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Pooja spent the day at the farmhouse with Romeo. He was mostly busy working on his film with his team but Pooja stayed with him like his little pet. She was really happy now that he had claimed her and from the way his other whores were treating her, she got the feeling that she was going to be his property.

Finally, the shoot was done around 7 PM. Pooja was amazed to see that Romeo helped his team in packing up by actually folding tripods, putting away lights and all the kind of stuff that she had never seen a big shot director do. Mostly they yelled "Pack up!" or their AD's did and the director would either go to his office or get in his car and go home.

The film unit gathered all their equipment in the trucks and rolled off except for a couple of people. Romeo's whores stayed with him, of course. His AD Amol was going when Romeo hailed him back.

"What are you going to do there? Your job is done." Romeo told him "Let the editing team take it from there."

"Yes, Sir. I can stay if you need me." Amol said.

"I don't need you to cut the grass and milk the cows," Romeo said "but the shooting is done. Let's hang out for a while before we start the next hassle tomorrow morning."

"Sure, Sir." Amol smiled "Should I stop Ranjan also? His work is also done."

"Call Ranjan back and those other boys too."

Ranjan was the Director of Photography. Amol got him off the truck along with the two cameramen Pankaj and Ansh.

"Sir, I was just going to see that cameras and other equipment is unloaded and stored properly at the studio." Pankaj said.

"Don't you have assistants for things like that?" Romeo asked "If I remember right, you hired two new ones only last month."

Pankaj smiled and said "Sir, you always work with us on every task, I am just following your example."

"Yeah, yeah, stop sucking up and go find some booze." Romeo told him.

There was a grin on Pankaj's face as went towards the farmhouse kitchen to see if there were already some bottles open there. Romeo's whores were very good at anticipating his needs and there were indeed a couple of bottles of wine open, left there to breathe.

A few minutes later, Romeo was relaxing in a large rattan chair on the front porch with the others sitting in a circle. In a normal film unit, the crew only got to see and talk to the stars on the set. But in Romeo's team the guys in the crew got much more respect and they often got to hang out with the pretty actresses or the male stars. Right now also Katrina was right there in a short dress, cuddling up to Romeo in his large chair.

His other whores were in presence, some bringing out the drinks and snacks, others sitting around in the semi-circle of chairs and settees. All the girls were in casual, skimpy clothes, either short, loose dresses or tiny micro miniskirts and backless tops. They all knew Romeo's preferences and he never had to tell them what to wear. Each girl tried to be his best whore and dress only as per his taste. When they bent over the table or sat back casually, their pantyless pussies were visible to anybody looking and they were not allowed to cross their legs or act shy.

They were actresses, they loved being looked at and in Romeo's company they knew they were safe so the exhibitionist factor was quite high. The guys also knew that Romeo was always friendly when not at work and they could speak freely.

Urvashi Rautela made a drink and walked over to Romeo's chair. She handed him the glass, then cuddled up on his left and took the glass from him. She was dressed in a sheer halter top and a tiny, loose micromini skirt made of the same sheer fabric. She was quite naked for all intents and purpose but acted casually like she was fully dressed. She pressed her soft, warm body against Romeo and lifted the glass of wine to his lips.

"So, now that the shooting is done, what should we do?" Romeo said. His left hand was on Urvashi's bare thigh, caressing slowly between her legs.

"Do you want to talk about the Oscar Bait, Sir?" Ranjan said "We have heard that the casting is going on? What's next in your plan?"

"Aish, I am too far, darling, you go and slap him." Romeo said.

From the settee next to where Ranjan was sitting alongside Pankaj, Aishwarya got up and approached Ranjan. He was a slightly heavy man and quite married. He loved working in Romeo's company because he enjoyed himself a lot. He didn't move from his place and looked at Aishwarya as she came close. She was wearing a tank top and sarong both made of white crochet material with a wide weave. He could see her whole body including her big, shapely tits and her bare pussy.

She stood in front of him and bent over him. He turned his face up. In Romeo's team, Romeo's word was law, not just for his whores but everybody. Aishwarya wrapped her fingers around his neck and pulled him to her as she pressed her soft, warm lips on his lips. Ranjan was taken aback but he was not going to argue with the Miss World. When her tongue pushed between his lips, he opened his mouth and let her fuck his mouth with her hot, probing tongue. It was not a long kiss, but very intimate and Ranjan's dick was hard in his pants when Aishwarya pulled back slowly.

Cupping his cheek in her soft, warm hand, she said "Don't talk about work when we are hanging out, baby. It annoys my owner."

Ranjan shook his head in agreement and said "Sorry, ma'am."

"I said slap him not give him a boner, whore." Romeo said.

"He will learn faster this way, Sir." Aishwarya smiled as she went back to her seat.

"Looks like I need to spank you, cunt. No obedience." Romeo said feigning anger.

"Oh, please, Sir." Aishwarya exaggerated her eagerness "It's been such a long time since you spanked my ass."

Romeo shook his head helplessly "I am surrounded by such filthy little whores."

"Isn't that what you love about us, Master?" Sushmita said from her seat.

"Not so sure now, though it was a good idea to begin with." Romeo said "But speaking of my whores...Pooja.."

He lifted his hand and Pooja quickly came over. She was wearing a skimpy top and a short skirt like most of the girls. Romeo took her hand and guided her down. Following his hand, she knelt between his legs facing the group, with her back to Romeo. She spread her knees wide. Most of her body including her pussy was visible to everybody. Romeo placed his right foot on her bare thigh and stroked her head like an owner strokes his pet bitch.

"Guys, I am planning to own this little piece here." He said indicating Pooja.

"We know, Sir." Amol said "She has been living with you the last few days and we know you are not the type of let such a nice piece go. I mean, even we can see she's such a prime meat."

Pooja's cheeks burnt red as the men discussed her like a piece of meat but at the same time she was incredibly excited that Romeo had decided to own her.

"Exactly!" Romeo said "I want you to call her to the studio one day this week and do a couple of screen tests. This is not for any particular project, but I want to know if she has any talent or she is just a beautiful slut who knows how to suck cock well."

Again, Pooja felt her heart beating fast. Romeo was talking about her future and she found it very exciting.

"Sure, Sir." Amol said "I will plan it. Do you want only normal scenes or fully nude also and everything?"

"Everything." Romeo said "I want to see her range."

"I will take care of it." Amol said.

"Whore," Romeo said, rubbing his foot on Pooja's upper thigh very close to her hot, wet pussy "connect with Amol. Give him your number and go to the studio when he calls you."

"Yes, Sir." Pooja said like a good little whore.

"Okay, that's enough work talk, though I call this personal talk because she is my personal property." Romeo smiled "But I repeat my original question - what should we do? The evening is young and none of us have to get up early tomorrow morning."

Kajal said " have that meeting with Rina Dhaka tomorrow, Sir."

"What time is that?" Romeo asked.

"Two PM at her office, Sir." Kajal replied.

"Alright, then we will have to leave here by noon latest." Romeo said after thinking "We can still go out, but we can't stay out too late."

"Yes, Sir." Kajal agreed.

"Should we go to a club, Sir?" Amol suggested. He liked going clubbing with Romeo because not only Romeo was fun to hang out with, Amol's social proof was solid when he walked in with Romeo and a bevy of gorgeous filmstar girls. He got laid a lot in those situations. His best conquests had been on the outings where he had gone with Romeo. Romeo generally shared his whores with his top staff, but he allowed it even more when they were out.

"Good idea. Which one?" Romeo asked.

"P18, Sir?" Amol said. Lonavala had many nightclubs but Amol loved P18 because it was big and the main party area was in the open in the backyard. It usually attracted a very hot crowd.

Romeo "Yeah, why not? It's a nice place. Everybody ok with that?"

Nobody was going to say no to an idea after the big boss said ok on it.

"Alright, let's take some time to catch a power nap and get ready. Best to go about 11 PM, we will still be early but we can stay a couple of hours then."

"Will we eat there, Sir?" Kajal asked.

"Oh, right, good." Romeo looked around "We can either go earlier and eat there or order pizza here, eat, then get ready and go out. What does everybody want?"

Most people liked the idea of pizza at the farmhouse so that was decided quickly. They broke the gathering with a plan to meet again in the main hall at 8 PM.

Romeo took Kajal and Pooja to bed with him. He made them get naked before getting into bed but this time he just slept with them. Pooja pressed her naked body against him from behind. Kajal was in front of him with her naked ass pressing on his dick.

Being used to power naps as a part of his lifestyle, Romeo got up in half an hour without any alarm. He let the girls sleep and went to the desk in the corner. He opened his laptop and started looking at the plans for next week's work. The next big project was Oscar Bait that he was intently working on and there was always so much to do in pre-production.

Kajal woke up about an hour later and came over to him. She stood behind his chair and gently stroked his hair. She let her hands caress down over his shoulders. He liked having his whores around him and close to him. Kajal had become a part of his stable a while back and she had learnt all his preferences and tastes. She rubbed her soft, bare tits on his head and shoulders, staying close to him so he could enjoy her feminine smell which he liked.

Pooja woke up not long after that and after she got her bearings, she walked over to Romeo's seat as well. Kajal was standing behind Romeo and just giving him the soft warm touch of her body without interrupting his work. Pooja was still new as his whore and didn't know what to do. She looked at Kajal for guidance. Kajal signalled downward towards the desk. Pooja got the hint.

She put her hands on his desk to the left of his laptop, then lowered herself to her elbows. She stepped wide to open her legs. Now her fully naked body was close to him on his left, bent over and fully accessible. Romeo didn't take his eyes off the screen but moved his left hand from the keyboard to Pooja's back and slowly caressed down. As his rough, calloused fingers grazed down her smooth, bare skin, Pooja started to get excited.

It was surprising to her that she had just had a good fucking earlier and already she was hot and wet again. Usually she did not think about sex so much. She would go to the casting couch and be a good girl as expected but those things were not so frequent. It was expected that the director would get to fuck the actress but most of them had to sneak around and take a chance. As a result, sometimes the director would wait to fuck his leading lady until they were doing an outdoor shoot away from the city. So many songs were shot abroad so that the producer, director and the hero could get privacy away from their wives.

Her personal dating life was not very active as she was really focused on her career and she didn't fancy dating an actor. But since she had been living in Romeo's house, she had been thinking about sex a lot. Having had him in her today had made her happy but it had also aroused her hunger. As his hand moved down her back and cupped her ass cheek, she really wanted him to bring his hand lower and push his fingers in her hungry cunt. Her pussy was quite wet already and aching to be used.

Romeo was still reading things on the screen and using his right hand to operate the computer. His left hand was caressing Pooja's soft, smooth back and moving down to her ass sometimes. Pooja was squirming, really wishing for his hand to do much more to her. Her breath was getting heavier and she could feel her heartbeat get faster. Soft moans were coming out of her mouth.

By the time his fingers moved slowly down between her ass cheeks and touched her pussy slit, she was wet and leaking. He put one fingertip on her pussy hole and pushed it in. Pooja moaned louder. Romeo's eyes stayed on the computer screen but he fingered her slowly, without pushing his finger fully deep into her wet, slippery cunt.

"Let's take a shower." He said suddenly and closed his laptop. He pulled his finger out of Pooja which she didn't like, but she hoped that he would do her in the shower.

Taking a shower with Romeo was always a hot experience for his whores. He played with Kajal and Pooja's naked bodies. They were both fully available to him and he rubbed, squeezed and kneaded their soft, supple bodies. He fingered both of them but did it casually and briefly, making them both extremely turned on but never getting them close to an orgasm. Both were ready to take his cock in but he didn't enter either of them, just kept squeezing their boobs and kneading their ass cheeks.

Kajal pressed herself against his wet body and kissed him hard. Her pussy was wet and leaking, she pressed it on his hard cock and ground against him hungrily. His cock was thick and long, she pressed on it hard enough that it parted her pussy slit.

"Please, Sir, please?" She begged as she broke the kiss.

Romeo smiled and took his cock in his hand. Bending his knees slightly he placed his cockhead on Kajal's pussy and drove it in, making her gasp loudly as the massive beast stretched her open and stuffed her tight, slick cunt so incredibly deep in one thrust that lightning bots of pain shot up from her cunt into her body. She clung to him tightly and bit her lip as she waited for the pain to subside. Pooja was rubbing Romeo's back from behind, she could see a tear leak out of Kajal's eye and drip down her cheek. Pooja's pussy pulsed at the evidence of Romeo's rough entry into Kajal.

Then keeping her in his arms, Romeo started to move his hips in a circle which made Kajal moan loudly. Pooja pressed her tits on his back and rubbed her pussy on his ass while he fucked Kajal expertly with his soaped up cock. Kajal's moans were constant and quick. It wasn't long before she asked for permission to cum.

"May I cum, Sir, please?" She whimpered "Please, Sir."

"You may cum, whore." Romeo said and increased the force of his thrusts into her cunt. She yelped with his hard thrusts. Pooja could feel the percussive shocks of his strokes as she hugged him from behind.

"Aaaah, God!" Kajal screamed as she came on Romeo's cock. She rode his powerful cock with her hips moving faster and faster. Pressing her lips on his wet neck, she sucked his neck while he drilled her cunt ruthlessly deep. Pooja could see Kajal's face distorted with the erotic passion and it was such an arousing sight that Pooja was ready to cum even though she was not touching her pussy.

She watched Kajal ride Romeo's cock wildly and pressed her own pussy harder into Romeo's ass. Her nipples were grinding on his wet back and Pooja's whole body was feeling the erotic currents from her nipples travelling down her spine into her cunt.

"Please may I cum, Sir?" Pooja whispered in his ear when it became unbearable for her to hold on any longer.

To her dismay he shook his head "Not yet, cunt."

"Angh!" Pooja cried out as she felt her pussy was ready to explode but she had to hold back with a sheer effort of willpower.

He reached back and grabbed Pooja by the hair. Using her hair to control her he guided her in front of him and bent her over. Pooja held the shower rod and bent over low, quickly making herself ready for him. Romeo pulled his cock out of Kajal's soppy, wet cunt and drove it smoothly into Pooja's hot, wet pussy with a deep thrust. Kajal clung to him and kissed him lustfully hard as he started to fuck Pooja's cunt with long, forceful strokes.

Within a minute Pooja's body was right on the edge again and she could feel that she would not be able to hold it back this time. She was pushing back on his cock as he was fucking her and his cock was hitting her cervix with the incredibly deep strokes. The currents were rising in Pooja's body, she was intoxicated with the sexual chemicals and her mind was drunk with lust.

"Please, Sir, may I cum?" Pooja asked before her pussy could explode on its own "May I cum, Sir, please?"

This time he didn't make her wait. He bent over her, grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard as he said in her ear "You may cum, whore."

His words, the touch of his chest on her back and his hands on her tits, combined with the already mind-blowing sensation of his throbbing cock drilling her cunt, Pooja came with a loud scream and almost fell to the floor. Romeo kept his grip on her breasts and kneaded them hard as he continued to pound her cunt. Pooja felt his cock erupt inside her and her orgasm kicked into a high gear as she felt his heat flooding her womb like hot lava.

She kept pushing back harder and faster on his cock even as her body was squirming uncontrollably in the grip of an intense orgasm. She was feeling like his cock was branding her womb, marking her as his property and she was so thankful for it that she could cry.

Romeo turned off the water before he pulled his cock out of Pooja's cunt. Both Pooja and Kajal knelt on the wet floor and licked his cock clean. They ate the mixture of cum and pussy juices from his cock then sucked his cock one by one, cleaning it thoroughly. It was already semi-hard and thick when he stopped them.

Then he turned the water on again and they washed again. Romeo kept his hands between their legs and fingered them both with two fingers each while they soaped themselves and him. Both girls were moaning and were ready to be fucked again in no time, but this time he didn't enter them.

Kajal took a towel and started to dry him as they got out of the shower, so Pooja grabbed another towel and joined her. Kajal knelt down and wiped his thigh, but leaned in at the same time and took his cock in her mouth.

When he was fully dry, he went into the bedroom to find his shaver and the girls stayed back to dry themselves and their hair.

"Is he always like that?" Pooja asked.

"Like what?" Kajal said.

"He fucks you so well and you feel amazing, but then you are immediately hungry for his cock again?" Pooja said.

"Oh yeah, always." Kajal said "Why do you think we are always sniffing around him like hungry bitches?"

"You have been owned by him for long, right?" Pooja said "Does this hunger calm down?"

"No, I have only been his bitch for a short while" Kajal said "but even the girls who have served him for years, like Sush, Aish or Kat, they are still the panting bitches around him. He has only to move one finger in a gesture and they would spread their legs like whores, ready for use. I have seen them do it."ドラポイクエストiii-rj190536/хандбалистките-на-свиленград-с-бронз/ & s=1


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