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The endurance was tested again a mere eight hours after Chase had turned off the lights. With the flick of a switch light flooded the space. The slaves cried out at the intrusion, but recovered quickly, moving to kneel in their cells.

"I hope you got your rest. We are improving endurance once again. Princess, Whore, and Pointless, kneel down. Precious, Cocksucker and Boy Display. Worthless, Useless and Wishful, Present."

With yawns around the slaves clamoured to their position and held them. He wanted Precious or Boy to fail, but had to give the chance to undergo punishment to all slaves so Cocksucker was lumped into the group. The male slave had been doing what was asked, but had been relatively quiet and unassuming for awhile.

Chase returned to his room and workbench, taking apart the radio that failed it's field test. The signal just wasn't strong enough. He tinkered with the components, looking over his options while the slaves were on full view with his television screens.

Hours went by, lunch brought to only the Master and Elliot dismissed. He saw Cocksucker wavering, but so was Boy. Only Precious was still standing strong with her arms out at shoulder length.

Two hours later, just over five hours into the endurance test, Boy surrendered and put his arms down. Knowing that he failed, he sank to his knees and lowered his head.

"Slaves, released. There is thirty minutes for showers. Boy, to the stairs. I will show you what happens when you fail me."

The slaves moved to where they were assigned, Boy's cock already hard at the thought of either punishment or humiliation. Chase kicked him as he moved next to the slave. Boy moaned at the attention. A collar was shown to Boy, who offered his neck only to be smacked to the ground.

Chase moved to put his foot on Boy's stomach to hold him down. Quick work wrapped Boy's cock and balls, pulling them tight in the choker leash. Spikes dug into his privates as Chase allowed him to get back to his feet, but his erection never wavered.

Before he took him further upstairs, Boy was fitted with a tight cock ring to keep the erection he was so proud of, and a severe cock cage that dug points into the hardened cock. The slave would be in constant pain.

Moving into the club had Boy panting in excitement at the other slaves, and the looks he received from the other Masters. Chase tugged his leash and pointed down. Boy got to all fours, looking up at his Master to make sure that was what he wanted. Chase pulled a hood over the slave's head, leaving his mouth free, but wide open due to a gag in the mask. Boy's cock twitched, sending pain through him and making him moan.

Hood tight, it deprived the slave of sight and sound. A leash, Boy felt, was hooked to his harsh cock cage and he was led on all fours across the room. Boy moved where directed willingly, reveling in the sensations his Master was giving him.

Once the leash paused, Chase touched the slave's ass, telling him to sit, although he couldn't hear. For long moments he remained, nothing around him to give him sensations before trying to fidget only to receive a cane across his ass. Letting out a squeal he couldn't hear he moved back to position.

Time seemed to stretch on, Boy losing all sense of how long it had been since he was unable to use references. He struggled within himself to remain still, the worst punishment that his Master could give him. In the middle of a crowded club, helpless to oppose...he was allowed to do nothing.

His head was grabbed by a strap on top of the hood and a cock was shoved into his open mouth. Unable to close his lips or teeth, Boy started working on the member with the only thing he had left, his tongue. Lapping and ecstatic for some input, the slave worked doubly hard to gain approval.

Moments later liquid shot into his throat that he made sure to not spill a drop. His cock that was kept hard due to the cock ring, started aching again knowing he had received some feedback. He cast about for something else once the unknown cock was gone.

And then came another long wait of nothing. And Boy sat, anxious for this next command. And none came for nearly twenty minutes. His lead was tugged pulling him forward and he took two steps forward before pain erupted on his back.

Blows came down from different directions. A paddle on his arms, a cane across his ass, a crop on his back and a strap up and down his legs. None of them hit at once, they threw him back and forth by each blow. His cock raged against the spikes and only moans came out of his mouth. The blows slowed before stopping altogther. Then there was the paddle on his arms, going all over his body in rapid succession and ending with three swats that made him pitch forward with a moan. Next the strap followed the path of the paddle with three hard on his ass, and then one on the bottom of each foot.

He shivered, knowing what was coming next, and soon enough the strap followed the path of both the paddle and crop before it. His skin was inflamed, and he wasn't close to being done. The strap put the three on his ass, one on the bottom of each foot, and then an up swing hitting his chest. Boy moaned knowing the cane was next and he was begging it would give him enough pain that he would think he was feeling something.

The cane had no warm up, and many more strikes in each place the implements had traveled ending with his ass, his feet, an up-swing on his chest, and a pause. He moaned as he waited to see where the last blow would land. Finally the cane came on the back of his legs, catching his balls in the middle.

Boy screamed in both pleasure and pain as his body wanted to turn the pain into a climax, but the cock ring prohibited it. Tears ran down his face as his body was only allowed to process the pain. He wasn't given long to feel it as a cock was shoved both in his mouth and ass at the same moment.

Ten hours later there was not a space on Boy that was free of some sort of colour, save for his cock straining against the spikes in the cock cage that did not deter his erection.

And then he was alone. For two hours he sat, waiting. Desperate to be given his word or some sort of interaction.

Then the world came crashing back into his silent world. There was no one else in the club, but the noises he heard amplified to the point he put his hands over his ears. That was cut short by a foot on his back, pushing him back to all fours.

The gag came out of his mouth and he started to babble in whisper. "Thank you, Master. Thank you. Please, Master..." he started and a ball gag was shoved back into his mouth.

"I did not tell you to speak, Boy. Do you need to be back in the hood?" his Master snapped at him and he shook his head violently. "Then remain silent when it is removed. I do not care what you want or how you feel. You will not be released from the cage or given your word. Perhaps you will try harder on the endurance exercises next time." Boy nodded his understanding. Chase removed the gag once more and Boy went to kiss his Master's shoes.

A sharp tug on the leash told Boy to get to his feet and follow, which he did without hesitation, leading the slave back to his home. Once in his cell, Chase secured Boy to the bars of his cage.

* * * * * * *

"Bitch, get over here." Chase shouted to Precious who scrambled to make it to his side. She could see he was angry, his work had not been going well. She expected to feel his frustration and waited by his side. "Get under the desk, you pathetic cunt. Service, but if I can't work, I'll yank you out of there and beat you until you pass out, then do it again."

Precious crawled under his desk, into the small section he had set aside for just a purpose. she took his cock and kissed it lovingly. By doing well perhaps she could calm him down, or maybe even make his work better. His distraction was severe as his cock was still not hard, despite her ministrations. She didn't rush, just continued to lap and circle his cock, pulling back to blow a cold breath on it. The breeze made his cock twitch and begin to harden.

A slight moan told the slave she was doing well. Seeing her Master shift in his chair told her to slow down or interrupt his work. She pulled back, using light touches and breath to keep him interested, but not to disrupt him.

Chase turned back to his work as his slave backed off. He stared at the components, trying to figure out why they don't make sense. A moment later the elevator dinged and doors opened.

The Master heard the other person start to speak and held up his hand then pointed to his desk. Getting a nod in return he waved the person closer.

"Sir, you wanted that booster when it was finished?" the other person asked. Chase had stopped the other employee from addressing him. None of his slaves would ever hear his name, they were not worthy. Anyone that dealt with Chase knew the dungeon he kept, and the rules they were required to follow.

"Yes, could they make any improvements?" Chase questioned as he took the box from the man.

"They mentioned something, a ten perfect boost, but were not sure if it was enough."

Chase sighed. "I understand. Please ask them to continue to experiment? I got one floor, but that's all. It's not enough."

"Yes, sir."

"Take any payment you want downstairs." Chase waved him off as he went back to his work. A tap of his hand on his desk startled Precious back to her work and not listening to the conversation.

"Thanks." the man agreed, moving back to the elevator.

When the doors closed Chase reached under the desk, pulling the slave out by her collar. A slap across the face sent her to the ground while he pulled up and zipped his pants. Precious knew she had finally made a mistake and knelt before him.

"Listening?" Chase questioned.

"No, Master. I didn't want to distract you in front of someone else." Precious whispered. Brought to her feet, Chase knocked her back down.

"Thinking? Looks like my perfect slave isn't so perfect. She wants things to gossip."

"No, Master. I'm sorry." Precious started sobbing, not enough to trigger to collar, but to show remorse.

"Table." Chase commanded and Precious jumped to lay on the punishment table. "Looks like you will be here until I am done working instead of under my desk."

Changing the settings to be more severe, Chase returned to his desk as the machine starting bringing down the cane onto Precious's skin. & t=9012 & start=140é-de-mon-numéro-mobile/Date-de-fin-du-forfait-SFR-demain/td-p/2495686 & _nid=26235665 & page=118


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