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Henna hair dye tutorial

It’s so easy to apply since it is already mixed. I get at least two applications from one bottle. It looks very natural and wears off in a natural way. The first time I dyed my hair with henna it was a super cheap brand that my aunt got me from a health food store. It wasn’t pure henna so it was like washing coffee grounds and mud out of my hair.

Because your hair is very dark you would end up with two different tones. It leaves my chemically treated hair very clean, very moisturized, fuller looking and softer feeling, no matter which conditioner I pair it with. I use the shielo hydrate shampoo & conditioner and I seem to get fuller and healthier looking hair with each and every use. It’s the best shampoo I have ever used. The coconut milk makes the henna have a conditioner type consistency – easy to apply and easy to wash out with water (I use the tub in my wash-room).

Surya is not henna and surya is not natural. Surya is just artificial dyes, the same as any other regular commercial hair dye. They just add in a little henna and then play that up in the marketing to make you think you’re getting a natural henna product. In fact, once mixed with liquid, henna has to be used up within the day or it loses its dye ability – so the little henna that’s in surya does not even contribute to the color!

While the colour may fade on brunettes, the red sticks to blonde and lighter browns like no other. I wouldn’t call the color I ended up with “black.” but the natural red highlights I’ve always had in my dark brown hair are now gone. Then you will panic, because it’s the first time you’ve ever died your hair with henna and all you can imagine is blotchy spots of black or red that no amount of concealer could cover.

I am torn between soft hair with that unique orange, glow in the dark feature or chemically colored hair that feels like straw but looks natural. I dyed my butt-length hair monthly for years, and my experience was similar to yours every time. I did get it down to a science though- if you try it again, cut open a garbage bag (or two!) and lay it down in the tub before you start. Wear gloves, of course, but use a condiment dispenser to apply it, starting at your roots and working towards the ends.

I often color my hair red and was considering the lush henna for a more natural alternative. Now that I’ve reviewed the pros and cons I’ll gratefully anticipate my appointment with the stylist I have this coming week. The henna is just more complicated and messy than I would have liked. I did a lot of research and found most of the best information at mehandi.Com. I had a lot of questions before I started.

Black Henna Hair Dye


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