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His heart beats beneath my palm, a caged hummingbird, evidence of our strenuous copulation. I read the smile that unfurls across his face as a signal of victory. Panting, he props himself up on his elbows and assesses my tousled hair. His fingers gently smooth over the skin of my jaw, where his stubble has grazed me.

I catch his hand, draw his fingers to my mouth. My breath is hot against his digits; my tongue swirls around his fingertips, the motion mimicking the movements of the blowjob that I gave him mere moments ago.

'You're insatiable,' he breathes.

'Only when I'm around you,' I respond, taking his finger deep into my mouth. Looking at him from below my lashes, in an affected, coy manner, I watch his eyes drift shut.

As he pushes another finger into my greedy mouth, he moves his own lips to my breast. At first, his touch is soft and teasing, light kisses that give way to a deeper sensation. He bites and sucks until my nipples are diamonds. My cunt is overflowing; my body desperate to be fucked.

He withdraws his hand from my mouth, wiping his fingers on my tits. Playfully, with a devilish smile dancing across his beautiful jaw-line, he flicks my nipple, watches how my body convulses in response.

His hand drifts lower, snaking over my abdomen, caressing my thighs. He is close enough to my dripping pussy to recognise my burning desire. He lingers long enough to tempt me to grind against him in the futile hopes of bringing myself to orgasm.

A low chuckle informs me that he is well aware of the cruelty of his tortuous behaviour. I pout and he moves his hand further away. Pinned beneath his strong body, I am unable to find any means of release. I reach for his cock and stroke it gently, a poor caricature of his expert dominance. I am too keen; to desperate to please.

Then, blissfully, one finger probes the soaking wetness between my legs. It is enough to fill the aching void but not enough to make me climax and I moan pitifully.

Slowly, he thrusts another finger inside of me, building with speed and intensity until the tempo of his ministrations reaches a crescendo.

I kiss him frantically, lost in passion.

He moves over me. Instinctively, I wrap my legs around his waist and offer my body to him.

There's something delightful about the feel of a cock sliding into a freshly fucked hole, a familiarity and sense of ease that is sharply contrasted by wanton desire. Consumed by a burning passion, fingers grasping greedily, desperate for another orgasm. We are blinded by passion.

We writhe together. His mouth encompasses mine. His fingers knot into my hair, pulling my head back and exposing my neck. He toys with me, nibbling and kissing the exposed skin - a symphony of delight that leaves me enraptured. I claw at his back as a tsunami rages inside of me. My cunt tightens around him, a dying star. The sensation is intense. Akin to pain. And, yet, we cannot stop, drawn together, star-crossed, stealing moments where we can and revelling in the destruction we call love.

He tears himself from me and I moan pitifully. How can my body ache for him after a mere second apart? He plunges back into me with a force that leaves me convulsing, screaming his name. Again and again, he slams his prick into my dripping pussy. It is torture. It is all I desire.

The rest of the world melts away. We are all that remain. I stare into the galaxies of his eyes. The icy, blue orbs hold me entranced. His strong hands find my wrists, pinning me to the bed so that I cannot hide my face. He smiles softly as he watches my eyes close in rapture. As I cum, my lips part; my back arches. I pull him deeper into me. I feel his own orgasm as intensely as my own - a nebula erupting within me. Stars pirouette across my closed eyelids, a surge of intensity alighting within my own frame. I scream his name as his mouth closes over mine, an infinite universe caught in that brief moment of pleasure.

Still trapped within me, he lays his head upon my chest; the breath falling heavily from his lips. I splay my fingers along his back, marvelling at the muscles; his strength. We are still, trapped within the moment: claimed; sated.


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