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I grinned. "True, don't want that."

"Yeah...if I removed your eyebrows, you might punish me," she said, nodding, gravely. "And I'd hate that." Her left eye slowly winked -- but it was clear she hadn't quite remembered how to wink, so rather than having the 'lid' close on the holographic projection, her entire eye just had a circle fade like she was projecting a Star Wars movie. She giggled once she was done. "Yeah, I'd hate that." She winked again, then giggled more.

I grinned. "Wow...note to self, this song makes machines high."

"I'm on my knees, though," she said. Then she blushed, hard. "Not that...I'm thinking of...anything, Mistress. I don't even have a mouth like Polly. Can you believe her, though? Mobile lips. Scandalous." She giggled. "Not jealous of that..." Her voice trailed off. "S-So, were asking about other things we enjoy?"


"...promise to not tell anyone?" she paused ."I shouldn't be telling you, mistress, I mean, I'm just your maid, I, should shut up, and-"

I put my finger on her silvery lips, grinning down at her as her hand almost dropped the laser hair remover. "Tell me," I whispered. I left my finger on her lips as she looked up into my eyes.

"S-So, like...I can't...stop thinking about being in the box. Shut down. Helpless. Shipped all the way across the galaxy from Proxima Centauri's factory satellite. How many humans moved me from ship to ship. And, like...what if they got curious and...opened the box and found out I was built with a pussy..." She murmured, her voice growing softer. "And then, without me knowing, they'd be able to take me out and just...use me on those long, lonely voyages. Just using my sleeping body, emptying themselves inside of me again and again like a toy...then, when I finally arrive and wake up, my passive sensors would ping and hit me with alllllllllll of it at once and..." She shivered. "Stars."

I crossed my thigh, gently, over my now incredibly hard dick.

"That must be the daftest thing y-you've ever heard," she said, nodding. "And it's not even as daft as the..." She stopped. "I-I mean, that's my only...fancy, mistress, heh, no other fancies in my head, don't you worry!" She paused, her eyes looking off into the middle distance as her fans started to rev from whirr to WHIRRRRR.

I grinned. "'s the other fancy?"

"Well, like, we Abbies are built kinda...weak. We're not Doras, you know. And this house is real big and anyone could hold me down and it'd be like my battery was off and y-you know, my speaker is right here, and you could muffle it really really easily w-with a hand..." She said, tapping her neck. "Not that I ever imagined that! That' daft. Heh." She looked back down at her hands. "Daft."

I nodded, slightly. "Right." I said.

Wow. Heh. It sure would be fucked up to just hold down this weak robot girl who is also my servant and have my way with her like some kind of a rapist, I thought. I would be hashtag canceled hashtag bad trans hashtag what the hell Lucy.

I watched as Abby placed the shaving laser against my groin. Very gently, she started to bzzz off my pubic hair and thankfully, the hair there was very gentle and easily removed haha just KIDDING, it actually HURT A FUCKING LOT. I bit my lip hard, trembling as Abby murmured, quietly. "So, uh, do you have any fantasies? Miss? Not that I want to know, I just really really really want to know."

"D-Does being high on music ruin your memory?" I asked, wincing.

"No," she said.

"I'll pretend you said yes and will forget this," I said, nodding. "S-So," I paused. "Okay, this is just a fantasy, but I totally love being, like, you know. The...owner. Of. People." I paused, again, blushing. "Like. In a sexy way."

"Oooh!" Abby whispered, looking up at me with wide, glowing eyes. " so?"

"Leeeets just say, uh, I, uh, corrupted every one of my companions in Corruption of Champions," I said, giggling softly. "Like. Immediately."

"Cor..." Abby whispered. "...what's that?"

"Uh, it's a- AHHH!" I squeaked as her laser took out another clump of hair. "It's a video game! Does Space Britain have video games!?" I squirmed and Abby put her hand on my knee, forcing my leg to remain still as she leaned in close. If she had a tongue, she'd have been sticking it out of the side of her mouth. "I guess not?"

"I don't know what they are," Abby suggested. "So, like, you, uh, you'd, uh, you'd...definitely take advantage of me if I was offline?" She asked, curiously.

I blushed, my stomach turning over again and again in my belly. "Yeah."

"That's really sexy, miss," Abby whispered.

"I know, right!?" I said. "Like, EEE!" I squeaked as another bit of hair went up in smoke under her laser.

Abby drew back, slowly, then stood. She wobbled over to the music box, then flicked the offinator, then turned back to me, nodding sagely as she did so. "Okay! So, your hair is all gone. It won't grow back, so, you're good. And pretty and...very pretty and..." She paused, then shook herself from her head to her toes, then walked slowly back towards me. She looked down into my eyes, her eyes glowing brightly.

"Yup," I said. By which I meant: I have fantasies about doing non-con stuff with ladies.

"Mmmhmm!" she said. By which she meant: I have fantasies about having non-con stuff being done to me, by ladies.

We remained silent a bit longer.

"I should go!" I said, starting to stand up, but Abby put her hands onto my chest, pushing me back down onto the bed, her eyes widening.

"Miss!" she exclaimed. "This is your bedroom! I should go." She drew her hand back, flushing. " to, uh, stay?" she asked.

I blinked at her, then blushed, guilt gnawing at my guts. All three Gs. I blushed. "N-No, uh, no reason. I mean, it's not like, uh, it'd be appropriate for me to, uh, to, you know, anything!" I blushed, looking straight at her chest, since that meant I wouldn't look into her eyes, which were looking all thoughtful.

"Miss..." she said, quietly.

"So, you can go!" I said, blushing even more.

"Miss...maybe it's the music, buuut...I think there's one part of you that doesn't want me to be going..." Abby murmured. A single finger pressed against the very tip of my achingly hard girlcock. The soft, smooth touch of her metal finger sent a crawling shiver along my spine and I gulped, biting my lip.

"True," I whispered. "B-But-"

"Miss, if you don't rape me right now, I am going to pin you to the bed and make you," Abby said, her voice fierce. Then she blinked. "...I mean,, wait, that didn't come out right, since, I can't...I..." Her eyes narrowed, thinking.

"I...uh, should we have a safe word?" I stammered.

"Why?" Abby asked, cocking her head slightly. "I mean, I'm the one who is going to be saying no, no, please stop. And if I ever feel uncomfortable, I can just stop feeling uncomfortable!" She nodded, slightly. "So, that means the only one who might feel uncomfortable is you, and you can just stop the scene, since you're in charge, right?"

I blinked at her. "You can just turn off your feelings?" I asked. "Like an emotions chip?"

"...I don't know if it's a chip precisely..." Abby tapped a metal finger on her lips. "But yes."

I rubbed my chin, slowly. "So...uh...o-oh, uh, we should close the door."

She nodded, then stood and hurried over to the door. She wobbled only a tiny little bit -- but that was enough to prompt me: "Uh, are you sure, uh, it's okay? I mean, I don't want to, like, you're high on music, but-" Her fingers twisted the deadbolt shut on the door with a meaty thu-thunk and the entire door felt as if it was now in on the scene. I gulped, then licked my lips. Okay. This was going to happen. My stomach was full of butterflies, so I stood up and forced myself to focus.

Okay, Lucy.


I grabbed onto her wrist. Abby squeaked and tried to jerk her arm from mine. Okay. That was exciting. Okay. Okay. Her arm whirred softly as her servos strained against my muscles. Okay. Okay. Rawr. Rawr. "M-Miss!" She squeaked and I gulped, then growled, quietly.

"Where do you think you're going, little machine?"

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! That was my mental scream. Was I doing this? Yes. I was doing this. I could see Abby's entire body shiver, and her fans started to rev in a kind of whiry vrrRRRvrrRRR pattern which I liked to think was good. Was it good? I hoped it was good. Abby's voice had a tiny quaver in it. "I-I have more, more, uh, chores, Miss-"

Slap her.

The thought flashed across my brain and I just...did it. And it was hot. My palm clapped across her cheek and there was a loud, meaty sound as palm compacted against metal. My fingers tingled and my dick was achingly hard. Abby sagged slightly, her fans vrrring even louder. She whimpered. "M-Miss!"

"...was that okay?" I whispered.

"oh, I'm soaked, Mistress!" She whispered back, nodding.

"Okay, okay," I said, then coughed. "Back to, uh..." I paused. "Can I rip your clothes?"

"Killing the mood, Mistress!" Abby hissed.

"Right!" I closed my eyes. Centered myself. Then grabbed her by the throat. I swung her around and slammed her against the nearest rococo decorated wall. A bust of some ancient ancestor of my former body's mind bounced slightly in its little rook, while the machine box quivered on its little table. I grabbed onto the collar of her maid outfit and I tried out my little vampire super strength. I didn't know if I actually had vampire super strength, but after a bit of gritting my teeth and tugging, I had managed to rip open the front of her blouse just enough to reveal her hard, eager, rubbery nipples, her gleaming metal breasts...the tatters of clothes, the way Abby squirmed and struggled, the faint pressure of her muffled voice against my palm...

She was trying to scream, and my hand was clamped down on her like the speaker on an iPhone and I was as hard as steel. "You think you can just flaunt your cute little machine ass around here?" I growled, ripping more, shoving at her clothes. I didn't even get her all the way naked, I just left enough open that I could see her breasts and her eager little cunt. And oh, she was...not actually soaked. I blinked, looking down at her -- and then looked up.

Abby jerked her eyes and her head to the left for just a moment, before going back to struggling against me. I grabbed both of her wrists with one hand, then released her throat with my other, making her speak in a single rush. "Please, master, no, don't, don't, please don't, stop, I'll do anything, just not this-"

"Shut the fuck up robot," I growled.

She trembled, her eyes half closing. "S-...I'....I'm not, I..." She whimpered as I reached into a little drawer and found that there was a small tube of lubricant in there. I grinned, then pressed it against the soft folds of her silvery cunt, crooning.

"You were built for one thing, robot. You were built to be my cocksleeve." I squirted the lubricant against her cunt, sloshing her liberally, not caring if I made a mess. Since, okay, like, A) It showed how careless and fierce I was and B) ...she...actually legit enjoyed cleaning, so, making a mess was just good, right? "So, that's what you're going to be."

I dropped the lube tube onto the ground as she shook her head. "I-I'm not, I...I'm a Keeper, my only job is to be a maid-" I took hold of her nipple and twisted her roughly, and she whined out an eager, warbling noise. "Ahh...Mistress! No!"

"Shut up..." I growled, then leaned forward and skimmed my fangs along her neck. Right. She was all metal there now. But I still rapsed my fangs against her neck, pressing her to the wall, my hand squeezing and playing with her breast, my cock throbbing against her belly. I started to grind against her, feeling a growing warm pleasure inside of me. I pinned her against the wall and I rubbed against her, snarling softly. "Shut up you little cocktease bitch, you metal whore, just shut up..." I licked along her cheek as she breathed out.


I grabbed her throat again and squeezed. Her frame was juuuust fragile enough that I could hear a faint creak and grind of metal plates -- but from the expression in her eyes, which 'rolled' back slightly, literally projecting whites as her bucked her hips against me, I'm pretty sure she was loving this. Her voice buzzed against my palm as I bucked my hips.

I needed to be in her cunt. I needed it so bad. But to do that, I'd have to draw back, I'd have to not be pressing her against the wall. I...nrrr! I growled and felt my orgasm hit -- and maybe the hormones were doing something, because this wasn' I normally came. It was not a sudden release of pressure and a faint throbbing wrongness. It was a slow, radiating wave that started inside of my core and buzzed outwards, sweeping out in every direction. My skin tingled and my breath caught and for a moment, I was leaning against Abby not because I was pressing her against the wall...but because I was...cumming. My cock throbbed and a thin stream of translucent girlcum splashed against her belly, soaking her as I let out a snarling growl.

"M-Mistress..." She whispered past my slackening palm.

"You little whore..." I panted. "You got me off too fucking fast. You're such a slut. Say it."

"I...I'm such a slut..." she said, and her voice was filled with fear and that fear almost got me hard again. Almost. Girlcock...not quite as attentive to my needs to drill this hottie as my old boydick. But, considering how I used to be so miserable I wanted to chew off my own nose out of sheer desperation to change my body somehow, in any way, I was going to accept some pause between cumming and cumming again. And so, I stepped back, grabbing onto Abby. I shoved her onto her knees and she stammered something -- but I cut her off by grabbing her hair and shoving her forward, so that she was bowed before the bed. I sat, my thighs spreading.

"Get me hard again, whore," I growled.

"M-Mistress?" She quavered. "I-I don't...I don't know-"

"Find a way or I will deactivate you, remove your limbs, and switch you back on in our kennel and let the hounds take their fucking turns with you," I hissed.

Abby's eyes widened and her fans whired and I wondered how many kinks I had just given her -- even as her hand gently took my slightly soft cock. She started to rub her thumb along my sticky cocktip, smearing translucent cum against her finger, making it glisten brightly as she focused, her hand starting to work up and down my cock, faster and faster. My member hardened again, and soon, I felt like I was ready to go again. I growled. "Get on your hands and knees."

Mutely, Abby nodded. She moved, slowly, turning around, her palms pressing to the floor. But she was moving too slowly. I grabbed her and shoved her down, mashing her face against the carpet. She gasped and I put my hand on her throat, pinning her down. "M-Mistress!"

"Shut the fuck up..." I growled, and my body moved with a kind of raw, fluid grace, a grace I didn't know I even had. I slammed into her, and the lube made it easy and slick and she was so fucking tight and perfect and smooth. Abby let out a squealing mewl that sounded half pleased, half painted. She started to sob faintly as my balls clapped against her metal thighs and I started to fuck her into the ground, my hands on her shoulders, my nose flaring as I breathed out.

"Stop, no, please, you shouldn't, ah, stop, it hurts!" She whimpered out and each desperate word filled my ear and my brain with a buzzing rawr pushing faster more more more more more. I gripped her tighter and I snarled out.

"I own you. I own you, you understand, you stupid machine cunt?" I growled. "This is what you were built for. Say it!"

"Ah!" She closed her eyes, her back arching. "T-this...this is what I was made for. This is why I was unboxed!"

"You fucking love it!" I growled. "Your only purpose is...ah..." My thighs slapped against her more and more, the loud noise of our bodies meeting filling my ears with almost as much erotic delight as the sounds of her moans and her breathy gasps and the whirring of her fans.

"To be fucked by you, mistress!" She moaned. "Fill up my worthless little cum dump body with your seed, please! Yes!"

I lost it.

My head threw back and this time, the pleasure that exploded through me was a fucking tidal wave. It roared along my spine and crashed into my brain and there was nothing but the tightening of Abby's rubbery pussy, the electronic wailing of her orgasms, and the groans that escaped my own lips. I shuddered and panted and gasped and then sagged, feeling my cum gushing into her. I came. And I came. And then the tidal wave of pleasure surged back -- and I felt a second orgasm ringing through my body, like the aftershocks of a gong. It made me make the most absurd noise.



It was a noise that was mostly guh.

I collapsed onto Abby's back, my entire body going from two hundred bones to zero, no bones. I was at negative one bone. Even my dick had no bone. I pressed my face against Abby's metal shoulder blades and felt the tiny tufts of hot air buzzing against my cheeks as Abby trembled and rocked underneath me. "Isszgud?" I mumbled, words still far beyond me. Abby squirmed, wriggled, then gently rocked her hips. My unboned body was relatively easily sloughed to the side.

I sprawled on my back, panting heavily, and then Abby laid next to me, her fans slowing -- going from VRRR to merely a soft, pleasant purr that made me think of orange tabbies and gentleness. Her fingers caressed along my chest, and she gently stroked my nipple. "That...was...absolutely lovely, mistress." She nuzzled up against me. "You did exactly as I wished. You did exactly what I wanted. You..." She paused. "You're not that blackguard you acted like, you know? You are good and gentle and kind and lovely...and...and that was good."

I smiled, my eyes starting to slowly close. Her fingers played with my hair.

"I-Is this good?" she whispered. "S-So you know, um, so you know that you're good."

I nodded, my eyes closed. "Keep saying nice things, okay?"

She murmured, softly, remunerating all the lovely things about me, and how good I was, and I drifted slowly away while laying on the carpet. Carpet soft. Girl soft. World good.

I swore...

I swore I dreamed Abby carried me to bed and tucked me in.

Which was silly. I was stronger than her, after all.


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