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- Author's Note: This is a fictional story between two celebs/content creators. None of the events in this story actually occurred. There is some light BDSM. If you are not into that, stop reading here. Comments and reviews are welcomed. Thank you to WinsomeWeb for editing! -

Jessica Nigri was sitting in her shared hotel room, wiping off her yellow eye makeup. She had enjoyed her day in the convention center, chatting and taking pictures with her fans, but now she was looking forward to relaxing. Both she and Tara Babcock had been booked last minute for a cosplay convention in Cali. To their delight, the convention center comped their shared room -- a suite with a jacuzzi and a balcony. Both girls could hardly wait to unwind.

Jessica asked, "Do you get this kind of attention all the time?" as she glanced at Tara, pulling off her Pikachu ears she'd been wearing all day for her sexy Pikachu cosplay.

Tara wiped off the red lipstick she'd worn to complete her equally sexy Team Rocket grunt cosplay. "I do, don't you? That is, as long as no one gets too adventurous," she said.

Jessica laughed a little and moved onto removing her black lipstick. She did appreciate all the attention and ogling, but they both knew well enough to keep security nearby, just in case any fans became too handsy. "I do appreciate it," she said, "but I prefer those who are more genuine." She paused to finish removing her lipstick. "I like that we got security, it reduced the number of creeps."

Tara laughed a little too hard at that, while she removed the rest of her makeup. She said, "You're right on that one. I really like the shy ones; they are so cute."

Jessica finished getting all her makeup off, laughing with Tara. She said, "They really are."

They both finished cleaning up and chatted a bit more. There were times in the past where they ran into each other, but they had never had this kind of time together. Both of their YouTube channels held an equal amount of respect and excitement for themselves and their fans. This didn't stop either of them from being sexual -- though Tara was more open and upfront about it than Jessica.

While changing, Tara noticed something and stared at Jessica's ass. "So, what is that there, Jess?" she asked and smirked with a knowing look.

Embarrassed, Jessica stood straight up. "O-oh. It's nothing..." she said and slipped on her bikini bottoms. Then she finished tying her top.

On her way towards the jacuzzi, Tara smacked Jessica's ass. "Oh, whatever you say," she said. "If you want to have more fun, I have some things that need to be tested for a promo video." She grabbed some wine and a couple of glasses on her way out.

Jessica was flushed as she followed behind Tara and got in the jacuzzi first. She let out a content sigh before replying, "Promo or porno?" while laughing.

Smirking like a Cheshire cat, Tara said, "It could be both if you're up for it. We could make a collab out of it." She hopped in the jacuzzi, letting out a similar sigh.

Tara popped open the bottle of wine and poured both of them a glass. They both sipped the wine and talked the night away. The longer they talked, the more they drank. This was exasperated by the relaxing effect of the jacuzzi, which in turn lead them to drink the wine faster. After some time, most of the wine bottle was gone, causing them to giggle and getting touchy-feely.

Tara caressed Jessica's cheek and leaned in close to her face. "I have an idea. Why don't we make a bet?" she asked.

Looking a little nervous, Jessica was intrigued. She asked, "What kind of bet?"

Walking her fingers up Jessica's neck, Tara said, "Well, I saw your little toy earlier, and I have some toys that need some testing." She paused to take another sip of wine. "The bet is, whoever orgasms from the toys more, loses." She licked her lips while filling up both of their glasses again.

Jessica got flustered, her nipples hardening. Taking a large sip of her wine, she asked "What kind of toys?" While starting to fondle her own tits.

Tara smiled and said, "The fun kind. You'll find out later." She took another sip of her glass, untying her top, and taking it off. Jiggling her tits, she added, "Mmmm, that's so much better. You should take yours off too." She paused. "Not like anyone can see us out here anyway."

"Fuck it!" Jessica said and downed the rest of her wine. She tore her top off but instantly regretted it. "M-m-maybe that w-was a mistake..." She moved to cover herself with her arms.

Tara moved swiftly towards Jessica and pinned her arms to her sides. "Now, now. We have to get properly ready for our bet," she said and kissed right in the crook of her neck.

While initially resisting, Jessica's inhibitions melted away with the kiss. "N-not F-fair," she protested but tilted her head anyway.

Tara held Jessica's arms at her sides while teasing Jessica's neck and collarbone with her mouth. Whimpering and breathing rapidly, Jessica was being affected by Tara's ministrations -- which were only amplified by the jacuzzi and the wine. Sensing Jessica's inhibitions drifting away, Tara focused on teasing her nipples, releasing her arms in the process. Gasping and biting her lower lip, Jessica groped and teased Tara's tits. Tara moaned softly and reached one of her hands under Jessica's ass, to play with her butt plug. A lust-filled moan left Jessica's mouth as her grip tightened on Tara's tits, eliciting a moan from Tara. Both girls gave in to their lust and desires, beginning to make out for some time, driving each other crazy.

Tara broke the kiss to speak, "Why don't we move this inside?"

Breathing heavily, Jessica was flushed. "I a-agree, b-but we need to d-d-dry off first," she said between breaths.

Tara, already halfway out of the jacuzzi, grabbed some towels. "Already on it! Now, get outta there. Before the water gets cold," she said, splashing water at Jessica.

"O-okay. We need more wine though," she said and giggled, getting out of the tub.

Tara laughed, handing Jessica a towel. Both girls dried off and moved into their room, hanging the towels to dry, and looking for more wine. Jessica found some and cracked it open, taking a swig right from the bottle. Tara took the bottle from her, taking a larger swig, smirking. This was seen as a challenge, so Jessica grabbed the bottle back to take an even larger swig. After a few rounds of this, another bottle was gone, and they were both wine-drunk.

Tara walked over to her suitcase and got out her promo products, along with some other things to add to the fun, placing everything on her bed. The promo products -- which were for testing and review -- included a special cream and a couple of programmable, wireless, clit/g-spot vibrators. To add to the fun, she grabbed a pair of fuzzy handcuffs, making sure to keep them hidden. Tara slipped off her bikini bottoms, turning to look at Jessica -- who had already taken off her bikini bottoms and sat on her bed.

Starting to fondle herself again, Jessica imagined the possibilities. "S-so, are we g-going to get s-s-started?" she asked between heavy breaths.

Tara grinned and sat next to Jessica. "Oh, we are. But first..." she said and cuffed both of Jessica's wrists behind her back. "Now, we can start."

Becoming flustered, and squirming, Jessica said, "H-hey! N-not fair!"

Pushing Jessica back onto the bed, Tara smiled and said. "Now, now. Stay right there. The fun's just starting."

Tara grabbed the special cream and squeezed some into her hands. Walking over to Jessica, she gave her a quick kiss, then leaned down and gave each of Jessica's nipples a kiss. Jessica gasped and arched her back. Smirking, Tara pressed both of her palms against Jessica's tits, firmly squeezing, ensuring the cream got rubbed in until Jessica's nipples were hard as diamonds. But Tara wasn't done yet. she took some more cream and rubbed it onto Jessica's clit. Once she was satisfied, she thrust two of her fingers into Jessica's pussy, curling them up to make sure the cream was adequately absorbed.

Jessica squirmed and moaned, surprised by the sudden intrusion. "Oh god!"

"Nice, isn't it? I love sensitivity cream, but this is a new formula from them." Tara grabbed both of the vibrators from behind her and puts some cream on both of them. "Now the real fun begins." Taking one of the vibrators and pushing it into Jessica, making sure it is pressed firmly against her clit and g-spot.

Jessica let out a combination of moans and whimpers, while her body writhed. She said, "I-it's too m-m-much!"

Tara moaned with her as she pushed the vibrator inside herself, loving the effects of the cream. "Nonsense! The vibrators aren't even on yet." With that, she loaded her playlist on her phone, turning the volume to max, and starting it.

A speechless Jessica let out a cry of pure pleasure and writhed on the bed.

Tara moaned while groping herself, rubbing the cream into her tits and nipples. "I put together a playlist of club songs. It is set to randomize and repeat." Moaning, she pulled on her nipples. "Th-the v-vibrators are s-s-set to go with the b-beat."

Jessica was lost in pleasure, gyrating her hips, and moaning incoherently; meanwhile, even though Tara was playing with herself and moaning loudly, she was more put together. Using this to her advantage, she went over to Jessica to change her position. Tara took Jessica's cuffs off and repositioned her hands above her head, cuffing them to the headboard. With this new position, Tara straddled Jessica and pressed their vibrators against each other. They both moaned louder as the playlist got into some faster beats. Leaning down, Tara pressed her tits against Jessica's, bringing their mouths together to make out, grinding their bodies together, and moaning into each other's lips.

The songs continued to play, driving them crazy, causing their thoughts to revolve around one thing, cumming. Their moans got more desperate, their kiss intensified, while they continued grinding against each other trying to push themselves over the edge, but the vibrators and the cream kept them on the edge. A more intense song came on that contained heavy dubstep and fast beats, kicking the vibrators into high gear, causing their bodies to erupt in orgasmic bliss. There was no end as the songs continued, making the buzz of the vibrators matched the rhythm of the beats, leading the girls to scream in pleasure, and experience wave after wave of orgasms.

Rolling off of Jessica, Tara laid next to her, as they writhed in ecstasy. The nonstop orgasm and oversensitivity became too much for Tara, and she turned off her vibrator, taking it out. Looking over at poor Jessica, Tara reached up to release her hands, making sure to turn her vibrator off as well. Panting and shaking, they both collapsed on the bed, exhausted and unable to speak. The playlist was still playing, but Tara adjusted the volume so that it was background noise.

After laying there for a while, they both recovered enough to be coherent. Tara took her time sitting up, looking back at Jessica -- who still had her eyes closed and was breathing heavily. Smiling, Tara went into the bathroom to relieve herself. Gathering some strength, Jessica sat up, but as she did, she felt how damp the sheets had become. This caused her to become embarrassed as she realized what just happened.

Tara came out of the bathroom and saw a somewhat recovered Jessica. "Hey there, you look like you enjoyed that. I know I did." Tara flashed a pleased, but exhausted smile.

"It was amazing, but kind of embarrassing." Jessica blushed and smiled sheepishly.

"We kind of made a mess, but we can share my bed. We'll have them change the sheets tomorrow." Tara said laying down.

Jessica said, "Okay." Standing up, she felt her butt plug. "Can you help me with this?" She turned around, motioning to her plug.

"Of course, let's go into the bathroom," Tara said, extending her hand, and leading them both towards the bathroom.

Grabbing her hand, Jessica followed her. "Th-thank you," she said.

Once in the bathroom, Tara helped Jessica take her plug out. She then left so Jessica could relieve herself. A few moments later Jessica came out. Tara took out some toy cleaner and they both cleaned the toys. They chatted about the cream and the vibrator.

"So, did you enjoy that?" Tara looked over at Jessica and put the cleaned toys away.

"I did enjoy it! The handcuffs were a surprise," Jessica said and giggled, putting her plug away.

Tara said, "Cool! Then, let's make a video tomorrow reviewing everything." Smiling, she got her suitcase off her bed.

Jessica sat next to Tara and said "I would be happy to. A collab will be fun." She yawned and lay down. "Man, that was tiring."

Tara stretched and yawned. She said, "Sounds like a plan! We will record the video before the convention tomorrow." She lay down next to Jessica. "It was, but it felt great."

A half-asleep Jessica barely nodded her head. Tara yawned again, not able to stay awake much longer. In moments, they were both asleep, their bodies exhausted from the multitude of orgasms. The convention tomorrow, and the rest of the weekend, was going to be quite interesting for both of them. At least now, they had each other to help take care of their needs while they are away from their partners. & u=2031


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