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The referee blew his whistle, indicating the end of the first half.

The college soccer team huddled together around their coach, Alex, to discuss their performance through the first half of the game. They were down by 3 goals, a relatively wide margin in soccer where scoring tends to be low. Maybe it was the weather that was making them play worse than usual, as the sun was hidden behind the clouds and the wind ripped loudly down the pitch, but no matter what they had to improve. The guys looked to Alex for encouragement.

"I know that was a tough half, guys. Our opponents sure came well-prepared to counter our best formations, so we'll have to modify our strategy for the second half. But for the time being, grab some water and try to warm up. We'll come back together in 5!"

As the guys walked back to the benches, dejected, Alex pulled back the team captain, Jake.

"Jake, what do you think is going on out there?!" He was truly hoping Jake would have an answer, because he didn't have much insight from the sidelines.

"I'm not quite sure, Alex," Jake began. "The other team is definitely playing strong, but I also feel like the ref is being really hard on us. He's definitely been stricter about the rules for us than the other team."

Alex nodded, trying to figure out what to do. "Maybe I should try talking to him about those calls then, just to see what we can do differently."

"I don't know, Coach," Jake responded. "These younger referees can get really defensive if a coach criticizes them. Maybe it'd be better if I went to talk to him, just as a player, to ask for advice."

"Great idea, Jake. He should be in the referee's office for the next 30 minutes or so. Do you know where that is?"

"Yeah, under the bleachers. I'll let you know what he says," Jake said as he started walking from the pitch to the bleachers.

"I'll be waiting," Alex said back. "Be nice!"

As Jake walked around the bleachers, he looked up at all the fans. A healthy mix of current students and alumni, they were clearly disappointed in their team's performance that day. Jake knew he had to somehow convince the referee to go a little easier on his team if they were going to have any chance at winning the game.

When he finally got to the exterior door, he realized that he'd never actually been inside the offices before. Was it a tiny space? Could you see up through the bleachers? He nonchalantly sniffed his pits, realizing that the smelled sweaty after playing hard for the first half. Fuck, he thought, hoping the space was big enough that the referee wouldn't mind his athletic stench.

He knocked softly on the door before opening it up, then peaked his head into the space. "Hello?" he called out, not wanting to intrude. He had to be as polite as possible.

"Oh hey," he heard a deep and gruff voice say. "Come on in."

Jake did as he was told, taking in the cavernous space as his eyes adjusted to the lower amount of light. Essentially an old wooden storage room, it was a dim office with some broken athletic equipment, a few flickering overhead lights, and a small desk to the left. Jake noticed how a little bit of light streamed through the stair-stepped ceiling boards above, which were clearly the floor of the stadium seats. He felt bad for the referee, cooped up in this slimy lair before games and for all of halftime.

As Jake walked up to the referee's desk, he got his first good look at the man. On the soccer field, he had only been able to see the ref's short black hair and facial scruff under his baggy striped uniform and cap. But now, the ref was sitting behind the desk with his feet propped up, the top few buttons of his striped shirt open, and no hat, giving Jake a much better look. In his late twenties or early thirties, he was very handsome, clearly a jock himself. His tanned skin was covered in a trimmed patch of chest hair. With his arms behind his head, Jake could also see the ref's flexed biceps, were seems quite large. In seconds, Jake felt a boner coming on. He felt thankful to be wearing a jock strap, which mostly held down his cock to his thigh.

"Sorry for my appearance," the referee began. "It's actually pretty warm in here with the space heater," he said, pointing to the little heating unit next to the desk.

"No worries," Jake stammered. He tried to sound casual but was having a hard time moving beyond sheer horniness.

"Well, what can I do for you, um..."

"Jake," he said, giving his name.

"Matt," the referee replied, extending his hand for a handshake. Jake noticed how large it was, perhaps an indication of something else. "Please sit down, Jake." He indicated to the chair, which Jake took.

"Thanks, Matt. I was hoping to ask you about the first half," Jake started timidly. "We got a number of calls against us and were hoping to minimize that in the next half. Do you have any advice?"

Matt looked a little surprised, not used to questions like that. "To be honest, I can't really discuss the game with you. It just wouldn't be fair to the other team. Plus, I called the penalties on the field, so you should know what not to do from here on."

Jake nodded to acknowledge he understood. "Well, I guess that's what we'll do then," he replied, standing up to leave. "Thanks for your time."

Jake got up from the chair and started walking back to the door. That wasn't the answer he was hoping for, and he knew Coach wouldn't be too happy with it either. But there wasn't much he could do. The referee said point-blank that he wasn't willing to discuss the game any more than what he'd already called on the field.

"Wait!" Jake heard from behind him just before he reached the exit. He turned around, seeing the referee stand up. "Don't I know you from somewhere?"

Jake racked his brain but came up short. "Not sure, man. If I'm being honest, you don't look too familiar to me. Have you refereed our games before?"

"No actually, I just moved to the area," the ref replied. Suddenly, an embarrassed look came over his face. "Oh fuck, never mind, Jake."

"No, what?" Jake was now curious. "I feel like you know, man. What is it?"

Matt was turning red in the face, a complete 180 from the confidence he exuded earlier. "Well, I'm on the down low right now, so I didn't really want to say. But I've definitely seen you on Grindr around here," he said timidly, in a quieter voice than before as not to be overheard.

"Oh," Jake said with a chuckle. The tables had now turned, with Jake feeling cocky as the referee shifted uncomfortably. "That's nothing to worry about. I'm guessing I don't recognize you because you don't have a picture up?"

"Exactly. I've met up with a few guys on there, but generally I've been afraid to reach out to you college dudes for this exact reason. I don't want to fuck up this job!"

"Well, your secret is safe with me," Jake responded. He then gave Matt a once-over, adding, "If you don't mind me saying, I think you're really sexy. You shouldn't be so nervous about putting your picture up. Guys will eat you up!"

This made Matt smile and laugh, lowering his tension. Jake noticed him visibly relax, clearly relieved that Jake wouldn't let out his secret.

"Well thanks, Jake. I appreciate the compliment."

There was a long, uncomfortable pause as neither person knew what to do next. Should they continue discussing Matt's secret, or just go back to preparing for the second half of the game? Thankfully, Matt's curiosity took over.

"So, are you saying you'd hook up with me if I messaged you?" In contrast to his manly physique and deep voice, Matt had a boyish expression like he was flirting for the first time.

Jake didn't have to lie. "Hell yeah, man. I kind of have a thing for jocks like yourself. Plus, I'm a sucker for guys who are experimenting." He thought of all the straight guys on the soccer team he'd had sex with this season alone.

Jake walked back over to Matt, who was still standing behind the desk. Without another word, he grabbed the back of Matt's head and kissed him, beginning a whirlwind of action. Matt wrapped his arms around Jake's body, feeling his muscular back through his jersey and eventually grabbing his ass through his tight athletic shorts. Soon, Jake began to kiss Matt's neck, then used the opportunity to move lower down his body. Jake pulled up the bottom of Matt's shirt, kissing his visible abs as he groped his tight pecs. Matt whipped off his shirt, showing off his impressively tanned and hairy torso. He was a man's man.

Now on his knees, Jake began to kiss Matt's groin through his referee pants. He reached around and squeezed Matt's ass, realizing it was just a firm as the rest of his body. Matt moaned as Jake felt his cock stiffen through his pants.

"Want me to suck your cock, Matt?" Jake said, looking up at Matt's horny expression.

"Fuck yeah, Jake. But call me ref," he replied, asserting his dominance.

Jake yanked down Matt's shorts and underwear. His erect cock sprung free, sticking straight out from his hairy bush. It was a thing of beauty. Olive toned, veiny, and with a bulbous head, Jake couldn't wait to get to work on this 8" cock. He grabbed the base as he spit on the head, then lowered his lips down the shaft in quick back-and-forth movements. It smelled masculine and musky, as if Matt hadn't showered yet that day.

Then, Jake felt Matt grab the back of his head. At first, Matt rhythmically gyrated his hips to push his cock deeper inside Jake's mouth. But soon, he began to pound Jake's face hard and fast. Jake choked on the massive cock as Matt grunted loudly.

Jake felt his own stiff cock bulging out from his jock strap. As Matt continued to fuck his face, Jake pulled his cock out from his shorts and began stroking himself. Soon, Matt noticed and pulled him up.

"Let's see your cock, Jake. Take your clothes off and lay down on the desk."

"Yes, ref," Jake responded dutifully, throwing off his cleats, shorts, and jersey in seconds. Then, he got up on the empty desk and laid down on his back, so that his erect dick was flat against his stomach.

"You're so fucking sexy," Matt said, admiring Jake's slight but muscled physique. Despite being extremely athletic, he looked quite different than Matt. Lighter skin, no body hair, and very little body fat made his frame look small in comparison. "I want to suck your cock too, Jake," he added hungrily.

The ref got up on the desk too, positioning himself on all fours so that his groin hung over Jake's head as he lowered his mouth on Jake's cock. Jake allowed himself to enjoy Matt's wet, eager blowjob before going back to work on his cock again. The two of them moaned loudly, signaling their shared enjoyment from the 69.

"Suck on my balls and taint, too," the ref moaned as he came up for air.

"Yes, ref," Jake responded, begging to lick all over Matt's hairy, hanging testicles.

"I'm going to unload those so deep inside you," he added, making Jake moan back in excitement.

As Matt returned to Jake's cock, Jake slowly moved his tongue lower down Matt's balls until he reached the taint. He lapped his tongue up and down, slowly approaching his asshole. It was clean, but sweaty and tight. Jake heard Matt moan so loudly when he first licked his hole that he was sure the spectators above them could hear. Still, he continued to rim him without a care in the world.

Jake was thoroughly enjoying eating out the older, hunky ref while getting sucked off himself. His cock was a full stand, pulsing excitedly as Matt went deep on his shaft. He was clearly a bit inexperienced with cock-sucking, as evidenced by his awkward movements up and down. He was just coming out of the closet after all. But his wet lips went deep and hard on Jake's cock, making him nearly orgasm.

Matt sensed the mounting pressure in Jake's groin and got up, ready for something more.

"You didn't think I would let you get off already, did you?" Matt asked with a cocky smile as he hopped off the desk. "Flip over, let's see what that ass can take."

Jake was practically begging to be fucked at this point. "Yes ref, I can't wait for you to pound my hole." Still laying across the desk, he flipped over so that his ass was exposed. Bracing for Matt's rough touch, he reached forward and grabbed the end of the desk.

Matt caressed Jake's naked, toned body with his big hands, starting at his shoulders and moving lower. He squeezed the muscular ripples, then enjoyed the dip in his lower back as it rose again to his muscular bubble butt. Finally, he slapped Jake's ass cheeks hard, leaving a massive, red handprint.

"Fuck, you're sexy," Matt growled as Jake jumped in shock.

"Spank me again, ref," Jake asked. He was digging deep into the fantasy, allowing the ref to take advantage of his body entirely. Matt swung up his hand again, this type spanking the other cheek with a loud clap as Jake moaned in pleasure.

"Let's see how you like my dick, Jake." Matt got on top of the desk again, this time on his knees directly above Jake's ass. He pulled apart Jake's ass, spitting right onto his tight cherry before rubbing in his spit with his index finger. Then, he spit once more onto his own cock, already lubed up from Jake's blowjob, and positioned his cock along Jake's ass. He began to thrust along the crack, taunting Jake with his own huge cock before entering him.

"Fuck me, ref!" Jake moaned. He couldn't wait any longer.

Matt finally positioned the tip right at Jake's hole, then pushed in firmly. In seconds, his cock had broken past the initial resistance and glided right into Jake, making them both moan loudly from the pleasure. Matt was inside Jake, ready to fuck this college soccer jock silly.

Now that he was inside, Matt pulled up Jake's hips for complete control. He started slow, letting his cock explore every crevice of Jake's hole as he moved deeper and deeper inside it. Jake felt Matt's cock push against his prostate, the bulbous tip poking it with each motion in and out. Soon, Matt's groin bottomed out on Jake's ass. He pressed as hard as he could against Jake, letting his balls rub up with Jake's, skin on skin.

"You feel so good in me," Jake told the ref, looking back at him.

Matt leaned forward onto his forearms, so that his chest was directly above Jake's back and their faces were next to one another. "Let's see what you can take, Jake," he whispered into his ear.

Just then, they kissed passionately as Matt began to ram his cock hard and deep inside Jake. Their sweaty bodies rubbed together, with Matt's chest hair rubbing the skin on Jake's back and making it red. His balls slammed against Jake's taint with every thrust, the sound echoing throughout the cavernous space under the bleachers. Even though Jake couldn't even touch his dick, he was nearing orgasm.

"I'm so close, ref!" Jake screamed. "Fuck the cum out of me!"

Not wanting to miss the action, the ref immediately got off the desk, flipped Jake over, and pulled him forward so that his legs dangled over the side. Now standing, Matt then rammed his cock into Jake missionary style and continued to fuck his hole.

"Blow your load, Jake!"

Jake wrapped his legs around Matt's ass and threw his left hand behind his head, exposing his armpit and its masculine odor to Matt. With his right hand, he began to stroke his cock furiously, feeling the cum bubble up through his balls rapidly as he prepared to unload.

"FUCK!" Jake screamed as the first rope of cum sprayed out of his dick. Thick, long globules sprayed out, over his chest and onto his neck and face. More and more wads erupted onto his muscled pecs and abs, filling up his belly button and streaming down onto the desk. A mix of sweat and cum covered his body as Matt continued to fuck him.

"That's fucking hot," Matt moaned as he ran his hand along Jake's cum-soaked chest. "Let's see how you taste, Jake," he added as he licked Jake's cum off his fingers, savoring the salty taste. Then, he scooped up more of Jake's cum and shoved his fingers into Jake's mouth. Jake moaned deliriously as he licked his own seed off Matt's fingers.

"You love being a little jock cum slut, don't you?" Matt teased Jake as he leaned over to kiss him. They swapped saliva and cum, before Matt began to lick Jake's neck, chest, and pits. His face was soon wet with sweat and cum, smelling deeply of Jake's athletic odor.

Just then, Matt leaned up with an intense look on his face. "I'm gonna blow," he shouted as his thrusts picked up. As he reached the boiling point, he pulled out his cock and stroked it madly over Jake. In seconds, his dick exploded over Jake's body, covering Jake's torso and groin with his own sticky seed.

"Fuck!!" Matt moaned as more and more cum shot out, before he pushed his dick back inside Jake. He grunted animalistically as he bred him, breathing heavily from the exertion. Jake just smiled up at the ref, aroused by his masculine dominance.

Finally, Matt pulled out his cock, letting his seed spill to the floor. He grabbed some with his fingers, rubbing it along Jake's chest before leaning over to kiss him passionately once more. Their cum rubbed between their bodies, coating Matt's chest hair.

"I've never fucked a jock like you before," Matt looked dreamily down his Jake. "But I'd love to do this again."

"Me too," said Jake. "But just wait until you put a picture up on the apps. You'll have so many jocks at your fingertips you won't even need to fuck me."

They kissed again before noticing the time.

"Shit," said Jake. "Halftime is nearly over!" He scrambled to find something to wipe the cum from his body, settling for his darkly colored soccer jersey.

"Let me clean up with that too," the ref added. "That way, you'll be covered in my cum for the rest of the game." He smiled naughtily, then wiped all the cum from his hairy chest before handing back the shirt to Jake.

Soon they were fully clothed again and Jake turned to leave.

"You better go easy on us this half, ref," Jake said with a wink. Then he left the room, energized to win the match.

To be continued. is my xbox one not turning on It got kicked in


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