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Her blindfold was still firmly in place as he caressed her swollen breasts, tight trembling tummy and finally her drenched womanly folds. She had no idea who was watching and that was the point. Her exhibitionist imagination fueled her building passion. Jeff knew that if he caressed her clit right now, she would shatter with her passionate hunger consuming her. Instead, he left her aching in anticipation of what was to come.

He finally pulled into a secluded camping spot, attached a collar around her neck and led her naked deep into the forest. Her bare feet wore flip flops but still she stumbled over rocks and twigs causing her to whimper. Jeff's strong hands held her tight, so she didn't fall and she felt safe in his hands knowing what was coming. He found the perfect spot that included several trees suitable for suspension and a huge flat rock in the middle of a clearing. This was for later, but now he found a tree for suspension.

Very soon she was hanging naked from a rope looped through the soft leather cuffs around her wrists. The rope was stretched over a low hanging branch of an oak tree. Her toes were barely touching the ground with her belly stretched thin, ass muscular, tight, and inviting, with her breasts thrust high and beckoning. She was stunningly gorgeous, sensuously stretched and an erotic site to behold.

The wildness of their setting only enhanced the primal mating between the lovers. The gorgeous savagery of the landscape was strangely arousing and only made Mary Ann more desperate to feel her master's loving caress or harsh touch.

He walked around her marveling at the sleek lines of her stretched form. Her slim runner's legs were straining to reach the ground. Her thin hips and little boy butt are pulled tight trying to hold still. The muscles of her taut tummy were trembling with anticipation and desire. The nipples of her breasts were hard, extended and red, begging for attention. The ribs beneath her breasts were straining against her skin, while her breasts were plump and pleading with her master for attention.

Mostly it was the anticipation on her face that captured him. She had an innocent trusting look that begged to be dominated. However, there were also equal parts fear, desire, passion, anxiety, and panic. He knew she loved and trusted him, but she also knew that he would push her today. Jeff loved to find those special places that made her want to scream, cry and escape, all while praying he would never stop. Once he found those special places, he was merciless pushing her until she can't absorb any more.

As he was walking around her, he saw his wife stretched tight and erotically presented as her act of love and devotion. At first, he ogled at the artistry and symmetry of her tightly stretched body and her presented beauty which sometimes amazes him. The erotically presented female form is a beautiful work of art and at first, he admired her as an incredible and beautiful work of art that was his and only his. She was stretched tightly and bound so erotically it filled his heart with pride and happiness. She was his and for those moments he also belonged to her. For a few fleeting moments, he enjoyed looking at his wife, his partner, his lover and his woman.

He knew she was at her most stunning and most beautiful when she loses control in the throes of passion. In those moments when she can't hide anymore and reveals her inner beauty, that was when he was most proud of her and he loved her more than anyone ever could.

There were also times when he can see an artistically presented buffet. It was these times that his hunger took over and he must devour and consume every inch of her with his hand, mouth, or cock. It was times like this when her temptation made his hunger rise to the surface and for a few moments he would lose just a little bit of control as he took her. In a very primal act, he must claim her as his woman, pushing her to give him all of who she was. He must possess her body, her heart and even her very soul. Only when she was finally shaking, quivering with her face and eyes showing her devotion, only then was his hunger finally fulfilled.

The way Jeff looked at her left her trembling with longing and anticipation, yet open to whatever he wanted to do to her. Not knowing what he was going to do next and knowing there was nothing she could do about it, was when she surrendered herself to the man she loved. He could make love to her and make her writhe blissfully with a single caress. Likewise, he could make her smolder in roasting anticipation with the demanding looks he was giving her now.

She looked over at the man that consistently took her to the edge of passionate sanity. He knew all the secret touch points that would drive her crazy and used them in a most spectacular fashion. Her eyes were clouded with desperate desire and they pleaded with him to release the bliss he had created in her body.

The heat inside her was only a reflection of the deep and all-consuming love she had for him. There was an ache and a heat inside her that only he could fill. She remembered eight years ago when he tore down the walls around her heart and claimed her as his. The love she felt had only grown stronger and she couldn't imagine a life with him.

No one ever loved her or made love to her like he did. He played a symphony with her body and emotions until he reached the crescendo that left her breathless. His ravenous looks gave her knots in her core and left her insides trembling with need. Their unspoken love and respect were embedded in their hunger for each other. No one ever made her feel like he did, and she gleefully called him her master.

Jeff stood back and gazed at the woman that filled his heart and filled his life. He picked up his camera focusing on her slender, luscious form, backlit against the southern forest. Jeff ogled Mary Ann's delicious form through his camera's viewfinder and his pants got tighter with every snap of the shutter. He felt his lust building as she wriggled her luscious body erotically trying to entice him to take her. Then his eyes met hers and as he looked beneath the film of desire, he saw deep unending love and his heart was humbled. She had given her heart and body to him and it was a gift that he would always honor, cherish, and protect.

Mary Ann was on fire waiting for him to take her. She had finally found a man that knew exactly what she wanted, even when she didn't know. She found a man that treated her like a princess but wouldn't stand for her spoiled behavior. He was her rock and at the same times her wild man. He was a man that gave her everything and the only man worthy of her submission.

Jeff retreated several steps back to their blanket nestled under a Sugar Maple tree. The beautiful leaves were a foil to the stark, grassy landscape that encircled them. He took off his shirt and pants all while he stared hungrily at Mary Ann's form. She had been teasing him all day with her sensuously stunning body and now he was going to give her what he knew she really wanted. They were perfect for each other, but never more so than during their sexual tussle for dominance. She needed to be dominated before her love exploded in its purest form and at that moment their hearts merged in perfect alignment.

Mary Ann always fought him for dominance. She was strong willed, hardworking and had a deep abiding sense of what was right, wrong, and proper. She was also drop dead gorgeous with long blonde hair and a shape that made men stop and drool. Her body was wrapped in a rich all over tan. She loved the freedom of being naked, showing off her spectacular figure. If she could get away with it, she would only wear her satiny skin wrapped around her tight lithe figure.

It was at times like this that Mary Ann felt totally free and alive. Her struggles were really her petulant behavior and she needed Jeff to tame her. She needed his strength to keep her in line and his ownership power always made her submission that much sweeter. His dominance freed her to experience his will, passion and guidance, but she had to make him earn it.

Mostly she loved using her body to tease her man, her love, and master ... Jeff. There were times for romance and cuddling, but this wasn't one of them. She wanted to be the object of his sexual obsession. She wanted to bite her lip in eagerness, feel her knees tremble at his approach and feel butterflies in her stomach with his touch. Mary Ann wanted to feel him tear down the walls around her heart with brutal honesty and sincerity, while their bodies met in fiery carnal heat. She wanted him to spread her open until no part of her remained untouched or undiscovered. She wanted to feel his desire, his pleasure and his dominance, because it made her feel like a really loved and beautiful woman.

She glanced at her master through her lust lidded eyes and he had the look of a predator ready to devour his prey. Mary Ann felt her whole-body quiver in anticipation of what she knew was coming. Never had she felt as gorgeous, safe and desired as when Jeff treated her like his own personal sex doll. His look or touch turned her insides into a gooey mass of aching hunger, and he was the only man that could make her feel this way.

The only thing Mary Ann was wearing was the collar Jeff had snapped around her neck when they arrived. Jeff admired the spectacular sight of the incredibility beautiful woman in front of him. Mary Ann could stop traffic wherever she went, but she was also brilliant in every endeavor she tried. She had it all and now she had the only man that owned her heart. He watched her through the viewfinder of his camera and snapped off a couple of photos.

Hanging sacrificially from the branch, in the middle of the bush, gave her an additional kick that amplified her ecstasy. That hint of danger along with Jeff's ever-present teasing had her hotter than the Texas sun. The bondage gave her the freedom to accept Jeff's dominance and he gave her the thrills that she had hungered for all her life.

He put down his camera and caressed her backside before running his hands around to her front. One hand went north to lovingly cup and tease her mouthwatering breasts, while his other hand went south to erotically tease her already engorged clit. Her toes gripped the soft earth pushing her needy form into his playful hands. She gasped impatiently and whimpered with needful hunger as his hands coaxed more yearning from her seething body.

Jeff whispered in her ear, "You needn't worry about any wild animals because you are MY dinner, not theirs!" He growled and nibbled on her neck, all while his hands continued to torment her exposed erogenous zones.

He felt goosebumps erupt on her skin as his words relayed his hunger and protection for her. Jeff slid his fingers through her womanly folds, intent on taking her right to the edge of erotic madness before he let her climax. Mary Ann gulped a heated breath as the smoldering fire in her loins burst into a roaring bonfire. Once again, her toes dug into the earth trying to get more of his fingers inside her.

She loved the way he teased her and the way he conducted his symphony on her sensuously stretched body. His knowing fingers continued his torturous caresses on her nipples, G-Spot, and clit. She knew he would continue his maddening strokes until she couldn't think, and her brilliant mind was quiet and accepting. He would prolong his loving torment until her body had taken over and was quivering with anticipation of the explosive orgasm it knew was coming.

Her heated explosive breaths sounded like puffs of a steam engine as she arched her body into his tormenting lips and fingers. She was a quivering mass of splendid femininity, impatient for the rapturous fireworks lurking inside her body. Her orgasm was close, and she could feel the gathering explosive tension waiting to be unleashed, but then he stopped.

The frustration inside her exploded with an exasperated moan and a quivering plea, "NO ... NO DON'T STOP. Please Master, take me, finish me and make me yours!"

Jeff couldn't let her get away with her spoiled behavior. He smiled to himself as he gnawed on her nipples and then gave her clit three quick, firm spanks. Mary Ann gasp as she cried with blistering erotic anguish. The pats on her clit pushed her right to the edge of her orgasm and he left her hanging over the abyss ready to plunge into the paradise she knew was close. He took her to the edge but left her staring at the throbbing chasm of her desire.

All she could think about was the desperate need to cum and to feel the explosive bliss that only he could give her. He knew bringing her to the ragged edge of rapture only engorged the fiery torment building inside her. Mary Ann felt her needful desire build to nuclear proportions and she knew when her orgasm came it would rip her body and mind asunder. When he finally let her cum, the release of the volatile tension inside her would conquer her willful spirit, surrendering her mind and body to him

Jeff picked up his camera and backed away photographing her elegant silhouette against the landscape. He watched through his viewfinder as Mary Ann writhed and twisted trying to get that little bit of stimulation that would push her over the edge and into her magnificent orgasm. While the scent of her arousal was thick on the drifting breeze, it was her moans and pleas that were love music to his ears.

In that moment, he could tell that she had opened herself to him. She needed to be conquered and owned by him, just as he needed to devour her and claim her as his. It was time and he hung up his camera just before he knelt between her legs and sucked her clit between his lips. Mary Ann took a deep gasping breath and her body jerked once just before every muscle in her body seized as she celebrated her long-awaited orgasm. Her mouth was open in a silent frozen scream, while her stomach, hips and legs quivered in an explosive release.

Mary Ann felt as though she had been struck by lightning with every cell in her body seized by carnal electricity. She felt her stomach muscles cramp in rapturous ecstasy and her lungs freeze in euphoric bliss. As her heart beat wildly, her chest and neck blushed bright red and her mind was wiped of any thought except the explosive paradise given by her loving husband.

Then a second orgasm struck her with the force a tornado roaring across the Texas plains and her body convulsed in trembling rapturous seizures. While her body rocked and twisted in ecstatic exultation, her mind was wiped free of anything except the unselfish, euphoric love that he had heaped upon her. Her heart pounded in her chest with the carnal, erotic enchantment racking her body, but also the pure unfettered love she felt for her master.

Jeff continued to suck on her clit while his tongue lashed the tip of the exposed bud. Mary Ann's body jerked multiple times as a new orgasm piled on top of the others. Her legs lifted off the ground as she tried to coil around her sexually devastated womb. The muscles in her stomach knotted as she tried to twist into a trembling fetal position. She let out a banshee like scream as the blissful explosions inside her jumped to a new level.

When her legs curled upward, she pushed his head from between her legs and away from her clit. Jeff was not having any of that, as he stood, he forcefully spread her legs, grabbed her butt in both hands and speared her pussy with his cock. Mary Ann's fervent scream was louder than ever as she detonated into another explosive orgasm. She was lost in a sea of rapture and bliss with Jeff controlling her body. Her arms took the strain as her beleaguered body tried to curl in on itself trying to protect her overwhelmed sexual core.

Mary Ann's arms knotted sensuously with her muscles and tendons threatening to burst through her tightly stretched skin. Her eyes were wide open with a look of disbelief and her mouth hung open in a silent, breathless scream as another cum slashed through her. Her whole body twisted, squirmed, and convulsed as the unending rapture spread through her body.

Jeff had a hand cradling each tightly muscled ass cheek as he continued to thrust in and out of her already frenzied pussy. With each thrust, his body pummeled her clit and his cock pounded against her cervix. Jeff believed that when Mary Ann was in the throes of orgasm, she was the most beautiful and magnificent woman he'd ever seen. With her body's exuberant show of ecstasy, she was also the sexiest and most desirable woman he'd ever seen. Her muscles rippling up and down his cock was all it took to finish him, and he marked her as his as he painted her insides with his seed.

Jeff held Mary Ann tightly lessening the load on her arms and finally reached up to undo the rope knots around her wrists. When she was free of her bonds, he carried her over to the blanket he had spread under the maple tree. He laid her gently on her back and hovered over her affectionately, while her enraptured form twitched with the aftermath of her orgasmic tsunami.

Her eyes slowly started to come back from her distant stare until she finally saw him protecting her. Joy suddenly lit her face as she saw him caring for her and she wrapped her arms around his neck him pulling him into a passionate kiss. Jeff could see tears of joy glistening in her eyes as she said, "Oh Jeff, my wonderful master! I love you so much and the way you show your love for me. It's been over eight years and every time you make love to me, I'm overwhelmed with the passion you can coax from my heart and body."

Jeff bent down and gave Mary Ann a kiss, but just as their lips touched a crashing noise came from the bush to the right side of them. A group of hikers stood transfixed by the two naked lovers. Jeff had no idea how long they had been there until one of them muttered, "WOW, I've never seen anything like that."

Mary Ann smiled remembering that their lovemaking under the open sky and brilliant stars went on all weekend. Nine and one-half months later their second son, James was born. The third child was conceived during a shopping trip in Italy.

He decided to take Mary Ann for a very specialized shopping trip. It was a very specialized leather shop in a dark corner of Florence. He spotted this particular shop when they were looking for the jeweler. He realized they specialized in very sexy and exotic leather outfits; many could also be construed as bondage outfits.

The day of the shopping trip he dressed Mary Ann in an exceedingly small tube top that was slightly wider than her aureoles and kept much of the top and bottom of her breasts exposed. He gave her a ridiculously small miniskirt that barely covered the cheeks of her ass. She had some small flat sandals to walk in and of course she had her bracelets and anklets. However, the crowning touch was her collar around her neck to which he attached a leash.

The minute he collared her tears streamed down Mary Ann's face. This was a sign of ownership and for her master to publicly proclaim her as his filled her with joy. The store he had chosen was about eight blocks away, so he locked her hands behind her, and they walked to the store. With her arms locked behind her, Mary Ann's astounding breasts flounced on her chest threatening any minute to explode out of her tube top. The threat of being exposed had her nipples hard enough to rip holes in the top. Her tiny waist and muscled flat belly only seemed to make her breasts much more prominent.

By the time they reached the store, Mary Ann was breathing very hard, but he didn't think this had anything to do with exertion. The threat of her exposure and the excitement of being led on her master's leash had her shaking with delight. Every time somebody stopped to ogle her as they walked by, she would quiver, get a little more turned on and breathe a little harder. He could see the lust starting to burn in her eyes and the more people that saw her, the hotter it got. As they entered the shop, he greeted the owner who proceeded to close the door and started to pull the curtains close.


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