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What worked out even better were the late-night visitations. Even though the previous slate of late-night visitors turned into just one visitor - the big-titted one - I was being visited about twice a week, and she always wanted to fuck more than once. Since she was the most enthusiastic of any of the visitors, and I absolutely loved the feel of her tits and ass, I was extremely happy with the situation.

There was only one problem; I became more-and-more curious about not only who the earlier visitors were (perhaps the now paid-off investors in Sloth Glasses Inc.) but even more important who the big-titted visitor was, since I was speculating about whether I might be able to have a real relationship with her. However, when I once tried to remove the blindfold that spooked her, and she was adamant that she would remain anonymous.


I don't know how long things would have proceeded as they did were it not for the fact that one Friday night when my late-night visitor smelled of alcohol for the first time and she was even more randy than usual. That night we fucked three times - including doggy which took a little effort to get into since I was blindfolded - and she never left. When I woke up Saturday morning I quickly removed my blindfold and there, next to me, with one of her DD tits almost right in my face, was Stephanie.

The factors that led me to in the past believe that the visitor had not been Stephanie, even though the tit size seemed to match up pretty well, were: the visitor's perfume and shampoo were unlike any Stephanie had when I saw her; there was a rough patch on the visitor's left forearm which I knew Stephanie didn't have (since I surreptitiously tested her arm a few times when I saw her); and the visitor's hair was much longer than Stephanie's.

While Stephanie was still asleep, I touched the rough patch on her arm. It was rough plastic attached by adhesive to her skin. I carefully looked at her hair - in the daylight it was obvious that there were hair extensions. It was also clear that she could easily use a different shampoo and perfume than normal when she came to see me.

I wondered how Stephanie would react when she saw that I knew that she was the late-night visitor. In case she had a bad reaction I decided that I needed one more of the fabulous fucks she was always anxious to give, so as she lay on her side I moved the covers away, got behind her, and started eating her pussy. Once I lifted a leg and started gumming her clit she awoke, first with a start, and then with a low moan followed by a husky "That feels so fucking gooddddd..."

Once I could tell that Stephanie was near orgasm I lifted her up onto her knees, got behind her, and buried my impossibly hard cock in one stroke, eliciting a loud groan from her, and then started to pound away.

In the light I could see that Stephanie had a really nice ass, and thighs, something I could never see in the dark, although they did feel nice when I was massaging or fucking her while I was blindfolded. Her puckerhole seemed to wink at me, so I buried my thumb in it. Shortly thereafter I blasted an enormous load into her pussy and she spasmed so intensely I thought that she might be having a seizure. Fortunately, it was a massive orgasm and not a health emergency.

When we both finally regained awareness I laid next to her, face-to-face. Only then was she sure that it was me and realized what had happened. "Oh shit," she groaned. "I knew I shouldn't have visited you when I was drunk. Now the jig is up."

"I was surprised that it was you when I woke up this morning despite the fact that the tit size made sense. You did a good job of hiding who you were," I grinned. "Where do we go from here?" I inquired.

Stephanie was pensive for a long time. Finally, she said "Let's take a shower together and then have a sit-down to discuss things rationally - and clothed," the last word delivered with a grin and chuckle.

I really enjoyed the shower. Stephanie's tits were even more scrumptious in the daylight than there were in the middle of the night and she only gently chastised me when I spent much longer washing them off than was required for cleanliness.

We dressed - Stephanie had a small suitcase just outside my bedroom - had some yogurt and bagels for breakfast, and then sat across from each other at the kitchen table. She sighed once and then spoke.

"You know me, Jeff; I'm straightforward, incapable of guile - except when you're blindfolded," she chuckled.

"That's what I love about you," I replied, then wondered whether I should have used the word "love."

"OK - well as you already know the two things that motivate me are money and sex. You have lots of money and despite the fact that until this morning you've never had the chance to eat my pussy, the sex with you is the best of my life. I can't stay married to Ty any more. He's become a listless fuck and has never fulfilled the promise I thought he had for making money. I want to jettison him and hook up with you," she said, staring at me like a cobra would its prey.

"WOW - you are direct," I gulped.

"How would you like to fuck every night, including my tits which you have yet to have the pleasure of doing. I'd make you the most satisfied bastard in history," she smirked.

"Uh...what...about...uh...Ty?" I stammered.

"Since I fell asleep in your bed, full of your cum, he's going to find out today what's going on since even though I may be a slut I'm not a liar. However, as I previously indicated, I want to move on from Ty to you," she snickered.

"But he's better looking than I am, and not as sarcastic, and I thought that you loved him," I countered.

"I guess you weren't listening before - maybe fucking me three times last night has rendered you stupid for a few hours. What I'm looking for in life is great sex and money. You're way, way ahead of Ty - or anyone else that I know and have fucked - in both. What have you got to lose in getting as much ass - and tit - as you can handle?" she sneered, grabbing hold of her bazoobies and squeezing them.

I was embarrassed that my cock was rock hard. Stephanie somehow sensed my predicament, walked over to me, squeezed my cock through my pants, took off her dress and bra, scooped up a handful of yogurt and rubbed it between her tits for lubrication, got down on her knees, pulled off my pants, and leaned into me so that my cock was in the valley between her tits.

While the position was uncomfortable the desire, on both of our parts, was great. She somehow pushed her prodigious tits together while moving up and down, and I bucked up and down myself. It wasn't more than 90 seconds before I was squirting gobs of cum onto her chin and chest. I couldn't believe it but it seemed that she had an orgasm herself.

Stephanie lay in my lap for a couple of minutes while I stroked her hair and pinched a nipple. Then she got up, went to the sink, using a dish towel rubbed the yogurt and cum off of her, then came back to me and cleaned off my cock with her mouth while fondling my balls.

I was still in a mild stupor as she arose, put her bra and dress back on, gave me a passionate kiss, then said "I'll bring some of my clothes over tonight, and we can get the rest of my stuff in a few days. What time will you be home?"

Although my mind was in a fog I accurately mumbled "About seven."

"I'll have a seafood dinner ready for you," she smiled. "Then we'll go over what foods you can eat to keep your seminal fluid volume high. I assume that the guest code I used last night will still work today."

I nodded my head.

"See you tonight," she chuckled as she kissed me again, picked up her suitcase, and walked out the front door.

It seemed like I was in a trance the rest of the day. Several of my employees even asked me if I was OK. At least I didn't make any disastrous mistakes, and the few minor mistakes I made were caught by diligent and observant employees.


I made sure that I was home by seven that night. The smells coming from the kitchen were delicious. When I walked into the kitchen I found a smiling Stephanie, with only an apron and high heels on, nothing else. She gave me a big kiss and said "Wash up; I'll be serving in five minutes."

Despite how good the food was when we sat down to eat I wasn't enjoying it as much as I should have because my cock was hard and I was distracted by her bare mammaries. Stephanie noticed my discomfort and asked "Should I put a top on so that you can enjoy your meal and not be preoccupied by my tits.

"Yes, please," I mumbled.

She did put a top on. We had light conversations about our days, then when we were finished, with a big smile on her face she said "Pour yourself a cordial and sit in the living room. After I put the dishes in the dishwasher I'll join you and I can tell you more about how we go from here."

Like an automaton I did as directed.

After I had polished off my cordial Stephanie came into the living room, fortunately with her top still on, but only the apron covering her pussy. She sat next to me.

"OK, here's the deal. Ty wasn't real happy when I told him where I was last night, and that I had been providing you the incentive of late-night visitations for a while. I told him that I was going to have a two-week trial run with you, and if you wanted me I was gone. I tried to sweeten it by telling him that I could talk you into buying out his and my interest in Sloth Glasses LLC and that he could have all that money. With me so far?" she smiled.

I nodded my head "yes."

"OK; if after a two week test you do want me I'll file for divorce. If when the divorce becomes final you still want me then we'll get married. I'll sign a prenup that says that if I cheat on you during the marriage that I leave with nothing - and you know how much I like money so that's not going to happen. Now I'm going to take a bath, why don't you find a movie you'd like to watch and after - or if you get too excited during - the movie we can start our sexual relationship in earnest." With that, she gave me a kiss and then sauntered upstairs, walking in her high heels causing her ass to wiggle in a provocative manner. Her ass was almost as nice as her tits.

As I was picking out a movie I asked myself why I was being so passive and just going along with everything that Stephanie was proposing. I knew that it was partly because she was the first woman ever to really seek out a relationship with me, and that she was a spectacular fuck. Aside from that I couldn't think of any other reason - but maybe that was enough.

We only made it halfway through the movie before we were in my bed with me fucking her tits, and then doing her doggy. After the doggy fuck she snuggled up to me. "Jeff, we can fuck as many times as you like; however, my recommendation is only twice a night since otherwise you'll be too worn out to work." Then she lightly squeezed my balls, gave me a passionate kiss, laid her head on my shoulder, and almost instantly was asleep.

The two week "test" passed quickly. I tried not to overthink the situation, just to react. She had her period for a few days during that time but still wanted it, so we fucked in the shower. Of course, during the two weeks I could not be sure that she wasn't just on her best behavior and normally a bitch; but she was easy to get along with, and not demanding but not obsequious. Plus, she was very pleased whenever I paid attention to her tits, whether it was titty-fucking or just playing with them when we watched a movie or even sneaking up behind her when she was at the kitchen sink.

Also, she was an excellent cook, and really seemed to like it, so I ate better than at any other time in my life.

When the two weeks would be up the next morning that night she rode me like I was a prize bronco while I mauled her tits, and I had an orgasm that was as intense as any in my life. Once she extricated my cock from her pussy she got face-to-face. "So how did you enjoy the past two weeks?" she inquired.

"Hmmm..." I pondered. "I guess to be honest I'd have to say that it was the best two weeks of my life."

"So, do I serve Ty with divorce papers and we continue our relationship until my divorce is final and then re-evaluate?"

"Sounds like a plan," I grinned.

"Are you going to pay for the divorce and buy him out of Sloth Glasses LLC?"

"That's the deal," I responded.

As soon as "deal" was out of my mouth her mouth was on my cock and her hands massaging my balls.


Ty was not a happy camper. However, since Stephanie gave him her stock in Sloth Glasses LLC and then I paid him twice what his and Stephanie's stock was worth, he didn't contest the divorce. It only took about six months before it would be final.

During the six months my relationship with Stephanie was excellent. While of course we had our disagreements and even arguments, we both fought fair and never went to bed angry. She was actually doing a pretty good job running Sloth Glasses LLC, and it might actually turn a profit within a year or two. Although she enjoyed doing that, she made sure only to do it five or six hours a day, and she continued to pamper me with meals - and sex. I never knew that women like her existed. Sex six days a week, with at least three days with multiple orgasms for me (she always was multi-orgasmic), was what made her happy, and my libido seemed to be in sync with hers. If there ever was a night that I couldn't easily get it up as long as I ate her to an orgasm and mauled her tits she was content.

What also made Stephanie happy was spending money. However, I noticed that her expenditures on clothing, jewelry, spa treatments, and other things for her personally, weren't really excessive. What she used most of the money she spent was giving to charitable causes. Some examples are buying a vacation package for a struggling single mother, delivering a car full of groceries to a food bank, hosting a party for Toys for Tots and buying several thousand dollars-worth of toys for them herself, and providing food and toys for the local animal shelter. One time I asked her about it. Her apparently serious response was "I grew up really poor and vowed that some day I'd be a big benefactor. That's the most enjoyment I get out of life - aside from fucking you, that is."

The afternoon that Stephanie got her divorce decree in the mail she showed up at my office with it in hand. I heard her tell the receptionist "We're not to be disturbed, Carol," then came into my office, locked the door, tossed the decree on my desk, and without another word spun me around in my chair, fished my cock out, and gave me a spectacular blow job, and swallowed every drop.

Then she tucked my glistening cock back into my pants, stood up, gave me a passionate kiss, and said "Why don't you take me to dinner to celebrate, and after I reduce you to a pile of ashes in bed we can talk about our future." She made a point of wiggling her ass as she exited, smiled at the receptionist and said "Have a nice day Carol; Jeff sure is having one."

I didn't dare leave my office for a half hour afraid that everyone would see my flushed face, and still hard cock tenting my pants.

After fulfilling her promise to reduce me to ashes that night Stephanie said "So are you interested in marrying me - with a prenup that I get nothing if I cheat and you divorce me?"

I chuckled; Stephanie was always up front. "Give me a second," I mumbled as I got out of bed, went to my dresser, pulled from under all of the clothes in the bottom drawer a little box, climbed back into bed, opened up the box to display a ring (probably too ostentatious for most, but Stephanie would like it) and asked "Would you continue to make me the most content guy in the state by agreeing to marry me?"

Stephanie's reaction was not what I expected. She put the ring on then started crying. I had never seen her even close to crying before. As she buried her head in my chest I think that she said "Yes, yes, yes," but the sounds were muffled. Then she pushed me away, pulled me back to give me a passionate kiss, and announced "These are tears of joy," then buried her head in my chest again and we fell asleep, wiped out from both the emotion of my proposal and the mind-blowing sex from just before it.

I awoke the next morning with Stephanie sucking my cock. Once she saw that I was awake and that my cock was turgid enough for her she mounted me and proceeded to bounce up and down like she was on a bungee cord while I manipulated her tits. Once we recovered from our orgasms she said "You need to call into your office and tell them you won't be in until noon. We have things to do."

"Yes, dear," I chuckled getting me a playful jab in the ribs.

After we dressed and ate breakfast Stephanie dragged me to my lawyer's office. She had called ahead, but he would have seen us anyway since my companies collectively were one of his biggest clients. Stephanie flashed her ring and a smile, getting us both congratulations. Then she proceeded to tell him what she wanted in the prenup. Her terms were very favorable to me, much more favorable than to her. I protested, and we ended up agreeing to basically equally favorable terms (taking into account my wealth) including making the cheating clause mutual. If she cheated she got only what she brought into the marriage; if I did, she got $3,000,000.

My attorney had the prenup delivered to our house by 6:00 p. m. that night. Stephanie and I both looked it over and were happy with it. Before we went to the local Office store to have it notarized she held my hands and stared into my eyes. "One more thing before we sign, in case you want to change your mind about marrying me."

I looked at her puzzled.

With a crooked smile on her face she said "I'm six weeks pregnant."

I grinned, and with the vestiges of my sarcasm not completely gone asked "Is it mine?"

She punched me in the ribs and snarled "Yes, asshole."

"Then what's the problem?" I asked and gave her as passionate a kiss as I could muster.

We didn't make it to get the prenup notarized that night - fucking my baby mama turned out to be more urgent - but we did get it notarized the next day.


Throughout my relationship with Stephanie, I had constantly tried to get her to tell me who the original stockholders in Sloth Glasses Inc. were that I assumed were the late-night visitors. She would never even give me the slightest clue, and if I persisted she'd get out a piece of duct tape and try to put it over my mouth until I stopped asking. Once we got engaged I honestly didn't think about it anymore. I was really happy with my life. While I don't think that either Stephanie or I were in love (whatever that means) we did really like each other, got along well, and we provided the other with what they wanted in life; her money and great sex; me a real and constant relationship with a female, and great sex.

We decided to get married quickly - before she really started to show. We hired someone else to run the day-to-day affairs of Sloth Glasses LLC, although Stephanie was still the CEO, and by spending all of her time on planning the wedding she was able to get everything set up exactly the way she wanted it within five weeks. We asked for no gifts - instead contributions to one of three charities that Stephanie designated.

I have to say that I was surprised that the people who I wasn't sure were my friends, or just hangers-on, actually acted exactly like friends. They gave Stephanie a wedding shower - again with the presents for the local homeless shelter, but much appreciated by both Stephanie and me - and were thrilled to be included in the wedding festivities.

While I was nervous at the ceremony, I realized that I had no doubt but that I was doing the right thing. From the glow emanating from her face it was clear that Stephanie felt the same way. The ceremony was perfect, and the reception fun.


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