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It was Eric's turn to clean up after dinner as the girls had cooked. As much as Eric had hoped to get a few minutes alone with Ellie upstairs, he had gone up to shower by himself while they cooked and couldn't resist taking a minute to release a load of cum before his shower. Eric had pulled up the pictures on his phone, of Cassie topless in the car, and Ellie with his dick in her mouth, to view while he stroked his twitching cock. He was shooting a thick puddle of hot cum into his palm almost immediately.

Thinking he might not get a chance to be with Ellie right away, and knowing that he couldn't hold back much longer after having spent the afternoon watching the girls expose themselves, suck each other's tits and let him touch and suck on their bodies like he had, Eric didn't feel guilty about taking a minute to gain some relief.

Having Ellie kneel to take his hard dick in her mouth for a picture, while Cassie watched, was just the icing that put him over the top. He was sure that he would be fantasizing about all of the memories of that day for the rest of his life.

Hanging out in the living room with Cassie after dinner, Ellie and Eric took every chance they could when their sister left the room, to sneak a quick kiss, flash, or grope of each other's bodies while she was out of sight. As difficult as it was to wait for an opportunity to be with each other alone, there was a certain fun about sharing their secret intimacy in tiny stolen moments that heightened their anticipation for a more satisfying release.

When Cassie had decided to turn in, Ellie went upstairs with her, and Eric followed, just a few minutes later. Thinking he would need to creep through to Ellie's room, he locked his own door, and prepared to head through their shared bathroom, when he heard a noise from his bed. Looking over, it was obvious there was someone under the covers, so he peeled them back to find a grinning Ellie, completely naked, except for her tiara.

"Sorry to show up uninvited like this," she smiled playfully, rising up on her elbows as she watched Eric strip off his clothes. "I was just wondering something and I couldn't wait until morning to ask you."

"Oh yeah," Eric raised his eyebrows in curiosity. "What was that?"

"Well, I was wondering if you'd ever had a chance to titty-fuck a queen before...and if you hadn't..."

Whatever she had intended to say next was smothered by Eric's kiss, as his long, naked body slid up onto hers.

Eric came downstairs the following morning to find Cassie sitting alone at the kitchen table, looking out through the window at the falling snow, and sipping her tea.

"Hey, good morning Cassie," he said softly, so as not to alarm her.

"Hi Eric...good morning." She watched him move around the kitchen, making coffee and fixing a bowl of cereal.

"How are you feeling?" Eric sat down, over and across from her, in their usual spots.

Cassie gave a sheepish grin and tilted her head. "A little hung over I guess." She sipped some more tea.

"Sorry about that," Eric made a face of awkward guilt. "Guess the format of Spring Break might have encouraged a little too much drinking on the part of the contestants."

"Among other things," Cassie rolled her eyes and blushed.

Eric laughed mid-mouthful and milk actually came up, out of his nose. He stood up quickly and grabbed a paper towel from the dispenser under the cupboard. "Oh man, I hate that." He kept trying to blow his nose. "I think I have a little piece of cornflake still stuck up there." He contorted his face uncomfortably and made a noise telling Cassie that he was trying to clear his nasal passages through his mouth. "Ugh, I haven't done that since I was a kid." He grinned sheepishly. "It still sucks." He laughed a little.

Cassie felt all the tension go out of her, watching Eric work through the boyish reaction and giggled herself at the image of the milk shooting from his nose a moment earlier. "I'm sorry Eric." She giggled even more. "It just looked so funny when it happened."

"Glad I could be here to entertain you, then," he grimaced as he wiped at his nose again.

"Seems only fair," she teased him. "I guess Cali and Ellie put on quite a show for you at Spring Break."

He nodded, smiling, even as he blew his nose. "Auughh. Finally got it!" He breathed tentatively and then took a drink of coffee. "Wow, that sucked."

"Speaking of which," Cassie couldn't help herself, surprised to be amused about bringing up an uncomfortable subject. "Just wanted to make sure you didn't think I broke our agreement yesterday."

"What?" Eric looked up, a little confused.

"When...Cali forfeited." She reminded him. "Even though Ellie still did the tiebreaker?"

", we're good," Eric went back to eating his cereal.

"I guess I was a little worried that we never defined where the 'sex' line was," Cassie sounded more serious than she had intended.

"I just figured that it meant, you know, like...actual 'sex'," Eric seemed a little embarrassed and kept looking down at his cereal.

"Sorry, I...I guess Cali just wasn't ready for something like that." Cassie said softly.

"It's cool." Eric shrugged. "I didn't expect anything like that to happen." He chuckled. "You know how competitive Ellie gets." They both giggled nervously. "I was probably more surprised than you were. She was so drunk." He shook his head and toyed with the remaining flakes of cereal in his bowl.

Cassie let out a smooth controlled breath before taking another sip of her tea. "Well, I think you handled it just right," she praised him. "I loved how you changed the penalty for a forfeit, by the way."

Eric took a drink of his coffee and looked over with a beaming smile. "I thought you might like that."

"I can't imagine how it looked," Cassie smiled, blushed and rolled her eyes before looking down to the teacup as she sipped. Something about the way she said it made Eric think that she had imagined it, plenty.

"It looked amazing," Eric felt his cock pushing up against his flannel pajama pants under the table. "You have to admit that Cali has a perfect ass. Like lingerie model perfect.' He watched Cassie blush. "So seeing her like that was just...", Eric tried to keep himself from getting too carried away. "Cali was a really good sport about everything. I appreciated how much effort she put into making sure Ellie enjoyed her Spring Break. I just hope she enjoyed it and had fun too."

Cassie nodded without looking over at him. "Oh, I'm sure she did." Cassie toyed with her teacup. "I think it was just what she needed."

"So you think it was a good first day?" Eric sounded positive and hopeful.

"I thought it was more than I expected...but in a good way." She looked up at Eric at last. "I think the part that I was worried about most, was this." She waved her hand between the two of them. "Like, could we still be like matter what happened...with Cali." Her mouth wrinkled up for a moment. "I'd rather lose Cali forever, than lose this for even a minute, if that makes any sense."

"It does," Eric nodded. "And I don't think it's crazy for you to get to have both."

"It's just been...a nice surprise, that I feel like I still have your love and respect as a sister, maybe even more so..." Cassie ran out of words. "I guess I didn't know how well you, or we, would be able to handle that part." She shrugged, feeling a little more emotional than she had intended. "I didn't expect that you'd be this...I don't know...mature about it."

"Cassie, I'm kind of making this up as I go, so I can't promise I won't screw everything up at some point," Eric shook his head. "But I will always love matter what. I just want you, and Ellie, to be happy and feel good." He thought about it for a second. "This whole lockdown started out feeling like the worst thing ever, and now, it's turning into something..."

"Magical?" Cassie suggested.

"Yeah, like there is some weird enchantment or spell over everything since we started making wishes." He struggled to explain it. "Like everything we ever wanted was, like, right here the whole time...and we just never really knew it." Eric looked down at his coffee cup. "I just want to find a way to keep the magic going and not screw it up somehow."

"You're doing an amazing job so far," Cassie assured him. "It's been a little weird for me, but I can't ever remember feeling this excited, about what was going to happen every day...or this close, to you and to Ellie."

"Thank you for handling it so well." Eric looked so sincere. "I know Ellie can get a little crazy sometimes, but you could have been so different about all this."

"You mean more like the old Cassie," she rolled her eyes.

"Well...yeah." He hoped he hadn't hurt her feelings. "Sorry."

"No, I understand. I guess I just figured I had to look out for you guys. Like I had to be more of a grown up or something." She grimaced. "Somehow I ended up turning into this controlling bitch who just worried about every little thing."

"Hey, I didn't think that," Eric tried to comfort her.

"Well, maybe you didn't. But Ellie sure did and...well, I did too." It felt good to let it out.

"Well you're not like that now..." Eric encouraged her.

"And it's okay that I'm not?" Eric couldn't believe how vulnerable his big sister looked in that moment as her eyes searched his.

"I think it's amazing that you're not," Eric blurted out. "How it's been... the last couple days?"

"You liked it?" Cassie watched him carefully. "Really?"

"Cassie, I loved it." He glanced up at her briefly. "I love that you're letting me...act like that...around Cali." His eyes slowly rose to meet hers. "It makes me feel grown up and in control." He blushed. "I love that feeling."

"I love that it does, Eric." Cassie's heart was thumping. "I'm glad that it makes you happy, because I love it too." She looked at her tea cup, now almost empty. "You're the only one I can trust enough to do something like this with."

"So you won't get mad at me if I take it too far by mistake?" Eric asked tentatively. "Because I'm not really sure what to do, and I don't want to ruin it, and it seems weird to have to stop to ask Cali if it's okay." It came tumbling out, more awkwardly than Eric had hoped it would.

"No, you're right...that would kind of ruin it." She was surprised by how much he was struggling with those anxieties. Especially after how assured he'd been acting through the first day or so. She thought about it for a moment. "What about if we had a...a code, or something. Like if it got too uncomfortable, Cali could say something like, 'I think I need to go', or something like that. To let you know's...too much, but without breaking the spell." She looked hopefully at Eric.

"Why not use exactly that; 'I think I need to go', then?" Eric felt relief wash over him. "So then I can back up a little and try to get it back on track, or if you're really uncomfortable, you can actually leave and it still won't break our agreement."

"You would let me do that?" Cassie was amazed at how much it relieved her. "That would be so perfect." They sat for a moment enjoying the sense of relief.

"So," Eric smiled. "Do you think Cali might be headed down to the beach later this morning?"

"I need about 30 minutes," she got up from the table to rinse out her coffee cup. It was hard not to run up the stairs.

Eric thought about checking on Ellie when he went upstairs to get dressed, but he was pretty sure she'd still be sleeping. They'd been up late the night before and he didn't want to wake her. He changed quietly and headed back downstairs to leave a note for Ellie on the kitchen table, asking her to join them at the beach when she woke up, before heading out to fuel up the generator and fire up a little oasis of paradise in the middle of a snowstorm.

By the time Cassie got to the beach, Eric already had it lit up and the temperature was rising quickly. The Spring Break decorations were still up, but they added a festive air after walking through the gray day outside, through the falling snow. Eric was straightening up a little and collecting the cups and objects they'd left lying around after their competition and party the day before. Cassie stripped down to her bikini and left her clothes folded on the bar.

"There she is!" Eric walked up to the bar beside her. "Hey Cali!"

"Hey Eric," Cassie felt a sense of joy just stepping into the Cali role.

"I was just going to take a break and get high. Care to join me?" Eric took his pipe out of his jacket pocket.

Cassie nodded and they stood smoking at the bar for a few minutes before setting down the pipe and taking their water bottles to the beach chairs.

"You ever notice how weed makes a hangover feel less severe?" Cassie mused after a few minutes. She stretched her neck from side to side and reached up to rub her neck and shoulder muscles.

"Feeling a little tight?" Eric noted her squinting as she rubbed her muscles.

"Yeah, I think I might've pulled something wrestling around yesterday. I was just too drunk to notice until this morning," she chuckled, remembering how wasted the penalty drinking had gotten her and Ellie.

"Well come sit in front of me and I'll see what I can do," Eric offered, patting the front edge of his chair.

Cassie got up from her own chair, grabbed her water bottle and eased her way down to the sand directly in front of Eric's chair, facing out toward the lagoon. Eric reached down and began working his fingers through the tense muscles in Cassie's shoulders and neck, slowly easing the knots and allowing her muscles to loosen. Cassie let out a series of humming sounds as the effect of the weed and the massage under the warm lamps allowed her to relax and enjoy the sensation of Eric's hands on her skin.

Cassie leaned forward as Eric's hands rubbed further down her back, isolating the muscles along her spine and around her shoulder blades. When Eric paused to untie the lower strings on her bikini, she didn't seem to mind as they fell to her sides, as it allowed him to rub the length of her back without them breaking up the sensation. After a bit, she felt Eric's hands return to her shoulders and guide her to lean back against him again. She might have been less alarmed that he also untied the strings around her neck, but he also gently pulled her untied top up off her after he did.

"You don't need this", Eric said casually as he set it aside and went back to rubbing her shoulders.

Cassie should have felt less affected by being topless in front of Eric, after she'd already allowed him to take her picture topless, and as many times as she'd been exposed during the Spring Break competition. But a large part of her still had trouble letting go of a lifetime of modesty, and the fact that up until the lockdown, no guy had ever even seen her topless. The fact that Eric had seen her like this, multiple times since she first exposed herself at his party, didn't take away from the fact that it was still a big deal for her to have her tits, that she'd spent a lifetime keeping covered, fully exposed like this around him. She fought the urge to cover herself with her hands and she could feel her nipples had grown swollen, hard and sensitive as even the small movement of air within the oasis reminded her from moment to moment that she was half naked.

"I like seeing you like this Cali," Eric murmured. "I think you should start a new tradition that it's okay to go topless at the beach. In fact, I insist."

"Don't you think it will seem weird to Ellie, if I'm suddenly running around with my tits out around you?" Cassie tried to imagine how Ellie would handle it.

"She would think it's weird if Cassie did it, but I think she can handle it if Cali does it. I'm kind of hoping she'll decide to follow your example," Eric ran his hands down the front of her chest and leaned over to cup both of her boobs in his large hands.

"You'd like that?" Cassie asked, suddenly more breathless than she expected as she felt her large firm tits engulfed in her brother's hands. "It wouldn't bother you to look at your own sister topless like that?" Her breath was coming in smaller, shorter bursts between her open lips as Eric's hands groped her however he liked.

"It will bother me a lot," Eric admitted. "But in a good way." He let his fingers slide down and softly pinch the puffy pink areolas and hard nipples of his older sister, as if he had every right to fondle her so intimately. "Do you think it's wrong that I want to see my sister like that?"

"I would never judge you," Cassie said demurely. "You should be allowed to do whatever pleases you."

"Do you think Cassie would ever be able to be comfortable, walking around exposed like that, around me?" Eric was finding this conversation much more exciting than he had even imagined when he took the chance of untying Cassie's top. Somehow getting her to talk about it was just as exciting as seeing and touching her this way.

"I don't think she ever would, Eric." Cassie felt her heart pounding in her chest. "It would be way too humiliating for her, especially around her younger brother. She's too modest, and has way too much pride, to ever let herself be exposed like that. I think she'd always worry that Eric would lose all respect for her if she did something like that." She could hear her breath coming in and out of her nose once she closed her mouth to swallow. Her mouth had suddenly gone very, very dry.

"It's really a shame," Eric said with regret as he gently kneaded a handful of his sister's full, firm tits in each hand. "Because Cassie has such a beautiful body. She's so different than Ellie, but I think she's so sexy in her own way." Eric leaned down to kiss the side of Cassie's neck as she rolled her head to one side in the sensation of his hands on her body. "Can I tell you a secret, Cali?" Eric whispered into her ear before he nibbled lightly at her earlobe.

"You can tell me anything, Eric." Cassie whispered back, after letting out a small gasp.

"Sometimes I think about Cassie when I'm jacking off," he whispered, his voice trembling with excitement.

She gasped again as he pinched her nipples a little more roughly and tugged them lightly as his fingers stroked them to a point. "You do?" she felt her pussy release a wave of wet excitement.

"You don't think it's wrong for brothers and sisters to think about each other, when they...pleasure that?"

"I think it's very wrong, Cali," Eric admitted in a whisper before kissing her neck again. "But that's what makes it more exciting." His lips and teeth went back to her earlobe and shivers ran through Cassie's body. "Does Cassie ever think about me like that?"

"I don't think Cassie could ever admit to something like anyone." She was almost panting now.

"If I was your brother, would you get excited thinking about me like that?" Eric cupped her tits and lifted them possessively.

Her answer was so faint as to be almost inaudible above the sound of the generator. "Yes," she whispered breathlessly.

"Speak up, Cali," Eric prompted her. "I want you to say it louder.

"Yes," Callie said in a trembling voice.

"Yes, what Cali?" Eric spoke and fondled her more firmly.

"Yes, I'd get excited thinking about you like that," Cassie's chest was rising and falling as her breathing had gotten deeper, but her breasts remained suspended in Eric's firm grasp. "Even if you were my brother."

Eric's hands left her tits and one traveled up to the side of her neck, while the other shifted to her other breast. Eric turned Cassie's head toward his own and tilted it up before plunging his tongue into her parted lips and kissing her deeply. "Thank you, Cali. You've been a very good girl." He kissed her again as her mouth hungrily devoured his tongue and his kiss, her breast trembling with excitement in his firm grip. & partner=accuweather


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