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My name is Arjun and my girlfriend's name is Lakshmi. We both are 26 years old. My girlfriend is on the short side but is chubby and has good assets. Her ass is a treat to watch.

Her boobs are of 34 C with dark brown nipples.

We have been committed during our college days and are still in a relationship. Even though it is a long-distance relationship, we manage to meet each month and we fuck like dogs.

The story happened during our college days. It was during our college fest days. During the fest, most of the college couples go for trips and have some peaceful time for the three days.

So, as usual, we decided to go on a trip, and then my friend had an empty house in another district. So we decided to travel to that place. I informed my friend, so he along with his girlfriend and me and Lakshmi began our journey in a car.

I and my girlfriend were sitting on the backseat and I began fondling her boobs over her dress. She was wearing a t-shirt and skirt without inners (it was common during our journeys, we both will not wear inners).

I began fondling my gf's boobs and was pulling her dark brown nipples. I was pinching her nipples and she began getting into the mood. I then removed my hand from her top and lifted her skirt and was running my fingers down her ass crack. Then I slowly inserted my finger into my girlfriend's asshole.

Then all of a sudden, I inserted my other finger too in her asshole and she gasped for breath. My friend was watching it through the mirror. They knew we will be always up to something.

My chubby lover then took my cock outside and began giving a blowjob. I kept on fingering her ass while she was blowing me. Then I asked her whether I can remove her skirt, and she readily agreed. I wanted to make her naked but as it was risky because the outsiders might see her.

So I removed her skirt only and made her lie down and was licking her pussy and fingering her pussy along with it.

Her boobs were outside and my friend Basim was watching the show. He is our best friend and he has watched more of our sex shows and videos.

Lakshmi then had an orgasm and we stopped the action for a while. After some time, we reached his house.

We all got into the room and decided to freshen up and then go outside to a waterfall. I and my girlfriend on entering the room removed our dress. I started licking her asshole while fingering her pussy.

I wanted to have a quickie before going out. So I fucked her pussy and we had a session for 10 minutes. We then changed into our casuals to go to the waterfall. I wore my boxer only and Lakshmi wore a yellow tank top and boxer without inners.

Since basim's girlfriend was having periods, she did not get down into the water. She was having stomach pain.

On entering the water, I began fondling lakshmi's boobs and I was fingering her pussy from under the water.

On getting wet, her nipples were having its mark on her top. Basim was commenting on her nipple size. He was saying that it increased in size than the time he saw it before. It made Lakshmi more horny and she was asking him about her shape. He said she was looking like a sex bomb and it made her happy.

She then took both her boobs outside and asked him how it looked?

It was a sight to watch. Her brown nipples were having water droplets on them and was very sexy to watch. He got close to her and began wiping the water drops from her nipple with his hand. I in the meantime was removing her shorts and fingering her pussy.

I kept her shorts on the rock and basim removed her top too. Lakshmi was now naked in between us.

Basim's lover then took our photo with me and basim licking my girlfriend's boobs and fingering her. I raised her boobs for Basim to lick.

Then, all of a sudden, her clothes went along with the water. She then had to walk back to the car naked. Basim asked me to drive.

I was driving and Basim was fucking my girlfriend on the backseat without a condom.

Lakshmi drank all of his cum and on reaching the house, we began to freshen up.

After bathing, I took my girlfriend in my arms and made her lie in the bed. I began licking her pussy. I made her pussy wet and I began fucking her hard. She then got onto doggy pose and I was penetrating her from behind.

Since my friend's girlfriend was having periods, we knew he won't be getting any action and we have always wanted to have a threesome.

I took a photo of her ass and sent to Basim. On seeing it, he said enjoy and that I was very lucky. I then texted him to come to our room.

On entering our room, he was welcomed by my girlfriend showing her boobs. I was fucking her from behind and he came near us and began squeezing her nipple. I told him that we both can fuck her for the whole night and to take it slowly.

Lakshmi now got on top of my cock and was riding me. Basim was licking her boobs.

I nutted in her pussy and then shifted my place with Basim. Now he was fucking her and I was taking their photos.

It was a sight to watch. She was riding him very hard and he also came in her pussy.

We all slept together. When I woke up later in between the sleep to drink water, I saw them fucking in the toilet. I was very much aroused and I called them to the bed. I kept my girlfriend's leg parted for Basim to lick and he was licking her pussy.


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