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Oh yes, she was pretty sure from the way that the other woman was practically drooling that she had chosen the right position, although for better or for worse, that punishment never came. Instead the French Dom just stared at her handiwork for a few long seconds, then kneeled down behind her prey, and then just as this seemed to be it, Maryse suddenly leaned down, stuck out her tongue, and slid it over that big booty.

That process was then repeated over and over again, Maryse going back and forth in between those meaty cheeks as she became lost in her lust for them. Which was honestly kind of cute, and while Ember was just about able to stop herself from saying that, she couldn't to stop the occasional chuckle, and wide smile on her face. Mostly because this wasn't even the first time it happened, as these so-called dominant women just couldn't get enough of her big black booty.

The only slight difference was that her French Mistress made her pay for her insolence almost instantly, with a hard double smack to those meaty cheeks. However, she then spread them apart, and started attacking her target with her tongue. Which wasn't exactly what Ember came here for, but it was easily the best thing so far, and had her crying out joyfully.

Maryse spat onto her target a few times to make this as nasty as possible, and initially pressed her tongue against Ember's taint, so that saliva had plenty of time to slid downwards. Also she slid her tongue all the way up, towards her ultimate target, and return to the top of Ember's ass cheeks.

Something she repeated a few times, even as she slowed the distance of her licks, until inevitably she was just concentrating on the cute little fuck hole in between those massive globes. Then she settled into just sliding her tongue up and down the other woman's butt hole, only occasionally pulling back to spit on it, giving the stupid fuck hole's fuck hole, a nice, long, drawn-out rim job.

Not for Ember's benefit. God no. This was all for Maryse's benefit, The Sexiest of the Sexy becoming truly lost in her shameful fetish for big fat disgusting asses. And the best thing about it, was that right now there was no one to stop her. No annoying interruptions, no matches that needed to be had, no delusional bottom who would try and steal this bottom from her, or even more laughably, try and top her.

No, the only thing in her world right now was the goddess simply known as Maryse, and this big, fat, disgusting ass, which had been literally made for her pleasure. Oh yes, as far as she was concerned, women like Ember Moon didn't serve any other purpose, something she was only too happy to prove.

Hell, even just with this rim job Maryse was proving her superiority. Oh yes, she clearly had this fuck hole quivering with submissive pleasure already, and not even trying to hold onto a shred of dignity, likely because she never had any. Yes, there could be no doubt by the end of the night, or even a matter of a few minutes, the French Dom would once again be adding a fat assed bitch to her collection.

While two other fuck holes watched this conquest, no less. The thought of it of course excited Maryse, so much so that she finally picked up the pace of the rimming. Namely by starting to slide her tongue around that fuck hole, as well as up and down it. She then pushed her tongue as deep inside Ember's fat ass as it would go, which was very far, and then gleefully tongue fucked what was supposed to be a forbidden hole.

"Oh my God Ember, you're so loose! Tu es tellement lâche! Sooooooooo fucking loose! Ha ha ha ha! Mmmmmmm your ass is, ha ha ha ha!" Maryse laughed uncontrollably, after pulling her tongue out, and then as she replaced it with her finger she moaned, "Ooooooooooh oui, mmmmmmmm, vous êtes tellement lâche ici. Quoi, une armée entière vous a-t-elle conduit? Mon Dieu, je ne pense pas avoir jamais ressenti un trou aussi lâche. Oh putain, je parie que c'est à ça que ressemble la chatte de putain. Pas une lutteuse féminine, une vraie. Non pas qu'il y ait une différence à ce stade. Non, ohhhhhhhhhh, vous êtes tous épuisés, et je ne sais pas pourquoi je perds mon temps avec vous. Ou pourquoi je suis si gentil avec toi. Mais je le suis, et vous devriez m'en remercier! Ooooooooooh oui, mmmmmmmm, you're so loose back here. What, did a whole army run train on you? God, I don't think I've ever felt such a loose hole. Oh fuck, I bet this is what whore pussy is like. Not a women's wrestler, a real one. Not that there is a difference at this point. Non, ohhhhhhhhhh, you're all used up fuck holes, and I don't know why I waste my time with you. Or why I'm so good to you. But I am, and you should thank me for it!"

"Ah fuck!" Ember cried out as the French Dom emphasized her latest words with a hard strike, and then she whimpered a reply, "Yes my French Mistress, thank you my French Mistress."

"You're very welcome, whore." Maryse chuckled, before smacking the other cheek, again with her free hand, "Mais merci! Putain merci! Oh oui, ooooooooooh oui, thank me for exactly what I'm doing, mmmmmmm, and then shut the fuck up, while I get what little entertainment you're worth, out of your big fat disgusting ass!"

"Ah fuck!" Ember cried out again from another hard strike to her sore ass, and then she whimpered, "Yes my French Mistress, thank you my French Mistress. Oh God, thank you for being so good to me, mmmmmmm, and stretching out my whore hole before you fuck it. Oh my God, mmmmmmmmmm, oooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk yessssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhh, finger my ass! Finger fuck my slutty little whore ass hole! Ah fuck! Stretch it, fucking stretch it wide and deep so every inch of your big dick slides into my shit-pipe like a hot knife through butter. Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck my big fat disgusting ass! ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssssssss, fuck me, fuck me hard, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

While Ember didn't shut up, so much as continue moaning, gasping and whimpering with the occasional word thrown in, Maryse supposed it was forgivable. Besides, what else could she expect from a dumb anal whore, who's only purpose in life was to get fucked in the ass?

Something which had never been more clear as the French Dom pumped a finger in and out of that slutty little back door, eventually adding a second and then a third finger, which slid in just as easily as the first. For a few long seconds, Maryse considered anally fisting this anal bitch. Something which would no doubt be easy, but Ember hadn't earned such a reward. Or a punishment. And ultimately, Maryse was just eager to get to the real fun.

So after a few moments of anal fingering, Maryse pulled out her fingers, sucked them clean, and then ordered, "Spread your cheeks, bitch. Oh oui, it is time for me to take what is rightfully mine."

"Yes my French Mistress, thank you my French Mistress." Ember replied and obeyed without hesitation.

Ember wasn't waiting long before she felt the head of the girl cock begin stretching her butt hole, causing her to cry out in mostly pleasure. She then continued crying out, as well as gasping and whimpering, in mostly pleasure, as her most private hole stretched wider, and wider, and wider until the head of the superior woman's dick slid through her back hole and into her back passage.

That finally caused her to cry out in pain, but it was fleeting, and they both knew that Ember was the kind of anal whore who even enjoyed that feeling. Enjoyed the feeling of getting her supposedly forbidden hole penetrated which was why Maryse... her French Mistress cackled with delight. And the other bottoms stared at her with pure jealousy.

Which was almost unbearably humiliating, but Ember just couldn't help herself. She was just a total anal addicted whore, something she once again proved as the dominant woman started pushing more of her big dick into her tailpipe, getting the same reaction in the process. In fact, it was worse, because not only did Ember whimper, gasp and cry out in mostly pleasure, she even moaned.

Oh God, she actually moaned in mostly pleasure, just from getting her butt stuffed full of strap-on cock. Something which clearly made her new Mistress extremely happy, which made Ember's submissive heart flutter. And again, the other bottoms were jealous of her. Bayley and Becky Lynch, who she very much looked up too and respected, were jealous of her for getting fucked up the ass by a glorified model, who didn't even wrestle any more.

As they should, because Maryse was effortlessly proving herself to be just as good as advertised. If anything, the stories that Ember had heard were downplaying the abilities of The Sexiest of the Sexy, given how effortlessly she dominated the physically stronger women, and was now proving herself to be a superb butt fucker.

So much so, Ember was already finding herself aching to beg for the privilege of being this superior woman's anal bitch. Or more accurately, her fat assed bitch. After all, Ember definitely had the fat ass for it. The type which had other women warning her that if she ever got to the WWE, would make her a prime target for this infamous lover of big butts.

Of course, things got even better when Maryse's thighs came to rest against her meaty cheeks, announcing every inch of that big dick was buried deep within her big bottom. Something which The Sexiest of the Sexy allowed them both to savour for a few long seconds, before inevitably beginning to officially sodomize her.

Oh yes, the French Dom pumped her hips back and forth nice and slowly, causing the dildo to slide in and out of Ember's butt hole, and stimulate places inside her which were never supposed to be touched. Allegedly. But even when Asuka had taken her anal cherry, nothing had ever felt so wonderfully right to Ember. And now, after countless butt fuckings, that was even more the case. Especially with such a skilled ass tamer putting her in her place.

Maryse was once again greatly amused, and disgusted, just how easy a conquest a wrestler was proving to be. It was like a desire to wrestle went hand in hand with the desire to shamelessly take it up the ass. Although again, she had known this would be possibly one of her easiest conquests ever, given Ember Moon wasn't even that dominant in the ring.

No, despite having perhaps the best finisher ever, this girl was a total loser, who had never even held a women's title on the main roster yet, and her only success in NXT have been fleeting. Everyone in the business knew what that meant. Oh yes, everyone knew that this big bottomed bitch was getting her ass fucked on the daily. As she should, with an ass this fuck-able.

If Ember had a shred of dignity or self-respect she'd use all those losses, and butt fuckings, to motivate herself into becoming a champion, and therefore saving her butt hole from further abuse. But no, it was clear that this anal whore liked bending over. In fact, it seemed that she loved it. That's what Maryse had heard, but if anything, the stories about Ember Moon being a shameless butt slut had downplayed her love for anal.

Especially considering she was whimpering, crying out and gasping in pleasure throughout the initial ass stuffing, and now the sodomy was properly underway she was moaning with blissful happiness. Which again was a good thing, as clearly the purpose of this big assed bitch was to get her big fat ass fucked.

That was the true purpose of all women like Ember Moon. Not that they could really be called women. No, Maryse was a woman. Oh yes, The Sexiest of the Sexy was a real woman, and Ember Moon was nothing but a shameless anal whore, who had been put on this Earth to submit to real women. To bend over and spread their cheeks.

Or to get into whatever position was required of them. Maryse of course favoured this one, as it made it very clear to even dumb fuck holes like this, that they were nothing but anal bitches for her to use for her pleasure. And of course, she loved it when they spread their cheeks, giving her the perfect view of her dick sliding into them, and then pumping in and out.

Of course, inevitably she pushed those hands away and replaced them with her own, going back to the greedy groping and smacking that she had done earlier, albeit this time while keeping those cheeks spread, so she continued watching Ember's shit hole stretching around her strap-on.

Something she did for what felt like an eternity, before also inevitably moving her hands back to Ember's waist, so she could know the joy of those meaty cheeks jiggling against her thighs. Oh God, Maryse lived for that feeling. And soon enough, it would get even better. But for now, she was happy just to savour this heaven. The heaven of once again using a fat assed bitch for her true purpose in life.

Ember knew deep down that was true. That no matter how hard she tried, all she would ever be, was a fuck hole for superior women. Superior women like Maryse. Something she already wanted to admit, but not as badly as she wanted this to continue for as long as it possibly could. So she simply kept her mouth shut, and allowed her most private hole to be used for it's true purpose, pleasing a superior woman.

Ember even closed her eyes and allowed herself to savour that feeling at first, and then when it became too much, she looked over at Bayley and Becky Lynch to try and humiliate herself into at least lasting a little longer. However, this kind of backfired, because seeing what Maryse had reduced these two accomplish competitors too, especially The Man, only made Ember more desperate to cum.

So she tried something else, namely a tiny bit of rebellion, by lifting herself up onto all fours, and starting to bounce herself back and forth on Maryse's big dick. Ember was fairly certain this wouldn't work, but stranger things had happened, and clearly the French Dom was so distracted by those jiggling cheeks, she might just get away with it. Especially now she had a really good look at Bayley and Becky.

More importantly, she had a good look at the gaping ass holes of two of the biggest stars in the women's division today. Both of whom were nothing but anal fuck toys, something which was made very clear by the fact they were continuing to spread their cheeks, and showing off those gapes. Something which made Ember feel better about herself, and pushed her closer to climax.

Of course, before Ember could truly get anywhere near cumming, Maryse delivered a series of hard strikes to that big booty, and yelled, "I think not, mmmmmmmmm, oh oui, Je crois que non. Tu veux jouir, pute sans valeur? Hein? Alors vous savez ce que vous devez faire. You wanna cum, you worthless whore? Huh? Then you know what you must do. Oh oui, you know what to do. Beg. Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, prie pour le privilège d'être ma chienne. Ma grosse chienne au cul! Et peut-être, si vous avez de la chance, je vous accorderai le privilège que vous recherchez. Peut être. Oh oui, beg for the privilege of being my bitch. My fat assed bitch! And maybe, if you're lucky, I'll grant you the privilege you seek. Maybe."

Immediately after which Ember pleaded, "Oh please, mmmmmmmmm, please allow me the privilege of being your bitch! Ooooooooooh yessssssssss, your fat assed bitch! Oh fuck yeah, I'm a bottom! Ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhh, I've always been a bottom, mmmmmmmm, with a big fat bottom, that was made to be fucked. Please fuck it now! Fuck it whenever you want, ooooooooooh fuck, it's yours! I'm yours! Yesssssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, I'll be anything you want me to be, just please, please let me cum! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, give me the privilege of cumming for you! Cumming like a bitch with a big dick in my big fat ass!"

"Already? Really? Oh oui, really? God, you must be truly shameless! Oh oui, mmmmmmmm, tu dois être vraiment impudique." Maryse laughed with delight, before grinning, "Very well, you may cum. Cum, and become my new fat assed bitch. But, to show how truly shameless you are, you shall help me. Oh yes, bounce that big booty back at me! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssss, bounce that big black booty back at your new Mistress, you stupid little fuck hole! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhh, faites rebondir ce gros butin noir sur votre nouvelle maîtresse, espèce de petit trou de baise stupide! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah, cum like the worthless little anal whore you are!"

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, MY FRENCH MISTRESS, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" Ember screamed at the top of her lungs, happily showing her gratitude for this privilege, at least as long as she remained coherent.

As soon as she had the permission she so desperately needed Ember started frantically hammering herself against the big dick, eventually using every ounce of her strength to perhaps literally destroy her own butt hole. Of course, previous experience told her that she would be fine. Eventually. Sure, sitting down would be an issue for a while. As would wrestling, and even walking.

But it would be so totally worth it for the climaxes she would soon be receiving. Hell, it was worth it for just this moment, as she was anally brutalized by the superior woman, and added to the collection of maybe the greatest butt buster of them all, Maryse. Oh yes, Ember couldn't believe she was so lucky to have a Mistress who understood what a worthless fuck hole like her needed.

In fact, Ember's last coherent thought for quite a while, was that she promised herself she was going to be the best anal bitch Maryse had ever had. Actually, she thought that twice, once just before her first orgasm, and then after countless more, as they practically melted together, creating a sea of ecstasy.

Which of course, she was partly responsible for, as she shamelessly used every ounce of her strength to brutalize her own butt hole, but it was her French Mistress, who made her cum. Oh yes, the blonde goddess timed it perfectly so that she was always the main reason for Ember's orgasms, making the shameless butt slut even more devoted to her, just like the countless anal sluts before and after her.

Maryse cackled wickedly as Ember Moon became just another piece of fuck meat in her collection. Just like she was always destined to be. Oh yes, from the second this fuck hole stepped into a WWE ring, it was inevitable that Maryse's big dick would be sliding into her anal ring, and turning Ember Moon into just another piece of ass. Fat ass she was going to use for her pleasure whenever she wanted.

Something which had been set in stone only a few minutes ago, with those wonderful words. Words which were no doubt 100% true, as it was obvious right from the beginning that this anal bitch was just waiting to be claimed. Which was exactly what was happening now.

Unsurprisingly, it didn't even take much. Oh yes, all Maryse had to do was pick the right spot to increase the pace, and this shameless butt slut went crashing over the edge of a monster climax, which literally had Ember's cum squirting out of her cunt, and the respected wrestler screaming hysterically in ecstasy.

Something that continued happening, as Maryse continued picking her spots, and then just mentally saying 'fuck it', and instead just continuously increasing the pace until she was using every ounce of her strength to brutalize Ember's butt hole. And of course, she spanked that fat ass, pulled roughly back on the jet black hair in front of her, causing her new bitch's head to shoot back, and most of all bombarding her with verbal humiliation.



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