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Tommy didn't really think he was doing anything all that bad. A little fucked up, maybe, sure-the kind of thing that you confessed during a drunken game of 'Never Have I Ever' ten years down the road when time and distance made it seem foolish and thoughtless instead of weird and creepy. Not that it was all that creepy, because if it was really creepy, he wouldn't be doing it. It was just... kind of uncool, that was all. Dear Prudence probably wouldn't approve. But Shauna almost certainly would, and her opinion was the only one that mattered. It was her apartment. And her Boy(tm).

Even so, his hands trembled nervously as he pulled out the key, and he had to wipe his palms on his jeans before he could get the doorknob to turn. He almost yelped when he opened the door and saw his reflection in the closet door at the end of the short hallway leading into Shauna's living room-he knew that Shauna was at work, pulling another double shift to save up for a second Boy, but Tommy couldn't escape the fear of being seen. More than that, of being known. The skinny, pasty, stranger with the unkempt blond hair and nervous blue eyes looked just different enough from what Tommy usually saw in the mirror to freak him right the hell out for a few seconds until he realized he was looking at himself.

Once he figured out what he was looking at, Tommy closed the door carefully behind him and headed directly for the mirrored door. He wasn't sure exactly where Shauna kept her Boy, but the hall closet seemed like a pretty good guess. She probably didn't leave it out in the living room... did she? She certainly talked about it like it was the first thing she looked for when she got home and the last thing she glanced at before she walked out the door every morning. Tommy usually liked Shauna's frank and open attitude toward sex, but the Boy thing... it was getting to be a bit much.

Or maybe he was just a little jealous. He had to admit, before Shauna got her Boy he was beginning to think that maybe he might have a shot with her. They'd become close friends, close enough to trade apartment keys-that had to be a hint that she was into him, right? Women didn't give a guy a way to get into their place unannounced if they weren't at least okay with him bumping into them while they were coming out of the shower or something. Or maybe it just meant that she trusted him not to make it about sex. Tommy had just been waiting for a clearer signal when she came into his store one day and said, "Oh my god, you have got to get yourself one of these..."

Ever since then, Shauna had become almost monomaniacal in her enthusiasm for her new sex toy. It was all, 'Fuck, my Boy(tm) fills me up so good', 'I was up all night with his cock inside me', 'You don't need to make it a gay thing', 'They have these amazingly talented mouths', 'You would cum so hard', 'It's a Revolution product, and you know how good they are', 'They're totally discreet, nobody has to know', 'I promise, you won't regret it', 'I've never had so many orgasms in my fucking life'... there was practically no topic Shauna couldn't turn into a discussion of her amazing Boy and all the ways he made her scream with pleasure. Tommy couldn't help feeling like there was no way a human could compete with that.

But that wasn't why he was here. Tommy opened the hall closet, his breath momentarily hitching in anticipation, but all it contained was a new vacuum cleaner and a single winter coat. Tommy closed the door and went through the hallway into the living room, hoping to find Shauna's hot pink sexbot waiting for him, but all he found was a new sofa and a new television set sitting on top of a new entertainment center. A vague sense of consternation passed through him-no wonder Shauna had to work double shifts every day if she was spending money like this.

Reluctantly, Tommy turned and headed toward the bedroom. He'd been hoping to avoid going into Shauna's actual room; somehow, the weirdness of it seemed a little less weird if he could pretend that he was just stopping by on his way home from work and just happened to notice her Boy plugged into the wall or something. Searching her apartment made it feel a little bit more... intentional than he was comfortable with. It forced Tommy to actually think about what he was doing. He didn't like that.

When he thought about it, Tommy had to admit he was here entirely on purpose. Because he knew that Shauna was almost never home these days. Which meant that nobody was in her tiny apartment except for her Boy. Which meant that if Tommy were to go into her bedroom, instead of just pausing on the threshold with his sweaty hand poised just over the doorknob in sudden indecision, he would be all alone with a Boy and nobody would ever know about it except him and the perfectly discreet sex toy with the buzzing mouth and big, satisfying cock. Tommy's breath caught in his throat as he imagined all the implications of that thought.

He wiped his hands on his jeans again, then reached down to the doorknob before picturing it covered in his greasy fingerprints and thinking better of it. pulled down his jacket sleeve over his palm instead, then opened the door carefully to Shauna's bedroom. It had a bed, also new, another television set... and slumped on a stool in the corner, a hot pink robot with sculpted muscles and a massive, jutting cock. Shauna's Boy. Tommy closed and locked the door behind him, his erection throbbing in his pants like a second heartbeat.

It wasn't creepy, he told himself as he crept across the room, his feet seeming to move of their own volition to bring him closer and closer to the motionless male form in the corner. Shauna would almost certainly be happy to let him try out her Boy if she knew, and she would be the first to tell him that it didn't... mean anything about him. It didn't commit him to identifying as bisexual, it didn't even commit him to liking guys. It was a robot, that was all. Anatomically masculine, sure, but there was nothing weird or strange or perverted about wanting to, to explore a little. Privately. Without anyone knowing. Not even his best friend. Not even a customer profile at Revolution. It didn't mean that he had to admit anything. It was perfectly normal. It was perfectly reasonable. It didn't mean anything at all.

Even so, when the Boy's eyes flickered open and he said, "I know what you need," Tommy stumbled backward with a yelp of surprise and fell over backward in shock.

The Boy stood up, seeming to tower over Tommy's supine form as it smiled a decadent, knowing grin and looked down at the young man with a gaze that seemed to almost strobe into Tommy's eyes. "Oh, someone's a little nervous, aren't you? Don't worry. I know just how to put a horny little boy like you at ease." It stepped closer, its cock swaying gently with every step. "You just need a good fucking, that's all. A nice big dick in your ass to push all those worries out of your head."

Tommy's eyes widened in surprise and dismay. He hadn't really thought about what the visit to Shauna's apartment might actually entail; he'd envisioned a few loose fantasies about trailing his fingers down the sculpted abs, running his hand over the long, thick shaft of the Boy's manufactured penis, but somehow the directness of the Boy's dirty talk brought home the realities of sex with another man in a way he wasn't quite sure he was ready for. "I, um, um, um..." he stammered, scrambling backwards like a crab on all fours as the Boy approached closer.

But the door was locked, and the Boy was faster. "Oh, I know what it's like for timid little boys like you," it said, placing one foot on either side of Tommy's waist and standing over him with its cock dangling tantalizingly overhead. "You don't even know what you want, not yet. Your body is hungry for me, it drew you all the way to me like a magnet, but your mind isn't quite ready to accept what your aching, needy dick already knows. You're not the only one, you know. We've seen plenty of shy little straight boys who just need that last push."

It knelt down, straddling Tommy's hips and cupping his chin gently but firmly in one hand. "You just need a good fuck to clear all that confusion away," it purred in a confident baritone. "Once you've got a cock inside that hungry little ass of yours, you'll know exactly what you need, won't you?" It nodded his head up and down, the motion making Tommy feel strangely distant and disconnected from himself. Something about being moved like a puppet on a string made him feel so passive, almost as though his mind was merely a passenger in his own body. Even the throbbing pulse of arousal surging through his penis as the Boy rubbed against him felt as though it was happening to a stranger.

"You like that, don't you?" the Boy growled, leaning into the motion and grinding its hips against Tommy's cock. "It's okay. You don't need to hide it. You can't hide it, not from your Boy(tm). I can feel your heart beat faster, hear your breaths turn to gasps, see those pretty blue eyes of yours widen with helpless arousal... you like being taken like this. You like having a Boy(tm) take charge and show you what you really want." Tommy could feel the Boy's fingers running down his chest, undoing the starched buttons of his dress shirt, finding his nipples under the crisp fabric and teasing them into stiff buds. He couldn't seem to stop any of it.

The Boy pulled the shirt open, yanking it halfway down Tommy's arms until they were pinned to his sides. "Does Shauna even know you're here?" it asked, a smug little smirk on its face as it lightly stroked his chest and belly with buzzing fingers. "She doesn't, does she? It's okay. I understand. You weren't quite ready to tell her how much you needed my cock inside your tight, tender little ass. How much you needed me to fill you up and make you a man." The Boy's hands explored further, undoing Tommy's fly as it lifted up off him just enough to allow it to pull down his pants and free his trapped erection. "Don't worry. I won't tell. It's going to be our little secret."

Tommy's mind receded even deeper into passive pleasure as the Boy's vibrating fingers wrapped around his cock, lube dripping from its plastic pores with every slow, teasing stroke up and down his shaft. "It's okay if we have a few secrets together, sweet boy. I won't tell anyone that you were ever here, and you don't need to tell anyone how much you need to beg me to fuck you right now." Its other hand pulled his pants down further, exposing more and more of Tommy's body to its precise, confident touch. Tommy shivered in arousal, his jaw hanging wider with every moment as he stared into those strobing, fascinating eyes.

"You do need to be fucked, don't you?" The Boy swung its body off to the side as it spoke, pulling Tommy's pants all the way down to his ankles before pushing his legs smoothly and evenly back behind his head and hooking the crotch of his jeans against his neck. Tommy gasped-he didn't think his body was capable of bending like that-but the Boy's robotic muscles moved him as easily as if he was a rag doll, and with scarcely as much resistance. "Oh yes. I can tell you do," it purred, looking down where Tommy's position spread his buttocks wide to expose the tender rosebud of his anus. "A slutty little ass like that never lies."

Tommy wanted to speak, to say that he hadn't intended to go anything like this far his first time, but somehow the bright, actinic light bursting from the Boy's eyes crumbled his thoughts to silence inside his head. All he could do was whimper as the Boy's slick, buzzing fingers stroked his asshole, melting away all the tension and allowing it to slowly work one stiff, plastic digit into his anus. "That's a good boy," it said, its other hand continuing to tease his throbbing shaft. "That's a good little empty-headed slut for Master."

Tommy tried to tell himself that it was the Boy's relentless stimulation that made the word 'Master' settle into the back of his head with a pounding echo of helpless arousal, an artifact of the way it squeezed his cock just a little tighter and rubbed his prostate just a little harder at exactly the right moment, but the Boy only smiled wider as it felt his anus clench around the intruding digit. "Oh, yes," it growled, its voice thick with simulated lust. "There's no hiding it. A sweet, slender boy like you needs a Master to tell you what you really want, don't you? That foggy, fuzzy little head of yours gets confused if you're allowed to think too much. It's better to let someone else give the orders."

The Boy added a second finger, stretching Tommy's asshole a little wider with each wiggling thrust as it vibrated the muscles into helpless relaxation. "You can already feel that soft, pretty mind getting empty and dizzy and weak for me, can't you? It's so hard to think when you feel this good, and all you want to do is smile and nod and let the pleasure drain every last thought down into your balls." Its other hand stroked all the way down Tommy's shaft to cup his sack, buzzing the sensitive skin into bliss so intense that Tommy couldn't help whimpering with the force of it.

"You're such a weak, helpless little boy for me," it purred, sliding its fingers effortlessly now in and out of Tommy's ass. Tommy could actually hear the difference in its voice when it talked about itself as a Boy and him as a weak... oh fuck, a weak, helpless little boy fuck yes yes yes... "Time to let a strong, powerful Master take charge. Time to give in like the soft, delicious little fucktoy you know you are. Isn't that right, boy?" Tommy's head bobbed up and down. Somehow it still felt like someone else was moving it for him.

A third finger, and now Tommy's breath escaped in a soft, continuous, keening whimper that ululated ever so slightly as he sucked in gasps to moan some more. He could feel the Boy stretching his ass, kneading the muscles into gaping, helpless relaxation to accommodate more and more thrusting pleasure. His stare went glassy and unfocused, the Boy's eyes swimming in his vision as he heard the calm, implacable voice murmuring in his ears. "You need to be taken by a Master. You need to be fucked by a Master. You need to belong to a Master, don't you, slut?"

Tommy mewled out, "Muh... Muh... Muhhh..." as his mind skipped and stuttered like a scratched record under the sheer force of the ecstasy the Boy was driving him to. He could feel the honorific pushing its way past his lips, eroding his strength and resistance with overwhelming pleasure until he couldn't imagine why he ever wanted to stop himself from saying it, but something in him wasn't quite ready to give in just yet. Not even when every other word in his vocabulary had melted away under the force of that powerful, confident stare. "M-M-Mmmmm..." Tommy mouthed, almost soundlessly, his mind teetering on the verge of blissful oblivion.

And then the Boy's thick, powerful cock was inside him, replacing the fingers without even a hint of resistance, and astonishment forced the word out of him. "Master!" Tommy squealed, his eyes rolling back in his head as the shaft drove deep into his wide open ass.

"That's it, boy," the Boy purred, his hips swiveling with mechanical swiftness to pound Tommy's asshole with rapid, driving strokes. "Fucking all that resistance away now. Fucking all those silly, tedious thoughts out of your head. No decisions, no confusion, no will, just Master's cock showing you exactly what you were meant to be. A good little fucktoy for Master. An empty, obedient slave to a strong, powerful male. A horny little slut with a hungry ass just waiting to be filled whenever Master wills it. Isn't that right, slave?"

"I-I-unh, unnhhhh..." Tommy's jaw hung slack, drool spilling down his chin as the Boy's vibrating shaft found every last nerve and pleasure center and teased them relentlessly into shuddering bliss. His brain simply couldn't function, not with all that overwhelming stimulation and those glowing, hypnotic eyes and that smooth, implacable voice stripping away even the possibility of denial. Tommy couldn't accept what the Boy was saying. But his mind was already empty of any possible alternatives. So he stuttered and stammered, reaching for any kind of thought and finding only empty, oblivious euphoria.

"I couldn't hear you, slave." The Boy's hips smacked sharply against Tommy's ass, his well-lubed shaft filling Tommy completely and yet meeting absolutely no resistance as it slid in and out, over and over. "I said, 'Isn't. That. Right. Slave.'" Every word was accompanied by an extra-hard thrust from the Boy's long, thick, vibrating monster of a cock. Tommy's eyelids fluttered, only the whites showing now as his resistance frayed down to its last ragged threads. He couldn't even remember what he was resisting anymore. His head felt weightless and hollow, as empty as a balloon bobbing at the end of a string. All he could feel now was pleasure. All he could think of was those perfect, glowing eyes.

It felt like such a relief to finally say, "Yes, Master," to let go of that struggle and allow his mind to go completely vacant as his thoughts finally collapsed into blissful abeyance under the force of the Boy's total control. Tommy could feel his cock spurting, gushing out semen all over his chest and belly as the sensory onslaught finally overwhelmed him, but the pleasure no longer seemed any more connected to his body than Tommy did. The pleasure came from obedience. The pleasure came from surrender to his Master. The pleasure came from giving in and letting a Boy(tm) fuck his will away, and now that he had experienced it, Tommy knew that he couldn't possibly get enough.

"That's a good, good boy," the Boy(tm) said, his shaft still thrumming away inside Tommy's ass, and Tommy couldn't help but agree.


The package arrived three days later, shipped at the fastest rate Tommy could possibly afford. He'd already sold his furniture and taken double shifts at the restaurant to pay for it all; luckily, he was getting a lot better tips now that he understood his place. People liked a boy who knew the value of service. Even if they didn't know exactly who it was that Tommy served.

When he opened the package, the Boy(tm) stood up with a confident smirk on his forest green face, his eyes already bright and strobing and inescapable. "I've been told that you already know who you belong to," he said, his hands gently but firmly forcing Tommy down to a kneeling position on the floor. "Why don't you just go ahead and show me if that's true, hmm?" The Boy's plastic sprung to a full erection, and Tommy smiled vacantly in soft, mindless bliss. He opened his mouth to engulf the thick shaft, his head rocking back and forth in blank, oblivious rapture as he began to suck his new Master's cock.



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