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Men -- please carefully re-read the preceding paragraph. Now, go get some good state regulated training, a license, good safety gear, and a reliable motorcycle as soon as possible.

A couple of hours into the ride and after a stop for fuel and a stretch, we made it into some of the slower stretches and higher elevations of the parkway, and I became completely entranced. I forgot to be afraid and just drank in the scenery and the feel of the road. The romance of it hit me, both the man and the motorcycle. It was nearly a religious experience. It was like experiencing flight after an earthbound life. It all became rhythm and flow, wind and engine, road and sky, Ethan and me. I "got it" all of a sudden, and I've never been the same. That was the first seminal moment, and I hugged him so tight. He patted my knee to show that he understood, and I knew that he really did understand.

The second seminal moment didn't happen for more than another hour. By then we were over three hours into the ride (about an hour from home due to our planned loop route), and I was pretty fatigued. It was my first ride after all, and the adrenaline, wind, and cold had taken their toll. My hands had moved from Ethan's chest to this waist, then to rest on his thighs. I found that I had gotten the feel and knack for how the bike moved and could further sense things in the way he shifted his weight. Resting my palms on his thighs kept me in touch with his weight shifts but allowed my arms to rest as well.

We were off the parkway by this point and had stopped at a crossroads gas station for a momentary "are you all right?" check, another fuel top off, and a meaningful kiss that said a lot about how grateful I was and how much fun I was having.

I climbed back on the saddle after he started back up and pressed myself back onto him. He idled up to the egress, and I relaxed my hands back down to his thighs again. Unfortunately, that's when he whacked the throttle open to get back onto the road in front of an approaching line of trucks. Fortunately, I didn't dump off the back because the Bonneville saddle isn't that easy to fall off and because I was fast enough to grab his thighs to keep from slipping back. The adrenaline jolt brought things into sharp focus and then -- oh my -- there it was.

One of these is not like the other, I thought as I sorted out the topography beneath my fingers.

A thick bulge ran a lot further than I thought probable down the inside of Ethan's left thigh where I had made my panicked grab. It felt distinctly cock shaped. I certainly wanted it to be cock shaped, but it seemed way too big for that. I couldn't resist tracing its outline with my fingers. Ethan shivered and the felt the bulge move. Oh -- oh my.

Using my grip on his thighs for leverage, I scooted forward on the saddle to regain the distance I had slipped and to press myself full against him again. The bulge hardened further under my fingers. I continued to stroke it lightly. Ethan shivered again, and I shivered with him. I hoped he could feel my quickening breath pushing my breasts into this back. I rubbed them on him just to make sure, and the leather between us squeaked.

That last forty-five minutes of travel was windblown rush and vibrating agony. I had to take may hand off his cock because the erection was clearly causing him pain due to the restriction of his jeans, but I was so excited that the I couldn't stop rubbing my breasts on him and the vibration of the road was buzzing my pussy so much that I was light headed. I felt positively euphoric by the time we idled into a parking space in front of our building. Ethan and I pulled off our helmets and both heaved a huge sigh after he stopped the engine.

I placed a shaking hand back on the outline of his cock and said, "I want to see and feel this for real. Say when."

"My bedroom in as little time as it takes to get there?" he answered with a voice shaking almost as much as my hand.

"I'll follow you," I said, and we almost raced up the stairs.


"I'm afraid I stink," Ethan said as he tossed aside his boots. "We've been in the saddle for hours. I think we could both use a shower."

"Afterwards," I said from where I sat on the edge of the bed in front of him. "Right now I can't wait."

"That excited, huh?"

"I would have thought that was obvious," I said and pointed to the hard lumps my nipples were making in my shirt even through the sports bra I was wearing to keep everything strapped in. "You have my full attention."

"I'm almost at full attention myself," Ethan said and began to undo his belt.


"Yeah, I'm not quite all the way hard. Just nervous I guess."

"I know I said I couldn't wait, but do you want to slow down and talk about this for a minute?"

"No, it's okay. It's just normal nervousness being naked in front of somebody for the first time. I don't know how you're going to react or if you'll like what you see. I really care about you, and I don't want to disappoint you."

I stopped his hand in the process of unbuttoning his jeans and said, "Sweetie, I've seen a really big penis once before in real life, but I've never touched one. What I felt through your jeans has me really turned on, but more than that -- you have me really turned on. I really care about you too, and I'm confident that anything you've got in there won't be a disappointment. I'm also not saying we're going to jump right to going all the way, but I think it's time we get naked."

"That's fair," he grinned. "Two things though."

"What's that?" I asked and took my hand away.

"Your boobs," he laughed. "If you think we ought to get naked, then I want to see them. I think that would definitely get all of my attention, if you follow me."

"Fair's fair," I agreed and swept off my shirt and sports bra in one motion.

"Holy shit, Elain!" he said as my twins sprang into unobstructed view. "Those are awesome."

"Sweaty and covered with marks from the sports bra, and you can still think so? I don't think you have anything to worry about yourself then," I encouraged him and bounced my breasts in my hands. "Now let it loose, baby."

"Here goes," he said and pulled his jeans and underwear down together.

There it was, pointed right at me above an equally impressive pair of balls. My best estimation was that Ethan's hard cock was...

"Nine inches," I breathed.

"Almost exactly nine," he agreed. "How could you tell just by looking?"

"My sister Angel likes them big. She has a dildo that is nine and a half. Your penis looks thicker than it is but not quite as long, so I made an educated guess," I rattled off, still a bit stunned by what was pointing at me less than two feet away.

"Well?" he said and couldn't keep the edge of nervousness out of his voice.

"I think it will fit just right, right here," I said, and before he could protest, I pulled him stumbling forward and squeezed my tits around it.

"Whoa," he breathed.

"Whoa indeed," I answered and began to pump my cleavage slowly up and down his shaft. "It feels as good as I hoped, too. Do you know how statistically rare it is to have a cock this big? Angel has read the studies. The chance of even seeing a cock this big in your whole life is almost negligible."

Ethan shrugged, "I see one every day. God that feels good!"

"I've now seen two, which is remarkable." I said as I continued to tit-fuck him. "The first was a little longer than you, but not as thick. You have an extraordinarily thick cock."

"Who was was the other?"

"A college boy I just happened to see naked in the locker room at the pool back home when I was in high school. He didn't know I saw him," I answered truthfully. "I know it's not polite to compare, but your size is so unusual that I thought you would want to know."

"You're right... uhnn... that feels so good... that I've never seen anybody else as big. Fortunately, it's much smaller when it's soft so I can hide it."

"You're not comfortable with your size?"

"I am self-conscious. I don't want to be 'the big dick guy', probably just like you don't want to be the 'huge boobs girl'. Also the couple of girls I've been with just didn't know what to do with me sometimes."

"I understand. Word gets around about a sex organ like this and your stop being a person. People treat you like a sexual curiosity. Angel has that trouble because of her huge tits. So do I, along with the red hair -- I even punched out a guy in high school for that reason.

"I can also understand being intimidated by your size as a woman on the receiving side of it. I hope I'm doing all right, right now?"

"Definitely, that feels so good and the view is incredible," Ethan confirmed.

"You want to cum on me?"

"As long as you don't mind. I'm getting close to blowing it."

I squeezed him even tighter and picked up the pace of my stroking. The shaft felt like squeezing a Coke bottle between my breasts and the swollen head started bumping me under the chin. I leaned up just enough to get his cockhead down into the grip of my flesh, and that was all it took. Ethan's legs shook, and I felt a warm splash in my cleavage -- then another - and another - and another -- and a long satisfied sigh from the man at the helm of that wondrous cock.

"Wow..." was all Ethan could say.

"I'll take you up on that shower now," I laughed leaning back, my chest painted with his cum.


"I'm completely enthralled," Ethan said half an hour later as we lounged naked and clean on his bed. "The red hair is so sexy. I have never seen a natural redhead down below."

"That's why I don't shave my pussy," I said. "Jessi-K always wanted me to wax it, but I refused. I just like the red fur too much."

We were lying sort of in a sideways 69 position but a couple of feet apart. I was leaning on the headboard, but Ethan had his head toward the foot of the bed and was lying on his side so he could look up at me. At the time he was looking up between my open thighs.

"You sure you're ok with calling it a pussy?"

"Why not? That's what it is."

"I dunno, I guess I have just never been with a girl who was comfortable with the word."

"I'm fine with it. Since we're kind of talking about our histories here, I should remind you that I am bisexual. I like pussy from more than one angle. Don't say cunt though. I don't like that word."

"No problem."

"Oh and don't tell Angel I told you about her big dildo. She probably wouldn't mind, but it really wasn't my place to tell."

"You don't have to answer, but did you ever try it?"

"Of course. We kept things clean, but we did allow each other access to the other's toys."

"Did you like it?"

"Yes, very much -- and I know where you're headed with your question -- but it didn't fit all the way in. I could take a little over seven inches, but it wouldn't go past my cervix so more than that hurt."

"Yeah, there's a trick to it."

"What do you mean?"

"It's all in the angle, and you have to go really slowly."


"Yeah. Do you mind if I share a little historic detail from past girlfriends?"

"No, I'm okay with that."

"I've had sex with two women. The first was Veronica and the second was Michelle. I was able to go all the way in with both of them.

"Veronica was kind of a heavy girl, so -- there's no other way to put this -- the size of her thighs and the size of her butt kept penetration from being too deep in most positions. Even so, I was able to go full depth in her by angling my penetration down along the bottom of her vagina and pushing slowly under her cervix. I had to go really slowly and couldn't just thrust into her full depth while going at it, but it could be done. The downside was that Veronica never got used to my size. She said it always felt like being screwed with a fence post no matter how long we took or how much extra lube we used or how slow and gentle I was. That was one reason we eventually split up.

"Michelle on the other hand has a tilted cervix. I could go all the way in pretty much at will if I keep the angle right. She's also a little bit of a freak. She liked it when it hurt."

"No kidding. Little mousey Michelle, who's embarrassed by gay women..."

"Yeah. At first it was kind of exciting. She'd get fired up and tell me 'pound me good!' Then that became, 'pound me hard', 'split me open', and even 'hurt me -- make me bleed.' That was where I drew the line. I'm not about that. I don't like that."

"It takes all kinds, I guess."

"For sure, but I'm not that kind. She wanted me to beat her pussy up, and I just wasn't comfortable with that. I don't want to hurt anybody."

"I can understand that."

"I hope you do. I don't ever want to hurt you. Especially not with this," Ethan said pointing has his semi-erection.

"We would have to be careful no matter what. I've never had a man inside me."

Ethan's mouth hung open and he blinked slowly.

"Don't look at me like that, baby. I've had plenty of toys and fingers and tongues inside me, and I've had more orgasms than you can count with another woman's mouth on my pussy. I've just never gone all the way with a man. I never found a man I wanted to go all the way with... maybe until now."

"I'm sorry, that's why I was staring at you like an idiot. It wasn't any sort of judgment about you. I just realized that I might be that man. I am also coming to grips with what a remarkably mature lady you are, Elain. I could never have talked this openly about these things with any of my previous girlfriends."

"Angel taught me that. What's to be gained by not being honest? Only heartache."

"Y'know, that's right. Well, since we're putting a lot of cards on the table, I need to ask you a favor."


"You asked me not to tell Angel you told me about her big dildo, because it wasn't yours to tell. I'll ask you not to share any of my information about past girlfriends. I'd like that to be just between us. I feel like you need to know some things, but I don't want it to go further than that."

"Of course," I said.

One of my famous digressions --

All right by now you readers have got to be mad at me. First off, there's Ethan asking me to promise to keep his secrets secret, and I'm chronicling all of it here in black and white. I think it should be plain by now that I change enough in the minor details of my narratives to protect the identity of the people involved. I feel like it's important to say that again here to protect my credibility.

Second, in the same vein of credibility, you are probably crying "porn story bullshit" on me about several things. Here's Elain with her enormous tits; whose best friend has even bigger tits; whose partner has huge tits as well; who has dated a real fashion model; who has seen not one but two nine inch (plus) penises up close and in real life. "Riiiiiight. Sure Elain."

I assure you that I enhance certain dramatic details in my narratives to make them fun to read, but when it comes to the specifics, I don't lie. I'm too much of a detail-oriented engineer to do that. Angel, Tess, and I really do have the huge breasts that I have described. My college pool boy (although an estimation by eyeball at relative distance) really did have what appeared by all comparisons to be about a nine inch penis.

Angel's husband, Eric, is also very well endowed. I reported in my narrative, Marrying Angel, that he has the thickest penis I had ever seen. It looked like it at the time, but it was a trick of perspective. Angel gave me the actual details later after I had written that piece, and he is not actually as thick as Ethan was. It just looked like it because he isn't quite as long.

In the matter of Ethan, it's real. I measured it with a fine-indexed metal scale (because I have one) from pressed against his pubic bone to the tip of his penis along the top was 9.21 inches at his absolute biggest, and a sewing tape around the middle of his shaft showed just a bit short of seven inches. I'd say that almost certainly makes him bigger than my college pool boy in length as well as girth despite my first reaction. I've said it before and it bears repeating that the actual measurements matter much more to you guys than they do to us women, but I thought Ethan was a special case that deserved some precision. All that said, I can see why his Veronica felt like she was getting fucked with a fence post.

At the risk of playing into the "women worship big cocks" stereotypes that are common in erotica, I guess I'm just an unusually lucky girl that I've had so many extraordinary examples of sexual assets in my life and that I actually really like that kind of thing. I learned the term "size queen" years later, but I don't think it really describes me. I enjoy a very large cock, but it's not a fetish. That's an important distinction. All that said, Ethan was honestly too big, but we'll get to that.

"But I do need to ask permission for one little thing," I said.

"What's that?"

"You know I'd like to tell Angel about you. I've already mentioned her enjoyment of the larger size -- not as a rule, but as a preference. I know she'd like to know."

"She wouldn't want to see it, would she?"

"Yes, she would, but she would never ask. She's too respectful to go there. She would also assume that you didn't know she knew, so she would never bring it up."

"Yeah, I guess it would be okay then. If you do tell her, let me know what she says if it's something positive. I feel like an oddity most of the time, so I could use the affirmation."

"She would understand that. You don't have a figure like hers -- well, like ours -- and not develop a sensitivity to that kind of thing. Thank you though for saying I could tell her."

"No problem. My turn to ask something."

"Okay, but I want to touch myself while you do. I'm still excited and talking about these things and looking at you naked has me hotter than ever."

"You are just incredible," Ethan said, shaking his head. "I've never been with a girl who felt comfortable doing that in front of me either. Even Michelle, and she was into some crazy things."

"I'll take that as a compliment. I'm just comfortable with myself sexually," I said as I began to rub my clit. "I've been through so many mental and emotional internal battles over my self-esteem and the realities of my sexuality, that I'm just open and honest about it all. I do have a question about Michelle that I want you to consider answering, but you had a question first."

"Yeah," said Ethan, coming back to himself and raising his eyes from my wet pussy. "I know that most of your sexual experience is with other women. What's the best part about having sex with another woman?"

"The pace, I think," I said after a moment. "Of the three girls I've been with, the two that were real relationships both liked to make love really slowly. It's a real journey to make love like that. If you're multi-orgasmic -- which I am -- and you take that kind of pace, you can make love for hours. It's an amazing, trance-like, space-out-of-time kind of experience. It isn't like that every time, but it's best to me when it is.

"Also, in concrete terms, I love the feminine sexual qualities. I love exploring another woman's body. I find the curves and the softness and the smells and tastes of a woman so completely exciting. Pussy is gooooood, Ethan. It's so, so good."

"I have to admit," Ethan confided, "That has me a little concerned. How do I, as a man, compete with that?"

"You don't," I explained. "You do it your way... as a man. I find you exciting just as you are. It's not a contest."

"I'm sure comparison is inevitable," he pointed out.

"To what though? As you said, most of my sexual experience is with other women. You can never be another woman, so it's pointless to compare you to one."


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