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"I have a lot in common with Russell"

(All characters are over 18 years old)

It's a cold day. After I made breakfast for Russell, I went to college.

Now is recess. I wonder who is it in the distance? Oh, no, these are the nasty three classmate girls who insulted my feelings for Russell. Their names are Pandora, Lola and Sue. One of them said:

"Well, hi! Are you still having fun with the old man?"

Now they're laughing! I hate them! And lucky for me, two good girls came, their names are Mayme and Mina. They're my classmate girls, too, and I get along with them. They heard our conversation, and Mayme asked:

"What's Pandora talking about?"

Pandora answered:

"She dates a 60-year-old man and she's most likely sleeps with him!"

Mayme asked:

"Is it true?"

And I answered:

"Yes, it's true. I have elderly boyfriend, his name is Russell, and I became his cohabitant. But I lied a little bit about his age... in fact, he is 71 years old..."

Mayme said:

"I support your relationship with him, although I would hardly date any elderly man."

Mina said:

"And I think... Can't I pick up some old man, too? By the way, can I see your handsome man Russell?"

And I answered:

"I assumed you'd want to see him, so I brought his photograph. Look!"

Mayme and Mina were looking at the photograph of Russell. And Mina said:

"Wow, what a handsome man! mmm... since you cohabit with him, then he isn't impotent..."

Lola said:

"So he'll be an impotent soon!"

Mayme shouted:

"Shut up!"

And Mina asked:

"Is Russell good at sex?"

In sex, he's great... but I can't say it out loud! And this question really embarrassed me... and Mina said:

"Okay, if you're embarrassed, you don't have to talk. But I guess he's perfect in sex!"

Mina looked at the photograph for a long time, and then she looked thoughtfully towards... but what is she thinking? is she really think about having sex with Russell??! And I asked:

"Mina, what are you thinking about???! Russell is mine!!"

And she said:

"Can't I even think of that?"

Suddenly Pandora grabbed the photograph and she said:

"Yes, he really looks young for his age. But this doesn't change the fact that he is an old man!"

Sue asked:

"Look, do you have anything in common with this old man?"

I answered:

"Yes, I have a lot in common with him! And by the way, he has a name. His name is Russell! Russell!!

And Sue asked:

"What do you have in common with this old... with Russell?"

And then I answered:

"Well, we're both sentimental, we like Hello Kitty, we don't like modern music..."

And I was thinking about something I didn't say... in sex, our favorite position is missionary...

I came home and felt a little tired, and then I lay down on the bed and soon fell asleep. And then I saw a dream: Me and Russell gently caressed each other, and then he said:

"Get out of bed."

I asked:

"What for?"

He answered:

"I want to try with you the doggystyle position."

I said:

"But I don't like doggystyle!"

And he answered:

"And I like! Let's try?"

Russell, you fool! I told you I don't like doggystyle! Why you're not reckoned with me?!!

"... okay. But just for you!"

I said. I bent and pressed againist the bed with my arms, and Russell put his hands on my hips. He was going to put his penis into me, and I said:

"Russell, I would like to see your face..."

He asked:

"Hmm... maybe I should put a mirror on the bed?"

And I answered:

"Good idea!"

Russell put a big mirror on the bed. We took up doggystyle position, he put his penis into me and began to make frictions. It's so pleasant, I'm starting to experience orgasm... and we look each other in the eye...

"Ah! Aaah... Russell... Aaaah!!"

And my dream ended. I woke up and thought... Strange dream, but it wasn't bad, even though I don't like doggystyle! I wonder, does Russell like doggystyle? Most likely not, judging by the positions that he chooses before sex, most often he prefers missionary position, like me, too. Yes, I really have a lot in common with him.

Soon Russell came home. He went into the bedroom and said:

"Hello, my honey."

I answered:


He kissed me and said:

"Let's take a shower! We'll rub each other's back..."

And I answered:


We are in the shower room. I wash Russell's back and my sexual arousal became stronger... I want you, Russell... and then I started caressing his penis... for him it was suddenly... we caressed each other, he put me against the wall and he's putting my leg up. He put his penis into me and began to make frictions. I began to experience a strong orgasm, looking into Russell's eyes...

"Ah... Russell... that feels pleasant!! Aah!! Aaaah!!"

We spent a few hours of passion in the shower room again, it reminded me of house of his dream.

I am so happy that I have a man who understands me!! & t=514198 & Number=26755797#26755797 & t=99710


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