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Copyright © February 2021 by CiaoSteve

Author's Notes

This is an entry for the Literotica 750 Word Project 2021. It is much shorter than I would normally write, but the rules are 750 words only: no more, no less. I do hope you enjoy the story and don't find the length too much of a disappointment. I would welcome both your comments and your vote.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As a middle-aged businesswoman, was it all work and no play? I never signed up to it, making sure I had fun along the way.

When Sophie joined the team, I felt compelled to offer a warm welcome. She was younger, downright beautiful, but shy. I took her under my wing. A coffee here, a bite of lunch there and finally the invitation which changed everything. She said her husband was away and did I fancy a drink after work. I should have said no, but what harm could it do, or what fun could it bring?

Before long she was a little tipsy. I suggested we hit the road and watched as Sophie waddled in her high heels, towards the exit. I followed, my eyes fixed on her swaying ass. She lived on the way to mine and we decided to share a cab, dropping Sophie off first.

In the taxi, Sophie made her second invitation. Come in for a quick coffee, she had said. Again, I should have refused but something told me it would be fine. I remember the kettle being filled, even switched on, but that coffee never arrived. Instead of the earthy taste of freshly ground coffee it was the sweetness of another woman's lips which graced my own.

Was it the drink talking? The quiet, shy Sophie had become a fervent young woman, full of desire for the touch of another. I didn't hesitate as she led the way upstairs and into the master bedroom.

It was a race to see who could strip the other the quickest. I guess she won. I ended up naked, yet she still donned a pair of stay-ups. Any thoughts of coffee had long gone, as we embraced on the bed. My heart was pounding with excitement, but I just had to ask.

"You sure?"

"Yes, I've wanted this night."

"You don't know me."

"Think I do. You're my colleague, mentor, and now you're kissing me. What more is there?"

I hesitated. I could be direct and risk ruining the moment, or subtle. In the end it was joviality which seemed right.

"Maybe I'm only interested in tying you up and ravaging you."

"Are you?"

"What do you think?"

"Guess no, but it'd be fun to find out. Are you going to tie me up, Claudia?"

"I might," came my reply. "Bet you haven't gotten any rope though."

"Bottom drawer," came an instant answer.

She had asked for it, and she did make an attractive picture bound spreadeagled on her front, red ropes secured around wrists and ankles, a pillow lifting her bottom up. I glanced at her pale ass, her spread legs revealing the smile of a shaven snatch. I really couldn't wait to have some fun.

I rummaged back through the drawer, looking for a vibrator, a dildo or even a paddle. I never found anything; my attention taken by a door opening. I crept onto the landing and listened.

"Sophie... I'm back."

It was her husband. No panic, but I needed to be out of here. Teasing a young colleague was one thing, but I didn't fancy having to explain to her husband why I was ravaging his wife.

I grabbed my discarded clothes, kissed her forehead, and whispered goodbye. Her expression was a look between surprise and fear. Her eyes pleaded for release, but I knew there was no time. Back on the landing, I could hear him downstairs. How long did I have? Not long enough I thought, slipping into an upstairs study, and pulling the door to.

My heart pounded as I dressed. Now, where were my panties? Damn, I thought as I realised. I had left her a memento of what might have been. I could hear footsteps coming up the stairs and hoped he would head straight for the bedroom. From the expression of amazement, followed by opportunistic excitement, I guessed he had. A symphony of passionate moans told of opportunity taken.

I made my escape, slipping out of the study and heading for the stairs. I glanced into the bedroom. He was pounding Sophie and I was... I was... getting excited. Out of sight, but still in earshot, I just couldn't help but rub at my pussy. We both came very hard, before I slipped out of the front door.

Monday morning and there was a neatly wrapped parcel on my desk. Inside was a most familiar pair of panties, and a note.

'Until next time,' I read, smiling.


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