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For the first three months and the last three months of his study-leave, Stefan Blatt was based at the University of the Saarland, in Saarbruecken. The accommodation provided for him was in the University's guest-house. Unusual for German universities was that in Saarbruecken it occupied a site entirely separate from the city. All faculties, departments and support-facilities were on a wooded hill on the city's outskirts.

After the second World War, this hill location had been exclusively reserved for the French garrison and the occupational administration of the Saarland until the early 1950ies. With the French occupation ending, the hillside and its French-built facilities were handed over to become the newly founded University of the Saarland.

The guest-house, Stefan stayed in, was surrounded by a park-like forest, a ten-minute stroll from the university-campus itself.

Stefan's stay in Saarbruecken involved some guest-lectures and seminar-work in the Education Faculty. For the primary purpose of his study-leave - the development of external study provisions -Saarbruecken had disadvantages. Situated on Germany's western-most border, it was not the most convenient location for Stefan. He was committed to attend conferences, visit study-centres, and give the occasional guest-lecture in other parts of West Germany. However, the studio-apartment so generously provided by the University became for him a congenial home.

When Stefan and Irmgard became lovers, he had an additional reason to stay in Saarbruecken. Shortly after arriving in early September, he had met Irmgard by chance. One night, Stefan had gone to a cinema in the city centre. Before going home, he dropped in a nearby café for a drink and late snack. Situated in a lane, the café was an almost hole-in-the-wall, elongated, softly lit room. The front was furnished with a bar-counter and stools. The back part, where food was prepared, had a corner-bench with a table and chairs.

As it was unoccupied, and Stefan wanted something to eat, he chose to sit there. The owner and only person serving was a friendly, attractive woman in her thirties. She made him welcome and, as there was little business at the front at the late hour, they chatted. A few days later, again after a film, Stefan dropped in once more. He liked the ambience of the locale and the company of its attractive and friendly owner.

On his second night, while he enjoyed his beer and delicious open sandwich at the corner-table, a tall, young woman walked in. There were only two customers in the front. She strolled to the back, greeted and hugged the owner, and sat-down at the table. She stretched out her hand, smiled at Stefan and said: -

"Hi, I am Irmgard."

Surprised by her spontaneous friendliness, Stefan stammered his greeting and name. Liesl, the owner, came quickly to his rescue. She told Irmgard that Stefan was an Australian 'Professor' visiting the University of the Saarland. She summarised for Irmgard, in a few sentences, what Stefan had told her in their conversation last week. To Stefan, it seemed extraordinary that he had so quickly become an acquaintance of these two attractive women. How had he breached - as a total stranger - the usual barrier?

Stefan forgot that in Germany and Austria, and probably other parts of Europe, inns and cafés had a table habitually occupied by local regulars: A Stammtisch. Non-regulars simply did not intrude to sit there. Stefan, however, had waltzed into the café and claimed a seat. And Liesl, the owner, had allowed it. She had liked his look, and their following conversation had confirmed her initial, favourable impression.

As Stefan had come back so quickly and sat down on 'his' table, Liesl welcomed him as one of her 'regulars'. And Irmgard assumed this was the case. It was, therefore, not necessarily Stefan's admittedly good looks that made Irmgard so immediately forthcoming. She had simply responded to him as one of Liesl's approved regular customers, whom she was likely - from then on - to meet again.

Irmgard was a strikingly attractive young woman. She was tall, with a beautifully proportioned figure. Her dark-brown hair, styled short, laughing eyes, high cheekbones, very kissable lips and a healthy complexion complemented a friendly openness. She was a lively talker and obviously enjoyed being flirted with. And with Stefan, she responded in kind from the moment they met.

He learned that she came to the café often. Irmgard worked in a nearby bank, between 4 pm and 10 pm, on the staff dealing with the accumulated clearing-tasks of the bank's day's business. She lived in a small village near Saarbruecken. Often, before driving home the fifteen kilometres, she came to Liesl's café for a chat, a drink and a late, small meal.

Irmgard was, Stefan guessed, like Liesl in her early thirties. She told him she was widowed. Her husband had died from brain-cancer five months earlier. She had an eleven-year-old son and shared her house with her mother. In turn, Stefan told her about his study-leave in Germany and how, he an Austrian, became an Australian academic. He also mentioned that he had been married without going into the details of his recent divorce.

So, the cards were almost all on the table. After an hour or so of enjoying each other's company, Irmgard and Stefan went their separate ways. There had been no mention of seeing each other again. Two evenings later, however, Stefan was back. He hoped to meet Irmgard again. And when Irmgard waltzed in, she greeted Stefan with a big smile before hugging Liesl. Looking over Liesl's shoulder, she grinned down at him: -

"Where were you yesterday? We missed you."

Stefan was encouraged by her words. It was, however, Irmgard that took the initiative. When Stefan told her of his interest in getting to know Saarbruecken's surroundings, she immediately offered to be his guide. Even though he had a car, she would pick him up in hers on Sunday morning for a day's excursion.

This settled, she told Stefan about where she lived and her life since her husband's death. Irmgard mentioned that she avoided the friendship-group of her late husband. She did not want to start any involvement with any males of this circle. Also, no males were working her shift at the bank. While not going into detail, Irmgard clearly wanted to let Stefan know that she was unattached. She also had a slightly jaundiced view about marriage: -

"Not for me! Not again! ... Unless I get stupid and fall in love. ... I quite like men, just not as husbands."

This time they left together. Stefan walked with her to a side lane, where she regularly parked her car. Leaning against her little Renault, he took Irmgard into his arms and kissed her. It came as no surprise to her and their kissing, standing there in the dark, promised Stefan more than just a maybe. With this having let him know, they parted both in high spirits.

As promised, Irmgard collected Stefan at the University's guest-house on Sunday morning. It was a beautiful autumn day, and they enjoyed their outing and new-found companionship. Over a lengthy, authentic French lunch in Saarlouis - originally one of Lois XIV's border fortresses - Stefan discovered that his guide was an unashamed epicurean. It promised much; Stefan had always loved women that enjoyed feasting!

For Stefan, the day finished much too early. Irmgard dropped him off at his apartment at four o'clock, joining him in his apartment for a cup of coffee and some flirtatious, light petting. She liked his apartment and the mood of the beech forest outside the wall-to-wall window.

She was sorry, Irmgard said, that she could not stay. Her eleven-year-old son was during the working week, in the evenings and nights, in the care of her mother. Therefore, most weekends and weekend-evenings she wanted to spend with him. She cooked his favourite food and then most of the time, they either went to a football game or watched one on TV. So, she had to leave.

He accompanied Irmgard out to her car. She offered her lips for a quite telling-all kiss. Then hugging him tightly she said: -

"I'm sorry I can't stay with you now. ... But, knowing where you live, I could visit you tomorrow night? You'll have to feed me, though. ... I think I'll be hungry!"

Stefan promised to do his best to meet all her desires. And he grinned ear-to-ear at the prospect.

Monday night, shortly after ten, Irmgard arrived. Not knowing yet the code, she rang the bell. When Stefan opened the entrance door, Irmgard was beaming. She did not hide how much she had been looking forward to this reunion and the adventure it promised.

Stefan had prepared a cold spread of delicatessen and French cheeses. Sharing a bottle of champagne, he and Irmgard settled down for an almost festive, little meal.

Irmgard was delightfully direct, free of any coyness. She told Stefan that he was the first man she would be with after almost a year. She smiled but did not blush when she added: -

"And you are the first man ever that has welcomed me with a feast and champagne."

Then Irmgard commented on how lucky they were in being able to meet like this. As her mother and her son were always asleep when she got home after work, it did not matter what time she came home. Smiling broadly, she added: -

"If you don't mind losing some sleep, I can stay longer than we do at the café. Even with our smooching after, at the car, in the dark and cold!"

Stefan replied that now she was with him, even hours would not be long enough for him. Sitting next to each other on the sofa, they soon succumbed to their so tempting nearness. Again, Irmgard responded quickly and unrestrained to being kissed. Her lips opened, and her tongue entwined Stefan's in a sensual welcome. Neither did Irmgard squirm away as his hand cupped a breast and, eventually, moved caressingly up her readily opening thighs.

If anything, there was an urging impatience in Irmgard's response. Stefan, in turn, did not wish to rush into a hurried, first fuck. With Irmgard, he wanted their first love-making to be much, much more.

Unfortunately, for Stefan's wished-for, first love-making, preparations were required. The one-room studio apartment made it necessary to clear the table, put it out of the way, and convert the fold-out-sofa into a bed. Like all house-keeping it would bring, Stefan regretted a break in the amorous mood.

He need not have worried. Irmgard laughed and hugged him and said: -

"What a great idea! I'll leave you to make a bed for us! ... A proper one ... for our first night! ... I'll go to the bathroom to undress."

When Irmgard re-emerged, Stefan had cleared the table, made the bed but was only half-undressed. Irmgard was gloriously naked. She allowed him, however, only a brief glimpse. In contrast to her previous show of boldness, Irmgard was suddenly shy. Giggling, she hurried across the room to slip quickly under cover of the newly-made bed. Her courage restored, she whispered: -

"Hurry up, Stefan! ... Don't keep this spoiled lady waiting any longer."

Indeed, Irmgard was in a quite un-lady-like hurry. When Stefan slid in next to her, she welcomed him in a full-body embrace and attention-demanding kisses. Irmgard did not utter a word, but her whole body radiated desire. Again, Stefan sensed that she expected him to rush her into a wild orgy of fucking.

Stefan, however, as he had always done with a new partner, wished to make this first sexual experience with Irmgard into a long sensual feast. He wanted to get to know every inch of her beautiful body. And then, in a slow build-up, bring their first love-session to a tantalisingly delayed crescendo.

Perhaps it was egotism on his part to deny Irmgard a quick orgiastic relief that she, after such a long period of sexual abstinence, possibly longed for. And Stefan's holding-back did indeed charge their first love-making with a tension that created for Irmgard an exhilarating experience all its own.

Stefan freed himself enough out of Irmgard's stranglehold to start kissing her throat and neck and shoulders. He whispered in her ear that she was stunningly beautiful and that she must allow him to look at her: She had rushed before much too quickly into bed.

Kneeling next to her, he slowly peeled the cover off her body. Irmgard squealed in, possibly, token protest. Her hands neither grabbed for the lost covering nor thought to shelter her tits and pubes from Stefan's sight. Instead, she stretched out her glorious body and raised one arm to cover her eyes.

Irmgard was a beautiful woman. Her largish breasts were firm, shapely globes, her stomach flat, and her hips womanly rounded. Her long legs and shapely thighs leading onto the trimmed dark triangle over the mound of her pubis highlighted her sexual appeal.

Stefan began to caress - with his fingertips barely touching - the perfection before his eyes. He told her how much he admired and loved what she allowed him now to see and feel. When he asked to be allowed to kiss it all, Irmgard's lips opened with a breathy sigh.

He bent over her and began to kiss her pink nipples into pointy prominence. Then - no hand was stopping him - Stefan continued by kissing a path across Irmgard's in excitement tensing stomach and sides before - teasingly slowly - he drew his tongue a few times up and down her pressed together thighs. Irmgard's body shivered as it began to heave and press against Stefan's roving lips. When he shifted down to her feet to kiss his way ever so slowly up, Irmgard's legs began to spread open. With his kneeling body now in between, nothing remained hidden.

As Stefan looked down on Irmgard's inviting pussy, on the flash of glistening pink in the dark of her bush, she removed the arm covering her eyes. An all-knowing smile spread over her face as she let her eyes wander down on Stefan's fully erect cock. With her voice at a higher, excited pitch, she stammered: -

"Do you just want to kiss and look at me? ... Don't you want to ... fuck me? ... I want you, Stefan! ... Fuck me! ... Now!"

It was the first time in Stefan's life that a woman had said that to him in German. It had been a long wait. Still, he did not immediately comply. Instead, with Irmgard's thighs so invitingly open, he played his fingers over her pussy's fleshy lips. They parted readily, and as the fingers caressed up and down Irmgard's more and more slippery cleft, Irmgard's whimpering grew louder. And it began to be interspersed with - in lust and shame - still half-swallowed cries of - "Yes!"... "No! ...God, no!"... "What are you doing to me?"

As an answer, Stefan began to push one finger, deep-probing, repeatedly into her pussy. Irmgard bucked and ground against it. When a second finger joined, she cried out. Stefan's lips closed over her mouth, but it was her tongue that immediately invaded. It matched, slide by slide and twirl by twirl, what his fingers were doing to her palpitating-hot pussy below.

This tantalising double play - or was it triple by what it did to her mind - pushed Irmgard unexpected and quickly into a twisting and crying-out orgasm. Now Stefan backed away from her to run his hands over Irmgard's shivering body until it again lay still, stretched out in all its aroused glory. Irmgard's eyes remained shut.

Stefan lay down next to her, and their lips found each other. Irmgard's were soft and yielding. Their bodies, just touching, tingled all over as Stefan began to stroke and caress Irmgard's back. Separating for a moment from her lips, he whispered in her ear that he only half knew her: She, with her sexy, gorgeous ass was as beautiful from behind as from the front. And Stefan began to explore its voluptuous contours, running his fingertips, just caressingly stroking, up and down her quivering crack. When he gripped her buttocks to press her groin against his rock-hard cock, Irmgard gasped a breathless - "Fuck me! God, I want it!" - into his mouth.

And Stefan whispered his answer into hers: -

"I want to fuck you now. May I take you from behind? ... Fuck you hard and deep? ... Do you like it like that?"

With a cry of - "Yes, God, yes! Fuck me!" - Irmgard scrambled onto her knees. She stretched her sexy ass in the air and her arms out in front. With her breast and face pressed into the sheet and her fingers already clawing the sheet, she turned herself into a lascivious offering. Her pussy's lips were glistening half-open from the finger-play and climax of before. And Stefan let his cock sink slowly and smoothly into the slippery, hot grip of Irmgard's quivering cunt.

He began to fuck her with deep, penetrating strokes. Whenever he stopped, leaving his cock deeply engorged, Stefan could feel the hot massage of Irmgard's inner muscles. All the while, he caressed her never still body.

He drew his fingernails down her spine and through the cleft, or gripped her buttocks, or, reaching under, allowed his fingers to search through her bush for her clit. With each sequence of hard, deep-penetrating thrusts the pitch in Irmgard's love-song got higher, her urgings shriller. And when his cock rested deep in her - swallowed-up and milked by her throbbing cunt - Irmgard's shivering and grinding increased.

For a first fuck, Stefan and Irmgard were building up to a perfect orgiastic peak. Under one of his penetrating thrusts, Irmgard collapsed onto her belly without dislodging him. She gave a drawn-out howl, trembling stretched out and her fingers clawed and tore into the sheet. With Irmgard's ass wildly bucking under him, Stefan fucked her as hard as he could until he exploded into her.

Like glued together, they lay still for a long time. When Irmgard eventually stirred, Stefan rolled off her. Irmgard turned; sat up. Her hand stroked up her thigh and closed over her soaked pussy. With her eyes shining, she laughed: -

"Wow! That was worth waiting for. Even for more than a year. ... Do you always make love like this?"

Matching her flippancy, Stefan told her that he made gentle love like that only in the beginning. He restrained himself tonight because he did not know yet how much loving she wanted and could bear. In response, Irmgard giggled. Hugging him, she confessed that she was ready for whatever was coming. She might even beg for more! For tonight, however, she was more than satisfied.

Pleased with themselves and each other, they sat up in bed for a while laughing, cuddling and chatting. Both Stefan and Irmgard avoided talking about the sex they had enjoyed, and about their possible tomorrows. Irmgard had had her so openly wanted sexual adventure with a compliant Stefan. Beyond that, neither she nor he ventured to think about the 'what then'.

Eventually, Irmgard got dressed. Stefan made coffee, and around one o'clock, Irmgard left.

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