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She wakes up in total darkness, a dark so pure it can't be real. It takes a second to realize there's a blindfold covering her eyes, but she didn't put it there. Reaching to remove it, she discovers her wrists are restrained to the headboard.

About to call out, her words instead become a moan as strong hands massage her breast. Her nipple is rubbed, pulled and tweaked by someone who knows what they're doing. Without warning a mouth descends on the other nipple, sucking in as much flesh as he can. That mouth assaults her as the hands get rougher, tit worship at its best.

Before long a hand makes it's way to her thighs, and it makes her jump. Her ankles appear to be restrained for one, but those two hands are still on her breast as well. There's more than one person touching her naked body, and it sends a thrill through her.

The hand between her thighs is soft, smooth. She can feel finger nails test her flesh, longer than a man would normally keep them. As she's processing the possibility of a woman between her legs, the breast being sucked on is now accompanied by yet another set of hands. That's three people now, and there's movement by her arm. Before she can react, a hard cock slips between her lips and slides right on in until her nose touches hair. Four people now.

She isn't given a choice, her mouth is fucked by this unknown cock, hitting her gag reflex. She can still feel each breast being worshiped and that feminine hand begins rubbing her clit. If this wasn't strange enough, it dawns on her that she can't hear anything.

Her body is assaulted in all the right places, that cock in her mouth bringing tears to her eyes as she chokes on it. The hand on her clit is replaced by a hot mouth and tongue, those delicate fingers shoved right in her pussy. That tongue dances all over, explores her folds, sucking in as much skin as it can with teeth lightly dragging across her. Something bulbous and slick starts pressing against her asshole, and soon the tip of a dildo is working its way inside.

As if on cue, the mouths on her nipples bite down hard, four fingers drive into her pussy, the mouth sucks in hard on her clit, the cock in her mouth is driven in to the hilt, and that dildo slams all the way in her asshole. The overload goes on as they all hold there, and she cums. Her whole body spasms as she pulls against the restraints, desperately trying to get them off of her. She is as full as she can be, and they still hold her there.

Time seems to go on as her air is cut off, and she tries to breathe in. The only movement from the four on her is between her legs. Something is wiggling against her already full pussy, the final finger on that hand trying to get in. She is unbelievably wet, it's flowing out of her around those fingers. Her pussy is being stretched out way beyond anything she's ever experienced before, and it hurts.

As her sense of reality begins to fade to black, that fifth finger slips inside. All at once the three men release their hold and leave her body. Air gasps in as the dildo in her ass slips out and her pussy is beyond filled. The hand inside tries to form a fist, but the fit is too tight. Instead it twists as it slowly pushes in and out. She can't hear her own screams as that whole hand fucks her pussy, but she can feel the squelching as a river flows out of her.

Pulling against the restraints again she tries to get the person to stop, but they never do. Instead a cock is slipped into each of her hands, their hands making her grip them and they pump their hips, fucking her hands. A mouth descends on her clit again and its too much to bare.

The cock that had been in her mouth isn't on the bed anymore. Hands play with her tits again, but instead of pulling on her nipples, clamps are placed on them. They're a little heavy, she knows if she moves the sensation on her nipples will be painful. That hand assaulting her pussy picks up speed, and she's about to cum again.

All activity stops and the bodies assaulting her are completely removed. Unable to see or hear anything, she waits as her body quiets, her pussy aching like never before. At this point the pain pleasure threshold has been shattered, unsure if anything will feel good for a while.

She calls out, asking to be let go. As she tries again a rubber ball is shoved into her mouth, and tied to her head. Cool leather is snaked around her neck, a collar. The muffs at her ears are removed and for the first time, she can hear.

A woman speaks softly at her, lips almost touching her ear, breath against her flesh. "You are my slave, and will do as you're told. Do you understand?" She shakes her head no, the voice is unfamiliar to her. "What don't you understand?"

The ball gag is removed. "I'm not into girls."

"I don't care. If I tell you to lick my pussy, you will say thank you and lick my cunt. Is that understood?"

"But, I..." she doesn't get to finish. That same hand that had just been inside her slaps the side of her large breast. The stinging impact causes her to shift, the clamps on her nipples shooting pain through her.

"Am I understood?"


"Good, now get up." The leather cuffs stay on her wrists and ankles, but they are disconnected from the bed. "Help her to her feet." The woman orders, and two strong sets of hands help her off the bed. Before she can do anything the men connect the wrist cuffs together behind her back. A leash is attached to the collar and the woman tugs on it. "Come."

They walk out of the room and down the hall. Entering the largest room of the house she is ordered to stand in the middle of the room, and spread her legs. They're more than shoulder's length apart, and that demanding voice commands her, "Squat."

Slowly lowering herself she bends at the knees and nearly jumps when she feels something come into contact with her pussy lips. The woman pushes down on her shoulders and she sinks right onto the cock beneath her, the man under her groans with pleasure. After the fist in her pussy, even a small dick would feel like a lot to handle. Her cunt is on fire as she tries to rise off it, but stronger hands push her forward. She is made to arch her back as another body moves up behind her. "What are..." a cock is shoved into her open mouth, but doesn't go all the way back. It doesn't even move. Then it becomes apparent what's happening. That body behind her shoves his cock right inside her ass.

There is silence as the three cocks inside her fill her up, but don't move. The woman calls out one word. "Fuck." All three men thrust in at once, and begin to fuck her relentlessly. As a unit they pound their cocks in and out like their lives depend on it.

Thankfully the cock in her ass is well lubricated, because he's like a jackhammer. The one in her pussy does what he can, but plays on the momentum of the man behind her. At least this time she can breath, the cock in her mouth isn't buried down her throat. These men have done this before, they are well practiced. The ache in her pussy is still there, but the pleasure is masking it. The only pain she can still feel is from the clamps on her nipples, and her breasts are bouncing all over the place.

The orgasm is coming, that's a certainty, but all the physical overload is managing to prolong it, not making it crash over her. No, that happens when a clit sucker is slipped between her and the man underneath. Only a woman could find the spot that quickly, and within seconds another orgasm is tearing her apart.

Screaming out around the cock in her mouth, hands wrap around her throat and begin to squeeze. She's cumming hard, but it's slow, stretching on and on as the cocks in her keep fucking. The stimulation on her clit is beginning to be too much, but none of it lets up. The hands squeeze her neck tighter as her grip on reality seeps away.

Before she passes out the cocks slow, the one at her mouth is removed, and the blindfold is torn away. "Please," she begs the naked woman with huge tits, the woman that's in charge of this dominating event. "Please," she says again, squeezing her thighs on the man below her, trying desperately to get off him and the clit sucker.

"Please, what?"

"Please," it's hard to form words, it's hurting like nothing she's ever experienced. "Stop."

"Stop?" She squats next to them, and reaches for the sucker. "That's not the safe word." Instead of taking the toy away, she touches a button on it and the sensation only intensifies. It is pain at this point, a white hot sensation that starts at her clit and spreads out like wild fire. The cocks still in her are slowly moving in her, but they feel five times bigger than they are.

"If you truly want this to stop, you'll have to remember the safe word."

"But," it's hard to get the words out, it's all too overwhelming, "I wasn't told the safe word."

"He said you would know." She points to the couch where another man sits. This one is different. He's naked, but bound at the ankles, his hands behind his head. The same kind of leather cuffs that were put on her are on him. He also has a collar on, but he's still got a ball gag in his mouth. This whole scenario finally makes sense to her now. The bound man is someone she's been intimate with from time to time for nearly 2 years. Someone she trusts, has opened up to, shared her fantasies with. In a way, she had asked for this. The addition of a woman wasn't something she had wanted, but he often thought an experienced woman would have better luck with fisting her. Guess he was right. He also used to joke about taking things to a level extreme enough that they'd need a safe word. Problem is, she can't remember what word he had said.

"He's been drinking pineapple juice for half the day, so his cum will taste better. All my men have. One and two there will keep fucking you, and that toy will not come off. It stops when you say the word. Until then, three is going to fuck me while you watch me suck your friend's cock."

Her eyes go wide at that. She knows they aren't exclusive, but she's never seen him with another woman. In fact, outside of porn, she's never watched a woman get fucked. Climbing onto the couch, he shakes his head, trying to tell her no. She slaps him on each cheek, hard. Her mouth moves to his rock hard cock, and she says one word. "Fuck." As the two cocks inside her start slamming in and out, the third guy gets behind the woman and fucks her pussy.

That pain she felt spreading out engulfs her entire body, and she starts screaming like a banshee. In all the chaos the woman says something she can't comprehend, but the man with his cock buried in her pussy understands. He reaches up to her wildly bouncing tits and removes the clamps.

It's like a bomb goes off inside her body. That instant relief on her nipples turns all the painful sensations coursing through her body to pure golden pleasure. Where it had only a moment ago been unbearably painful has become pure bliss, and she wants more. She calls out to the men to fuck her harder, to make her cum this instant.

They pick up their speed, the one below puts his hands at her throat and squeezes. The man behind her grabs her hair and pulls her backward as he thrusts forward. In all this she watches the woman getting fucked on her couch, and she's smiling. Then she's back to deep throating the cock in front of her. She watches that cock she's felt in all her holes disappear into a mouth that's not her's and that familiar feeling climbs up. She can feel it rising and its going to be big.

Her eyes travel up his body, seeing the collar, then the gag. Finally she meets his eyes. Those eyes she's seen above her as he fucked her, looking up at her while eating her pussy. He's even bent her over the bathroom counter and fucked her from behind so they can look at themselves in the mirror. There have been a lot of orgasms looking into those eyes, but this is different. Two men are fucking her brains out while he's getting his cock sucked by a strange woman, who herself is getting fucked by the third cock she's had in her tonight.

"I'm so close," she cries out. The third man pulls out of the woman and moves in front of her. Instead of putting his dick back in her mouth he pushes her tits together and slides his cock between them. Never in her life has she been used like this before, and it feels great.

The woman stands next to them, the bound man next to her. His ankles were released, but his hands are still behind his head, his hard cock pointing right at her. More than anything she wants to cum right now, but she'd like his cock in her mouth too. Instead the woman clears her throat, alerting everyone that a command is about to be issued. She says one word.


If it was a bomb that went off when the clamps were removed, then this is a supernova. she screams out, "APPLES!" as her entire body shudders, and her pussy gushes. The cock in her cunt throbs and explodes inside her, his cum mixing with her's and seeping out. The cock in her ass grounds down and unleashes a torrent of hot cum inside her, squeezing her arms together as he empties every last drop. The man fucking her tits doesn't stop as his cum sprays out, covering her neck, chin and chest in his thick goo.

For minutes all there is is the sound of heavy breathing. When she can speak, she says it again to make sure she was heard over all the noise. "Apples."

"Oh, that's a shame." She grips the one still hard cock, "This one didn't get to cum."

The men at her front and back remove themselves from her, the restraints on her wrists released. As she gets off the last man, she says, "Yeah, but I want to see if what you said about pineapple juice is true."

One, two and three stand next to their master as the slave gets on her knees in front of the last man. In one move she takes his entire length in her mouth, opens her throat and buries him to the hilt. This has all been beyond her comfort zone, what's one more thing? He groans around the ball gag, unable to touch her since his hands are still restrained, but he can thrust. She digs her nails into his ass cheeks as she pulls him to her, making him thrust into her over and over. She throat fucks his cock and doesn't stop. His grunting becomes almost continuous until she feels him swell in her mouth. He tries to warn her, but she doesn't need it. It shoots out of him, splattering the back of her throat. It hits her gag reflex, and she almost loses it, but she holds on. As his second burst shoots in, she manages to swallow. The third blast isn't as strong, but there's so much cum it floods her mouth. The men watching have to help keep the man on his feet as she sucks every last bit out of his cock, the sensation is almost too powerful for him to handle. Even after the last drop is out of his cock she keeps sucking, giving him just a little dose of what she experienced with the over stimulation.

She smiles as the cock slips out of her mouth, still hard. Any other time she'd enjoy it being inside her again, but it's going to be days before she can take anything with as sore as she is. & pageUrl=1


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