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A guy with the profile name "It's Not Small" pinged me and asked if we could hook up in his car. I unlocked, then he unlocked. Once I saw that fat 9" cock, I said yes, where should we meet. He told me to park in a nearby commuter parking lot, in the corner closest to the road and he'd park next to me in his Mercedes station wagon.

I parked and he parked next to me. I got into his car and we drove to a quiet street and we got in the back. He pulled down his pants and underwear. I leaned over and wrapped my lips around his thick cock. He held my head as I sucked his thick cock. I could feel his cock start throbbing in my throat as he held my head all the way down and shot big down my throat, saying, "Oh, my God. I was not expecting to shoot that quickly, you are an amazing cocksucker! I'm Greg."

"I'm Mike."

Later, he pinged me asking if I wanted to suck him again in his car with his friend, who had a 9" x 6" uncut cock. He gave me his profile name, "Hung Greek Daddy". I searched for him and was amazed and was looking forward to sucking him. I said yes and we met at the same place. I got in the back of his car and the Greek guy asked Greg what my name was. Greg said, "Mike." The Greek guy already had his pants and underwear down and I sucked him off while Greg drove behind an office building and parked.

As Greg was opening the back door, the Greek guy, Constos, shot down my throat, saying "Greg you were right, he is the only cocksucker I've used who could swallow me all the way and take my load without gagging." Greg got in and I sucked him off and swallowed his load. Then, I sucked the Greek guy again and took his load.

Then, the Greek guy said, "It's dark here and no one is around. Greg, let's get out of the car and properly throat fuck this cocksucker and shoot on his face." After we got out of the car the Greek guy commanded, "Cocksucker, get on your knees and back on your shins against Greg's car and open that hot cocksucker mouth wide!"

He put one hand on top of the car and one on my throat and leaned forward shoving his cock all the way down my throat pinning my head against the car. He piston fucked my throat and shot again saying, "Don't you feel lucky, cocksucker Mike, to have my big, thick, uncut Greek cock down your hot, tight throat? I can feel it going in and out!"

Then Greg did the same thing, breathlessly saying as he shot, "Mike, Mike, swallow my load! I'm glad I finally got to hold your head and throat fuck you properly! It was great feeling my cock slide in and out of your throat. Did you feel it throb when I shot?" It was so, so hot getting face fucked so hard out in the open.

Then, Greek Daddy pulled me up to my feet, turned me around and told me to put my hands on the car. He pulled down my pants and underwear, put lube on my ass, fingered it, then shoved his huge, uncut cock all the way up my ass with his hands on my shoulders, piston fucking up into my ass, pushing me all the way down on his cock.

He slowed down, whispering in my ear, "I'm going to enjoy your hot ass for as long as I can. Ok with you, Mike?"

"Yes, yes, yes, you can fuck my ass all night. It feels so amazing!" He kept him mouth near my ear so I could hear him start to pant louder and louder, then as his cock throbbed wildly up my ass, he yelled out, "Mike, Mike, you totally milked a huge load of Greek semen out of my cock with your tight ass. I shot big, you'll love swallowing it, then me fucking it and another load down your tight hot semen-swallowing throat!"

He pulled out, commanded me to get on my knees, head back, mouth wide open, with my back to the car. He slowly dripped his semen into my mouth. It was a huge amount of semen. He then put one hand on the back of my head and the other under my chin and said, "I'm going to feel my huge, Greek uncut cock go in and out of your semen-swallowing throat and when my cock throbs more of my hot semen down into your belly.

He did that and it was so amazing and aggressive I almost passed out in ecstasy. Greg asked, "Mike, can I now fuck your ass?"

I answered, "No, I'm done for tonight. Sorry." (I was not as attractive to him as I was Greek Daddy, who was super hot).

I also sucked Greg twice at his home in Clifton (I have 2 videos: 1 with him lying on his back and me going down on him until he cums while holding my head down and one where I am on my back and he fucks my throat and jerks on my face. I still jerk off to these videos) and once in our garage.

When I moved to my apartment, I invited Greg and Constos over. I started by rolling a condom down on Constos' cock, making him groan loudly. I then squatted over his cock, then sat down on while Greg put one hand on the top back of my head and under my chin and shoved his cock down my throat.

I bounced up and down on Constos' cock as he flexed his hips up and down, impaling my ass in rhythm with Greg impaling my throat. After about 4 glorious minutes, I felt their huge, thick cocks throb and each spurt of their semen as Constos shot up my ass into his condom and Greg down my throat.

Greg texted me to ask me to park in that parking lot again. He and Constos were in his Mercedes. Greg drove us to a nearby park and into its empty parking lot. We got out and walked into a wooden area. We all stripped. They both had nice bodies. I leaned up against a tree, spread my legs and shook my ass.

Constos said, "Fuck, look Greg, he's all ready for our huge cocks. I'll go first. He slapped lube on my ass and fingered it. Then, he just shoved it all the way up and, holding my hips, piston-fucked me hard for what felt like heaven, then shoved it all the way up, put his hands on my shoulders and held me all the way down on his thick cock as it throbbed up my ass.

He pulled out and Greg did the same thing to me. Then, I felt another, bigger cock go up my ass. I turned around and there was a tall, hot, black man fucking my ass with a huge smile on his face. "Please go slow. I love feeling your black cock up my ass. How big is it and what is your name?"

"It's 12 x 6 uncut. I'm Thomas. You have a very hot ass. I guess Greg and Constos loosened it up for me."

After he shot, I got on my knees, bent back my head and opened my mouth wide. Thomas dripped his huge load down my throat, then putting his hands on the back of my head, guided my throat all the way down on his 12-inch python and slowly, slowly fucked my throat. He grunted and said, "Mike, your throat is as tight and hot as your ass. His cock throbbed and he shot so deep down my esophagus that I didn't even feel the spurts or taste his semen. I knew it was sweet from what he dripped down my throat.

Then, Constos throat fucked me, then Greg. Then, Thomas leaned back against the back of a bench and handed me a condom and lube. I opened the condom and rolled it down on his cock, swallowing his huge python again. I lubed his cock and my ass, turned around, and sat on it while Constos slid his cock down my throat.

They flexed their hips in unison for about 5 minutes, then both grunted at the same time, their cocks throbbed, and I knew they were filling me with more hot semen.

I pulled off Thomas. Greg leaned back on the bench. I rolled a condom down on his cock, turned around and sat on it as Thomas poured his semen in my mouth and throat fucked me in rhythm with Greg. They came at the same time. Then, Constos leaned back. I sat on his cock while Greg fucked my throat. I swallowed Constos' condom semen, then he throat fucked more down into my belly.

Greg said, "Mike, you've been such a good Cock Slave this evening. What do you want to do?"

"Watch Thomas and Constos spit roast you, Thomas up your ass first, then switching."

I loved watching Greg get fucked up the ass and down the throat. He obviously loved it.

Greg drove us back to the parking lot. I drove home. A few days later, Greg texted me that he was hosting Constos, Thomas and his boyfriend, Luis at his house, telling me Luis had a thick 11" uncut cock. I drove there impatient to get all those cocks up my ass and throat.

When I went upstairs to Greg's bedroom, Luis was laying back on the bed, his huge cock rock hard and totally skinned back. There were condoms on the bedside table with a bottle of lube and a large glass. I put a condom in my mouth and rolled it all the way down Luis' python, looking into his eyes, him watching with a big smile as he watch his cock disappear down my throat. I pulled off him and sat down on his cock. Greg fucked my throat as Luis fucked my ass in rhythm. They both made one final thrust and shot up my ass and down my throat.

Luis poured his huge load of semen in the glass. Constos got on his back. I condomed him with my mouth, sat on it while Thomas fucked my throat. Again, Constos poured his semen in the glass. Then, I sat on Thomas' cock while Luis fucked my throat. Thomas poured his condom semen in the glass. Greg told me to get on my knees, open my mouth and keep my eyes open.

Luis poured all the semen from the glass down my throat. I chugged it all, making exaggerated gulping sounds. They clearly loved it as they all stood around me, stroking their huge cocks, and when they were about to shoot, walked up and shot on my face and tongue. Luis fucked all that semen down my throat and added more.

Then, Luis got on his knees on the bed. I took his ass while Constos took his throat. I poured my condom semen in the glass. Then, Greg took his throat while Constos took his ass, pouring his semen in the glass. Then, I took his throat while Greg got on his back and swallowed Luis' cock as Constos pounded Luis' ass, shoving his cock in and out of Greg's throat. Constos poured his semen in the glass, then Constos took his throat while Greg took his ass, and I swallowed his cock.

Constos poured his semen in the glass, which Luis fed me before backing me up against the bed and banging my throat hard with his hands on the bed. He grunted and shot what must have been a huge load considering how many times his huge, thick cock throbbed. He kept his cock down my throat, saying, "Greg, you could learn a lot from this hot cock sucker."

He pulled out and stood up. Greg got on his knees and licked Luis' cock to get it hard, then swallowed it in one gulp. Luis groaned and held his head down on him, then with one hand on the back top of his head and the other under his chin, guided Greg's throat up and down his cock. I could tell Luis was about to shoot as he started grunting. He pulled out so just his cock head was in Greg's mouth and shot. "Don't swallow until I pull out." He pulled out and Greg swallowed what was clearly a huge load.

"Luis, how did I do?"

"Great, Greg. Get on your back, legs up!" Luis barebacked Greg hard, holding his hips, shoving his cock all the way up his ass and then almost out. He started grunting loudly and pulled out and jerked a huge load onto Greg's belly and chest.

"Mike, clean that up, then suck Greg's cock. I did. Then Thomas throat fucked me again. I left after that. We hooked up there several times, sometimes with enough men that Greg, Luis, Thomas and I could all get spit roasted at the same time. & t=35406


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