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In the months following the first Bloomings, some curious researchers wondered if there was any way to prevent such an event from occurring. A much smaller number of people actually decided to do something about it. And an extremely tiny fraction of that population had the financial resources to make it possible.

Fortunately for those scientists looking for the next big paycheck, there was a correlation between the parents who didn't want their kids becoming horny sex machines and their overall net worth. After less than a year of rapid research and development, and an unhealthy dose of political pressure, the first Bloom Delay Drugs, BDDs, became available to the general public. They would completely inhibit the effects of Blooming for as long as the young adults consumed them as prescribed, until they turned twenty-four years old. At that point, their bodies would no longer be so fixated on sexually expressing themselves, and would not Bloom at all.

The most popular of drugs caused a huge uproar when it was first released to the world. For the steep cost of $5,000 a bottle and one pill a day, the onset of Blooming could be delayed, and then permanently avoided beyond your twenty-fourth birthday. Very few kids had that much money in their bank accounts, and could forget about spending that amount on a regular basis.

Frenzied parents attempted to buy bottles by the box, stocking up on them without realizing that most of them had a shelf life of a few months, beyond which they would be useless. And then there were the parents that dropped the money on their reckless children who were unstable even before getting the chance to Bloom. It was impossible to tell who was on the pill and who was not. That was, however, until a car full of drunk twenty-one year old guys and gals crashed and prompted ambulance trips for everyone involved.

While they were unconscious, all five of them missed the crucial twenty-four hour mark for their pills. Most BDDs had a two-or-so hour grace period that began once twenty-four hours had passed from the last time they took a pill. In that small window of time, a Bloomer could still take another pill and stop the full Bloom before it happened, but not without lingering side-effects.

That did not happen to these poor souls...Or lucky souls, depending on who you talked to.

All five of them Bloomed within a few hours of each other. They tore out the tubes and medicines going in through them, knocking away anything that could stop them from wrestling each other onto the cold floor. Their skin came alive with a surge of repressed sensation and hormones, their bodies rippling with sexual energy as they rapidly matured into the fuck machines they had been destined to be. All five of them had the best fuck marathon of their lives, forgetting about the rest of the world that looked on in dismay and pity. Torn nightgowns and bandages littered the floor of the hospital wing while the sounds of their moans echoed off the barricaded doors of their suite.

Their parents were not happy. And governments around the world were even more upset. What was the point of an antidote if people were going to be reckless? If they were allowed to do whatever they wanted with no checks and balances? In this particular example, there had been many points of failure. How could that be fixed?

Everyone wanted to come to a solution, but only on their own terms. As much as the corporations wanted to walk away with all the cash, another accident would shatter the rest of their public image. The threat of lawsuits was another massive influence on their commitment to aggressively negotiate. Bad PR would only lead to bad profits.

After months of working through the details, the legal documentation, arguing for hours on specific words, and seeking all the necessary approvals, the official press release detailing the new process for which prospective consumers of all Bloom Delay Drugs (BDDs) was sent out to the world.

Parents of soon-to-be-adults were shaken by the strictness of such procedures, but also understood the need for such rigor. Countless new documents absolved the manufacturers of any liability or responsibility for someone Blooming because they didn't follow the extremely strict rules. This turned away quite a few potential buyers, who couldn't be completely sure of the fact that their rebellious almost-adults were the perfect angels they thought they were. And then they'd have to keep up the act for six years!

Some families had trouble asking their kids to put the toilet seat down after they flushed. They could forget asking them to take a pill every single day for what would amount to a quarter of their lives.

Hospitals were trained to recognize medical bracelets that indicated when someone was on a BDDs, and had a small stock of the pills in the event of an emergency. In extreme situations, the drug companies could be empowered to physically check in with the prescription's recipient to ensure they were abiding by all rules and regulations.

And for almost everyone, these harsh rules worked. It was impossible to please everybody: critics on both sides of the debate thought that this was a privacy nightmare and no different than spying on these barely-adults. Others thought that it wasn't enough, that they couldn't be trusted to act maturely, and needed to be kept on as tight of a leash as possible. For those people willing to abide by the rules, the system worked as it was meant to work.


As a result of the dragon's hoard of money that Leanda's parents had poured into her prescribed BDDs, they were not too thrilled about the idea of her vacationing for a few days with college friends. Leandra had spent a while convincing her folks that she'd been extremely strict and conscious about doing it every day for the last three-and-a-quarter years, and that nothing would get in her way of her finishing the back half of her three years. Leandra had been through even more intensive classes and boring lectures than her parents had, torn between boredom and proper attention when listening to the corporate legalese and medical details.

But the gist of it struck home, especially when they were shown exquisite details of what had happened to people who didn't take this seriously. Who goes on a cruise ship and doesn't think to check that they have everything they absolutely need with them?

Imagine being the embarrassed family who forced the entire cruise to turn around because someone made a huge mistake, and was now ejaculating jets of cum out of their dick like a firehose. There had been warnings that some of the videos would have adult content in them, but the smartphone quality of the videos made them feel pornographic.

Leandra could still hear his moans from orgasming. She sometimes had nightmares about them.

Until then, her parents were tentatively satisfied that she would be as careful as she could. They conferred with the other parents who were involved, and felt assured that the kids would keep each other honest about taking their pills on time and not engaging in anything too crazy.

It became second nature to Leandra to be completely sure that she was equipped to take on whatever the day would throw at her. Phone, wallet, keys, emergency pills, check! All good to go! She'd done this at regular intervals throughout her trip from her house to the vacation spot, making sure nothing was missing that would ruin her fun. Confident that she'd arrived with everything she needed, approached the entrance of her home for the next few days.

The doorbell of their vacation rental rang throughout the large rooms, and the sound of flip-flops slapping on the floor grew louder. With a gust of air, the door swung back to reveal the beaming face of Leandra's best friend Tori, who rushed to give Leandra a huge hug.

"OMG Leandra, it's so great to see you!" Tori wrapped her arms around Leandra's neck, almost pushing her on top of her suitcase.

"Tell me about it!" She'd never been able to get used to Tori's aggressive affection. The only people who gave any form of intimacy were her parents and Tori, so being hugged was always a surprise to Leandra. "Can't wait to kick off the summer with you and everyone else!" she replied.

Leandra pulled her luggage through the spacious entryway, following Tori to where the rest of her friends were currently gathered. It wasn't long before she heard their laughter and cheers, though the smell of chips and alcohol had reached her long beforehand.

Beth jumped off the couch to greet her, extending her arm to give Leandra a half hug; her other arm wielded a tall drink. The party had clearly been going for a while!

"Girl you're LATE!" Beth said, exaggerating a scowl on her face. "What took you?"

Leanda's mood soured a bit, as she repeated the story to her and the rest of her peers. "Got held up at the airport, they weren't crazy about a BDD kid running around without their parents." She had a medical bracelet on her wrist that indicated her prescription for a 24-hour BDD, which only set off alarms in medical settings. But Leandra, and other women on BDDs, had been stopped more and more frequently when travelling to ensure that the women were well prepared for the trip. Men rarely faced the same level of scrutiny in the same settings. "Had to answer a buncha' dumb questions."

"Seereeohsleeh?" groaned Tyler, his mouth full with a buffalo wing, but no less shocked at her treatment. "What asssshollls."

"I mean, really," preened Beth. "That happened to my sister when she was travelling to Florida for a concert, but that was a few months ago." She turned to look out the window, frustrated by how little privacy she felt. "Guess they're ramping up."

"It makes sense, though it's not right," chimed Mark. "There was that HUGE party after Texas A & M went undefeated. People drove and flew in from all over...I guess a few of them got too messed up to watch the time." He took a sip of his beer, but grimaced after tasting it. "Or maybe they just had too much punch!"

Jameson watched the entire episode and chuckled, glowing in his having swapped Mark's drinks while he was so focused on whatever was on the TV. "Dude, you gotta go out of your way to ignore all the alarms and shit that they've got on our phones," he said. "It's like a minefield that you have ta' do the limbo through, while also riding a unicycle. Those guys were morons for not taking the damn pill!"

Leandra left her suitcase in the open kitchen and sat down on the couch next to Mark, grabbing a bottle of water from underneath the coffee table. "I'm with Mark on this one," she said. "They turned their phones off so it didn't nag them about taking their pills. We're still kind of outcasts...most people don't really like us," gesturing to the room of her closest friends.

"Let the haters hate, and let the world burn," Jameson bemoaned. "The cops busted another one of those sex farms up in Canada the other day...This shit doesn't make it on TV cuz' it's impossible to air live footage and not show how messed up these people are."

Beth and Tori gasped at the same time, with Tori running her fingers through her hair and asked: "Another one!? What the fuck is wrong with these psychos?"

"Can't tell you. Some people are just crazy. Or maybe they're sick. Prob'ly both! But the perps running the show are definitely gonna be locked up for a while." Jameson took a long gulp from his drink, some generic store-brand beer to get people warmed up. The stronger stuff would be coming out later.

"There've been less of these places because the feds are so much better at finding them," he continued. "Plus, when someone on a BDD gets mixed up in there, the hammer falls pretty fast. Parents, plus the drug companies, throw tantrums whenever that happens," pinching and rubbing his fingers and thumb together in the gesture for money.

Mark looked at Jameson quizzically, curious how deep this rabbit hole went. "Excuse me, but for how long have you been the expert on illegal sex farms?" she asked.

"Since my cousin got kidnapped and was forced to fuck twenty girls a day for almost six months," Jameson replied without missing a beat.

His relaxed gaze betrayed the tragic truth he'd just revealed. There was complete silence after that, the low hum of the radio being the only other stimulation. No one had had any idea how close Jameson was to that stuff, so this was a complete surprise to everyone. "Dude's still not totally all right. Called him a few weeks ago, he's been in therapy for a while. He takes things day by day. But every time he looks at a girl his own age, he spaces out."

After having looked away for about a minute, Mark turned back to Jameson. "I'm so sorry, James, I shouldn't have said anything. Glad to hear he's managing."

"It's cool, dude, you had no way of knowin'." The two friends' eyes locked, then Jameson continued. "I'm not here to think about the shitty people who choose to fuck kids over. I'm here to kick off summer and hang out with my bros!"

He wrapped one arm around Tyler's shoulders, while the other grabbed Tori's legs and knocked her off-balance. She failed to find her balance, caught unaware by Jameson's strength, and began to fall sideways into the two boys. Tyler had enough time to extend his arms to catch her back, while Jameson continued to pull Tori down. In an instant, Tori landed with turbulence onto their thighs, letting out a yelp as she did.

After staring at Jameson for an uncomfortable few seconds, Tori let out a fit of laughter, unperturbed by the friendly gesture, and welcomed the distraction from the sour mood. Everyone else started giggling and chuckling with her, happy to change the subject.

Leandra held her water bottle up to the air, proclaiming between fits of laughing: "Here's to our summer vacation!" Everyone else put their glasses, cups, cans, or fists in the air, meeting her cheers with roaring applause. "To summer vacation!"


At 8 PM that night, every one of them took their prescribed BDD pills. They'd all previously had varying pill times, between 8 - 9 PM Eastern Time. Taking it earlier than normal was never an issue, though taking it later was always known to leave people on edge. To keep things fair, the group collectively chose to take their pills at the earliest moment they could. Ideally, all the pill takers would see everyone else taking their pills, check in with their phones and gadgets, and confirm that no one was feeling weird before they all fell asleep.

So when Leandra heard a commotion coming from the room next door, she immediately ran through her memory to make sure that Tori had actually taken her pills. As far as she remembered, Tori had swallowed her pill, and the girl's phone had been silent when it confirmed that a pill had actually been removed from her bottle, then consumed when Tori uploaded a video of her doing so. After being analyzed to confirm that the swallowed pill was actually a BDD, and not some other kind of pill, her phone considered the mission complete.

So what was causing Tori to hump her bed with her panties pulled down to her knees? And why was she moaning into her pillow?

Tori's bedroom was connected directly with Leandra's, so the latter girl had been the first to hear the former. Was anyone else able to hear Tori's cries? What would they think was happening? This bedroom was at the end of the hallway, so it was unlikely that anyone else noticed the groans. It was Leandra's duty to check on her. They were best friends!

When Leandra opened the door, the first thing she noticed was Tori's face. She looked tired, drained, but stared into the distance as her fingers circled over her wet pussy. Her eyes looked calm, but contrasted with her scrunched-up face that offered a glimpse into her frustration. Leandra could hear the sloshing and kneading of Tori's masturbation. Once every few seconds, Tori would hum, almost vibrating as her ass stood high in the air.

Leandra was scared, worried, and desperate to fix this. She closed the distance between herself and the horny mess that was her friend, and violently shook Tori by her shoulders. "Tee," Leandra asked, "what's wrong?"

"Lee...", using their nicknames for each other, Tori moaned, "Pills...wrong. Something...wrOOHHH!" she tried to answer as she let out another whine of joy. The confused girl didn't have the strength to pull her hand away from her pussy, and she felt how wet her body was.

"It hurts, Lee, but it...good...ugh!" Tori pressed her knees together around her hand, which had slipped into the girl's sopping wet cunt. Her pussy juices had begun to drip down her thighs, reflecting off the barely visible light from the window. The scent of her exhilaration almost overwhelmed Leandra, but she pulled back and tried to get a grip.

"Can't...hold on...gonna blow. Gonna c-c-um." she whispered, barely audible over the wet noises her pussy was making. Her body was almost entirely on autopilot at this point, as her other hand began to pull and pinch at one of her nipples. Tori's large breasts had been squished under her weight, which she was shoving down into the tangled bedsheets. Sweat glistened over her skin, leaving more traces of Tori's horniness all over the bed.

Leandra rushed back into her room, almost tripping over herself, and grabbed her bottle of BDDs. She always carried one or two more than she actually needed for trips like these; the risk of bringing more and losing them was too much, given their price, but having backups in moments like these made her feel a lot better.

She never thought she'd be giving one to someone else, let alone to her best friend. But there was a first for everything.

The sound of Leandra's footsteps, pill in one hand and water bottle in the other, barely broke through the fog in Tori's mind. In the few seconds that it had taken for Leandra to go on her rescue mission, the remains of Tori's clothes had been literally ripped off, now in shreds on the floor. Though cool air tickled every inch of Tori's skin, heat crackled everywhere that she had been touched.

Leandra held the pill up to Tori's mouth, but there was too much fidgeting and vibrating going on. Worse yet, Leandra wasn't strong enough to hold her friend down and force her to take it. Tori's moaning was only getting louder, as she clearly approached her limit to fight the forces of pleasure within her.

A dark idea crept across Leandra's mind. It was insane, risky, and extremely stupid, but it would work. She could barely rationalize the thought in her head before Tori bucked again, her pussy dampening the lower half of her body.

"No time left to lose," Leandra mused to herself. She slipped the pill barely between her lips, positioning itself carefully so she wouldn't accidentally swallow it during this maneuver. Taking a huge breath in through her nose, Leandra lowered her lips onto Tori's and gave her a deep kiss, pushing through her lips and letting go of the pill in her friend's mouth.

The unexpected intrusion shocked Tori, and she clawed onto Leandra's head, pushing their heads closer together. Tori eagerly swallowed the pill, allowing its contents to rapidly get to work on cleaning up the girl's battered body.

Her tongue reached out for Leandra's, who hesitated at the invitation.

Leandra had never kissed a girl before now, ever. She'd had no idea what to expect. And yet, when she first tasted Tori's mouth, she instantly relished in its taste and texture. This was such a different experience from making out with a guy, even on the first lick. She knew that if she kept going with this, there was a risk of her being taken down the same dark road as Tori.

But she also knew that this was the best way to keep Tori's hands out of her clit, and somewhere that she could see them. And feel them. And...hold them, too.é_dia_delas


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