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Marcos had a few days break, coming up with who he wanted to fuck next. He was having a fun time with his two current sluts, but he couldn't help but want more. His dick had so much potential, and he wanted to see how far he could bring this. How many people he could turn into sluts. After all these years of bullying, he wanted to take revenge on the rest of the world. People were cruel unrelentless beings, and he wanted to show them that a guy who did have a small dick could end up being an extreme alpha-male.

He was still trying to think through the girls in the school when his English teacher leaned down over his desk to hand him his essay back. He looked down at it and his jaw dropped. Is she fucking serious? She gave him an F! He had worked really hard on that paper, and definitely didn't deserve that mark. What was her problem?

His eyes roamed over her body. It was good she was hot, if not... she would just be an ugly bitch. She was a modest woman though, and tried to hide her body all the time. Marcos had a keen eye, and was sure he saw her giant tits once in a while, when she was unaware of the way her sweaters moved against her body. She had puffy pink lips that she made even better with lipstick, and long dark wavy hair that fell by her waist when she didn't have it up in a ponytail. She would've been akin to a goddess to Marcos if she wasn't so rude to her students all the time. It was merely because her subject wasn't as important to the students as biology or calculus, and she wanted to punish them for it by giving them incredibly unfair marks. Marcos grinned to himself as he leaned back - maybe he should be teaching her a lesson this time.

He was almost a bit nervous from this... He didn't know how well his dick magic actually worked. Could he turn his teacher into a whore for his giant cock as well? Or would his plan fail miserably? His dick was already twitching in his pants from anticipation.

When the bell finally rang, he shoved his stuff in his backpack, waiting for the class to clear out. He then approached her slowly, his eyes staring at her like a predator. "Miss. Holatta, I was wondering if I could talk to you about the paper we just got back." He said as he stood in front of her desk. She looked up at him with her thick black glasses, like he was another stupid student she needed to deal with.

"Yes, what did you want to talk about?" She asked.

"I was wondering why I got this mark, there's no indication of what I did wrong." He said, wanting to confirm she was indeed a bitch.

"There's no way you wrote that paper on your own, I know you plagiarized." She said calmly. What?!

"What do you mean? Why do you think that?" He asked, completely confused.

"It just doesn't seem like something that you would write." It didn't make sense at all, she's never even seen anything written from him before. And just because he didn't answer questions in class doesn't mean he wasn't smart. Was she simply assuming what he was like and how intelligent he was simply by the fact that he was a big boy with a jock body that got in trouble for flashing his dick? What kind of teacher just assumed things like that?

"You've never seen my writing before, I'm not sure what you mean." He said. "Are you somehow assuming my intelligence based on the way I act?"

She finally looked up at him, giving him her attention. She put her glasses at the top of her head and stared with her mascara filled eyelashes. "Marcos, I have been an educator for almost a decade now, I know the way that students behave, and I know when they're cheating. Did you pay off another student to write this for you?"

He was appalled. "Are you kidding me? You're failing me based on an assumption?"

"Is that how you talk to your teacher?" She said. "I could expel you for this."

"No you can't. You would have to justify to the principal why you gave me a failing mark for no reason!" He said, getting very pissed off now. He would really have to teach her a lesson now. He dropped his pants in front of her in one motion, and since he didn't decide to wear any boxers today, his dick was in full preview of his teacher.

She gaped at him, not able to believe that he was really doing this. Before she could do anything though, he walked backwards towards the door and closed it, locking it with a click. "Marcos! What did we say about dropping your pants in front of people who didn't ask for it?! You are AT SCHOOL! How dare you! I am your teacher!" She said in the most mom-voice possible, her voice almost shrieking.

"Like what you see?" He cooed, like the tone of voice didn't bother him at all.

"No! Put your pants up this instant!" She said. He didn't, though. Instead, he started stroking his dick slowly, making his semi-hard cock even harder. It was growing underneath him, its girth getting larger as he groaned. She stared at him, her eyes so wide it looked like it was going to pop out. "Stop!" She said again.

"Don't pretend you're not enjoying this." He said. He approached her like a predator, his hand still on his cock.

"I'm not. Marcos, this is rape! This is not okay!"

"That's what they all say before they fall in love with this." He said, looking down at it. He grabbed her wrist and leaned her back against the windows of the classroom, and placed his lips on hers before she could say anything more. She groaned in annoyance into his mouth, and before he could actually kiss her, bit down on his lip.

He gasped his lip bleeding slightly. "Elain..." He said, using her first name out loud of the first time.

"Don't you dare call me by my first name!" She said. "Let go of me!" She twists her wrists, but there was nothing she could do against his strong grasp.

"I can do whatever I want. And if you dare bite down on me again, I'll promise to do worse." Hoping his threat had gotten to her, he placed his lips on her again. She was still as a rock as he explored her mouth, his tongue twirling around hers as he pushed in further. He then flipped her around, leaning her against the glass windows of the classroom.

"What are you doing? Someone could look up and see us!" She said, her tone shifting from anger to worry.

"Actually, you're blocking me, so no one would be able to see me clearly. Though... I'm sure they would recognize their English teacher's lust filled gaze as she was fucked over and over like the slut she is." She gasped, and he pressed his cock against her pants, which he was glad was made out of a thin material.

He was hard as a rock, and he leaned his dick into her, pressing against her core as he rocked back and forth. He loved the feel of her heat against him, and he put his index and middle finger in her mouth as he grinded against her over and over. He was sure the sensation was driving her crazy, along with the idea that they could be caught at any second. He was right, after enough stroking, she started to moan into his fingers, her eyes closing. "If I were not mistaken... I would say you're enjoying this, Elain." He commented.

She shook her head. "I've never been more disgusted in my life." Her muffled words were said against the two large fingers in her mouth.

"Hmm... maybe I should make this better for you then." He pulled his fingers out and then pulled her pants down, revealing pink polka-dotted underwear. "These look like they're meant for a little girl." He said. "Not what I expected at all." He pressed a finger against her cunt over her panties, and she made a tiny noise as he pressed into the cotton, already feeling her wetness. "I think I have a very strong ability in being able to sense the sluttiness of a woman based on the way she acts around people... and I had a feeling you would be into being dominated, into being treated like a whore and revealing your sexy little body to anyone who might want to see it. You just won't admit it." WIth that, he pulled her sweater over her head, grinning from ear to ear.

God, she was even sexier than he imagined. He pulled the hair tie around her, and threw it on the ground as he admired her. She had silky black hair that was the colour of charcoal and perfect for hair pulling, and her breasts were huge, thinning into a waist that he would love to put his hands on and hips that looked like she was ready for childbirth. He had no idea why she was still single, probably because she was so stuck up.

"Look at that fucking body." He said, whistling.

"Don't talk about your teacher like that!" She scolded.

"I don't understand why you're trying to hide it, why wouldn't you want people staring at your sexy body all the time?" He commented, genuinely wondering.

"It's not for the students to see. I don't want people seeing my body."

"The students at this school would kill for something like this." He played with her tits over her bra, squeezing her nipples to demonstrate how sexy they were. He wondered if anyone was actually looking up into this window, and what they would be seeing. Their rude English teacher and her hot face as her eyes shut from the lust she was feeling. It must be a sight to see. He didn't want to wait anymore. He pulled her panties down, leaving them around her ankles. She was now wearing a bra and heels, which was the perfect look for a woman in his opinion.

Her pussy was fully shaved, like she thought this was going to happen. Maybe she had a boyfriend, or she just had it shaved all the time just in case. She had beautiful folds, and her clit was pulsing at him. She was already wet, the fluid coating her, making her very shiny and welcoming. He pressed the same finger against her pussy and she moaned. "You're already so wet for me, how dare you pretend otherwise? I hate when sluts lie to me." He stuck his finger deep inside her, and had to hide the moan coming out from his throat. Damn she was tight. She must've not been fucked in a really, really long time.

He would love to be the first and only one to satisfy himself.

His dick was even harder than before, and he pressed it against her opening. She shook her head, tears starting to form her eyes. "No, no. Don't do this, please. I'm your teacher."

"Maybe you should've thought of that before you failed me for no reason." With that, he pounded into her, his dick sliding in. He had expected it to go all the way from how hard he thrusted, but it only went around halfway. He was right... she was very very tight. She moaned loudly at the intrusion, which only spurred him on more. He did it again, stroking into her as hard as he could. It went in slightly more this time. With each stroke, he got deeper and deeper into her, and when he was almost fully in, her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

"Marcos..." She said, her breath uneven. "How much more is there? This is... so much." She moaned out loud as he thrusted again.

"Just a little more. You're being such a good girl, Elain." One more thrust. Her mind was completely blank at this point, her entire body and brain focused on one thing... her pussy being fucked by one of her students, clearly the one with the biggest dick.

"Oh my fucking god!" She cried out, and now that he was fully in, he could fuck her mercilessly. She needed to know she was his, and this was the best way to achieve that.

He grabbed her by the hair, something he wanted to do for a while now, and used it as a swing to fuck her over and over. He didn't let her breath or relax even for a second, he fucked her so hard it would be impossible for her to sit down properly for days. All she could do was moan and groan and mewl under him, her eyes completely gone to the back of her head.

"Marcos... Oh, Marcos!" She moaned. "That feels so good. Fucking god!"

"Why don't you teach me about Shakespeare now, huh? Tell me about why Lady Macbeth had such a hard time washing the blood off of her hands." It was the topic of his essay.

"Marcos. Oh god, Marcos. Fuck me. Oh god! Harder, faster... mmmpppph." She was gone now, he wasn't even sure if she heard his question. This was way easier than he thought, she was clearly a giant slut, and hadn't been pounded in a really long time.

"You're so fucking wet for me." He said. He was right, with every thrust it seemed like she was getting more and more wet, and her fluids were drenching him, making it easier and easier for him to fuck her. He wasn't complaining. She was swollen, wet, and so, so ready for him. He could already feel his balls tightening, wanting to cum badly. It was too soon, he wouldn't be ready yet. He stopped fucking her, and she almost screamed out loud in frustration.

"Why did you stop?" She asked, angry beyond belief.

"I didn't feel like fucking you anymore." He said.

"I almost came!" She complained. "I was so close!"

"Why don't you worship my dick a little and we'll see whether or not you deserve to be fucked by me." He said cruelly. Really, he wanted to just continue fucking her, but he wanted to see how obedient she would be. She merely nodded, and went on her knees. She placed her hand around his dick, looking at it.

"I can't believe this fit inside of me."

"You were a good girl taking it all in." He said, looking down at her. Before she could talk some more, he shoved her into his dick, moaning out loud as her sweet mouth wrapped around him. God, those lips were gorgeous, and he had imagined it around him many times now. She was an expert, she sucked him like a pro, swirling her tongue around him with every suck, and his balls tightened again as he grabbed a fistfull of her hair. "You're fucking great at this, you whore." The derogatory term made her moan out loud, and he loved the way she vibrated against his dick. His mind trailed to what he wanted to do to her next, and the thought was so exciting for him that he stopped her once more.

"Up." He said, and she obeyed. It would be a hard position to manage, but he knew he had the strength to do it. He had her back against his chest again, and he leaned her tits against the window, again for all to see. Her body was pressed against the cold glass this time, and she gasped in shock as he lifted her up and impaled him on his dick as she wrapped her leg backwards onto him.

"Hang on tight." He said. She did, he fucked again now, and anyone who looked up onto the second floor of the school would see their teacher being fucked by a giant dick, going in and out of her wet pussy as she pulled the horniest glassy-eyed looks imaginable.

She couldn't even say his name properly anymore, just took in his dick as she made different noises, and he put his hand on her clit knowing just a small touch would set her over the edge. It did, she made a guttural noise as she came around him, milking him so hard that he wasn't able to control himself anymore.

He came as well, his dick pulsing over and over again as his balls squeezed. It was so much cum, an unbelievable amount as it spurted into her over and over again, and poured down her legs onto the counter. "JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!" She had screamed out as he continued to pound her. He had groaned as well. He had thought Michelle was a good fuck, but this was a whole other level. A mature, grown woman's body. Better beyond his imaginings.

He dropped her onto the floor when he was done, and he pulled his pants up, fully satisfied. "Is that how an English teacher should talk to his student? Swearing at him with that nasty mouth over and over?" He said, grinning.

"Marcos..." She said, now feeling very shy.

"I knew you were a complete slut. God the way that you were milking me." He pulled her hair back and made her look at him.

"I... can we do that again?" She asked, blushing. It was a complete 180 to how she was acting just moments before.

"Elain, I have a lot of women on my list, I don't know if I have the time to fuck you." He said.

She grabbed onto his arm, still looking at him with lust filled eyes. "C'mon. I know you had a good time. That was the best you've ever had. What do you want me to do? I can change your grade to an A."

"A ." He said. "You know I deserve it." He thought for a second, what else could he ask her to do? "I want you to wear your sluttiest outfit tomorrow, enough to parallel what Michelle has been wearing the past week."

Her mouth opened to a wide 'O' with shock. "But... I could be fired!"

"Don't back talk to me again. I'll deal with the principal if she gives you any trouble. If I'm not happy with what you're wearing, I'll never fuck you again." He said. He was so evil, more than he could ever imagine, and he was loving every second of this experience. It was like a dream.

"Okay, whatever you say." She said, still blushing.

"Good." He replied abruptly. He looked down at the mess they had made, the goo still everywhere he could look. He loved how much it was dripping out of her cunt still. It would be dripping for days knowing how much he poured into her, and how deep he had dumped his cum. "You should probably clean this up." He said. "Wouldn't want the cleaning staff to be suspicious."

He walked out the door without a second glance at her, though he grinned to himself, that was such a good fuck.


When he got home that day, his mind was spinning from all the possibilities. He wanted to take over the school, to make every slutty girl his to control. And any guy who went against his might would be fucked as well. If he could convert Louis, the worst bully at school, he would be able to convert any guy he put his hands on. Speaking of Louis, that guy won't stop messaging him, asking him to remove the cock cage and help him cum. He wondered how long he would last before he would eventually ask someone to cut the metal apart so he could get some kind of satisfaction from this torture.

Michelle also wouldn't stop messaging him, though she had just called him for the first time, and he answered right away, wondering what was up. "Marcos... do you want to come over this weekend? I'm throwing a party with my friends and I think it'll be fun."

"Oh?" He said. He thought about it. He wondered what he could do at the party. Maybe he could fuck her in front of all her friends... maybe they would want to join along and enjoy his dick as well. The thought was so hot for him he was already getting hard. Those cheerleaders were all bombshells, he wondered why he didn't consider this sooner. "Of course, I can't wait." He replied.

"Great! I also told my mom all about you, so she's excited to meet you. Though I told her you were my new boyfriend, and that Louis and I broke up."

He rolled his eyes. He had not signed up for this. "I don't know if I'm comfortable with that, but you've been so good with wearing those slutty clothes recently, I'll let it slide."

She only giggled in response, and he hung up after saying goodbye, his mind going over all the possibilities.


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