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Welcome to another one of my stories! My ex-girlfriend said I should share some of these crazy stories with the world. At the time, I never bothered but now with the pandemic I have a lot more time on my hands, so...enjoy! I have changed the names to protect everyone's privacy, but the rest of the story is 90% true and 10% filling in the blanks of minor details that I don't remember.

So, this one isn't going to make a whole lot of sense if you didn't read chapter one and chapter two. Chapter one is where I introduce my old roommate, and the two hot girls who lived behind us. Chapter two is where I hooked up with one of the girls. And, if you read the first chapter, you will remember that the girls made a bet with each other. This third chapter is where we had a little party and the girls settled their sexy bet. It was quite the evening, as you will read here. Enjoy!

The next morning began slowly. Sara and I woke up, had a quickie, grabbed some coffee and went our ways. Brian (roommate) and I cleaned up from the BBQ and had lunch. The talk of the day, of course, was the previous evenings events and how awesome it all was. I told Brian about hooking up with Sara, and he told me that he hooked up with Kirstin. He told me that Kirstin told him that she had a ton of fun in the hot tub and that she wouldn't be bringing a bathing suit over anymore if it was just the four of us. I mentioned that we both already knew that Sara had a blast, and we laughed. It was good to know that everyone (the ladies and us) all had a great time the night before, because that meant more great nights were possible.

We spent a long time negotiating who to invite to our little party that evening, realizing that the evening could go one of two ways. We could end up with the wrong crowd and the girls would suddenly get shy and stop daring each other to do sexy things, or, we could end up with just the right crowd and evenings full of naked sexy dares/games could become the new normal for parties at our house.

With this in mind, we invited two girls who were roommates in an apartment a little closer to downtown but were regulars at our BBQ's, and two couples. One couple we knew from workout classes at our gym. They were in great shape and basically up for anything it seemed. More than once they were over at our house and made sexy jokes about our hot tub. Maybe tonight would be their chance to get in it! The other couple were friends of Brian's and they seemed cool and totally low key, like they would be amused by what was going on but not get too crazy themselves. We figured that group would make ten people total if everyone came, and there was always the chance that we would have our third roommate and his girlfriend, or even the third roommate of Sara and Kirstin's.

We got the invites out, and headed to the liquor store. We figured we would stock up and hope for the best. We got plenty of fun booze and all the staples, including some tequila. Of course, we ended up with more booze than ten people could possibly drink but better to have it and not need it versus need it and not have it, right? Now all that was left to do was wait.

Around 6pm we ordered some pizzas and told Sara and Kirstin they could come over whenever. By 7pm, both girls and the pizzas had arrived. Sara gave me a little kiss when she first saw me, and Kirstin did the same with Brian. The girls were looking hot, wearing short shorts and midriff-baring tank tops as was popular at that time of year. So, we put on some music and got the evening going with some tequila shots and pizza. Brian and I had decided to not bring up the plans for the evening until the girls did. It was clearly on their minds though, and it only took one tequila shot to bring it out of them.

" the foosball table ready?" Sara said jokingly, as Kirstin blushed.

"Sure is!" I said. We all laughed.

We took some time and explained who we invited and why, and at first the girls just listened and agreed. Then suddenly Kirstin realized this was a list of people who would be seeing her naked in a few hours and started blushing. Maybe it was the tequila talking but she was being a good sport and seemed ok with everything. Brian leaned in and whispered something to Kirstin's ear, and she smiled and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Later he would tell me that he whispered to her that no matter what, he would be there and make sure she was ok and having fun.

I asked Sara if she and Kirstin had a plan, or if they needed our help to get things started. She said that she and Kirstin had talked it over that afternoon, and decided they would wait until around 10, and play a game of foosball. Kirstin would win the first game, talk a lot of trash, and then Sara would challenge her to strip foosball. Kirstin was definitely the worst foosball player we knew so it wouldn't be hard for her to lose. The key was for Sara to let her win the first game. I figured best to let Sara handle it, and went back to getting the bar ready. I made up a couple of pitchers of margaritas, figuring they wouldn't go to waste.

Soon afterward our guests started arriving. The night had a funny vibe to it, like we all knew something fun would happen. Of course, only four of us knew what that something was but everyone was clearly ready for a fun evening. Our first two guests were the two single girls, Laura and Brynn. There's actually a great story I will write out sometime that stars Laura and Brynn but that night was still a couple of years away at this point. More on that later. In case you're wondering, Laura was a cute blonde and Brynn was a sexy brunette. Both had great bodies and were tons of fun.

I decided to play bartender and make a round of drinks for everyone. Brian put some music on, and things got moving. It wasn't long before the rest of our guests arrived. The gym couple (Jim and Alyssa) arrived next. Jim was a pretty normal looking dude, but was definitely in the best shape of all of us. He and Alyssa practically lived at the gym. No matter what time Brian and I went, Jim and Alyssa were there. Speaking of Alyssa, she was a cute girl with dirty blonde hair and a slender yoga body that turned heads. She was dressed to impress tonight, in shorts and a tight, backless halter top that didn't leave much to the imagination.

I was so focused on making drinks that I totally missed Brian's friends Bill and Kate arriving. Bill and Kate were cool, but that was one of the only times they ever came over. Bill was an average looking guy, like the rest of us. Kate was a cute brunette, medium height and good body. They both had on shorts and t-shirts. I made small talk with them while I made their first round of drinks and I heard the foosball table in action for the first time. It was only a littler after 9pm so I figured it was still too early for strip foosball but it was good to hear the table in action. I walked by to go get some more ice from the kitchen and saw it was Jim and Alyssa playing, with Brian, Kirstin and Sara watching. I winked at Kirstin as I walked by and she blushed pretty hard. I figured we weren't far from the action starting, but I played it cool.

The way our house was laid out, the dining room was open to the living room. The foosball table was in the dining room, and the bar was in the living room so we were all pretty central. Sara and Kirstin called next game, and before long they were on the table. It wasn't quite 10pm yet, but I figured I would stick close to the table just in case. Sure enough, Kirstin started sinking shots and talking a ton of trash. Sara just stood there and took it, with a smirk. The really funny thing about it was that either Kirstin really thought she was winning or she was just a fantastic actress. Either way, the spirited game between the two girls became the center of attention. Thankfully, nobody had called "next" and Kirstin kept up her trash talking routine, and went a little over the top when she sank the winning shot of the game.

"Ok hot about we play again, and up the stakes a little?" Sara challenged.

"Alright loser, what did you have in mind?" Kirstin said, knowing full well what the challenge would be.

At that point, I knew the game was going to happen but remember what I said about Kirstin doing a fantastic acting job? I'm not sure if she knew she was going to lose and was playing along or if she thought her lucky streak would continue.

"How about strip foosball? Each goal is one article of clothing, and the game goes on until one of us is out of clothes." Sara said, with a smirk.

This brought out a predictable "oooooooooh" reaction from the group. Brian and I played it cool, like we had no idea that this was going to happen. Thankfully everyone just seemed amused and nobody said anything that would discourage the game. Being Summer time, neither girl had shoes or socks on so we were going to get a show right away.

"Okay! Bring it on, and don't come crying to me when you're butt naked!" Kirstin said.

"Game on!" Sara said, and everyone cheered.

If the foosball table was the center of attention before, it was now the center of the universe. The full group crowded around the table and everyone was quite excited to see what was developing. And, it didn't take long.

Sara dropped the ball in through the chute, and it took her all of about ten seconds to score the first goal. It happened so fast that it was hard to keep track of. The ball popped into play, Sara hit it up to the other end of the table, it bounced off the wall next to the goal, and she nailed it on the rebound, straight into the goal.

"Boom! Take it off!" Sara said, with a huge smile.

Kirstin blushed, and her jaw dropped open as the group joined Sara in a playful chant of "Take it off! Take it off!".

" got one lucky shot in. That's ok!" Kirstin said.

I looked over at Brian, and he was having tons of fun watching this unfold, as was everyone. Kirstin played it up for a minute and was blushing pretty hard. Then she looked around, shrugged her shoulders, and then peeled her super tight tank top off and over her head. She tossed it aside, and everyone cheered as she fixed her hair. She had on a lacy red bra that matched her tank top. The bra was pretty see-through, but not totally. Between her amazing tits and bright red bra, she certainly got everyone's attention!

This time, Kirstin put the ball into play. It took a lot longer than the first goal but the result was eventually the same. Sara used to love to remind us that she was apparently some kind of foosball champion in her sorority back in college. I'm not sure if that was true or not, but she was literally beating the pants off of Kirstin at the moment. The ball went up and down the table a few times before Sara got a hold of it and sank it straight into the goal.

"Boom, that's two! Gosh, I wonder if she's wearing a thong? Only one way to find out, right? Take it off! " she yelled.

The group laughed and cheered, and another chant of "take it off" took over. Someone made a joke about how Sara must have been hustling Kirstin in the first game. Then, Kirstin blushed some more, and unbuttoned her shorts. They were super tight, so she had to bend almost completely over to get them down. That got quite the reaction from the crowd, who all seemed to enjoy their view of Kirstin in her red bra and matching lacy red thong.

"Okay, okay...I'm still in the game! Let's get back to it!" Kirstin said.

She put the ball into play, and for once, her luck changed. Sara missed a shot, and Kirstin managed to get a hold of the rebound and spun the handle, knocking the ball clear down the table and into Sara's goal!

"How about that?!?" Kirstin yelled, triumphantly.

"Oh no, you can't spin the handle! That's cheating!" Sara said back.

"I guess you should have said that when you laid out the rules earlier, shouldn't you? Off with the shirt!" Kirstin said.

Both girls looked at Brian and I for a house rules clarification.

"Hmm...well, normally we don't allow it, but she has a point that you didn't specify it a as a rule. So, I'm going to allow it. Off with it!" I said.

"Whatever!" Sara said back.

She peeled off her tank top and tossed it at me, with a smirk and then a wink. She had on a solid black bra pushed her tits up for some pretty epic cleavage. She caught me staring and smiled right before she put the ball into play again. Her competitive side came out, and she leaned into the table with renewed focus. We were all pretty excited because there was not a ton of clothing left between the two girls.

This next ball was all Sara's. It took her a few shots, but she managed to get the ball on Kirstin's side of the table and started blasting one shot after another. Kirstin got lucky with a couple of blocks but we all knew it was only a matter of time. After the second or third shot rebounded she nailed it straight into the goal!

This brought a big cheer to the group, and everyone looked at Kirstin to see what she was going to do. Other than seeing Kirstin's butt in her thong, the girls were still basically covered the same as they would have been at a pool or a beach. But now, Kirstin only had her bra and her thong left, and one of them would have to go.

"Uh oh! Looks like someone has a choice to make! Bra or panties? One of them has to go!" Sara said.

Kirstin didn't say a word, but she was giggling and blushing enough that we all knew how she felt. Another quick "take it off" chant broke out, and maybe Sara, Brian and I knew that she was going to do it, but I think the group wasn't sure if the game was going to go any farther or not. After a moment's hesitation, Kirstin reached behind her back for her bra strap. She took a deep breath, unhooked her bra, and let it fall to the ground as everyone switched from chanting to cheering. I was wondering if she would try to cover her boobs with her hands, but she did not. She just stood there for a second, letting everyone stare. Which was good, because nobody even pretended that they were looking anywhere other than right at her tits. I don't think I gave a proper enough description in chapter one as to how awesome both Kirstin and Sara's tits were. Both of them had perfect handful-sized and perky C-cup boobs, with great nipples. Granted, I only ever saw them when their nipples were rock hard but their nipples really did look great.

"Go ahead, go ahead...get a good look! I am still in this though!" Kirstin said.

At this point, I am thinking she knew that she didn't have a chance in the game but good for her to still put on a brave face and act like she still had a shot. Thankfully, it was Sara playing against her and not Brian or me. Both of us would have been distracted by her amazing tits being on display and would have probably missed a few shots because we were busy staring at them. However, Sara didn't seem distracted at all and much to the delight of the crowd she was ready to finish up the game.

Kirstin put the ball into play one more time, and again, Sara made short work of her. Two or three kicks up the field to Kirstin's end of the table was all it took before Sara sank it right into the goal and let out a "Rick Flair" style "Wooooooo!".

"And we have our naked loser!" Sara yelled out, as one last "take it off" chant started.

"Okay, okay." Kirstin said, as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her red thong and pulled it down to reveal her smoothly shaved pussy.

I knew that Sara's challenge to Kirstin was that she had to be the only one naked, at least for a little while. However, I was pretty sure that Alyssa wanted to play so I had to think of a way to stall the next match a bit.

"Ok folks, who needs another drink? I have a pitcher of margaritas already made up!" I yelled out.

I figured that would get us off the table for at least 10 or 15 minutes. While I didn't want to discourage any of the other girls from playing, I also wanted to let Sara and Kirstin settle their argument from the night before. Kirstin was clearly enjoying herself, too. A round of margaritas was exactly what the group needed, and the group all headed onto the porch. I asked Sara to hang back and help me with glasses.

"How long do you want to let her be the only naked one? I bet Alyssa wants to play, maybe Laura or Brynn too, and I know you love those games. And who knows, maybe the guys too?" I asked her.

"Well, I wanted her to be the only one naked to make her squirm a little because she was talking so much shit last night even though she has always been such a prude. Then she told me this morning that she apparently found out last night that she loves being naked. I think she's having a ton of fun. Maybe give her this round of margaritas and then if more people want to play, let them." Sara answered.

We agreed, and headed onto the porch with the drinks. I found everyone basically standing in a circle with naked Kirstin at the end where the porch lights were shining down, which gave everyone a perfect view of her body. I started pouring drinks and listening to the conversation, which was basically one joke after another about how it must be cold out (because of how hard Kirstin's nipples were) or one of the girls commenting that she needed to know who does Kirstin's waxing (because of how smooth her pussy looked). If I thought she didn't like the teasing, I would have come to her rescue (or Brian would have) but she clearly was having a great time. And, she was obviously very turned on. Brian was definitely going to get the kind of action tonight that I had gotten the previous night!

Margaritas on the porch went on for about a half hour, which was a little bit longer than planned but everyone seemed to be having fun (especially Kirstin!). However, we ran out of drinks. Sara thought it would be funny if we sent Kirstin in to get the second pitcher of margaritas. After she had been gone for three or four minutes, she emerged from the kitchen with a pitcher of margaritas and a much redder face than before.

"So, um...guys...did you invite anyone else? There's a bunch more people in the living room!" Kirstin exclaimed.

Apparently, our party was so much fun that several guests had told other friends of theirs. They had all arrived after we went on the porch. Our house was known as a party house so it wasn't exactly unusual that guests just let themselves in, especially since they probably heard us in the back yard. This was, of course, hilarious and we all laughed quite a bit. Even Kirstin!

The way our house was laid out, it wasn't difficult for us to have no idea that some more guests had arrived. The living room and dining room were the very front of the house and we had been in the back yard. Brian went in to investigate and confirmed that there were a handful of additional guests, maybe 5-6. They were people we knew, but it was funny because apparently Kirstin just walked in on them totally naked and didn't know what to do, so she just stood there and talked to them for a few minutes. This, of course, was even more hilarious to the group. She said she had told our new guests about strip foosball and how she had lost.

"Yeah, so they definitely got a peep show. And side note, apparently they liked what they saw and asked who is playing strip foosball next." Kirstin said.

Predictably, Allyssa chimed in that she wanted to play and headed inside with the whole group behind her. Most of the group headed for the dining room but I headed to the living room to make sure our new guests had plenty of drinks. All told, we had six new guests. Laura and Brynn had invited their friends Beth and Emily, and Emily had brought her boyfriend John, who brought his roommate Greg. Greg then invited his girlfriend Megan and her roommate Chrissy. I was pretty sure I had met all of them before, and as long as they acted cool I didn't mind them being there. So, I made them drinks as Laura and Allyssa started up our second game of strip foosball.


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