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In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Saudi ladies are raised to be wives and mothers, first and foremost. They exist for the continuation of the Saudi Kingdom's pristine bloodlines. A lot of Saudi women fight for women's rights, and they've made great strides in the areas of university education and research. A lot of Saudi women are internationally educated, and among this group, those who work make good money. Still, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is very much a man's country, and the patriarchal system over there traps both men and women in their respective roles. Patriarchy doesn't just trap women, it traps men as well.

Meet Ali Abdal-Malek, a Saudi Arabian Muslim man living in the City of Medina, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Six feet tall, dark-haired, brown-skinned and brown-eyed, he is a proud son of Saudi Arabia. Ali has been living in the environs of Medina for a while now. He was born in the Dammam region of Saudi Arabia to a Saudi father and a Nubian mother originally from Sudan. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, nationality is determined by paternity, so the sons and daughters of Saudi men and foreign women get Saudi citizenship through their fathers.

Ali Abdal-Malek is a clerk working at a local company, and leads a simple life. He is married to a short, curvy Saudi Arabian woman named Noor Ibrahim, and they have a son and daughter together, Habib and Iman. The Abdal-Malek family leads a fairly normal life, but things have changed for them recently. Ali is restless, and Noor wonders whether her husband has grown tired of her. Lots of married Saudi men have affairs with other women, even though adultery is punished harshly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Isn't that something?

Ali Abdal-Malek has been watching a lot of porn, and discovered the world of fetish and female domination. For the conservative Saudi man, it is a dangerous and enticing world, far removed from anything he'd experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. After all, Saudi women lead cloistered lives and only recently earned the right to drive. Ali is consumed by his obsession with female domination, and has started collecting DVDs of women dominating men with whips and sex toys. The biracial Saudi brother is simply addicted, and there's no going back!

Ali Abdal-Malek is immensely turned on by a new genre of porn, the type featuring white girls and brown girls wearing the Hijab while engaging in sexual activity. A lot of Muslim men claim to be disgusted and offended by such porn, but Ali is just the opposite. In the Muslim world, the women tend to be dull and boring, especially in Saudi Arabia. Ali finds those western girls who do porn while wearing the hijab quite hot. Of course, such ladies cannot exist in his uptight and boring homeland, but a Saudi brother can dream, can't he?

Why is a traditional Saudi man like Ali Abdal-Malek so turned on by porn which features dominant females and subjugated males? Well, it is not that far fetched. Ali Abdal-Malek lives in a land full of boring women who are completely subjugated and utterly obedient to the men in their lives. For Ali Abdal-Malek, living where he does, female domination and male subjugation are about as likely as the most far-fetched science fiction scenarios where people fly to other worlds on big spaceships and battle alien fleets. It's a welcome break from his reality.

Ali Abdal-Malek's wife Noor finds herself worried about her husband, since he is neglecting her and spending way too much time watching movies on his computer. One day, while Ali was at work, Noor went on his computer and saw for herself what consumed so much of his attention. Ali was watching a lot of porn, featuring blonde-haired white girls having sex with brown men. Noor was not surprised by this, since a lot of guys and some women watch porn, but Ali's top secret stash absolutely stunned her.

"What on earth is this?" Noor wondered aloud, as she checked out the wilder elements of her husband Ali Abdal-Malek's secret porn stash. In one video, a brown-skinned, dark-haired woman who wore a red bra and matching a crimson hijab, had her way with a man who knelt at her feet. Noor watched, amazed, as the woman proceeded to berate the man in English, and then she whipped him with his own belt as he kissed her feet.

"Where women rule, men must suffer," screamed the hijab-wearing, half-naked hussy as she continued to dominate the hapless but very willing male. Noor watched, amazed, as the female dominant put the man on all fours and spanked his ass with a wooden paddle. The man screamed in pain and begged the woman to beat his ass harder. Noor watched, and although she was disturbed at first, the Saudi lady found herself getting aroused by what she was beholding.

"I live to serve you, my Muslim goddess," the man shouted, and the dominant woman stopped paddling his ass. Noor thought the porno scene was about to end, but it was only about to get wilder. Noor watched as the dominant woman donned a strap-on dildo, and proceeded to fuck the man's ass with it. Noor could not believe what she was seeing. Why would any woman want to fuck a man's ass with a sex toy? Oh, and why would any man let a woman do that to him? Western porn is full of nonsense!

"This is how I fight the patriarchy, I fuck men's asses with my strap-on," screamed the dominant woman as she had her way with the male submissive. Noor stopped the video, and took a deep breath. She sat there at the computer for a long moment, and realized that her nipples were erect, and there was a wetness between her legs. Yup, Noor was quite aroused by the video. The Saudi woman had no idea that such scenarios played out in the bedrooms of men and women from the western world. Such haram stuff!

Noor thought long and hard about what she discovered about her husband Ali Abdal-Malek's sexual proclivities and what it meant for their life together and their marriage. Noor and Ali had been together for a long time. She'd fallen in love with him from the moment they met. Ali, the son of an Arab father and Nubian mother, was quite sensitive to Noor's plight as a woman inside the Kingdom, since a lot of people felt he simply wasn't Arab enough for their liking. Ali was educated and worked hard, and he was good to Noor. She didn't want to lose him.

When Ali Abdal-Malek came home that afternoon, he found his wife Noor seated in the living room, a strange look upon her face. Regardless of race, religion or culture, when a woman claims she needs to talk to her man, it means trouble. Ali knew that although tiny, Noor meant business. Five-foot-four, a bit plump, with light brown skin, long dark hair and brown eyes, Noor Ibrahim looked beautiful and harmless, the way Ali liked his women...once upon a time. Nowadays, Ali dreamed of tall, blonde-haired white women who tied men up and fucked them with strap-on dildos. How times have changed...

"Noor, my beloved, my habibti, what is wrong?" Ali Abdal-Malek asked, and Noor took a deep breath, and told him. What followed was a lengthy and honest talk between husband and wife. Noor explained to Ali how she'd felt neglected, romantically and sexually, and how hurt she was that he'd turned to porn. Why do men turn to porn when they have a horny woman right next to them in bed? Certain things that men do will always mystify women, even though men claim that women are the complicated ones...

"Ali, you have a good wife at home, I love you and I enjoy making love with you, why must you ignore me? Why do you watch these videos of devilish women brutalizing their men with sex toys and whips?" Noor demanded, with tears in her eyes. Ali took a deep breath. The Saudi husband and father looked at his darling wife and struggled to explain his behavior and past actions. Ali looked at Noor, and wondered how he would get out of this one. Could the truth finally set him free?

"Noor, I have discovered that I am a submissive man, I like dominant women, you're too nice, too soft and too sweet, I don't like those things anymore, I require strength and some meanness," Ali said with a sigh. Noor looked at her husband as though he had two heads. In Saudi Arabia, the man is the head of household, and the decision maker, and the woman, while she is the heart of the household, must always follow the head. It has been that way among Arabs for thousands of years, even before Islam.

"Ali, you are my husband, I love you, if you need me to be more dominant, just say it," Noor said with a smile. Ali grinned, and then hugged his beloved wife Noor. Hand in hand, Noor and Ali headed to the bedroom, and then rediscovered one another. At the end of the day, Saudi women and Saudi men are human, first and foremost, and this cannot be changed by the restrictions of their religion and culture. A man needs his wife, and a wife needs her husband, and they must meet each other halfway when it comes to what matters to them.

"Oh yeah," Ali groaned as Noor bent him over and whipped his ass with his own belt. To really shine her husband on, Noor wore her hijab, but not her traditional dress. Nope, the curvy Saudi gal only wore a black bra and ebony panties and looked damn hot in that sexy getup. Noor grinned as she belted Ali's ass, with his consent of course. The way Noor sees it, she was being a good Saudi wife. If a Saudi man wants to be dominated, then his wife, if she is a good wife, must accommodate him. Nothing wrong with that.

"Shut up, Ali, we both know you love it," Noor laughed, and Ali grinned as she beat his ass harder. After whipping Ali's ass until it turned red, Noor had her husband lie flat on his back on their bed. Ali watched as Noor straddled him, and proceeded to tie his hands to the bedpost with silk scarves. Noor grinned as Ali looked surprised while she bound him. After tying her husband Ali up, Noor sat on his face, smothering him with her big beautiful ass. Time for the Saudi male to experience the power and awesomeness of Saudi female domination.

"This is hot," Ali managed to squeeze out as Noor rode his face, her big ass grinding him down. Noor took off her panties, and Ali inhaled her pussy's scent. Noor sat on Ali's face like a queen on her throne. To really shine Ali on, Noor farted on his face, and he inhaled her booty fragrance enthusiastically. Afterwards, Noor showed Ali the strap-on dildo she'd bought, and the happy couple had themselves a fun evening exploring non-traditional lovemaking...

"Give me your butt," Noor told Ali as she put him on all fours, and spanked his ass. Ali spread his ass for Noor, who lubricated him and then worked the dildo up his ass. It took a while but Noor got most of the dildo inside Ali's ass. Just like that, the short, curvy Saudi gal began pegging her tall, macho husband, and they both loved it. Ali groaned as Noor spanked his ass and fucked him roughly, slamming the dildo up his ass. The biracial Saudi brother was discovering the power of Saudi female domination and if loving it was wrong, then he didn't want to be right...

"Oh fuck that was intense, thank you," Ali said, and he lay on his back, resting after Noor pegged his ass into submission. Noor looked at her beloved husband and smiled. The short, curvy Saudi gal was still horny. She grabbed her husband's long and thick cock and began sucking him off. Ali grinned as Noor fingered his ass while fellating him. Once Noor had Ali hard as a rock, she climbed on top of him and impaled her pussy on his stiff dick.

"Ali, I order you to fuck me," Noor hissed at her husband as she began riding his dick. Ali looked up at Noor, whose curvy body swayed this way and that as she rode him. He caressed her breasts with one hand and smacked her big round ass with the other. Noor grinned as she bounced up and down, loving the way of Ali's thick cock inside of her. Ali bucked his hips and fucked Noor roughly, just the way she liked it. All of the female domination stuff Noor had been doing really turned Ali on, and it was high time he dicked her down as payback...

"Give me that big beautiful bossy ass," Ali roared as he fucked Noor on all fours, face down and big ass up. Noor moaned deeply, loving the feel of Ali's dick inside of her. Ali fucked her silly, grabbing her long dark hair and loving the way her big booty bounced as he thrust into her. Noor needed to be shown whom the man of the house is, and Ali did his duty, drilling his dick into his wife's pussy until she came, orgasmic, and finally tapped out. Yeah, female domination in the bedroom is fun, but even a bossy lady needs to be fucked silly by a man with a stiff dick on a regular basis. It's how balance is preserved in the universe...

After this memorable experience, Ali Abdal-Malek and his wife Noor Ibrahim became happier than ever. The happy couple has regained their passion, and life is great for their family. Of course, sometimes Ali and Noor's neighbors complain that the couple gets too damn loud in their, ahem, lovemaking. The sound of whipping, spanking and moaning apparently carries over, who frigging new? Ali and Noor are happy together and that's that. Pegging and female domination have come to Saudi Arabia, and life in the Kingdom will never be the same! & action=getinfo & userid=155821


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