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My name is Carol and I've been having sex with my son Peter for three years now, We started when he was eighteen. Over the last few years, we have done some pretty wild things. I'd like to tell you about some of them.

Let me tell you about the closest we ever came to getting caught!

It was a beautiful summer morning. My husband Dave was saying goodbye before heading off to work when Peter walked in. Peter and I had been fucking for about five months. Since Peter started his summer vacation two weeks before, we had been going at it pretty much every day. I knew he was anxious to get on with the day's "activities"

While Dave gave me a peck on the cheek, I winked at Peter as if to say, "Don't worry, big boy, you'll have more than just a kiss!"

Dave said goodbye to Peter before heading out. Peter loved his Dad. But he loved his mom more!

As soon as Dave's car pulled out of the driveway, Peter was on me! This boy just couldn't get enough of me. I love him so much for that. Peter loves to kiss all parts of my body but he loves my tits! He started squeezing and kissing them. His breathing was getting louder and I knew he wanted sex right then and there. But I had to stop it!

I had to remind him that if we had to keep enjoying our new relationship, we would have to keep to the rules I set. We never have sex until we know that Peter's dad is at work or somewhere we know he won't pop in on us. I usually call him at work an hour or two after he leaves.

So I told Peter to watch Tv or something and let me do some work in the kitchen and in a couple of hours we can have our fun.

Well, I cleaned the kitchen for about 10 minutes when my mind started wandering. I thought about the past five months. How this affair with my son had started, but I mostly thought about all the hot sex Peter and I had enjoyed it. He was a great lover. He knew exactly what I liked and he could do it for hours!

I just stood there with these erotic memories in my head. My pussy started to get wet.

I decided to break my own rule of waiting a couple of hours after Dave left and went looking for Peter.

I found Peter in the living room watching Tv. I dropped my robe in the hall and entered naked into the room. His eyes nearly popped out of his head!

"You like what you see?" I asked.

"But mom, you said...," Peter stammered.

"If you want to fuck me, meet me upstairs in five minutes," I said seductively as I could. I loved using dirty talk with my son. It makes what we are doing even dirtier!

I went upstairs and put on my black FUCK-ME boots that turned Peter on so much. I got on the bed and waited for him. Soon I heard his bare feet coming towards the bedroom.

"Come in, Honey, I've been waiting for you," I purred. Boy, I love turning on my son!! Peter was pleased.

In a matter of seconds, Peter's cock was standing at attention! I spread open my pussy lips and said, "Come on, baby, lick your mother's pussy."

I didn't have to ask him twice. He attached his lips to my pussy lips and made oral love to me like a boy beyond his years. I could hear loud slurping sounds as Peter drank the juices already flowing from my pussy!!

He was sticking his tongue deep inside my pussy. It was almost as if he wanted to return to the place he had originally come from almost 18 years ago. I came hard just thinking of my son having his tongue in his mother's cunt much less feeling it!!!

Then as I was enjoying orgasmic bliss, I heard the horrifying sound of my husband's voice just outside the bedroom door!!!

I screamed for him to stop where he was and not to come any closer. Thank God, he did!!!

I quickly closed the door and called out Dave, "Just a minute, Honey, I got a surprise for you! What are you doing back here, anyway?"

"I forgot about my parking card. I think I left it on the night table," said Dave.

"Ta Daaa," I said as I opened the door. "I was trying out my new boots. I was going to surprise you tonight!"

"Where's Peter?" asked Dave.

"He went over to Jack's. You like boots, baby?"

"Yea, I wish I didn't have to go," he said.

"I'll get your card. You stay here and let me show off my new boots for you." I said hoping he wouldn't follow me into the bedroom.

I walked as sexy as I could so that he would keep his eyes on me and not look around the room. It worked because he only had eyes for me.

My poor baby was shaking like a leaf. I would make it up to him later. I kept my eyes on Dave just in case he decided to talk over to me.

I got the card and quickly walked him back out of the room. I promised him a good time that night.

"That was close," I said to Peter after Dave had left.

"That will never happen again. We will always wait till your dad is well away."

"Mom, I was so scared!" said Peter.

"Well, we got through it. Now go do something till I call your dad at lunch. Then you can finish eating my pussy," I said.

A few hours late, Peter had his beautiful cock buried inside his mother. We fucked for over an hour. It seemed like all the excitement earlier made us hornier than ever!!!

Having sex with my son has been so exciting but the excitement that morning I could do without!!!

See you next time. & aid=136


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