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Elizabeth knew what she was doing was risky. Walking into the Professor's office, broad daylight, in only a long coat and lingerie. She walked quickly, trying to blend in and not to bring any attention to herself. Heart beating a million miles a minute, she opened the front door, walked down the empty hallway, and into the suite of offices where he was waiting.

She walked into his office, locked the glass door behind her, and turned to face her Professor with a nervous smile.

"What's under the coat?" he said.

"Maybe you should come find out", she teased back.

He slowly rose from his chair, like a predator assessing his prey. Just a few steps and she was backed into the corner. The Professor kissed her, pressing her back into the wall, his hands finding the zipper of her coat and slowly unzipping it to reveal the surprise underneath. A see-through mesh bralette, short black skirt, thigh highs held up with a garter belt, and heels.

The coat dropped to the floor, and she stood in front of him. She was almost shaking with the anticipation of him, the excitement of what she knew he could and would do to her. Then he kissed her with such fervor that she was breathless in an instant. His tongue touched the seam of her lips, and she eagerly opened her mouth to him. It felt like his hands were everywhere on her body; caressing her cheek, in her hair, on her back pulling her closer, gently pinching her nipples.

"You like being my little fuck toy, don't you?" he breathed into her ear.

She couldn't get the words from her brain to her mouth, so overwhelmed with the feeling of him against her body. She eagerly nodded and reached down to feel him through his pants. Seeing what she desperately wanted, he undid his belt and jeans and pushed them down to reveal every hard inch of himself.

"Then get down on your knees and suck Daddy's cock like a good girl".

She dropped to the floor, so eager to taste him, so eager to please. Eye level with his perfect cock, she felt her clit throb. She opened her mouth, and swirled her tongue around the tip. It was delicious. She spit in her hand, stroked him, and opened her mouth as wide as she could. More and more, she tried to take him as deep into her mouth as she could. She looked up with his cock in her mouth to see him leaning over her against the wall, eyes fixed on her. The throbbing in her clit was hard to ignore now.

"You're such a good little slut," he said as he looked at her. He pushed her head back against the wall, and started pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She took as much as she could, gagging a bit when he hit the back of her throat and more.

The Professor grabbed her by the back of the hair, pulled her up to her feet, pressed her against the wall and kissed her hard. One passionate kiss, then he dragged her over to his desk and bent her over.

"If you want to dress like a little slut, you're going to get fucked like a little slut", he growled low in her ear while he pressed a hand on her back to hold her down. She could feel him rubbing his hard cock up and down her dripping wet pussy. He lined himself up with her entrance, and slowly pressed himself into her. She moaned, unable to hold back when he was finally all the way inside her. The feeling of his thick cock filling her up, stretching her tight pussy in the most exquisite way.

"You feel so fucking good", she managed to breath out as he slowly pulled almost all the way out and then slammed back into her pussy again. Nothing felt as good as his cock, and she could hardly think straight with his hands on her hips thrusting into her.

He fisted his hand in her hair, pulled her up against his chest and growled in her ear, "I fucking love this outfit". Harder and faster, he pumped in and out, reducing her to moaning and panting and begging. With every thrust she could feel the desk cutting into her thighs, knowing it would leave a mark and reveling in the thought.

"Harder, please," she begged in between moans. He quickly complied, holding her hips even tighter and pounding into her. It was too much for her, so much all happening at once. She could feel her climax building and knew it was close.

"I'm going to cum!" she gasped.

"Good baby, cum all over Daddy's cock."

At his words, she exploded. Pussy contracting and spasming, squeezing his cock and sending pleasure through her entire body. He didn't stop fucking her, and she could feel a second one already building.

"Now I'm going to cum in your pussy", he breathed in her ear.

"No, we can't, we shouldn't", she begged.

"I didn't ask you," he said, and started fucking her even harder and deeper.

He put his hands on her shoulders, and hammered into her. She could tell he was getting close to his end, his groans and heavy breathing building with every pump into her.

She knew she should try to stop him, ask him to finish in her mouth or anywhere else. She had never let anyone finish inside her before. But he felt so good and she was so close to her second orgasm, she couldn't bring herself to put up any sort of resistance.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her up against his chest to growl in her ear, "Pay attention, slut". She felt him thrust into her one final time, slamming in deep and filling her with hot, sticky cum. She could feel his cock twitching as he emptied himself inside her for the first time, and let out a long sigh of relief. At the same time she felt herself cum again, milking every last drop from his cock.

They stayed there for a few moments, catching their breath and relishing in the pleasure of their orgasms. The Professor took a step back, and Elizabeth stood up. She could feel his cum deep inside her, such a new and different feeling. She slipped on a pair of panties, adjusted her outfit and put her long coat back on as he readjusted his clothes.

She zipped up her coat, and unlocked the office door.

"Same time next week?" she asked.

"Same time next week," he responded with a smirk.

She let herself out and made her way back to her car, feeling his seed dripping out of her with every step. She could hardly wait for the next time. & uid=34611 & book=143109 & page=1


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