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Author's note: This is a brief little tale without much build-up. I don't usually write stories where the father is the one to make the first move, so this is a little different for me. I hope you enjoy it.

Katie stepped out of the shower, feeling refreshed and exuberant. Relishing the moist heat of the steamy bathroom, she tried (without much luck) to wipe the fog from the mirror. She could just catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror: short, curvaceous, with shoulder-length brown hair. A spray of freckles traveled across her cheeks, as well as down her shoulders and across her breasts, which were generous without being unwieldy. They were big enough that she got glances from the boys, anyway, especially since she'd turned eighteen.

She turned sideways in the mirror, feeling a little vain but still enjoying the way she looked. Katie would never be mistaken for a great beauty, but she was happy to have outgrown the gangly, awkward looks of her youth. Her belly was tight, her shoulders sculpted, and her face had evolved from "weird" to "cute" -- even if she was sometimes self-conscious about the sheer amount of freckles on her nose and cheeks.

Katie had already gotten some compliments from family members over the Christmas weekend. Her grandparents' expansive three-story house had been full of the sound of holiday revelry since Friday, with aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, and cousins from all over populating the rooms. Her family had always held big, elaborate celebrations at Christmastime, and this year was no exception. So already there had been kind remarks from aunts and uncles about "what a beautiful young woman" beautiful" she'd become, sometimes even accompanied by cliched cheek pinches.

Katie didn't make much of that, coming from older relatives, but more than one cousin had thrown a glance her way that was clearly less than familial -- especially when she'd worn the green scoop-neck top she always liked to wear around this time of year. She'd had it since she was about fifteen, and this year she found she'd filled it out to the point where she ran the risk of scandalizing people.

Which, she pondered, might not be all bad. She'd even gotten one long glance from her father, whose gaze she was sure had lingered on her cleavage for a handful of seconds during the Friday night festivities. It wasn't the kind of glance that usually accompanied a command to go change into something more modest.

Fastening her brown hair into a short ponytail with a hair tie, she fetched her panties from the small bathroom table and stepped into them. If her dad thought the top had been cause for alarm, wait until he saw the elfin outfit she'd purchased just for Christmas Eve. With a low neckline, green stockings, and a skirt that ended well above the knee, she thought there was a strong possibility one of her older relatives would scold her.

Worth it, she thought. Katie wanted to see if her dad would defend her wardrobe choice. She knew she shouldn't be thinking such thoughts about her dad, but she couldn't help it. She was eighteen, out on her own with a full-time job, had no boyfriend, and hadn't seen her dad in months. She loved him fiercely, and at the moment he was the youngest and most handsome man in her life.

That, and there was no sense putting too fine a point on it -- the holidays invariably made her horny. Between Thanksgiving and New Year's, Katie tended to be a train wreck of questionable romantic decisions.

Downstairs, over the sound of the bathroom fan, she could just hear the ebb and flow of conversation as the family started gathering for breakfast. It was going to be loud and boisterous, like every meal had been so far. She was happy to hear the sound, but also grateful for the moment of solitude she had up here on the second floor. Even with as many bathrooms and bedrooms as the house had, it was sometimes difficult to get a moment's privacy.

Moving at a leisurely pace, Katie smeared moisturizer on her body as the fog slowly cleared from the mirror. She lingered a while as she stroked her lower belly, feeling the ambient arousal that had pestered her since her arrival, wishing she were in a position to do something about it. She supposed she could take care of herself right here and now, but the ache she felt couldn't be satisfied with a quickie masturbation session.

Sighing softly to herself, Katie applied some makeup before getting dressed, still clad in nothing but her panties. Her outfit was a purple button-down top and a black skirt -- nothing too provocative, but maybe with a little luck, she'd get some more covetous glances from family members. Maybe one of the older men. She liked that idea.

She had just finished applying lipstick when the bathroom door opened and her father walked in.

Looking back on it later, Katie would never be able to verbally explain exactly how what happened next came to pass.

He stood there in the doorway: the tall, imposing, muscular figure she'd known all her life, brown hair short, immaculately trimmed beard covering his chin and cheeks. Those piercing blue eyes that were forceful yet kind at the same time.

In a split second, she took in the full sight of him. The expression of shock on his face. His hand on the doorknob. The pale blue robe he wore, open enough to expose the gently rippling muscles on his chest leading down to the slight belly he was developing in middle age. The way the robe, borrowed and too big, hung on him, the soft bathrobe belt that was tied loose -- loose enough that she could see the shape of his belly, leading down to the dark upper edge of his pubic hair.

By all rights, she should have screamed. Covered herself up. Protested loudly, even knowing it was an accident. Felt horror and embarrassment at her father seeing her all but naked. She knew he should have recoiled, apologizing frantically as he withdrew, the door slamming shut, leaving them both to deal with their humiliation in private.

But Katie didn't do any of these things. Neither did her father. Instead, they both froze, gazes locked. Katie stood wide-eyed, the lipstick tube inches from her open mouth. Her dad stood equally motionless, his jaw dropped.

And then she saw his gaze travel down her body. She watched every flicker of his glance, down the line of her back to her ass, then up to the reflection of her belly and breasts. Lingering there for a moment before returning to her face.

She still didn't move. By this time, Katie felt, surely she should be laughing in embarrassment and disbelief, aghast yet amused at the absurdity of it -- father and daughter looking at each other this way. But she didn't do that either.

Instead, she looked down to below his waist, where the belt of his bathrobe seemed, like a living thing, to be undoing itself. She didn't realize it was because of her father's burgeoning erection until the robe came undone completely, revealing his cock in its entirety.

A swell of laughter and noise drifted up from downstairs. Katie barely heard it. Her gaze was fixed on her father's erect penis: thick, veiny, with a broad purple head and a thick tuft of pubic hair at its base. Katie found it both ugly and beautiful at the same time -- the least bewildering of the emotions she felt at the moment.

She realized she'd been gazing at it a long time, with an expression not unlike ravenous hunger. When her eyes met her father's again, she was sure the desire on her face was crystal-clear.

"Dad--" she whispered. The word drifted off on its own. She had nothing to follow it.

Then her dad closed the door, and with a twist of the knob, locked it.

Katie had time to put down her lipstick before he was on her. Rough hands grabbed her: one by the waist, the other by the shoulder. She instantly felt the thick head of his cock push against her ass through her underwear.

She gasped, an involuntary startled whimper escaping her mouth. Katie's heart was suddenly beating so fast she feared she might pass out.

He leaned down. His lips brushed against her back and shoulders as he kissed her there. The bliss was overwhelming. Her body shuddered, back and arms stippling with goosebumps at his forbidden touch. She realized she was breathing heavily, as if she'd just run up the stairs, and that she was making a high-pitched moan with every breath.

The hand on her waist drifted up to her belly, then her breast, cupping it, squeezing. Katie's arousal lit her brain on fire, made her feel like she would entirely melt in his arms, transformed into nothing but pure taboo desire. She put a hand over his, indicating she wanted his touch there, because she did, suddenly more than anything she'd ever wanted in her life. She wanted that, and so much more.

He still hadn't spoken a word, and she only one. Katie's mind was reeling. This was the man who had brought her into the world. Who had raised her from the time she was a girl. Who had taught her the difference between right and wrong, what was acceptable and what wasn't, how to act in polite society. Her parent. Her sweet, strong, dependable dad.

Reaching back with her free hand, she hooked her thumb into the waistband of her panties and pulled down, so her dad could put his cock in her.

Katie struggled to complete the task one-handed, but he soon saw her intent and reached down to finish it for her. In an instant, her panties were down to her ankles, puddled on the floor. In the next instant, those rough but gentle hands were on her back, pushing her down, bending her over the bathroom sink.

She braced one hand against the mirror with a low cry, knowing what was coming next. For a moment, her gaze fixed on the little half-moons of fog her splayed fingers made on the glass. Then she felt her father's swollen and rock-hard cock nudge her ass for a moment, seeking, before finding her pussy and pushing inside.

Katie's pussy was already drenched, and so her father slipped in easily. But the sensation of his cock filling her was overwhelming, startling, the taboo impossibility of it threatening to melt her consciousness. A loud, involuntary groan escaped her, a sound of pleasure indistinguishable from a cry of agony.

But if there were a time where either of them might have backed away from the irreversible taboo of this moment, it was long past.

Katie's mind reeled, and she despaired that the noise she made might have alerted the people downstairs. She could only hope not. But another moan threatened to escape as he pushed further into her, exquisitely, and rather than chide her or even say a word, he clapped a hand over his daughter's mouth.

If she had felt arousal before, now it was off every chart she had. As he began to thrust, slowly at first but steadily quickening, she gave herself over to the white-hot clarity of the moment. With his hand over her mouth, she gave herself free to voice her ecstasy as she saw fit, unleashing muffled screams of pleasure into his palm, at the same time managing a small, frantic nod to let him know she approved.

Another wave of familial laughter drifted up from below. Breakfast, it seemed, was continuing just fine without them. She only hoped no one came up to fetch them in the next few moments.

Breathing rapidly through her nose, she surrendered to the rhythm of him, to the pleasure that verged on pain as he filled her with his cock. Her hand slipped on the mirror, making a squeaking sound and trailing a thin smear of fingerprints. Her lipstick, she was sure, was ruined.

She relished the thought. Her mind fixated on the low quickness of his breath, his faint grunts of rising pleasure as he fucked his daughter. Her mind was alight, barely functional through this taboo ecstasy. She tried to encompass what was really happening to her, and her mind simply flew apart, scattered to pieces by the forbidden reality of it.

Her right hand was still braced against the mirror, her left gripping the edge of the bathroom counter. As her whole body prickled with bliss, she put her left hand behind her lower back, opening and closing her fingers rapidly. Miraculously, her father divined her intent, and without a word took her wrist and pulled her arm gently upward, pinning it behind her back in a restraint that was rapturously painful. She gave a hoarse groan.

He thrust harder now, driving her belly against the edge of the bathroom sink with every thrust, going deeper inside her than any man ever had. Katie realized her eyes had been squeezed shut, and she opened them now. The scene in the mirror was incendiary: her with her mouth covered, hair flying with every thrust, involuntary tears of pleasure trickling down her cheeks and over his fingers. Her father, behind her, expression fixed in intense concentration as he held her in place, restraining her even though she never wanted to get away from it, never wanted it to end. Fucking his daughter hard from behind.

And just like that, she began to come. It seemed to build suddenly, out of nowhere, faster and stronger than anything she'd ever felt. Her body began to spasm, and her muffled cries became desperate sobs of euphoria. Picking up on her encroaching orgasm, he thrust faster, harder, somehow deeper, and Katie felt for a moment like she might simply fly apart with the intensity of it.

His thrusts reached a rapid peak, and his grip on her wrist and mouth tightened as he involuntarily drew her arm up even further behind her back. It hurt, but the pain melded with the oncoming orgasm, fusing with it like a nuclear reaction.

Katie heard him speak his first words since coming into the bathroom, a fierce, hoarse whisper.

"Katie... fuck! Katie!"

She felt his cock swell inside her, actually felt the hot, wet gush and spreading warmth as he came inside her. Her own orgasm overtook her in the next moment, scattering her consciousness like shattering glass. She sobbed against her father's hand, eyes squeezed shut tight, and then a long series of animal moans escaped her as her body spasmed with orgasm, twitching like she'd been electrified.

And then it was over.

Katie sagged, her body feeling boneless and liquid, her knees threatening to buckle beneath her. Her dad let go of her mouth and arm, and she gasped with relief, both at the breath and the cessation of the pain in her arm, pleasurable though it had been.

His hands were around her waist now, his cock still inside her. When he slipped out -- a sensation exquisite in itself -- she felt a dripping wetness down the inside of her thighs. Her shower had been at least partially undone, as well as her makeup -- but that was a price she would gladly pay, a thousand times over.

She rose, somewhat painfully -- the time she'd spent bent over the bathroom sink felt both like forever and the merest instant -- and turned to him.

The mix of emotions she saw in her father's face mirrored her own: pleasure, gratitude, disbelief, and the ghost of rising doubt.

But not regret. Not for either of them, not now. Maybe never.

Before those ghosts could rise further to haunt either of them, she pressed herself against him, cupped his face in her hands, and kissed her father deeply.

Their mouths didn't open, their tongues didn't twine. It almost wasn't sexual in any way -- a kiss of unalloyed love between a father and daughter who had suddenly become far more.

Katie didn't want the kiss to end. But it had to, and she withdrew reluctantly, enjoying the feeling of her breasts and belly pressed against her father's bare torso. His erection, now slippery, was pinned precariously between their bodies. She reached down to give it a reassuring squeeze, wanting to remember the shape of it.

He leaned down, and their foreheads touched in the aftermath of the kiss.

"Katie," he whispered.

"I love you, dad," she whispered back. "I love you so much."


She pressed fingers to his lips softly, not wanting to hear what came next. Not yet. In this moment, Katie felt very certain about what she wanted from her future, but she wasn't sure he felt the same. She didn't want to be robbed of that future, nor did she want it confirmed. She just wanted the perfection of this moment.

"We'll figure it out," she said. "Together. Okay?"

He smiled and nodded. "You always were a smart girl."

She grinned and kissed him again. His hands, which had been resting on her bare waist again, came down to squeeze her ass briefly, a gesture that boded well for the future Katie now knew she desired.

"I'd better get dressed," she said. "They're going to wonder what happened to us."

Her father nodded and let her go, albeit reluctantly. "I'll give you a minute. Then I'll need my turn."

"I won't be long," she promised.

He leaned down and kissed her once more, and now their tongues did meet, the kiss more carnal but no less loving for it. Then he slipped out the door, closing it behind him.

Katie toweled off and dressed quickly, heart still beating fast, her body feeling effervescent with what just happened. As she fixed her thoroughly undone makeup and dutifully cleaned up any evidence of their encounter, she felt happiness bubble up inside her, a sensation unlike anything she'd ever felt.

She imagined she was going to get more comments when she came downstairs, with cheeks flush and eyes bright. They would think it was holiday cheer, most likely. Let them. Katie hoped it wouldn't be the last time she felt this pleasure before the holiday weekend was out.

She had a feeling she and her father were about to get to know each other much more closely. And she loved that thought.

With a grin, she wiped the last of the fog from the bathroom window. Posing briefly to make sure she was presentable, she offered her reflection an ecstatic grin, then left the bathroom to embrace her new future. dearingмладите-хандбалистки-стартираха-нац/ & u=30395睦月-どっちの膣内が好き-dl版-mutsuki-docchi-no-chitsunai-ga-suki-digital/


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