaned into Mary's ear and whispered: "Marie said you should take him into her office and fuck him."

Mary looked up at her sister and smiled. She took Jason by the hand and lead him into Marie's office. Jason looked to Marie, who only nodded at him. Once inside the walled off space, Jason knew what was next. He locked the door and took Mary in his arms. They kissed again. Eventually she pulled away. She turned her back to him.

"Unzip me!" She demanded. Jason did as she asked. He was impressed that her skin was so soft as he slide her dress to the floor exposing her white lace bra and matching panties.

"I needed this for so long!" She moaned as he hands grazed over her near naked body. She turned to face him again and dropped to her knees.

"I can't believe how massive you are." She said as she took her young lover back into her mouth. Jason gave out a soft moan as Mary sucked his cock. She withdrew again and leaned back on the couch. She removed her thong panty and asked Jason to return the favor.

Jason placed his mouth around his lover's wet vagina. He gentle sucked and nibbled at her pink lips before his tongue met her clitoris and began providing it with the pleasure it craved. Mary moaned loudly as Jason gave her oral sex. Jason was possessed by the idea of giving this rich bitch the fuck of her life.

"Oh my God!" Mary cried out. "Holy fuck!" She pulled his head into his crotch as she began to orgasm. Jason felt her hips begin to quiver. He knew he succeeded. When she settled down a bit, he withdrew. He stood up and mounted this rich man's little trophy wife. He slowly guided his larger than life cock into her now soaked pussy.

"Oh fuck you're so big!" Mary whimpered as Jason inched his way inside her. He leaned forward and kissed her lips to give her a taste of her own pussy. Then he began pumping his cock in and out of her. Before she knew it she was cumming again. Jason saw her eyes nearly rollback into her head. He kept the rhythm going as his lover came. When she recovered, he told her to turn over and he reinserted himself from behind.

"Oh my God!" She giggled. "It doesn't feel like that with my husband."

"That because you're with a young stud tonight and not an old limp dick." Jason growled as he began to fuck Mary hard.

"Oh yes! Yes!" Mary screamed. "Give it to me rough."

Jason complied. He fucked her hard, then harder. She felt is huge balls slamming into her clit as he pounded away.

"God damn! You're fucking huge!" Mary yelled. Jason loved hearing her cries and fucked her passionately. He was determined to blow her mind.

"I want to get on top!" Mary exclaimed. Jason quickly rolled over and Mary mounted him. As she slid her hips back and forth against his, he sucked her large breasts.

"Nice tits!" He whispered to her. "You want my cum in that pussy on on these tits?"

His word sent her over the edge and she began to orgasm again. She moaned low and loud. Loud enough Jason was sure the other three women heard through the walls. Jason decided it was time, and he unleashed his cum inside Mary's pussy.

She felt his huge cock throb as it released his semen deep inside her. Deeper than any man had ever been. She collapsed on his chest until she caught her breath.

"Oh my God!" She whispered. "What a fuck!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed baby!" Jason replied. "Happy birthday."

Mary slowly climbed off of Jason. He handed her a towel and she wiped her sweat from her body before putting her lingerie back on. She looked down and saw Jason's penis was still hard.

"Holy shit! After all that its still hard?" She asked.

"It must like you." Jason laughed. Mary smiled a she stepped back into her dress. She unlocked the door and returned to her friends. Jason could hear the commotion in the other room.

"Well how was that?" Denise begged for details,

"Oh my God ladies." Mary laughed. "That was amazing. Marie, tell me you've sampled your own product?"

Marie blushed at the question.

"Oh you know she has!" Denise giggled. "Look at the grin. That gives it away!"

"Hey girl! I don't blame you!" Mary giggled.

Rhonda seemed a bit embarrassed at the slutty display. She asked if the other were ready to leave. Denise reached into her Coach purse and pulled out a very thick envelope. She handed it to Marie.

"I'm sure this will cover everything." She winked as the three women left the gallery together.

Marie locked up, then returned to her office. She was startled to find Jason still naked with a large semi-erection lounging on her couch.

"You're still naked?" She asked.

"I thought you'd be happier about it?" Jason laughed.

Marie sat down behind her desk and began counting the cash from Denise's envelope.

"Holy shit, that's a lot of money!" Jason exclaimed.

"You're big dick really pays off!" Marie laughed. "Wow! This is $6,000!"

"Holy shit!" Jason repeated.

"Get dressed and let's go have a drink!" Marie exclaimed. She locked the cash in her safe and Jason and Marie walked to the bar across the street. After a round of Moscow Mules, Marie thought it was time to call it a night. Jason walked her back to the gallery and stood guard while she brought the cash out to her car. She handed Jason an envelope filled with half the night's earnings. "You may not need a student loan this semester," she giggled. Jason kissed her on the cheek. He escorted her to her car.

"Are you sure you're ready to call it a night?" Jason asked. Marie hesitated.

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"Well, I thought maybe we should keep celebrating." Jason whispered as he leaned into Marie. He kissed her lips.

"I just assumed you were - um - spent." Marie replied.

"I think I can go a few more rounds." Jason begged.

"Follow me to my house." Marie commanded. Jason climbed into his Jeep and tailed Marie back to her place.

"I would prefer to shower that whore off me before I'm with an actually classy lady." Jason whispered to Marie. She nodded and showed him to the shower. She returned to her bedroom and thought why not have a bit of fun. She found a lace body suit she hadn't worn in quite some time in her lingerie drawer. She took off her dress and tights and changed into the delicate teddy. "Not bad" she thought to herself as she looked in the mirror.

"Oh my God!" Jason exclaimed as he entered the room. His large flaccid penis began to rapidly expand.

"This old thing?" Marie asked playfully. Jason pushed her against the wall and kissed her passionately. She felt his cock harden against her leg as they kissed. Next he pushed her to the bed. He laid her down and kissed every inch of her pulling her lingerie off as he went. She paid special attention to each of his mature lover's breasts and he worked his way to her pussy. "Oh Goodness I'm wet." Marie giggled as Jason began licking her pussy. Before she knew it she was in orgasm heaven. He young lover definitely knew how to treat a mature woman. When she came to her senses, she asked him to roll onto his back. He gladly did as asked. & uid=20843


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