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Becca was enjoying a night out at the local club, swaying to the beat of the music with the other patrons. She had her make-up on, had earned the promotion at work (see Part 2), and life was good. Of course, she always came prepared with the right supplies should the need present itself, but for now was in over-the-knee boots, stockings, and a nice dress.

As Becca strode to the bar, she made the mistake of bumping into Jared. Literally. Jared was a tall guy standing above 6 feet, and although tone and fit was of average build. He was dressed in a tight shirt and gray hip-hugging jeans. Her bump was sufficient to cause him to drop his drink, spilling it all over the floor. "Hey, watch it, cow!" he called over his shoulder as he laughed with his friends.

Becca turned and glared at him, her hands on her hips and her purse of supplies at the ready. "Who are you calling a cow?" she demanded. Jared turned to her and momentarily lost some confidence as he saw her aggressive pose and very tall high-heeled boots that almost placed her at his height. Yet his friends, and others who had turned to watch the commotion, were now paying attention and Jared dared not lose face.

"You need to watch where you're going... and you look a little, shall we say, out of place for this kind of place," Jared sneered back at her.

Becca sighed and flipped her jet black hair up. "Here's the deal. You're going to apologize to me, and enjoy the rest of your night. Or, you are going to receive some punishment," she said in a confident but still sultry voice. "What's your choice?"

Jared laughed, intrigued but also furious at the aggressiveness of this bitch. "OK, you know what? I don't have to do anything - there are a million hotter girls than you in this place and I'm ready to stop wasting my time. Now move out of the way," he said as he reached out his arm to brush her aside, walking past her, his friends smiling with bemusement.

With a steady movement, Becca grabbed his arm and spun him so that she was behind him, applying pressure with her knee into his lower back, causing his body to arch slightly backward as he gasped in pain. "Auggh! You bitch! Let me go!" he started to struggle, but each time he would she would slightly increase the pressure.

Becca giggled.

"What's the matter, little boy? Hmm? Not such a big, strong man after all? Is the little girl embarrassing you?" she teased him, adding to his humiliation. His friends looked on with shock, as more patrons began to surround them and observe the strange scene.

"You know, there's something true about bullies... I wonder if it applies in your case," Becca said to him as he grunted in frustration. Just then, Becca noticed the bouncer of the club turn his head in the direction of the scene. Thinking quickly, she reached in front of Jared with her free hand, grabbed his belt and unbuckled it. Then she looped the belt around both of his arms several times, drawing it taut, forming a kind of leash on his arms behind him.

"What's going on here?" the bouncer demanded. "You know we don't allow fights. Anything like a fight and you're out of here."

Becca pulled up at the belt a little bit and patted Jared on the head. "Oh, it's ok, he's my sub! We like to do this whenever we go clubbing," she said with confidence. Jared only looked at the bouncer with a shocked look. He was too embarrassed to admit he had been trapped by Becca, so he said nothing. The bouncer cocked an eyebrow and walked away.

"Hmmm... Now, where were we?" she turned back to her prize. Whispering in his ear, she said, "Be a good little pretend sub and I promise your punishment will be over shortly - as soon as I'm convinced you've learned your lesson." She slowly rose her knee into his groin from behind, lightly tapping his balls making him gasp again. "Or, I promise you, this can turn out much worse for you." Jared nodded in horror.

Becca slowly led him along as the other club-goers continued their own partying, some laughing at the scene. She guided him to one of the individual bathrooms and led him inside, locking the door behind them.

She released his belt and pressed him against the door. "Take your clothes off," she ordered.

"Wh... why?" he whimpered.

"Because I said so," she said with a smile. "Now."

Jared hesitated, but then slowly began to take his clothes off. As he did, he looked at Becca with a mixture of horror and excitement. This girl was torturing him but part of him loved it.

"Hurry up," Becca said impatiently, as she rummaged in her bag for the supplies she would need to teach him the lesson she needed to.

In spite of his fear and humiliation, Jared found himself growing hard. As he pulled off his pants and underwear, his penis was already erect. Becca's eyes grew wide. "Figures. Typical bully just wants to be bullied," she said mostly to herself.

Taking out a padlock and a pair of handcuffs, Becca led him over to a table bolted to the floor of the bathroom. She secured his hands behind him, and then locked the cuff into one of the metal rings on the table. "There," she said with a smile. "I think you are now in the right position to learn your lesson."

"Wh... what are you going to do to me?" he asked.

"You'll see soon enough," she said. Becca began toying with him, taking his so-called "lesson" slowly. "Now, what was it you called me again... Oh, that's right, a cow," she said to him while tapping her foot.

Jared immediately began to apologize. "Listen, please.. I'm sorry... just let me go, I'll make it up to you. I'll.. I'll buy you a drink!" he said nervously.

Becca ignored his pleas. "No, no, it's ok. You said I was a cow, correct? Here," she said, removing a ball gag and then then fastening it around his mouth. "Now you will be quiet so you can enjoy your stay at the animal farm." Jared's eyes grew wide as he realized what was happening. He knew it was just a game to her, but he also knew she could do whatever she wanted to him and there was nothing he could do about it.

She started with some light slapping. Not too hard, but it was enough to hurt. She noticed his penis only become more and more engorged from this as he continued to groan through the gag.

After a few more slaps, she stepped back. "Now, you will understand that this is irreversible, yes? I don't think there's any coming back from this."

"Two choices," she said, rubbing her hand around the padlock she held. "The first choice is that I take my leave. Sure, it'll be humiliating for someone to find you here like this, but I'm sure you'll survive, even if your ego doesn't." Jared's eyes widened at the prospect. Becca reached down and grabbed his penis. "The second choice is that you come with me. That you accept complete and total submission and service to me until I decide I no longer need you." Jared winced at this. "Grunt once for yes, two for no," she directed him.

His brain wanted to tell her no, but another part of him wanted to agree to her terms, completely and without hesitation. It was like he was paralyzed. Becca began haphazardly playing with his penis again while he pondered the choice.

"Well? I'm waiting..." she said, as she began to pump her hand up and down with more speed. Jared remained silent in consternation at the consequences of either decision. His eyes pleaded with her as her hand quickened even further. He was so close to orgasm. He wanted it so bad. He wanted her so bad. He wanted to give up everything.

"You'd better hurry up. You have 5 seconds to decide," Becca said, suddenly slowing her hand down to an unmoving grip. Jared immediately tensed up in desperation at the pending denial of orgasm.

With enormous vigor and absolutely desperate for her continued ministration, Jared succumbed to his deepest desires and grunted once, a single loud grunt, while also attempting to say the word yes through his gag.

"Good boy!" Becca said, resuming her pace at a high speed until Jared moaned in ecstasy, shooting load after load of cum all over the table in front of him. She removed his gag, mixed some of it in her hand and fed it to him, telling him to enjoy the rest of his stay at the farm.

Jared reluctantly licked it up and thanked her, both mortified at her control over him but knowing he could not help but obey her. As his penis shrunk from its explosion, Becca latched the padlock around his scrotum and locked it shut. "I have to protect my investments, of course," she said as Jared looked at his trapped balls in horror.

She removed his handcuffs and threw his clothes at him. "Well, don't just stand there, Jared. Clean up this mess," she commanded.

As he dressed, Becca packed up her handbag and flipped her hair in the mirror. She had made herself quite excited to try out her new toy. She confidently walked out of the bar, Jared following closely behind her, completely hers. & u=21790


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