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Boob and Nipple Art - How to Create It

I love boob and nipple pics!

All boobs and nipples described in this essay are of women over 18; I am also well over 18.

You'd think that in COVID times I could write more, but with the wife not going to various beauty parlors, not seeing her friends, etc., it's been tough to find blocks of time to write.

Instead, I keep adding to my collection of images of boobs and nipples, and pull out my hard dick for a little private time when she's working in another room. Bustybloom is a favorite site - lots of girls with big boobs! It often leads to other sites, and before I know it, I'm down the rabbit hole, with 15 sites open, boobs and nipples everywhere.

I love finding a bosom in profile, especially if there is a stiff nipple on the end. My eyes trace the lovely lower curve, the underboob, following the contour out, out until the curve rounds out to the areola, then to the nipple itself, as I stroke my dick. I scroll with my right hand and stroke with my left, then have to quickly release and catch my breath when a particularly hot boob (especially if stiff nipples are involved!) comes into view. Then it's copy and paste into my never ending set of boob documents!

I have other favorites, too, like girls who are bending over so their tits are hanging down, or up blouse views, where you can see the underside of a well-rounded boob, or downblouse images, especially stolen views extending to a stiff nipple, or side boob pics, especially when the girl is outside somewhere, likely showing off her tits and nipples to anyone in the right position. It makes me hot to think of these girls, daring the world to take a peek at their braless breasts!

I also love girls who are looking down at their breast or nipples. Sometimes, they will have on a partly sheer top, and their nipples are showing through, and it's like, Wow, am I hot showing off my braless tits, and I can even see my nipples!

Probably the hottest, for me, are girls holding their boobs, or maybe even pinching or pulling on their nipples! Whenever I find an image like that, I have to copy it, even if the girl has small boobs. And if it looks like they're being overtaken by a nipple orgasm, it's sometimes - um - hard for me to hold back from a nipple-orgasm-induced orgasm of my own!

But as much fun as it is to troll for new images, I also enjoy curating the photos captured in previous sessions! The rewards are fewer in number, but the end result always keeps me hard!

You see, for me, it's all about the boobs and nipples - with one exception. But generally, my method involves cropping out everything but the tits, then expanding the image to fit the full width of the document. It's almost like I'm diving into the cleavage, face to boob with a glorious tit, imagining running my tongue over a wonderfully hard nipple.

But recently, I've been going back over my collection to create erotic boob art. By manipulating the images, I can take one perfect boob in profile and turn it into a mirror image pair, with stiff nipples on perfectly symmetrical breasts just touching each other! In my head, it's like two hot girls rubbing their nipples together, which is just so erotic! And a few times, with the right shaped tit, I mash four copies of a half boob together to form one pair of torpedo shaped tits, meeting in the middle with stiff nipples fusing together! I really have to be careful stroking my dick so I can keep making more boob and nipple art without making a mess - especially when my wife might come back from the library at any point!

Then, too, I've made more "arty" images, with double-nippled boobs, or boobs pointing out from a girl whose body is no more than a wisp in the middle of the creation.

When first drafted this essay, I included some of my art. But in looking up the restrictions, it seems they only allow art from pictures that I would have taken myself, which is not the case. Too bad - I've got some really artful erotic images.

But if you'd like to get an idea of how to do that yourself, here's the how-to section.


NOTE - If you are an expert with Word and images, please see my plea for help at the very end.

First, get a fresh document prepared. Here are the steps I follow:

- Set the margins. To get the biggest view possible and the most images, reduce margins to 0.1 inches: Page Layout, Margins, Custom Margins, then reduce all four to 0.1. Ignore the warning about printing.

- Set Font size to, e.g., 3. Home, Font, put mouse in the box with a number (might be 12) and change to 3. This will reduce the white space between images.

- Eliminate the white space between pages (once you've copied in a few pictures). Put mouse over the gap between one page and the next. You'll see two arrows pointing at each other, with the instruction, "Double click to hide white space." You might end up with headers and footers, but just escape and try again, being careful to keep the mouse steady.

- Copy and paste some pictures from your internet search.

TIP - If the paste fails, with the document just showing an indented icon with a clipboard, (Ctrl), and a down arrow, here's what to do: backspace or undo, then click the down arrow under Home, Paste, Paste Special, then select Bitmap and okay - and voila! Your bosomy lady should appear in your document.

- To crop the picture to your favorite parts, click somewhere in the image, look for Format at the top of the screen under Picture Tools, then look for Crop at the far right. You should see L shaped icons at each corner of your image. Press and hold the left mouse button to bring those L's into the picture to narrow in on your favorite area and eliminate extraneous portions of no interest. Simplest is to use opposite corners. Click outside the image to accept the changes.

- To resize the image to fill your screen, put the cursor over one of the right hand corners until you see a double headed arrow, then press and hold the left mouse button to expand.

TIP - Word sometimes goes crazy if you do this near the top or bottom of the screen; if so, move the page up or down so the corner in question is more mid-screen.


- Decide on your objective - will it be two images that meet from left and right, or will you take a hanging boob and have it implausibly meet another boob rising from below?

- For left and right, decide which nipple is your target, then use the same cropping technique described above to narrow the image down until the edge is just touching, or a fraction inside the nipple. You may want to expand the image to increase your precision.

- Next, you need to size the image to just less than half of the available width of the document - for me, about 4.1 inches.

- Next, copy the image and paste it next to the original. That can look pretty hot on its own, but here's how to make it arty! If the nipples are both facing left, click on the left image, click Format under Picture Tools, click Rotate, then select Flip Horizontal, and voila - nipple touching nipple!

TIP - Sometimes, for reasons I can't fathom, Word leaves a thin white line between images. I don't know how to reliably eliminate these, but two methods sometimes work. Simplest is just to drag and drop the left image to be on the right. You might have to try a few times. If that fails, the only other thing I've found to fix it is to start fresh from your original image - redo the cropping, etc. This can also work.

- For hanging boobs to touch from above and below, you have up to the full width of the screen to expand your image, depending on when graininess sets in. Crop as described, but from beneath.

- When you're ready to paste, click just to the right of the image and paste. The image will be on the line below.

- To flip one or the other see above to find Rotate, but select Flip Vertical.

- To eliminate the white space between the boobs, highlight both images (click in one, then hold the shift key and click in the other). In the HOME tab of Word, find the Paragraph section of commands, with stuff like left or right justification. At the lower right corner, you should see a tiny arrow pointing down and right. When the box opens, select the Indents and Spacing tab. Find Spacing, then the box under At. Reduce this to, e.g., 0.8. Play around as needed to get the white eliminated.

Other effects can be created by using Rotate 90 degrees.


HELP - Please see the TIP just a little bit above. If you know how to make Word get rid of the vertical gaps that sometimes appear, let me know!


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