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Nellie stared at the reflection of her completely nude body in the full length mirror and sighed loudly, running her hands all over her very swollen belly. She was close to eight months pregnant now, with triplets almost bursting her tight tummy at the seams. She turned sideways and sighed even louder, as her stomach protruded almost a foot and a half beyond where it would normally be. To make matters worse, she still had about six weeks to go, and it was only going to get bigger!

She had agreed to help her sister and brother-in-law with in vitro as the hostess, and was more than a little surprised when she discovered she was not only successfully pregnant, but carrying three of the little buggers inside of her womb. Her sister, Jeanne, had had a hysterectomy, but had her eggs saved prior to the procedure and had asked her sister to carry three of the embryos for her. Nellie quickly agreed, having no idea that all three would take, and grow inside of her like a trio of basketballs. Now, she was quite uncomfortable at not only the sensation of her skin being stretched across her stomach, but she was also rather dismayed that none of her clothes fit anymore.

Nellie sighed again, and shook her head regretfully.

"Every day, it just gets worse and worse." she lamented to her overly-curvy, unclothed reflection in the mirror. "Nothing fits anymore."

It was true. Even the stretchy maternity wear could no longer accommodate her huge, swollen belly. She could still barely squeeze into it, but it restricted her movement so much, that it was almost unbearable to wear. About the only thing that would fit her was the Hawaiian muumuu she had purchased for an office party several years back, and there was no way in Hell that she was going to wear THAT in public for the next month and a half.

Around the house, it was no problem. She simply shed her clothes as soon as she got home; eager to feel totally free and sexy. It really turned her on to see her nude reflection staring back at her in the mirror, and she usually had to masturbate almost immediately. This episode was no exception.

Nellie stared at her bare body in the mirror; turning sideways again, so that she could see every sexy curve of her swollen, pregnant belly. She was getting really turned on at the sight, and began rubbing her clit with gentle, yet firm, circles. It was beginning to feel VERY nice, so she retreated to the bedroom, where she lay down to continue the session. It wasn't long before she felt a rather pleasant orgasm building within her loins. Her breathing increased as she approached her climax, before exploding into a wonderful, squirting orgasm that showered the bedspread in silvery liquid; drenching it in her warm, wet, liquid lust.

"Oh fuck!" she burst out, panting heavily and brushing her sweaty blonde hair from her face. "These things just keep feeling better and better! I wish I could stay knocked up all the time. God, I feel so fucking sexy!"

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell, and Nellie struggled to sit up. She wiped herself off with a section of the bedspread and waddled toward the front door, completely forgetting that she wasn't wearing any clothes. She was also a bit annoyed at having been disturbed, and without even thinking, flung the door wide open, much to the astonishment of the postal carrier standing there with a box in one hand and a clipboard in the other. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head, as he stared at Nellie's unclothed body and sexy round belly.

"Yes?" she prompted, suddenly realizing she was standing there completely nude for all of her neighbors to see as well. "Oh fuck!"

"I-I have a package for Miss Nellie Belly- I mean... Nellie Bright." he stammered, continuing to stare at her amazing pregnant body. "God, your belly is huge! You're so hot!"

"Really?" she inquired, not thinking that anyone else would be turned on by her huge, torpedo-like stomach sticking out like a giant watermelon. "I'm too pregnant to wear my clothes anymore. I'm so used to being nude around the house that I totally forgot I wasn't wearing them. I hope I haven't offended you."

"Not by any means!" he exclaimed. "Pregnant chicks are so sexy! I'll bet your husband can't keep his hands off of you, the lucky duck."

"I'm not married." Nellie replied. "By the way, would you like to come in so I can sign for that package? The neighbors haven't seen me like this before, and I don't want them to gossip about me or anything."

He nodded and stepped in, offering her the clipboard to sign.

"Boyfriend then?" he inquired, feeling her out.

"No," she replied, handing the clipboard back and taking the package, as he continued staring at her pregnant nude body, "I'm carrying for my sister and her husband. I'm single, and knocked up with triplets. Hell, it's getting so bad trying to wear my clothes, I think I may just go around nude. Maybe I can find a horny guy that way." she added with a nervous laugh.

"Well, you look great, and I adore women with child," he responded, "so... maybe I could drop back by sometime when I'm not on the clock?"

"I'd like that." Nellie replied. "Maybe you could take me to dinner or something?"

"I'd love to." he said with a smile. "You know, I guess you were joking when you said you wanted to go around nude, but it's legal in this state. As long as it doesn't say 'no shirt, no shoes,' you can go anywhere you want to; at least in public."

Nellie's jaw dropped.

"Are you serious?!" she exclaimed. "I can really walk around completely nude in public and not get arrested?"

"Yup." he answered affirmatively. "And I'd love to see the looks on everyone's faces if I took you out that way. I've got to get back to my route, but I'd really love to take you out and maybe... umm... you know."

He handed her a business card and waved.

"I'd love to get a text from you!" he called, as he returned to his truck. "My name's Tommy, by the way!"

Nellie nodded and closed the door.

"Don't worry," she muttered to herself. "You certainly will! Now, to look online and see if I can really be nude in public here. If I can, that's it! I'm not wearing any clothes at all, until I drop these kids and fit back into my clothes again. Hell, I may like it so much that I never put them back on at all!"

With that, she retreated to the spare bedroom that she used for a home office, and turned on her computer. She was stunned to learn that Tommy was correct. There were no state laws regarding public nudity; only local ordinances that prohibited it in certain communities. The city in which she resided was not on the list, and Nellie decided right then and there, that clothing was too uncomfortable to wear.

She was also surprised to learn that a recent court ruling in another state, regarding an exhibitionist Internet star, had made registered nudism legal in all fifty states, as long as he or she registered and wore an ID tag or bracelet identifying them as nudists. They could not be discriminated against in any way, or else they could file lawsuits just like any other protected class. She immediately called her local County Clerk's office and inquired about getting registered. He directed her where to go to fill out the appropriate paperwork, and told her how much the registration fees would be.

The following morning, Nellie arrived at the court complex in her ugly muumuu, to fill out the necessary paperwork. Upon completion, she wrote a check and handed it to the clerk.

"There you go, Miss Bright." he said with a smile. "You are now a registered nudist! Congratulations on your new lifestyle. Remember, you cannot be discriminated against for not wearing clothes, as long as you have your nudist ID number on you. I would suggest a medical ID such as a necklace or bracelet, or you may choose to have it tattooed someplace, such as your wrist, ankle, or lower back."

"Talk about a Tramp Stamp!" Nellie giggled. "I think the first place I'm going to go to, is a tattoo shop. By the way, do you have a trash can? I want to dump this circus tent I'm wearing, and show off my pregnancy in all of its glory. I am NOT fat; I am pregnant, and I am tired of being treated like a cow in a muumuu. From here on out, everyone will see me for who I am; a gorgeous woman who also happens to be pregnant. And completely nude!"

With that, Nellie pulled her clothes off and tossed the muumuu into the garbage can, revealing her sexy, unclothed pregnant body. She was now wearing nothing but her white sneakers, and she strode confidently out of the office in all of her pregnant nude glory. As soon as she entered the crowded hallway, several gasps could be heard as everyone stared at her in astonishment. She continued down the hallway toward the exit, with people gawking at her unclothed body and chattering excitedly. Nellie smiled politely at everyone; thrilled to be walking around without any clothes on in full view of the public.

Upon exiting the building, she stood on the sidewalk, waiting for traffic to ease enough for her to cross the street and enter the parking garage. Several cars honked their horns enthusiastically, and the crunch of metal and plastic could be heard as one rubbernecker crashed into the back of another car. Nellie finally crossed the street and returned to her car.

"First stop, the tattoo parlor!" she said to herself, as she turned the car on.

There was an ink studio that Nellie passed by all the time, so she decided to stop in and get her official nudist ID inked onto the small of her back. That way, she would never have to worry about losing her identification and not being able to prove she had every legal right to be nude in public. She pulled up to the tattoo shop and exited the car carefully, doing her best to maintain her balance as she stood. Nellie entered the shop, and was greeted by the owner, who was obviously taken aback by her brazen public nudity.

"Umm, welcome to Ink Arts." he managed to mumble, as he stared incredulously at her nude body. "May I help you?"

"I need a number tattooed on me somewhere." she replied. "I'm a registered nudist, and one option is to get my identification number in ink, instead of wearing a medical ID bracelet or something."

"I see." he responded. "That explains your walking into my shop completely naked. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Your wrist perhaps?"

"Too German." she answered. "I don't like the idea of my ankle either. How about the small of my back? In some cursive font, 'Registered Nudist' with the number below it."

He nodded.

"I can certainly do that." he agreed. "Sure you don't want it on your boob or something?"

Nellie smiled.

"I'll bet you'd love to hold one of my titties in one hand while you inked it with the other, wouldn't you?" she inquired, pursing her lips slightly.

"I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't!" he admitted. "You look great, by the way. Of course I have shall we say, an 'appreciation' for women with child."

"You mean you have a preggo fetish." Nellie responded impishly, followed by a suggestion. "Maybe you could cut me a break on the ink if we worked out a deal?"

"I'll do it for free if you'll ride my cock." he stated. "I've always wanted to fuck a pregnant chick."

"Deal!" Nellie replied enthusiastically. "Let's do the payment first. That way, you won't be rushing to get it done. What's your name, by the way?"

"Ralph." he said, as he turned the "open" sign around and locked the door. "What's yours?"

"Nellie." she answered.

"Well Nellie, I just looove your pregnant belly." Ralph said with a smile. "C'mon. I have a nice couch back in my office that we can use. God, I can't believe I finally get to fuck a preggo, holy shit! Your belly's huge too! You carrying twins or something?"

"Triplets, and I've still got six weeks to go." she explained. "My poor tummy's going to get even bigger. That's why I registered to become a legal nudist. My belly got so big that my clothes wouldn't fit anymore. Not even the stretchy stuff. I guess I'm just too pregnant to wear my clothes now. What a dilemma, huh?"

Ralph reached out and squeezed Nellie's swollen tits gently.

"Nice!" he said with a grin. "God damn! You sure are a prize. I can't wait to cum in you while I play with your milky tits and caress that huge belly of yours."

"I haven't had sex in a long time." Nellie confessed. "It will be nice to ride a cock again. I've just been so busy with work that I didn't have time for a boyfriend the past couple of years. Now, my chances are like zero."

"Well, it can't be that long." Ralph said, as he began undressing. "I mean, it had to have been within the past few months, right? How far along are you?"

"Eight months, but it's been about three years or so, since I've had sex."

It suddenly dawned on her.

"Oh, I'm carrying for my sister and her husband." she explained. "In vitro and I got blessed with triplets. Yeah... it's not Biblical or anything."

Ralph laughed, as he guided Nellie to the couch.

"I was beginning to wonder." he responded.

He lay on his back, and Nellie gently climbed on top of him, taking his cock inside of her hairy cunt. Her belly was so big that she couldn't reach around to shave any more, and she certainly wasn't going to ask for assistance! Once he was inside of her, she began riding him gently at first, as everything came back to her, and then harder.

"That's nice!" he exclaimed, as he reached up and ran his hands all over her swollen belly. "It feels so good! Mmm, I've always fantasized about fucking a pregnant gal; thank you."

"Oh, you're welcome!" she answered happily. "I'm loving it too! It feels so different, now that I'm knocked up. Everything is tighter or something. Funny, I thought I'd be off balance while I was riding you, but this is perfect! It's like this was the position made for preggos to fuck!"

"Oh yeah!" Ralph agreed, as he reached up and squeezed Nellie's somewhat smallish, but incredibly perky, tits. "Oh fuck, Nellie! Oh shit, yeah! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna shoot my load inside of your pregnant belly! Ohhh, fuuuuuck... Nellie Belly!"

His voice drifted off, as he shot an incredibly thick and hot load deep inside of Nellie's cunt.

"Oh my god!" he mumbled, as she gradually stopped riding him. "That was so fucking incredible! Thank you so much!"

"Oh, you are more than welcome!" she responded, as she slowly pulled off of his cock and dropped down alongside of him. "So, what kind of a tramp stamp is this going to get me?"

She reached over and tugged a bit on his now-flaccid dick.

"A nice flowing cursive font for the lettering." he suggested. "Then your number underneath. I'll make the writing wrap around the number and kind of encase it. Black ink. What do you think?"

"Hmm," Nellie replied, "that sounds nice for this session. I would agree to that. I'm just wondering though... what if we made this thing a bit more fancy, with say, multiple colors and maybe a border? I like your idea about the cursive holding everything in, but I'd like the numbers to look computer; you know what I mean?"

"Oh yes!" Ralph exclaimed. "Tell you what, I'll do the cursive and computer fonts today in black, and when we work out the other details, you come back for a follow-up session. Same deal as today?"

Nellie smiled.

"Deal!" she exclaimed. "I'll let you shoot me full of love, if you'll shoot me full of ink."

An hour later, her lower back had been tattooed with the first deal of sex for ink. It was enough for now, to make her legally nude without any paperwork, but she really wanted a nice tattoo that reflected her feelings of her new clothes-free lifestyle.

It had been a challenge. Normally, a tramp stamp is done with the recipient laying on her stomach, but due to Nellie's huge belly, she had to sit on a stool instead, as Ralph diligently carved his art into her skin.

"Okay," he stated, as he wiped everything off and bandaged it, "I have you officially inked as a registered nudist now. Congratulations! Now, come back in a month or so for the rest of what we discussed, and I'll make this look so nice for you."

"I'll be looking forward to it." Nellie responded. "I'm thinking full color and maybe even a sailing ship or something. Maybe make it look like an old nautical map. That would be great! Might take a few more sessions though. Would you still work with me on the payments?"

"Nellie," Ralph replied, "you take as many sessions as you think you need. I'll ink you as long as you want to get fucked. Even if you aren't pregnant anymore. I've always had this fascination with lactating ladies..."

"Well then," Nellie interrupted with a smile, "I think that you and I have deal! I'll be back when I can squirt a stream of my mommy's milk into your latte."

With that, she left the parlor and preggo-waddled back to her car. Where would she go and what would she do now? Going home seemed so boring with all of this new found freedom. All of these thoughts raced through her mind, as she decided to take a stroll though a local park to clear her head and focus on the future.

Nellie had already released her inner inhibitions, as well as what could only be called, "everyone else' dirty thoughts," so she felt it was safe to walk around the park without any clothes on without running the risk of getting turned on and feeling the urge to duck behind a bush somewhere and masturbate.

The morning was still a bit cool, so it was quite comfortable to go for a walk. Without any clothes on, it would be even longer before she became overly warm. She grabbed a bottle of water from the trunk of her car, tucked it into her purse and headed onto one of the more popular and well-traveled walking paths.

Almost immediately, gasps and stares from shocked people reminded her just how prudish our society really is. Ignoring them, she continued her clothes-free stroll through a wooded section of the park, before exiting into a more open area, where the ball fields and tennis courts were located. Nellie stopped to rest on a bench, and crossed her legs professionally, before reaching into her purse and retrieving her cell phone, and the business card with Tommy's number on it. She dialed him and waited excitedly for an answer. To her disappointment, however, it went to his voice mail after several rings, so she left him a sexy message instead.

"Hi Tommy, it's Nellie." she said quietly. "Just letting you know that I got registered as a nudist this morning, so I'd love for you to call me back so we can have dinner and sex afterwards. Bye."

She closed the phone, and looked up to see a police officer approaching her. Working as a receptionist for a respectable law firm had gotten her used to dealing with the police, so she wasn't the least bit nervous or intimidated, as he stopped in front of her.

"Good morning." she greeted him politely. "Is there a problem?"

She did not address him as "Officer," indicating that she was quite comfortable dealing with him.

"Good morning yourself." he responded. "Um, are you aware that you aren't wearing any clothes, Miss? Are you feeling okay today? Maybe you forgot to take your medication?"

"Actually, I'm feeling very bloated, which is why I'm not wearing any clothes." she replied. "I'm not on any medication, I'm not breaking any laws, and I'm enjoying a nice stroll in the park without the restriction of having to wear clothes. Some asshole called 911 to report me walking around nude in public, I take it?"

"That would be correct." he said with a smile. "I have to admit though, that while I know it's legal in this state, I have never before encountered someone who was nude in public until now. It uh, kind of piqued my curiosity a bit."

"It looks like it's piquing your dick a bit too." Nellie responded with a giggle. "Am I turning you on?"

He glanced around quickly, before replying.


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