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10 Cuthbert's Road, Kilburn, North London, July 1971:

Reginald Groat took the whistling kettle off the gas flame, took off the whistling lid and filled the tea pot. He stirred the brew through vaporising steam, replaced the teapot lid and covered the pot with a tea cosy his mum bought him on his last birthday; he'd turned twenty-seven then. He took the cosy-covered pot to the small kitchen table and placed it next to his tea mug, buttered toast and a plate of bacon and egg, with a side of mushrooms. He poured his tea and tucked into his breakfast.

When breakfast was done Reginald cleared the table, poured himself another brew and opened his journal at yesterday's entry and read it:

"Thursday 17 July 1971

I woke at 07.30 early morning time: The usual. It's strange, I woke with another erection this morning and it was huge and solid, unusually big for me. I had the urge to masturbate, but I resisted. Ever since I saw that blue light when I went on Hampstead Heath to bat watch three nights ago, I have had dreams of blue ladies dancing naked around blue flames; I woke up after I first dreamt of dancing blue ladies with my hand wrapped around my manhood, I was masturbating madly, but before I could stop myself, I ejaculated, it felt like I had shot a bucket full of warm cum, my hand and sheets were sticky and wet. It felt wonderfully great. It made me shout out with pleasure; it made me think of fucking; these blue ladies made me horny.

It's now 01.30 afternoon time: I'm still thinking of naked blue ladies and it makes me hard. I feel frustrated because I feel the need to cavort with these blue fairies, yes, erotic blue fairies. Why do I feel this way???? I done a strange thing this morning, which maybe I'm ashamed of, but I enjoyed it immensely. I was thinking of the blue fairies after I ate breakfast, and I got unusually big and hard, it wouldn't go down, so I masturbated a little, then I started pulling and jerking it, like I wanted to pull it off. I yanked and pulled with my right hand and I caressed my balls with my left. All I could think of was naked blue fairies; with soft blue breasts with big dark-blue nipples and well-trimmed blue pussies. I was buzzing with excitement. I wanted to fuck my blue pussy, my blue fairy. It was driving me mad. I stripped off my clothes and looked at myself in my bedroom mirror. I looked okay, but my hard on looked magnificent. Big and hard, it looked as if it could knock down any fucking door, a sexual battering ram. I ran to the kitchen, my hard on bouncing like a huge rubber truncheon. I pumped it a couple of times on the move. I filled a cup with water from the kitchen tap and ran back to the bedroom, my rubber truncheon bouncing up and down, the blue naked fairies cavorting in my mind's eye. I took out my water colour paint set and painted my hard cock blue. I looked at it in the mirror, my balls hung white, so I painted them too. I watched myself wank when the paint had dried, I wanked my blue truncheon with vigour. It felt great, but there was still something not right. I stopped wanking and painted my hand blue. I wanked my blue cock without letting the paint dry on my hand. I wanked and wanked and the blue paint on my cock became wet again. My cock was all blue and wet. I imagined I was fucking my blue fairy. My cock spat blue and white cum at my reflection, it was like I exploded in a Punnet of blueberries. Aaaaarrrr Little Piece, I crooned.... who's Little Piece????"

Reginald stopped reading and drank his tea pensively. 'What's happening to me,' he thought to himself. 'I've never behaved like this or used this kind of language in my writing before.' Reginald finished his tea as he re-read yesterday's journal entry.

Reginald was an amateur wildlife writer. He was writing about bats when he visited Hampstead Heath three nights ago just after dusk fall. He sat on a bench, not far from the ponds and watched the small bats darting about hunting insects. He spotted a blue light in the woods passed the grass clearing he was sitting in. He stared at it and had an over whelming pull toward it, but stayed seated, he stared at it for some time, then it faded and disappeared. Reginald scanned the woods for the blue light, but it was gone. That night he dreamed of erotic blue fairies.

Reginald finished reading yesterday's entry and began an entry for today.

"Friday 18 July 1971

I woke at 07.30 early morning time: as usual. I woke with another big hard on. But this time it was all sticky, and the sheets were wet, I had ejaculated in my sleep, a wet dream, never had one before, I was dreaming about a blue fairy; she was beautiful, she made me cum with her soft blue lips. I can't stop thinking about her. I think her name is Little Piece. I said that name out of the blue yesterday when I climaxed after masturbating and shot blue coloured cum everywhere.

I think it's connected to the blue light I had seen on Hampstead Heath when I was bat watching. I don't know how it's connected. But to me right now, as crazy as it seems to me, even crazier as I see the words on paper, but it's the only connection I can make from this beautiful madness.

I've decided to go back to Hampstead Heath tonight and sit in the same place as last time and see what happens."

Reginald Groat left his flat and drove his Hillman Imp to his mum's house in Maida Vale. They both sat in her neat and tidy living room drinking tea and chatting; she was always pleased to see her only child. His father had left them three years ago for another lady.

Reginald left his mum's at eleven o'clock. He always had Fridays off from his job at London Zoo. Today he had a doctor's appointment for his regular health check every three month. He left the doctors smiling after been given a clean bill of health. He'd mentioned nothing about blue fairies and his now frequent hand jobs he'd been given himself. After shopping for some essentials he headed home.

"Friday 18 July 1971

The time is now 02.30 afternoon time: I'm going to Hampstead Heath tonight. I need to find Little Piece. I know that's her name: Little Piece and the Hampstead Pieces, they sound like a rock band. In my dreams I heard Little Piece's name whispered and she whispered to me to come join her and the Hampstead Pieces. Am I going crazy? What the hell are the Hampstead Pieces? I know Little piece is a blue fairy and there are more than just one, because in my dream I saw more.

Reginald left his flat at eight o'clock evening time and got the bus to Chalk Farm. He walked up Haverstock Hill and down Pond Street, along South End Road and onto Hampstead Heath. He sat on the bench from where he noticed the blue light. It was starting to dusk, and the bats started to appear darting after insects. Reginald watched them. He drank tea from his thermos and ate a sandwich he made up earlier, he always got hungry when he was nervous. But mostly he looked across to the wood looking for the blue light.

A spec of blue light sparked in the wood; it sparked again and then became a solid dot. Reginald stared at the dot as it grew to a globe of blue light. He finished his sandwich, tipped out what was left of his tea, put his thermos back together and packed it away in his shoulder bag; he stood and walked toward the blue light.

The blue globe grew bigger. It intensified to a deep electric blue with flecks and flashes of ice white. Reginald thought it was a beautiful light. He walked off the open grass land and into the wood. The wood wasn't dark but lit dimly by a misty white glow. Reginald walked toward the blue light. It was leading him, guiding him. A warm tingle ran down his spine and became a tight knot in the throat of his cock as he thought of Little Piece and her blue pussy and her soft blue tits.

He walked into a clearing in the wood lit by the blue light, and then a green light appeared. There were whispers all about him, like a gentle breeze whispering his name. The Blue and green light separated; the blue light taking the shape of a lady and the green light the shape of a man. Reginald watched the blue light define itself as a beautiful lady standing before him, she was smiling at him warmly. Reginald looked over Little Piece's shapely figure. His cock grew solid as she was naked except for a leaf covering each of her nipples and one covering her blue pussy. Reginald looked to the green light as it defined itself as an athletic man. Reginald looked at the face of the handsome man, he was smiling at him warmly; he looked over his well-defined torso and down to a large leaf which had been sewn into a bag, supported by twine around his waist and tied off at his belly button, the bag leaf held what looked to Reginald to be a heavy and well-hung manhood.

He looked back to the lady and said, 'Little Piece, is that you?'

'Yes, it's me Reginald. I've been waiting for you,' replied Little Piece. 'And this is Wilt-Sheen,' she looked at the man next to her.

'Hello Reginald,' said Wilt-sheen.

'Hello,' Reginald replied. Wilt-sheen's voice was sweet and calm, and unexpectedly, another knot of cum sicked into the throat of Reginald's throbbing hard on ready to explode like a sexual zit.

'It's so good to see you Reginald,' said Little Piece. 'I've been waiting for you. I've been waiting for you outside your dreams. Willing and asking you to be with me when you were in your dreamy sleep, and now you're here.' Little Piece removed her leaves revealing her dark blue nipples and her deep blue pussy to Reginald. He groaned as he spat a knot of cum into his Y-fronts as he marvelled at Little Piece's erotic beauty. 'Yes,' is all Reginald could say.

'Join us,' said Little Piece. 'Make yourself naked and let me see your excitement.' Reginald looked at Little Piece and then to Wilt-sheen. He watched Wilt-sheen untie the twine around his waist and the bag leaf fell from his manhood, a long soft-looking log unfurled itself to Reginald's amazement; it hung pendulous with girth between two apple-sized bollocks suspended in a nutty-brown ball sac. Wilt-sheen smiled at Reginald.

Reginald timidly, began to remove his clothes. He stood in front of Little Piece and Wilt-sheen in his orange Y-fronts. From his neck down he had painted himself blue. The wood nymph and the tree sprite looked at Reginald with smiles on their faces. Little Piece looked down to his bulging orange Y-fronts and Reginald slipped them past his spitting hard on and they fell to his ankles; she smiled at him; he stepped out and over his orange Y-fronts, his slender cock waggling stiffly.

Little Piece knelt down in front of Wilt-sheen and took his pendulous log in both hands and fed it into her mouth. Reginald watched in ore as Wilt-sheen's hardening bough disappeared into Little Piece, taking him up to his nutty ball sac. 'Come join us,' said Wilt-sheen.

Reginald walked over to Little Piece and Wilt-sheen as their auras intensified: Little Piece an electric blue and Wilt-sheen a deep emerald green. The erotically charged auras of the wood fairies intoxicated Reginald and he was drunk with lust, his phallus skin stretching tight as he wanked his blue painted hard on. 'That's it, come closer,' said Wilt-sheen to Reginald. 'Prepare yourself, Little Piece wants you to take her. You're a lucky man to be coupling with a wood nymph, you will never have another experience like it.' Little Piece puckered up her tight blue buttocks toward Reginald, he felt his cock grow harder in his hand as Little Piece's electric blue pussy winked at him. 'Enter Little Piece Reginald. Take her fully. It's what you've been dreaming of. Take her buttocks in you hands Reginald and enter Little Piece slowly. Softly, slip into her and enter a wonderland of erotic pleasure. Take her Reginald,' crooned Wilt-sheen.

'Take me Reginald,' said Little Piece's voice from all around him. 'Take me Jack-in-the-Green.'

'Take her Reginald, what are you waiting for?' said Wilt-sheen.

Reginald took Little Piece's buttocks and parted them slightly and her electric blue pussy blew him a kiss with a slip and a drip. Reginald felt a warmness about his cock, like a hand took him and led him into Little Piece. His cock end felt a liquid warmth as his length was taken serenely by Little Piece's asking pussy. He felt all candyfloss and clowns and a day at the circus as he began to pump Little Piece's blue arse. Wilt-sheen took his hard bough from Little Piece and guided it to Reginald's hand. 'Take me and wank me,' said Wilt-sheen. 'Make me Yellow, only you can make me yellow.' Reginald took Wilt-sheen and wanked him. Little Piece moaned: 'Fuck me Jack-in-the-Green, fuck me.'

'Make me yellow,' said Wilt-sheen as he began to spit yellow sparks from his cock end. Reginald closed his eyes as he pumped Little Piece faster. He shot cum from his pumping cock. He thrust his head forward as he exploded into little Piece's electric blue pussy....

He thwacked his head off the tree trunk, and he saw multi-coloured stars and heard a loud snap as he fell backwards onto the woodland floor. He opened his eyes and looked up at the night sky and a bright full moon. He lifted his left arm and saw he was holding a snapped branch. He lifted his head and looked at the tree in front of him, it was a large tree with a good girth; it had a hole in the trunk at cock height if Reginald was standing, next to it was a snapped bough. He thought he saw a blue flash in the hole and the moon lit slow drips of cum; like pearls embedded in the bark. 'What the fuck!' Said Reginald Groat as his head fell back to the woodland floor and he stared at the moon.

Reginald Groat stood in the shower and washed of the blue paint. He watched the blue paint rinse down the plug hole and wondered if that was where his sanity was going. He dried himself off and dressed in slacks and a T-shirt. He made himself tea and looked at his journal on the kitchen table. 'That's enough of blue fucking fairies,' he said to himself and took the journal and put it in his odds and sods draw. He never opened the journal again or did he dream of Little Piece and the Hampstead Pieces."


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