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My performance from a girly point of view was to be admired. However, I was hoping for a good blowjob or to fuck some ass. What happened, left me confused. To make matters worse, when you're confused and looking for answers, you should watch what you say and to whom you say it.


I'm am straight.

Because I failed to hook up with a woman online, I considered the ads posted by men that were versatile or liked giving head. That is where I went wrong, and events got out of hand.

It was a few days since Dave, and I got together. Our planned weekend tryst was scheduled, but I wasn't sure I would show up. My sore asshole reminded me of the fucking he gave me. I couldn't tell if the memory was a happy one or not. I fell prey to his seduction and could blame him for the results, or I could admit that I was prone to submission and just let it go.

By now, I was beginning to feel normal. It was a summer day and I decided to sunbathe by a small pool in my backyard. I was lounging in the sun when the heat became unbearable. I decided to jump in and cool off.

I heard someone call my name, I knew it was my neighbor Kali. He had come to the USA from India. I never saw him without his turban. We always took time to chat, just small talk, neighborhood stuff. He was tall about 6 feet, but very slim. I always trusted him, after all, we have been neighbors for a few years, and he has always watched over things when I was away.

"Hi Kali," I replied, "what's up?"

"No nothing special, saw you out, want to say hello." Kali said in his broken English. I always have trouble with his strong India Accent.

He was leaning over the security fence sporting his usual big smile. I stood in the water as we chatted for 10 minutes, or so.

"Could I get you something to drink?" I ask feeling I should have done that at the beginning.

"Ok, but just water" he said as he came through the gate.

I got out of the pool and grabbed a towel. I went in the house to get him his water and a few beers, before sitting down.

I draped my towel over the chair next to me. I was wearing a tight swimsuit but was not uncomfortable with Kali. I never paid attention to his family and didn't know if he was married. From what I could see, his grown children must be living with him, one with his wife. There was a heavy-set woman living there as well, but she looked older than him.

Our conversation turned to my living arrangements, he felt bad I lived alone. He admitted he was lonely at times, even with a house full. I had downed two beers by that point in the conversation and felt completely relaxed. The night with Dave was still on my mind and I couldn't help but mention the frustration I felt when trying to hook up with the ladies. I told him how I had looked for relief in the other ads, but only to get off. I told him is seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I'm not sure. I don't know why I brought it up, maybe it was the beer. I didn't go into the role reversal in my first experience. I ask him, how it is possible for men to be so horned up, so submissive that they would do all that gay stuff. I kept rambling until I realized Kali hadn't gotten a word in edgewise.

"Sorry, talking too much," I said.

"No, no, it's alright, I have time, but you, you're upset, are you Ok?" Kali asked.

"Not really, but hypothetically, do you think a straight guy can be seduce?"

"I guess anyone can," he said.

"No, I mean can a guy be seduce by another guy. I mean, can a straight guy be seduced, think it can happen?"

"That's a strange question, I not sure I know the answer, not really. Do you know someone it happened to?" Kali ask while looking at me quizzically.

"No, no, not really. It doesn't matter, it is a stupid question." I replied.

Thinking a minute, Kali said, "You know in my country we are more open to pleasure, things like that, well, they're not important."

"Yeah, I know, I guess it's no big deal considering consenting adults and all. Who knows, it could happen, I guess."

Kali looked at me and said, "Men are attractive too, so yes, it could."

After that round of conversation, I was feeling weird. I shouldn't have said anything, but I did and couldn't take it back. I hoped Kali wouldn't think too much on it and let it go. I picked up my towel, beer bottles and plates, and brought them inside. Kali picked up his empty bottle and followed me in. At the sink, I started rinsing them off. Kali stood behind me and put his empty bottle on the counter.

Neither of us was saying anything and I kept my mind on what I was doing, until I felt his hand on my back.

It surprised me, I figured it was a show of camaraderie. I didn't turn around or say anything, although it was strange and somewhat uncomfortable.

I finished rinsing, but didn't move, not sure how to respond. As I pondered my predicament, I felt his hand slowly move down my back to the top of my swimsuit.

'Oh no,' I silently repeated in my head. This is crazy; what was he doing. I remained standing by the sink, my back to Kali. Shivers ran through me, while he played with the band of my swimsuit.

Kali hesitated a moment before pushing his hand under the band, his hand settling on my ass. He took his time cupping my ass cheek, moving from one to the other. A few times he squeezed hard, causing me to flinch at the sensation. I held my breath as his finger traveled up between my cheeks.

I was holding on to the counter, silent and still. Neither of us said a word. I didn't turn around to face him, I couldn't.

Kali's hands moved to my hips. My mind was spinning, 'no, don't do it, I should stop him, I have to. But, as if in a trance, I remained silent while he took hold of the waistband.

"Oh Kali, don't," I whispered, not knowing if he heard.

With no resistance from me, Kali slid my swimsuit down to my knees. I felt every inch as he slowly lowered them, and the coolness of the air when my ass was exposed. I felt my face turning red, a flush of shyness overwhelming me. My whole body responded to being stripped, a rush of warmth in my groin, a tingling in my cock, churning in my balls.

The swimsuit fell to my ankles. He reached down, lifted my foot, and freed my swimsuit from one leg only.

It seemed like forever, standing there, naked in front of Kali. He still hadn't said a word, I guess there isn't much to say, we both knew what was going on. I was waiting on him, too nervous to move or say a word.

I was getting an erection.

As with Dave, I know how this looked to Kali, available. That's when I heard him spit once.

When his hand entered between my cheeks, I jumped. I could feel the wetness on his fingers and shuddered so hard I feared I would fall. Though I shook, his fingers stayed between my ass cheeks, separating them, and pushing them further into the valley. When he had penetrated, his finger moved down between them until he felt my anus. I held my breath as I felt his finger enter me. My cock was hard, and I had to back away for the countertop to give it room. This made my ass push out and most likely gave Kali an indication I wanted more.

My head rolled back when he fingered me, despite my declaration of 'straight', I was hooked.

Kali started fucking me with his finger, slowly at first, then increasing as I responded. As embarrassed as I was, I was horny. His persistent finger fucking had picked up, while I gripped the countertop and pushed my ass out, just a little bit further.

Eventually, Kali stopped. I straightened up but remained silent. He withdrew his finger from my asshole.

I was waiting for what came next; It was awkward standing there. I can't explain it. It's a feeling of putting out, giving in. You're stripped naked, waiting for Kali to do what he wanted.

As with Dave, I felt my ass and body were owned, it chilled me.

It took a while to get through all these thoughts. By that time, I was sure Kali had his cock out and it was erect, especially after playing with my ass. Although I would have liked to look, I remain standing in place, obedient to a silent command, and waited. I heard him spit several times, I'm sure it wasn't on his fingers.

I felt Kali's foot touch my own, urging me to spread my legs. His hands took a firm hold on my ass and lifted me up by my cheeks. I was on my tiptoes, breathless and resigned. Lifting me that way, placed my asshole in a perfect position, opening it slightly, making it easily accessible. I felt his cock and moaned uncontrollably as he pressed the head against my anus. "Oh fuck," whispered out of me, too soft for him to hear. His Little jabs, little thrusts caused my asshole to twitch, but open to him. I could feel him enter me. further with each short thrust. Once his cock met no resistance, he smoothly, steadily entered me.

Damn, Kali was big. I held my breath as his cock continued sliding past my asshole. It concerned me at first, but then I felt his stomach up against my ass. We remained coupled and not moving; it allowed me to feel the fullness of his cock; I liked it. Kali started rotating his hips causing his cock to stir inside me. I could feel it moving my insides around like he was stirring a pot of noodles. He made larger and larger rotations. You certainly knew you were being fucked. I'm convinced that if I looked down, I would see his cock bulge and move across my abdomen.

Kali kept grinding into me. I could feel his pubic hair sandpapering my ass. What a weird feeling, what pleasure though. I reached down for my cock and began jerking off. The way we were standing gave me easy access to it. I countered his rotation with my own, which only increased the sensation. I was probably fucking up my insides, but at that moment, it was hot.

After a time, Kali's grinding began to change, he was starting to fuck me. I could feel his cock move out slightly and then back in. I encouraged it by moving my ass in response. What an animal I had at my back. I had to hold on for dear life, as his long cock slid in and out.

It was a ferocious fucking, Kali's body pushed so hard against my ass it almost lifted me over the sink. The slapping sound filled the kitchen, the sound of an ass solidly possessed. I was totally gone, moaning, tears in my eyes from the severe pounding. 'Fuck me, damn give it to me, push it up my ass, cock me good, damn,' were all silent screams running through my head.

Finally, a sound from Kali; a guttural groan from somewhere deep inside him. It grew in sync with his violent thrusts lifting me off the floor at times. He started shaking along with his fucking, I could feel it. I was moaning and at times squealing with the more violent thrusts; it was getting to him.

Jerking myself and the ass pounding were bringing me to a place I've never been before. I came, came like mad. My legs locked back together, while my ass cheeks pressed together, embracing his cock. My asshole squeezed his dick as I pushed back, driving into him.

What a sound rose from Kali. He thrust with such force that I was lifted over the sink, my feet off the ground. His groans turned to growls, as he climaxed, a sound I never heard in all the porn I've ever watched. He was convulsing, filling my ass until there was nothing left in him, it was all in me.

I lay across the sink, Kali resting on me with his cock still inserted. No words, no movement, we were both exhausted. Of course, when my senses returned, I began to wonder how I was going to face him. He just fucked me, and I let him. What will I say when I turn around? I felt Kali move and saw his hand reach over me to tear off a paper towel. He backed away, my asshole giving his cock a kiss as it left. My feet were back on the floor, but I didn't stand up.

"Are you ok?" Kali finally ask.

"That's the same question you ask me before you fucked me," I replied with a smirk.

"So sorry, so very sorry, what came over us?"

"What came over you is a better question."

"All that talk, it was so suggestive, it was in my mind," Kali gushed, "then you were standing at the sink, your ass, it looked so good; you are so attractive; I got very excited, but only wanted to touch you."

I turned around and looked at Kali, then I looked down and saw his cock was still exposed. Though flaccid, it was long, something I felt when he stuck it in me.

He seemed genuinely upset which toned down my aggravated stance. "Only touch me?"

"That was all I planned, but when you didn't resist, I had to see you, see how you would look naked," Kali said looking down, "Then I had to feel you. When you didn't stop me, I wanted to feel what hid between your ass and touch your hole, finger it, play, just play."

Kali looked back up to me, "Why didn't you stop me, I would have stopped, but when I fingered you, I became so horny, so hot, it felt so good, I couldn't stop."

I couldn't answer.

"You knew I would fuck you, you knew it, and you pushed your ass out, didn't you? My dick was hard, your ass, it just happened."

"Forget about it, it happened, nothing to do," I said pulling my swimsuit back up, despite the mess, I would shower later.

"You fuck good though, I came hard," Kali said, "you came to, I know."

"What? You were the one fucking, I was being fucked. I said forget it, didn't I?"

"Yes, yes, I won't say anything, but I know you wanted it," Kali said, "You responded when being fucked? Shivering when you came?"

"Kali, please. Ok, I got into it, but I should have resisted the feeling."

"You are a lovely man; you should not pretend, not be ashamed. You are equipped to pleasure; you should embrace it."

"I don't feel that way. I can't understand why I let this go down. This is the second time, and it bothers me."

"So, you were the man you were talking about, I see. Don't feel bad, this is between you and me. No one in the neighborhood, no one will ever know, I say nothing."

Frustrated I said, "Whatever Kali, I don't want to talk about it anymore, I have to take a shower and clean up."

"You go, yes. I will go back home. I hope we are ok with each other. Talk to you again soon."

Kali left for his house, and I went to shower. I have a large floor to ceiling mirror in my bathroom and stood in front of it. I thought back on what had happened struggling to make sense of my reactions. Why do I enjoy being naked, others looking at me, it makes no sense?

Looking at myself in the mirror, I slipped out of my swimsuit. A sudden rush came over me and I shivered. I stared at my image, I wanted to be naked, to be seen, to be had. Even after being fucked this afternoon.

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