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The Culo House.

Sally Culo was rightfully pissed. That morning Carl told her that Thomas was at the front door and ran away with his pants falling down his ass and her daughter's weird explanation.

'He left his stupid fucking coat too.' She thought to herself looking at the coat rack as she made her way upstairs. She knew Thomas was always at the nightclub and she was going to confront him.

She heard Carl taking a shower as she sat down on the bed in front of the walk-in closet. She opened it and turned on the light. She grabbed a large brown trench coat and threw it on over a regular white shirt and black sweats. Just then Carl's phone went off from Bruce. She tapped the screen to listened to the voicemail.

"Hey, Carla. I wanna see you again. Wear the sweater for me gorgeous. You don't need to prep hun, I've got it covered."

Sally nearly fell to her knees from shock. She went back to the closet, her face beet red as she looked herself in the mirror. She opened a drawer and found the soft brown sweater along with the skirt. Hidden behind a hair straightener was a pair of light blue and pink striped panties.

Sally was frozen in place running her hands over the soft panties. She was taken out of her trance from the sound of her husband getting out of the shower. She placed everything back and readjusted her coat.

"Hey, hun!" She called out from out the bedroom.

"Yeah!" He shouted back.

"I'm going out with Tori and Margie. I'll be back in the morning."

"Okay sounds good stay safe my dear!"

Sally left the room and stood in the hallway waiting. Leaving the door slightly ajar. She heard Carl sit down on the bed and listen to the voicemail. She peeked through the door and saw him standing completely naked placing the clothing on the bed. She watched her husband slide the panties up his legs, tucking his penis down in between his thighs. The black skirt fit around his perfectly shaved legs.

'Holy shit. I should've asked him why he shaved.' Sally thought watching her husband put on the light sweater and walk into the closet. Her heart was beating so fast she had to hold on to the handrail to compose herself. After five minutes of waiting, Carla closed the closet door and looked at herself in her reflection. Carla pulled her skirt up and poked at her throbbing erection in her panties. She walked back to the phone and sent another text to Bruce.

"Hey Carla," Sally said opening the door. Carla turned around slowly as her hands and legs shook. "Your makeup looks nice," Sally said noticing Carla's carefully yet quickly applied bronze eyeshadow and red lipstick. Sally stepped forward taking off her coat and boots. She put a hand on Carla's chest and smiled feeling her heart nearly explode. "You haven't blinked since I called your name. Carla was it?" Sally gently pushed her down onto the bed, looking down at her.

"If you wanted to dress like this you could've just told me." She explained running her hands through Carla's short brown hair.

"I-I j-just th-thought that you'd um..."

"That I'd what? Divorce you? Tell the kids? I knew something was going on when I'd wake up at three in the morning and you weren't there. I simply thought you were cheating on me with another woman. Not dressing up like one." Sally placed a kiss on her forehead as tears started to fall down Carla's cheeks landing on her skirt.

"Y-you're not m-mad?" Carla asked looking up with a devastated look on her face.

"No. Just surprised. Hold on a second," Sally walked over to her nightstand and pulled out a six and a half-inch thick pink dildo. "I use this when you're not around," She said waving it in front of Carla's face. "And every now and again Thomas comes around and well..."

Sally paused untying her blond hair. "Let's just say that he helps me release when you're not here."

"Oh," Carla mumbled wiping her eyes.

"Don't worry honey," Sally kissed her on the head. "This whole family has stuff to hide. Every family does. I can only imagine what the kids are hiding." Sally then wrapped Carla in a warm hug.

"I still love you, dear," Sally said wiping the running makeup from Carla's face.

"I love you too."

"Do you want to have some fun? Y'know since we're getting to know each other Carla." Sally said with a smirk rolling the dildo around in her hands pulling her sweats off.

"Oh um sure!" Carla said perking up.

"On the bed," Sally commanded.

Carla climbed onto the mattress, and took the position, leaning forward onto her arms, arching her bottom up. Her legs nicely spread.

"There's a good girl," she said, resting her hand on her head, running it up to her spine, and pausing at the cleft of her buttocks.

"We're going to start with an inspection. You're offering me your body, and we have to make sure it is worthy. You certainly look fit and healthy. Good firm buttocks," she continued as she squeezed Carla's bottom in her hand, before placing her fingertips between her asscheeks.

"What a pretty ass you have," she said, tracing a finger around the rim, causing Carla to moan softly. Sally took Carla's scrotum in her hand, squeezing gently, rolling her testicles between her thumb and finger.

"All seems very healthy Carla," she said to her, as her hand continued its downward journey, fingertips running down the underside of her already hardening cock. She smiled to herself, pleased that this new girl's near-constant arousal was entirely down to her. Wrapping her hand around Carla's shaft she began to stroke leaving her fully erect in seconds.

"Mmm... you are nice. No wonder someone wants you to sneak out every night."

"Thank you," Carla replied, blushing at the praise.

"Later you'll show me how tight your body gets as you cum" she told her, continuing to slowly stroke her stiff cock, "but you can't cum just yet Carla. You must earn your cums by being a good girl and pleasing me. You do want to please me don't you?"

"Yes Ma'am " she breathed.

"Good girl, such a good girl," she said while slowly masturbating her until she could hear her breathing become heavier and little whimpers of pleasure could be heard, before abruptly stopping, leaving her erection hanging between her spread thighs, the tip shiny with pre-cum. Rising up from the bed and walking to the dresser she spoke back over her shoulder;

"Take those panties and skirt off and reach behind yourself for me my love, and spread that beautiful bottom of yours nice and wide. I want to see your hole open for me."

At the dresser, she opened a bottle of her favorite lube, coating two fingers with it. Turning back to Carla, she observed with a smile that she had done as she commanded, her hands pulling her buttocks apart, with the result that the pink opening between them was wide open on display.

Returning to the bed, she knelt behind Carla, admiring her for a second. Grinning to herself wickedly, she leaned down and kissed her between her spread cheeks, her tongue darting out to press past the rim of her anus.

"Oh God!" she cried out.

"Like that do you huh? If you're good maybe you can have more as a treat later."

Carla wanted to answer but groaned deeply as Sally's lubed fingertips found her hole for the first time. Rubbing lube against the outside of the hole, she pressed one finger inside, slowly sliding it into the knuckle. Sally then pressed two against her this time, and smiled down at Carla, pleased, as her body easily took both inside.

"What a good girl, so tight and warm" she purred, "though I think we'll need to stretch you before you're ready to be used properly."

Sally slid her fingers in and out of Carla slowly for a few minutes, twisting them as she did, enjoying the feel and the sight of her stretched asshole. Then she withdrew her fingers, causing Carla to whimper slightly in disappointment, the hole closing up tightly.

"Be a good little slut and spread those ass cheeks for me," Sally said.

Carla did as she was told. She felt the pressure of the large head against her opening.

She looked in the mirror and saw the dildo bending in an arch under the pressure of trying to enter her hole. She kept up the pressure until the head popped inside causing a spasm of pain to shoot through Carla's body.

Carla let out a deep low moan like a slut in heat and grabbed handfuls of the bedsheets, clenching her teeth.

Sally continued her slow thrust pushing inch after inch into her. Carla was breathing heavily and moaning. Feeling like she was being split in two. Sally stopped and rubbed her ass cheeks and lower back asking, "Is that too much or not enough baby?"

"Oh honey it feels so good - I don't know if I can take anymore."

She leaned over onto Carla's back and said, "Relax we have all the time in the world baby - just relax, relax, relax." Carla could feel her breasts rubbing on her back. She began to loosen up and pushed forward until she bottomed out.

She let out a whoop saying, "What a slut I knew you could take every fucking inch and you did." Carla felt her hips against her ass cheeks.

Sally began these slow pumping motions in and out of her. Carla felt like she was being impaled on every forward thrust like she was being pulled inside out on the withdrawal. "Wow, your ass has quite a grip on my cock your lips are pulling on it hard. Do you like having a woman fuck your ass?" Sally teased.

"Oh yeah, my ass is all yours, fuck it, good baby."

She ground against her ass and rotated her hips exploring new territory as Carla let out a gasp quickly followed by a panting moan. She quickened the pace and began to piston in and out of her ass like a porn star.

Carla began to trust backward eager to meet every thrust. You could hear the slap, slap, slap of their bodies as they fucked hard.

She slapped her ass saying, "Now that I know how hungry your ass is I promise to feed it regularly baby."

"Please fuck me," Carla begged. Her ass was making obscene wet sucking noises. Sally slapped her ass a few more times and really slammed into her.

"Will you do whatever I want?" Sally asked, her shirt ruined due to sweat.

"Yes." Carla groaned.

She pulled back on her hair causing her back to bend.

"Good, whenever you are wearing girl's clothes I will be in charge." Sally kept up her thrusting as Carla looked into the mirror watching herself get fucked.

"In charge?"

She ground against her as Carla let out an involuntary groan. Sweat was beading up on her long lean body.

So close to another orgasm, Carla's ability to think was entirely absent.

She passionately said, "Oh yeah baby, just think what it will feel like to two real cocks up there." Sally gave a little thrust to emphasize her point.

At this point, Carla couldn't even communicate so Sally continued, "Close your eyes and imagine it's that man on your phone here fucking you raw, with balls slapping up hard against your ass, with another man waiting his turn."

It was then that Carla had a massive orgasm causing her whole body to twitch, as she continued to have a long continuous intense orgasm that matched her thrusts.

Sally fucked her a subdued puddle of bliss. Carla literally begged her to stop. Sally withdrew the immense cock from her ass. "Whew, look at that ass it's gaping wide open like those sluts in the porno moves - you have definitely been fucked, baby."

Sally took her shirt off and laid down on the bed cuddling Carla. "Thank you, my dear," Carla cooed kissing Sally on her full pink lips immediately falling asleep. Sally sat up and looked herself in the mirror wiping the beads of sweat from her forehead. She picked up Carla's phone and sent a text to Bruce.

To be continued.


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