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My husband and I are a perfect match in every way except one. Long before we met, I had a relationship with another man with whom I didn't get marry. However, I had not been able to forget her good sexual equipment. Julian, on the other hand, has to settle for a small, thin member. And although I've never given any signs of missing a bigger cock, Julian has always known that it was so. He recently told me that he had been thinking about my old boyfriend and that he had found that he was turned on by the idea of another man, with a big cock of course, fucking me wildly. He explained his fantasy to me in detail and I got as excited as he was.

One day during our vacation, we noticed a guy who was on the beach. He was staying at our hotel and my husband encouraged me to try hooking him up. I did it, and although he was better equipped than Julian, he was nothing to write home about. However, as we ate breakfast the next morning, Julian enjoyed listening to my tale full of pornographic details. It was super stimulating. But the truly exciting was yet to come.

We were recently at the wedding of a co-worker of Julian's. It was one of those massive celebrations in a hotel. I was by far the most attractive woman at the party, and although we knew few of the guests, the men lined up to dance with me. My husband was having a great time watching how they got horny and he surely imagined what it would be like to see me fuck them.

One of the few acquaintances was Gabriel, my husband's boss. It was practically impossible not to notice how he was devouring me with his eyes. We danced a couple of times and his hands wouldn't stop for an instant. It was obvious that he wanted me. He began to whisper words in my ear, first trivial but then erotic and daring. He insisted on telling me that he found me very seductive. I couldn't help but notice the extraordinary lump that had formed in Gabriel's crotch. Unable to resist the temptation, I reached into his fly and gave his cock a couple of wiggles over his clothes. I was surprised to see that Gabriel's cock was even bigger than my old and unforgettable lover's.

We ran like crazy to the elevator and went up to a room that the newlyweds had reserved for the night. As soon as we entered, we began to snog and get our hands on each other and I soon asked him to show me his precious member. On my knees, I unzipped him and checked the size of that dick. Absolutely ecstatic, I struggled to bring the huge phallus to light and, once it was done, I began to suck it with relish.

"You like cocks, right?" - Asked my husband's boss.

- "Of course," - was my answer - "Especially when they are big like yours."

- "So, you like especially big cocks" - he continued - "It must be because your husband has it rather small."

- "Yes, it's true. But it doesn't prevent me from enjoying a big fat cock when I feel like it. The only condition is that I tell him about it later."

He was impressed by my ability to suck cocks, but when I asked him to fuck, he replied:

- "This is not the time or the place. After the party."

Then he explained that his wife had traveled to visit his parents and that he was alone. We returned to the ballroom after fifteen minutes and my husband saw me enter with Gabriel. We went to the groom and handed him the room key, which he put in his pocket with a wink. I went to meet my husband and he told me that he had been walking around the ballroom looking for me. I told him "we need to talk" then I told him everything that had just happened with his boss.

- "Do you mind if I leave with Gabriel at the end of the party?" - I asked my husband. At first, he hesitated a bit, but then he got used to it. I'm sure that just imagining the scene made him excited. I left again in search of Gabriel and we returned to the dance floor. I told him that Julian had given me his approval. He looked directly at my husband as we talked and it made me even more excited. At the end of the song, Gabriel approached him to comment that he was taking me to his house to show me the jacuzzi. - "Then I will accompany her" - he said. We left arm in arm, like two old lovers.

The next morning, I told my husband everything. When we got to Gabriel' house, we undressed and soaked in the hot, bubbling water of the Jacuzzi. Julian's boss, in addition to being the owner of a generously sized member, is very handsome and has a muscular body that drives me crazy. But his most precious asset is undoubtedly the magnificent cock that practically hangs down to his knees. I have always liked attractive men, tall, muscular, with big cocks and who are very vicious in bed. Andrés fully met the first three requirements and I was about to find out if he was also up to the task with the last one. I wasn't disappointed one bit.

I sucked his thick cock in the jacuzzi and when he finished, he took me to his room, where we fucked. I explained to Julian that I had never imagined that a woman could feel so full and satiated with a cock between her legs. While his boss's huge cock drilled my pussy, sinking to the bottom and opening my vagina like never before, I felt like I was in heaven. Gabriel put me on all fours and started fucking me doggy style. He began to fuck me savagely, with excessive power and speed, plunging his magnificent tool into my pussy again and again. From time to time, Andrés spanked me so hard that they made me bellow like a wild female in the middle of the most uncontrolled mating.

He fucked me like that for a long time, until he made me have a couple of brutal orgasms. I practically lost the world of sight as I screamed without any control. My screams must have been heard in neighboring apartments, I'm sure. When I finished and regained consciousness, I realized that Andrés hadn't finished, but I needed to rest for a few moments.

I took hold of his huge cock again and swallowed him whole and licked his balls for a long time. Then I took a box of chocolates from the nightstand that his wife had left and stuffed three or four into my mouth. I began to chew them and then I sucked again on Gabriel's rod in desperation. My saliva mixed with the chocolate pieces lubricated his cock in an incredible way, while stimulating my double gluttony.

I could feel Gabriel's cock fatter than ever, with the veins that seemed about to explode. Surely, he could not delay any longer the moment of filling my mouth with the semen that he had accumulated in his balls and that was fighting to get out of his penis. I was willing to swallow his cum without wasting a drop, but Gabriel thought I deserved a bigger reward.

He made me ride on his hardened cock, still covered in my saliva and the chocolate residues. He literally made me jump on his cock over and over again, penetrating my dripping pussy completely and spreading it like never before, faster and faster, until he reached a perfect weld between my pussy and his cock. Gabriel is quite athletic and had no trouble keeping up the powerfuck. I lost count of how many orgasms I had as my husband's boss impaled me furiously. In the end, I came one more time just at the moment when he was ejaculating copiously inside me.

That night, I rode on Gabriel's huge cock until dawn, asked him to destroy my ass- I love anal sex! - and I sucked his smoking cock until I swallowed the last drop of cum that his fat testicles could contain.

It was dawn when we arrived. Gabriel accompanied me and entered the house. Julian tried to be tough and asked me if I liked the jacuzzi.

- "Stop fooling around - Gabriel said -" I just fucked your wife and you know it perfectly. From now on I'm going to fuck her whenever I want, because from time to time she needs a cock that really fills her. I will help you keep her happy and content. Any objection? "

- "I don't think so" - Julian answered.

When Gabriel left, I was ecstatic. I told my husband that I appreciated his enormous understanding and I took him to bed to make him horny by telling him how his boss had fucked me. I described to the smallest detail while he ate my pussy, still wet and warm from Gabriel's semen.

Now, my husband's boss comes home when he knows that Julian will not be there, but he always finds out that he has passed through here, because I am horny and anxious for him to eat my pussy. Lately, if he has any good excuses for his wife, he also comes over some nights. We usually have a drink with my husband and then he takes me to bed. I know that Julián can perfectly hear the sounds of our fiery fucking and that raises the morbid and lust to stark levels. Like a good husband, he waits patiently for us to finish, because he knows a good fuck awaits him.

He has told me that he sometimes spies on us. He tells me that seeing me with my mouth full of that hard cock is amazing. And when Gabriel is fucking me, he can hardly ever resist and ends up jerking off, filling himself with cum everywhere. I understand him. It's not usual to turn a fantasy into reality.

It seemed hypocritical to me to deny my love for big cocks, even though my husband is rather small (but not tiny, I'm not going to exaggerate either). I do not agree with the opinion of some sexologists in the sense that the most important thing about a virile member is not its size but the ability of your lover to use it. I think that a good 20 or 25 centimeter cock is much more pleasant than a 12 or 14 (although they say that the western average is 15).

The cliché that a big cock makes your pussy ache at the moment of penetration has nothing to do with me. My pussy absorbs all the cocks, no matter how immense they are -like Gabriel's, my husband's boss and my current lover- I don't care how skilled a cock can be, since I'm the one who plays with her. And when I say play, I don't just mean the movements of the big handlebars inside my vagina. I talk about my contractions, contortions, rotary wiggles and other exercises and, of course, my prolonged blowjobs. Running your tongue in all directions (length, width and circle) is a unique sexual pleasure, indescribably better than that of a small cock, which soon ends and gives little of itself.

I know many readers will think that Julian and I are an amoral and despicable couple. I accept the amoral, but not the term "despicable". Julian tolerates me fucking his boss because he knows perfectly well that I enjoy doing it and more than anything, he wants me to be sexually happy and satisfied. But, on the other hand, he has realized that it also benefits him since, after fucking Gabriel, I have an immense desire for my husband to screw me.

Dimensions of cock aside, I love Julian, much more than Gabriel, and if I knew that he suffers or is depressed by my sexual activities, I would abandon them immediately. & book=145447 & t=459803


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