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Twitch pays its partners and affiliates based on the number of followers. To get the twitch partner or twitch affiliate status, you need 50 followers at the least. If you already have a reasonable following on youtube, you can invite them to twitch for some unique content that they will not be able to access via youtube. Where youtube is not likely to pay you solely based on your popularity, twitch works differently.

As you might imagine from a channel that normally features content of this ilk, jesse d’s channel normally garners only a small number of viewers. Amazingly, he had reached 350,000 before the stream even started. Tournament/esports channels dominate the concurrent viewership records. Fortnite hosts its own tournaments – the figure listed here is from the celebrity pro-am tournament june 2018, also featured in the most-concurrently viewed event listed above. The two eleague records are some way in front, with the rest of the top-10 ranging from 585,000 to 698,000. If we change the metric to look at time viewed, these twitch stats show a very close correlation between viewers and time watched, suggesting session length is fairly even.

By far the most followed female streamer, pokimane is a beacon for many others to aspire to. A member of offline tv, she streams a wide variety of games, but started primarily with league of legends, before moving to fortnite. Pokimane was the most-watched female streamer on twitch in 2020. Sodapoppin has always been at the top of twitch, having been streaming on the platform for nearly a decade. He plays anything under the sun, but people flock to him for world of warcraft content especially. Imane ‘pokimane‘ anys is the only female streamer to make the top followed twitch streamers with over 7 million followers, and will likely remain so for some time.

While esports may draw in the real headline figures, it’s the intimate everyday relationships between streamers on which twitch is truly built. It is often said that videogames are all about community – well, here’s the evidence. Twitch provides a place in which an often-maligned group can come together around the activities they love.

Note that some streamers have been the victims of follow bots, and therefore are excluded from this list. Everyone understands that consistency is necessary to thrive on social media, but it’s especially critical for twitch. Because the platform has been growing steadily year-over-year, there hasn’t been a need for updating their discovery features and bringing rising stars to the forefront. This makes the grind to become a popular twitch channel very difficult and time-consuming. One hour feels like forever on youtube, but is the bare minimum on twitch. Khryn_tzu, a twitch streamer who spent weeks with no viewers, is coming up on their one year anniversary on twitch.

This was followed by a u-shaped plateau, before another surge in january 2021 taking the total to over 2 billion hours for the first time. As well as the intimate format of watching single streamers play game while chatting to viewers, the rise of twitch is closely tied with the growing esports industry. Esports represent, in short, the professionalisation of videogame playing. Some of the most eye-catching twitch statistics fall into this category.

One of the things that you need to do to make sure that you keep your twitch followers around and hungry for more content is to be consistent with posting quality live streams. Whether or not you buy real twitch followers, your growth won’t continue to increase if you aren’t posting quality live streams for your audience to interact with. Unfortunately, most companies out there that are selling their clients twitch followers are looking to make a quick profit from naive customers who don’t really know what they’re doing. Twitch has been around for a while now, and it is certainly one of the leading game streaming platforms around the world. Of course, along with prestige like this comes massive opportunities for promoting gaming content and monetizing your live streams. Dr disrespect made his return to streaming on youtube with crazy numbers, but he won’t be able to play games with streamers while they are also streaming due to twitch’s terms of service.

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