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"We have a special guest joining us on cam tonight," Gary announced.

"Say hi, Omar!" Danny said. The muscled black man made his way into view, literally inserting himself between the couple.

"Hi," he said. "It's a pleasure to be here. I can't wait to fuck Gary's hole, and he can't wait either!" It was true; Gary had a giant smile as his face as he imagined Omar's thick and juicy cock plowing his hole again.

Omar had been invited to cam with the gay couple after Gary confronted Danny about the messages and picture on his phone. As Gary soon learned, Danny wanted him to say the words "you're my boyfriend" to make it official, because that meant that he was now exclusive to Gary. Omar's texting was just unfortunate timing, and Danny was going to explain the situation to him after his shower.

Gary accepted the explanation, and a nice and steamy fuck session helped him get over his initial jealousy. However, he also told Danny that he didn't mind if Omar wanted to come over, as long as the group had a threesome together.

The first threesome with Omar was erotic and amazing. Danny was surprisingly the bottom in that night's scenario, with Omar's big black cock being shoved down his throat and his boyfriend's cock in his ass. As the three of them laid on Danny and Gary's bed together, sweaty and reeking of sex, Danny brought up the cam sex idea with his former fuck buddy.

"Omar, what would say to live camming with us? It would be just a one-night thing, but I think many of our viewers would love to see Gary get fucked by someone like you." Gary and Danny had started camming together recently, officially as a gay couple instead of on Gary's old single stream, and they were making quite a bit of money doing so. Having Omar involved would make it even better.

"Yeah, I was actually imagining fucking his tight little hole as I was plowing your ass," Omar chuckled. The couple took it as a yes, and after they all got cleaned up, they worked on the logistics with Omar.

And now here was Omar, on cam with his former fuck buddy and his fuck buddy's new boyfriend. The three of them just jerked off at first, using their own hands. Then Omar stroked both of them while Danny and Gary focused on Omar's massive cock. The viewers ate it all up. Some were a bit upset that the private chat room function had been turned off for tonight, but they knew it was going to be a great show regardless.

A good number of tips rolled in when the three of them stood up and moved the camera back. Danny and Omar remained standing, while Gary dropped to his knees and started to suck them both off. Naturally, he went after the new and larger black cock first, and Omar deeply moaned as Gary sucked. He did an excellent job, even deep-throating the entirety of his cock, even if just for a few seconds at a time. Gary continued to stroke his boyfriend's cock, though, and after a couple minutes, he switched.

He was able to attack Danny's cock easier, and the fans loved it. They also enjoyed how he choked on the big black cock, and how much pre-cum was dripping from his mouth when he finally turned back to the camera. "Who wants me to fuck his hole?" Omar asked, in his deep husky voice. Even more live cam tips rolled in as Danny and Omar got ready to double team Gary. He continued to suck off his boyfriend as Omar pulled a condom out. He showed the viewers that it was a Magnum XL, and then he applied a copious amount of his lube to his cock.

Thankfully, Gary was taking a breather when Omar's cock first pushed his hole open. He had only ever had Danny's cock up his hole before, so it was expanding once again to a size it had never been before. "FUUUUUCK!" he screamed, as the massive black cock went in deeper and deeper. Gary's moans and groans only served to turn the two men on even more, and Danny pushed his cock back into his boyfriend's mouth to shut him up. The viewers at home watched as Omar fucked Gary deeper and deeper until his balls started to slap against Gary's ass.

Once he was able to go balls-deep, he picked up the intensity of his thrusts. He also got a little verbal with his bottom, something that he loved to do. "You love my big black cock in your hole, don't you, pounding your little white ass into a pulp? I know you want me to keep fucking you, you want to feel this cock inside of your hole forever. You're such a slut for big black cock, aren't you? I can hear you moaning and groaning as I ram my cock into this sweet tight ass of yours. Yeah, I bet you love it, baby!"

Gary found it harder and harder to keep on sucking his boyfriend's cock as he was being tossed around like a rag doll by Omar's intense thrusts, and the verbal domination wasn't really helping. However, all of this turned him on immensely, and his own rock-hard cock was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum, staining the wooden floor below him. Danny knew with the way his former fuck buddy was fucking his boyfriend, Gary wouldn't last too much longer sucking him off.

"I'm gonna fuckin' cum!" he screamed. Normally, he didn't like to play up the porn trope of announcing your cumshot, but it allowed the viewers at home to know what he was doing, as he shot load after load of cum down Gary's throat. The insatiable bottom swallowed the entirety of his boyfriend's load, and was even able to lick Danny's cock clean before Omar grabbed him by the hair and began to fuck him even harder. The viewers got a treat as the repeated rough fucks meant Omar's cock was pushing up against Gary's prostate.

"FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! I'M CUUUUUUUUUUUMMING!" Gary screamed out, as his own thick and creamy cum shot out of his cock. His cock twitched as more and more of it leaked out onto the floor. Danny took the initiative and fed some of it to his boyfriend as he continued to get fucked by Omar. The black stud was getting a bit tired with all the rough fucking he was doing, so he got ready to cum as well. Unlike the couple, he didn't announce it, but the viewers knew exactly what was going on.

Gary moaned as the cold cum landed on his ass and on his back. Omar's load was massive, much bigger than the other two men's loads. It was a good fifteen seconds before cum stopped coming out non-stop, and cum continued to trickle from his cock for some time more. Gary turned around, cum still dripping from his body, and cleaned Omar's cock as well. Once he ate up all the cum, he looked at the camera, cum dripping all over his face. Danny then went right up to the camera and shut it off. He quickly made his way to the statistics page where that night's show quickly popped up on the screen.

"It was our best night ever! We've made more tips tonight than we have in nights when we had almost all private cam rooms."

"What can I say?" Omar cheekily announced. "The men love me!" He quickly got himself cleaned up, and left.

As the exhausted couple laid on their bed together, Danny asked his boyfriend a question.

"Where do you see yourself in five years?"

"I see myself in this bed, with you, with a ring on my finger. And a baby sleeping soundly in the other room, if you want one."

"I do."

To be continued. & t=14169 & folder=inbox


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