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When people notice my gorgeous wife, they often ask me how we first met. We tell them one of several stories, none of which are true.

The true story happened when I was teaching English in Ginza Tokyo, at a very upper crust private school. I was invited to a weekend party. As a faculty member it was too risky to accept party invitations from the students, which I deflected often. But one from a fellow faculty member was something I lept at.

The party was in full swing when I arrived. After quite a few sizzling dances, I needed a moment to regroup. Across the room, a choice spot freed up on the busy couch by the window. Seizing the opportunity, I sit down at the end, next to an attractive couple. It was too noisy to attempt very deep conversation, and anyway there was far too much eye candy to take in as I discreetly peered out over the top of my drink.

My eyes kept getting caught by this stunning woman across the room. She was dressed to kill. Her shiny, electric blue, skin tight bodysuit seemed painted on. Her zeppelin tits were straight out of a porn cartoon. They completed the room. She was slaying me, just standing there.

I stared too long.

"Sekkushu Ningyo", the guy seated next to me said.

In the din of the party, I figured I hadn't heard him clearly, and after a reasonable try at deciphering it, I gave in; "what?"

"Sekkushu Ningyo, she's dressed as a japanese anime hero."

He should have said heroine, but I held my tongue. He made a gesture with his fingers that broke her out of her concentration across the room. She bowed, put aside her drink, and walked over.

It was a glorious walk. I saw it in slow motion, her heavy breasts bouncing slightly with the roll of her feminine hips, her long slender legs in motion below her. My eyes were drawn to her luscious crotch where, no doubt, she kept a sweet little oasis. She parted the crowd as she moved, it required no effort on her part, merely her presence and radiant fuckability.

Standing before us in salute, she bowed deeply, in honor, but also in presentation of her chest, which begged to be manhandled - girl handled even. I gulped my drink to stop myself from reaching for them.

In the dim light I could see her better now that she was close. Holy shit, it was painted on.

The guy next to me made a swirling gesture, and she began to turn. When she was fully facing away from us, she bent over, grabbing an ankle in each hand. She had the flexibility of a gymnast, and we were treated to a full view of her splayed pussy. In contrast with the dark blue of her body paint, it stood out bright and proud. She had painted the outer edges of her labia in neon orange.

The view elicited gasps from all of us on the couch, including the woman seated on the other end.

"Now watch this."

With outstretched hands he motioned her into his lap. She crawled into it. It was lovely to witness, her legs agimple at times, flashing the luscious salmon of her pussy as she found her position. I swear there was red light shining from it. He scooted his legs slightly forward so that I could see around the side of her ass, a composition consisting of a luscious view of her flaming red pussy. Over her back, I could see her taking the guys date in a deep soul kiss.

I have spent some time on the business end of a woman, and I can tell you that this one was amongst the finest. Her plump labia pressed together as if trying to prevent the spill of her velvet inner lips that formed a perfect path to her vagina. They failed at this task, and her sweet little lips were out in the light aching to be tasted.

I adjusted myself in my seat, hoping that the tent in my pants wasn't too obvious,

She was into the girlfriend, at first tentative and shy and then aflame rapidly in sapphic lust.

He offered me a pocket flask. I reached for it, and he pulled back, "your glass."

I emptied my glass and held it up as he poured me a few fingers of clear liquid. I moved to sip it, it was vodka from the smell, until he stopped me; "hold on." It took a few tries for me to get it, but he was motioning me to hold my glass under her ass.

"She seems pretty authentic so far, but to do this character you must master this one Sekkushu Ningyo skill."

He detached her from his girlfriend with a slight pop, a wanton gaze, and a whole lot of electricity between the two women. Her dark eyes were defiant and wild as she licked the taste of his hot girlfriend off her lips. Once she was upright, he took her nipple in his fingers and twisted.

She filled my glass with a stream of goddess squirt.

He released her nipple, and she stopped dispensing.

He twisted again, and the flow resumed.

He released it, and it stopped. She was a fine machine, and he, a pussy barista.

"She's got to have a really strong vagina to do that." He revealed.

"Shit, how did she learn that?"

"She's been trained, now she can't help it.

But be careful, they say she can use its power to own you." He broke out laughing, and I laughed too.

As all of this had been happening, the guy's girlfriend, inspired by the kiss, had moved up onto the arm of the couch. She spread her legs, and our goddess dove in.

He handed me his glass, and I helped him dispense more.

His girlfriend bounced in ecstasy as she expertly tongued her box. She took our goddesses head in her hands and held it tight into her pussy.

We touched glasses, and both sipped. I hesitated, but gave in. It was hot and sweet, like the sex doll that was now fingers deep in his girlfriend.

His girlfriend was screaming loud enough to be heard over the music. People looked, but seemed unsurprised.

The goddess pulled away, her face shiny with pussy juice.

All around us, glasses were raised, and we in turn toasted them as I drained my glass and stood.

We happened to be leaving the party at the same time. We shared a cab home. She invited me up for the night. I never left, and the rest is history. & u=23203 & u=74022 & area=3 & name=board1 & topic=98 & action=view


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