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A Country Getaway Part 01

"Oh my god, this is going to be so much fun!" Sarah jumped up and down as Bridget threw her bag into the back seat. Bridget smiled at her, and then hugged her tight.

"It's going to be the perfect getaway," Bridget said as she closed the door to the car.

"Thank you for coming with me to see my family," Sarah said. "I hate to take you away from your family for the weekend, but it really means so much to me." Sarah squeezed Bridget's hand, then turned to her husband. "Aww, thank you for letting us get away for the weekend, babe." She kissed him on the cheek. "I'm going to run inside and grab my purse before we go."

While Sarah ran inside, Bridget turned to her own husband, John. "Are you going to miss me?" she asked, pressing her ample breasts against his arm.

"Absolutely," he said. "Do you suspect you'll be having any fun with any of her family?" He looked down at her cleavage as she brushed her hand down his side and rested it on his bottom.

Bridget leaned over, simultaneously pressing her breasts against his arm while squeezing his ass, and whispered in his ear. "Oh, I don't know. It depends on who I meet. You know me." She flitted her tongue out and licked his ear. "If I see something I like, is that a problem for you?" Bridget pulled him closer by the hip, pressing herself into his side.

"Umm... I trust you to do what you think is best," he replied as Sarah bounded out of the house, purse in hand. Bridget's husband hurriedly moved his hand to cover his growing bulge as she approached again. Sarah's husband, Tom, looked a little jealous as he watched the interaction. Bridget just adjusted her tits in her shirt, then looked directly at him and winked. "God, you're so hot Bridget," John whispered, his voice shaky with desire.

"Ready to go?" Sarah asked, pulling the car keys to the Mustang out of her purse.

"Absolutely, my dear. Let's go." As Sarah kissed Tom goodbye again, Bridget reached around her husband's front and grabbed his hard on, squeezing hard. John bit his lip and unsuccessfully tried to muffle a moan, drawing Tom's attention back over to them. Sarah jumped in the car, her innocent enthusiasm bubbling over. Bridget cast a sultry look at Tom, letting her hips bounce as she sashayed past him, brushing her fingers along his arm and blowing him a kiss as she neared the car. "Don't you boys get it too much trouble, now."

"Yes, ma'am," Tom croaked. He hadn't realized he had been holding his breath.

Both girls giggled as Sarah backed out of the driveway, and the husbands stared at the car until they were out of view.


The drive was fairly uneventful, as they were just going a few hours outside the city into the countryside. As the houses gave way to fields, Sarah and Bridget sang 80's hair band and female power anthem classics at the top of their lungs. Sarah's hair was back in a ponytail, her bangs were whipped around by the air moving through the open windows. She was wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans, and the requisite boots that were standard-issue for Texas natives. She had always been the more tomboy of the two, all throughout the last five years that she and Bridget had been best friends.

Bridget, on the other hand, looked every bit the Southern pinup girl. Her curly brown hair was tied back with a bandana, her sparkling green eyes had perfect cat-eyes, and this was all to draw attention to her full lips. The natural color of her lips was a deep pink, and most people thought she was wearing lipstick, but she never wore anything but chapstick. She was wearing a sleeveless plaid button-up that was tied in a knot at her waist above cutoff shorts and sweet sandals, her toes painted red just this morning.

Bridget had kicked off the sandals and was resting her feet up on the dash as Sarah drove, kicking her feet to the music and sipping some sweet tea.

"Sarah, who will I be meeting this weekend?" Bridget asked, taking a long sip of her tea.

"Oh! You'll meet my mom, and my baby sister, and my cousin Jeremiah, and I think my brother Freddy is going to be in town too."

"That's great. What should I know about them?"

"Hmm... well, mom likes to cook, so if you're watching your figure be careful, she puts too much butter in everything. Most of the stuff she will serve this weekend will be fried I bet. My baby sister just turned eleven last month, she is really into reading. I think she's read the same series like eight times already. My cousin is Ellie's age. My brother is just a little younger than me, and man he's a trouble-maker. In a good way!" Sarah laughed. "I'm surprised he's in town. Normally he's too busy with work. But he and I have always had fun together. If he's here, he'll probably want to go to the bonfire with us tonight."


"Yeah, every weekend the locals get together and have a bonfire and drink. There's nothing else to do around here."

Bridget and Sarah turned to look at each other, then broke down into a fit of giggles.


Two hours later, as the sun was setting, Sarah and Bridget pulled into a gravel driveway in front of a quaint but old country cottage. Small and cozy, the house stood alone in the middle of a wooded area. To the right of the house a small RV sat, up on blocks in a resting state.

The girls parked in front of the house and opened the doors. The hot summer air blasted against their skin. As they walked up to the door, a cat sunning itself on the porch mewed in protest, stretched, and fell back asleep. Sarah opened the screen door, knocked on the wooden door, and slowly pushed open the door, calling into the entryway. A scurry of feet was heard around the corner right before Sarah was tackled by a flying little girl.

"Sissy!" she screamed. As Sarah had a joyful reunion with her baby sister, Bridget surveyed the surroundings. The small living area was right inside the door, and the kitchen could be seen in the back behind the wall. Floral wallpaper, mid-century furniture, exactly as you'd expect. As her eyes drifted to the kitchen, she caught the gaze of a man sitting at the table. He held her gaze for a moment, then dragged his eyes up and down her voluptuous frame. Bridget smiled to herself.

The man stood and approached them. He was average height, a tucked-in wife beater tank and rugged jeans tucked into boots. He had deep brown eyes and a startlingly white smile. His dirty blond hair was disheveled in the way that happens after working outside all day, or after sex. Bridget didn't care which it was.

"I'm Freddy," he said, holding out his hand.

"Bridget," she said, and as she took his hand, he turned it over and placed a kiss on her knuckles. "Charmed," she said after a moment, then her smile grew wider and more wicked. "So you're Sarah's brother?"

"Yes ma'am, that would be me. So she's mentioned me?"

"Well, she's told me what a rake you are, anyway."

Freddy laughed, a big sound that filled the room and drew Sarah's attention. When she saw who it was, she skipped over and flung herself onto him. "Freddy! I'm so glad to see you. I see you've met Bridget. Isn't she wonderful?"

"She's definitely something," he replied, his drawl becoming more evident as he slowed down the last word, his eyes raking over Bridget again. "Are y'all coming to the bonfire tonight?"

"Is there anything else to do?" Sarah said jokingly, poking him in the side.

"Nope. Nothing at all. I'll be glad to drive you."

"That would be great! Oh, Bridget, you'll get the full experience. Let's go get ready!" She grabbed Bridget's arm and pulled her to the back bedroom, Freddy watching Bridget walking away, then whistled lowly under his breath.


The girls emerged about an hour later. Sarah was wearing the same jeans but had switched to a tank top, and had braided her long hair. She wore minimal makeup, so it didn't hide her sweet smile and genuine sparkle in her eyes.

Bridget had changed into a ribbed white tank top and navy blue sport skirt, the cotton kind that molded to her hips, emphasizing the curve of her bottom and flaring out just below where it stopped. She'd traded the sandals for a pair of white Converse. She and Sarah walked back into the livingroom holding hands and swinging their arms, laughing at some inside joke.

Freddy hadn't changed, but had been playing with his little sister. When the girls entered, he looked up and whistled. "Now those are some lovely ladies. Are y'all ready to go?"

Sarah nodded, and the three went to Freddy's truck. Freddy took the driver's side, Bridget slid in first, straddling the gear shift in the middle, and Sarah jumped in the passenger seat, slamming the door after her. She grabbed Bridget's hand again excitedly, still talking.

It was getting dark, and the fireflies had started to come out. They bobbed and weaved through the trees. The trio drove slowly down the winding, bumpy gravel path deeper into the countryside. Bridget's leg pressed against Freddy's, but she held to Sarah's hand and focused her conversational attention on her friend. Each time the truck bounced, it pressed Bridget's generous thigh into Freddy's, and made her breasts bounce almost out of her tank top. Freddy had to reach between her legs to shift gears, and his hand would brush her thigh at the high hem of her skirt before returning to the wheel each time it happened.

About five minutes into the trip, Bridget snaked her hand gently and covertly onto Freddy's thigh. He didn't visibly react, but Bridget could feel him tense as her fingers slid over him. He didn't stop her, either. She rested her hand about midway, but each time they hit a pot hole or turned, she moved it up slightly. She could feel his pants tightening as his cock grew at her gentle caresses, and when she would sneak a peek, she could see a bit of a bulge in the shadows. It made Bridget giggle more in her conversation with Sarah, tease more, and become turned on herself that he was reacting so well to her. What a fun secret game they were playing!

As they turned into a clearing in the woods, Bridget could see a wood pile in the center surrounded by other trucks. A small gathering of people were there, maybe 10 or so. Freddy pulled the truck up next to the others and put the truck into park just a little too quickly, causing the truck to stop suddenly. The bounce in the truck caused Bridget's hand to slide well into Freddy's lap and her tits to momentarily come up out of her tank top.

"Oh, my, I'm sorry," Bridget said, looking straight at Freddy as she reached up to cover her breasts again. "They have a mind of their own."

"Freddy, where did you learn how to drive?" Sarah teased. She flung open the door and raced over to one of the girls in the crowd, pummeling into her with the excited squeal. That left Bridget and Freddy in the truck, her hand still in his lap and the picture of her breasts escaping their confinement still burning in his mind. They sat like that for a moment, Freddy not wanting the hand to move away from his dick while at the same time trying to control his hard-on, and Bridget reveling in the control she already had over him.

After a long moment, Bridget leaned away, pressing into his lap. "I guess we'd better get out there," she said coyly.

Freddy let out a long, low breath as Bridget wiggled out of the truck, giggling softly as she joined Sarah. He joined them a few minutes later.

The evening progressed, and Freddy watched Bridget subtly tease several men at the bonfire while he leaned up against his truck, quietly watching. They were enraptured by her curves and her big lips, and her willing smile. She was captivating. Sarah took it all in stride, laughing with her and joking about Bridget being a tease. Freddy saw her smoothly stroke one guy while talking to another, holding him at bay until he had his turn for her attention. The men clamored and fell all over themselves to be the one she was flirting with. Freddy just watched, biding his time. How many men had she made hard by now? Five? Six? Freddy had almost lost count. None of them were safe anyway, if she hadn't gotten to you yet, she would, just you wait. And Freddy was very patient.

When the bonfire was dying out, Bridget meandered back over to where Freddy was standing, hands in his pockets.

"You're awfully quiet," she said. Her eyes were sparkling, her flirting and teasing had given her new energy and vitality.

"Yes, ma'am, I'm just watching."

Boldly, Bridget reached over and took Freddy's hands out of his pockets, turned around, put her butt up against his crotch, and slid his hands down her waist to rest on her hips. Freddy stopped breathing for a moment, taken aback by how forward that had been. "You like watching, Freddy?" she purred, rolling her hips against him.

"It's okay, but I like doing things more," Freddy replied. His hands slid down lower, coming up again under her skirt onto her bare ass, where he squeezed and pulled her against him. It was Bridget's turn to gasp as she felt his erection press into her backside. He could feel her thong between her ass cheeks, and pulled on it, letting it snap back into place.

He gently pushed her away, her skirt falling back down over her ass, as Sarah approached. Bridget turned and whispered, "Why, you naughty boy," underneath her breath before Sarah got there.

"It looks like the fire's dying out, want to head home?" Sarah said. She looked flushed and happy, having visited the night away, laughing with her childhood friends. And completely oblivious of the sexual tension that was almost a fog in the air by now.

The trio climbed in the truck and headed home, but Sarah had wiggled into the middle seat to tell her brother all about her evening, so the two were separated until they arrived back at the quaint house a few minutes later. To Freddy, it felt like a lifetime. He was burning to touch Bridget again, to feel that soft skin underneath her skirt, and feel her ass pressing up against him. There were other things he wanted to feel, too.

When they entered the living room, everyone else was still asleep, but the trio had too much energy to go to bed yet. Sarah decided a movie was the right idea, and she pulled the couch out. It had a hidden bed under the cushions, and she rolled it out to have enough space for everyone to lay down to enjoy the movie. All three were sitting propped up on the bed, with Bridget in the middle. Sarah leaned on Bridget's arm, and Freddy sat close to Bridget on her other side. Innocently, Sarah pulled out a blanket and threw it over all of them.

Bridget smiled as the movie played, and then slid her hand over Freddy's leg, up to his lap. Freddy was staring really intently at the television screen, doing his best to project that there was nothing out of the ordinary happening. He was still hard and pulsing, she could feel it through his jeans as she lightly stroked him underneath the blanket. Sarah was engrossed in the movie, and this emboldened Bridget, who put more pressure on Freddy's lap as Sarah leaned in to her other arm.

Bridget clamped down on Freddy's penis, eliciting an uumph sound. Almost panicked, Freddy looked over at Sarah, but she only stirred slightly, looked at him, and asked, "You okay?" Freddy nodded in response, and Sarah turned back to the movie. She was looking sleepy, and settled in under Bridget's arm, curled up next to her.

Bridget began stroking him again, and Freddy's breath became ragged. She expertly grasped the button of his jeans and with a smooth pop undid it. Freddy's jeans sprang open from the pressure of his hard on finally being released, and Freddy's quick inhale and soft moan coincided with her slow, tooth by tooth opening of the zipper as she slid it down.

His cock finally released from its prison, Freddy shuddered as he felt Bridget's fingernails glide over his boxers on the inside of his thigh, circling up and over, and hooking into the opening of his boxers. For a brief moment, he felt her finger caress the bare skin of his penis.

Freddy had to adjust. He was so hard that it had become painful to sit there, he needed to move his penis into a more comfortable position to be this hard. He looked over at Sarah, his forehead breaking out into a sweat. She had fallen asleep, and he sighed with relief. Moving slowly, he reached down and pulled his enormous penis upward. As he did so, he brushed against Bridget's hand. She looked at him silently, then took his hand and brought it to her lips, sticking the tip of his finger into her mouth. With a gentle sucking motion, she pulled his finger into her mouth using only suction, swirling her tongue around each time she paused. Freddy sat and stared at her as she did this, feeling an orgasm building.

Just as he was about to cum, Bridget stopped sucking, put his hand down, and went back to watching the movie, a sly smirk on her face.

Freddy almost panicked, he wanted her so bad! He absolutely had to touch her, had to feel her, had to be inside her. He was going to go crazy if he didn't.

As if she could read his thoughts, Bridget turned her head toward him, leaned in and kissed him slowly, inserting her tongue into his mouth and sweeping it across his lips as she drew back. Immediately Freddy felt himself about to cum, and grabbed himself to stop it. He couldn't stop the moan, though. His eyes darted to his sister. Sarah adjusted herself a little, smacking her lips contentedly and beginning to lightly snore.

Bridget turned slightly until she was on her side, adjusting so that Sarah could still sleep against her arm. Her ass was turned toward him, and she reached back with her hand and pulled Freddy against her, his hot cock pushing into her backside. Freddy moved slowly so he wouldn't make much noise, but he had to absolutely feel and taste her. As he grinded slowly against her ass, only her skirt separating them, he leaned over and sucked on her shoulder and neck. His arm came up and found the bottom of her shirt, slid up underneath it, and up to her breasts. Pushing her bra up, he massaged her tit with urgency, pinching her nipple and grabbing them, pulling her backward against him as he pushed into her. Bridget was breathing heavy now, too, and rotating her hips against him. She reached back and pushed him harder against her as he grinded against her.

Moving his left arm around and under her to take over massaging her tits and pulling her against him, Freddy moved his right hand down to her hip. He shoved her back against him hard, and both of them groaned, then froze as they realized how much noise they had made. Sarah wasn't disturbed.

After a moment to be sure she wasn't going to wake, Freddy grasped the bottom of Bridget's skirt and pulled it upward over her ass. Finding her pussy with his fingers and moving her thong aside, he slid them up over the wetness to find her clit. Gently circling around it, he felt Bridget move against him again, pushing her hips against his cock. He slid his fingers up inside her pussy, pushing hard against her. She pushed back, driving his fingers all the way up inside her. He stroked her, moving his fingers in and out as she squirmed on them.

Freddy reached back over to himself, adjusted a little, releasing his cock from his boxers. He pushed himself against Bridget, his tip finally finding its opening as Bridget arched her back.

He slowly slid his penis up into her, pulling her down onto his length until her ass pushed against his lap. Buried deep inside her, Freddy felt himself nearing orgasm again. He slowed down and tried to hold it off, pushing all the way up into her and then pulling almost all the way out, throbbing and leaking. He could feel her tightening over him each time he entered her, grabbing on to him with her pussy and pulling him deeper. Each stroke made her hotter and wetter until it felt like there couldn't possibly be any way they were going to be able to do this without getting caught. Freddy found a slightly faster rhythm, knowing he was going to need to finish this soon, and at the same time never wanting it to end. & com=1039997


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